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Hi there, I have done an amplifier design by using folded-cascode configuration. I found that the supply voltage for folded cascode is about 0.6V, however when the same amplifier by using cascode configuration need 1.8V supply voltage. Can anyone talk about 1. why folded (...)
what are the advantages and disadvantages of folded cascode amplifier?? Can be designed rail to rail input voltage.... low output swing... high output impedance.....what else??
Hi, In the book Analog Integrated Circuit Design by Ken Martin,it says : The second major reason of the use of cascode stages is that they limit the voltage across the input drive trasnsistor.This minimizes any short-channel effects can any one explain me the above line? Thanks
What are the advantages and disadvantages of PMOS input folded cascode vs. NMOS input cascode amplifier? PMOS has smaller flicker noise. What else?
The advantages have been correctly pointed out. This does come at the cost of reduced speed. But then for smaller technologies gain is a significant issue.
Hi all, To compensate the PWM mode buck converter,which topology of the Error amplifier is better? weather Gm-based(folded cascode) or voltage amplifier(two stage opamp)? what difference do they make in compensation? what are the advantages and disadvantages using those topologies? Thanks. Just
OTA is basically an Opamp with high output impedance, meaning no output buffer. advantages: Generally greater bandwidth than opamps. Disadvantages: Cannot use low impedance loads. Generally OTAs are used only for capacitive loads, since DC current is zero. A MOSFET's gate for example is a capacitive load, so you can use OTAS if you're go

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