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can anyone tell me what is the advantages of using CDMA compare to fdma and TDMA in terms of privacy,performance in fading channels,jam resistance and flexibility?thanks
Hi while trasmitting why FSK encoding is preffered ?or wat are the advantages of using FSK encoding. thanks niks
what are the advantages of FPGA over floating popint DSP?
I would like to know what are the advantages of the Hilbert-Huang Transform over the rest of the Time-Freqeuncy techniques. Any good references are also welcome. Thanks.
Can someone enumerate the general advantages of a 16bit microcontroller over a 8 bit one -Thanks
Hi Guys: What is the advantages of LC Oscillator in High Frequency application besides contributing to high Q factor? Thank You Rgds
what is the advantages of using twisted pair
what is the advantages of hairpin-line filter to the parallel-coupled or interdigital filters?
If all these languages were equivalent then you could say the advantages of one or the other C and C++ share some atributes .But C++ is rather used in BIG projects C is still a very good language .but historically first and still employed is also a good language for embedded architectures ,where C++ will be too heavy to use .PERL
I am working on enhancing DC Setup. I am using dc_shell in batch mode. I would like to know on any advantages of using dc_shell in tcl_mode. Can any one please share their experience?
Hello What are the advantages of rabitcore?? makri
can someone plz tell me the advantages of vibratory gyroscope over spinning gyroscope..... its very urgent.. plz help me.... :?:
Hi, I wanted to know as we prefer high rolloff in the frequency response of filters, On a similar note what can be the benefits of a high roll off Op Amp working as an amplifier. As far as I can see it will only reduce the unity gain bandwidth. Can anybody tell about the advantages of high roll off for the particular case. Thanks
PLease discuss/ provide links to docs addressing AMR-speech codecs concepts. What are the advantages of AMR speech codec over other codecs? Wat are the differences between AMR-NB and AMR-WB? Where are these codecs used?
Derive the sensibility of a Wheatstone bridge( ΔVo/(ΔI/I)) with four active strain gages . Assume that the absolute value of ΔI/I is the same for all of them. Which are the advantages of using four strain gages over using only one strain gages and trhee resistors of fixed value in a Wheatstone bridge. Show expressions to suppor
Hello, Form your experiences, kindly list the advantages of using OrCAD Capture over Cadence Concept HDL Designer. Thanks in advance for your effort. regards, bimbla.
Hello, Form your experiences, kindly list the advantages of using OrCAD Capture over Cadence Concept HDL Designer. Thanks in advance for your effort. regards, bimbla.
Hi, Do any one have an idea for "advantages of Square Pin over Round for a PCB" please share your ideas Binu G
hi friends wat is the difference between booths algorithm compared to others ........wat are the advantages of booths algorithm ..........
What are the advantages of biasing the substrate in MOSFETs?
Hi All, Could you tell me some views about the advantages of 2-state simulation, and the application field? As I know, it will speed the simulation. But for my opinion, it will ignore some issues, such as bus conflict. Thanks.
what is te advantages of polyphase system over single phase system??
what's the advantages of 3.5bit/stage over 1.5bit/stage in the pipeline adc?
Hi all........ can anyone expalin the basic advantages of using a NON-MULTIPLEXED Bus.....? and also appreciated if someone quote its disadvantages........
What cas you say about the preferences in selection the micro? What are the advantages of 8bits over 32 bits accept that a lot of material like reference design, code examples, cheap emulators and compilers ? What else can you add? What are the disadvantages of 32 bits over 8bits?
What are the advantages of using optical mean to transmit microwave wave up to 0.1THz than using electrical mean?? Thanks :)
Hi, Can anybody tell me some advantages of latch over flip flop except area advantage?? Also if sumbody can give some digital interview questions?? Thanks
any one can help what are the advantages of decimation filter, and application of decimation filters.please suggest me good and material for this topic. thanx in advance.
Hi, any guys can tell me what is advantages of HFSS11 vs HFss10? Thanks
Dear friends, Please let me know the advantages of using a E1T1 card over a RRI card. Also i want to know why E1T1 is connected through FIU. regards, Rahul
What are the advantages of current mirror OTA ? Could it be considered a good topology for LDO error amplifier -at least as a first stage-(I have saw it in some papers but without reasoning for its usage)? What I know is that it has a larger output swing & 1 pole-& the other is at high frequencies- (although composed of 2 stages
hi, i have a macro which uses metal layers till metal4. Suppose i am using power meshes of metal 7 and 8 running over the macro. do i need to clip it compulsorly? wat are the advantages of clipping and leaving it to route over the macro as there are drc violations? thankz
Hi All, The Processor i m using for my design is having an inbuilt MPEG-4 video Encoder. what are the advantages of having an inbuilt MPEG-4 video Encoder..Can anyone help me? Thanks and regards
what are the advantages of using verilog over matlab?
Differential feeding in antennas keeps the advantages of the differential amplifiers: high IP2, improved common mode susceptibility, supply noise suppression, low integration cost, and also simplifies the feeding of some types of antennas that may require a balun: Dipole, Loop, Yagi, Vivaldi, etc.
hi friends... Can any one plz help me out by sending BiCMOS process material.... I'm in need urgently.... what are the advantages of BiCMOS over conventional CMOS process..... thankyou in advance... ~raki
advantages of Digital - ? Less expensive ? More reliable ? Easy to manipulate ? Flexible ? Compatibility with other digital systems ? Only digitised information can be transported through a noisy channel without degradation ? Integrated networks Disadvantages of Analogue - ? The effects of random noise can make signal loss and distortion
hi everyone m doing project on urban zone detection using satellite images......i need to know the functioning and advantages of Gabor filter...........plz can anyone send me some link related to it???
What are the advantages of analog signal processing techniques? Each alternative has its own advantages and disadvantages. More than that, each technical solution is a compromize between several - sometimes conflicting - requirements. For example: Performance, processing speed, complexity, cost, power consumption,
Hi,everyone~ I'm a beginner on cooperative communication,and I want to do some research on two-way relay(aka,bi-directional relay) network for my PhD thesis. I've read some articles on this topic,but still i'm not quite sure what are the advantages of two-way relaying(compared to unidirectional relaying). Here is a short
Hi Guys, Could you please tell me what are the advantages of AHB over AXI bus protocol and viceversa
what are advantages of using PLL over simple frequency synthesizer?plz help
sir, what are the advantages of three stage sinc filter over single stage sinc filter?Is it possible to design a sinc3 digital filter using the pic microcontroller?
what were the advantages of magnetic core and rope memories and why they where preferred instead of transistor based memories? or diode matrix roms?
Hi Guys In those days, it seems that the power amplifier area is still controlled by bipolar device. I am wondering what is the advantages of the bipolar device compared with CMOS devices in RF front end? for PA, bipolar device will be have mobility and maybe high breakdown voltage(is it true) and thus can handle high power compared with CMOS
Hi all what are the advantages of AWGN channel model? and what are its main properties for it getting very popular? Thanks
advantages of Bipolar over Mosfets Transistors: Bipolar transistor is much more faster thank Mosfet. and in case when frequency is getting higher and higher the switching power of Mosfet could increase the switching power of Bipolar. Mosfet is good when you are using in digital design, because in logic stat 0 and 1 they have a very little leakage
Hello sir, I want to know about the advantages of audio ic 810 over 820 , which is best or say which one has the limit to drive a particular speaker & something like that i want to know !
Hi, I could not find notes regarding the advantages of using a inverting op-amp as an amplifier compare to the non-inverting op-amp. I believe there should be some. Would like to ask if you can list some points for my references. Thank you. Siong Boon
Hi guys, I'd like to know what's the advantages of dividing a memory into banks (left and right bank for example) Thanks! N. Huy