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Hi all I have a develop board of C51,7 segment show clock,I want to add alarm clock code,who can help me wrap it,Thanks in advance!
What is the input voltage for this project?
Dear All, I have designed alarm clock project with ds 1307.Here I want to ring 230v electric bell in particular alarm time set by keypad.then I designed relay relay opens & close normally acording to alarm time.But when I connect electric bell then bell rings & stops but (...)
Dear all I am designing just alarm clock with89c52.I want to clear doubts following. 1)Can alarm signal from controller directly conect to 12v relay circuit?as i am controlling ac circuit like electric bell. 2)I connect keypad directly to it ok?or i have to connect through pullups?
i have a problem with my project!! my project is digital alarm clock with lcd display!! but before doing it i wanted to simulate it on proteus but i am having problem finding lcd jhd162a!(which is a 16 pin).Only lm016l is available which is 14 pin!! how can i use this lcd ?? help will be appreciated101361 . this is the circ
Hi, I want to design an FPGA project that is an alarm clock on which it will alarm every 1.5hrs. setting the FPGA to 24hr clock using 7segment display seems to be no problem and I can make it. However my problem is how will I output a sound every 1.5hrs since I don't have any idea how to use the audio (...)
Hi, I want to design an FPGA project that is an alarm clock on which it will alarm every 1.5hrs. setting the FPGA to 24hr clock using 7segment display seems to be no problem and I can make it. However my problem is how will I output a sound every 1.5hrs since I don't have any idea how to use the audio (...)
Hi all, I use MikroC, can also use Hi-tech C. In the code for my project, I cannot call any function from the interrupt routine. I want particular function to run in my code when i press the switch. I do not want to update any value in interrupt and scan it in idle condition and run according to it. I found that it may be the problem of sta
The code is difficult to read because the forum software only accepts plain text. It removes the tabs and leading spaces so your program is difficult to read. Go back to your first post and click EDIT then either highlight the code and click the code tag icon '#' or type '' before it and '' after it with the spaces removed. Anyw
I am doing a home alarm system project in system verilog. I am using a 12 bit keypad input to enter the 5 digit password. Each digit is encoded by an encoder and then finally it compare with the original stored the password. My question is how will we input digits? Do I need to input each digit during positive edge of clock cycles? Do I (...)
Something like timer, to switch in some specified time on and off? Why with Arduino? I want to say what is reason to spend Arduino on this job? See this project: Motion Sensitive LCD Real-Time clock/alarm/Timer
It is a project of a simple Nixie clock without the alarm clock, signalization with the atom clock in London, without remote control. The clock is original and well looking. Everything for this device was home made. [url=
Hello,can someone help me to solve the problem about the coding for digital alarm clock with recordable sound using: 1) PIC 16F877A 2) CRYSTAL 20 MHZ 3) ISD 2560P 4)RTC DS 13707 URGENT!!!
how to set your alarm be applied to the relay ... example: at the time at 05.00 am at the relay ON and relay OFF at 05.00 pm
i have seen similar project on Microcontroller Based Digital clock with alarm @ harishwww you can read the whole article there if you don't understand
Try this link Downloads / 8051 projects / Digital clock with alarm Using DS1307 and 8051 (updated) : 8051 Microcontroller projects AVR PIC projects Tutorials Ebooks Libraries codes But any way, I think you can do a google search for this..:wink:
Assumptions clock should have alarm it should consists of TTL circuits short construction time low costs modular design, that makes it easy to run, as well as subsequent work
Hello guys! I have a project which is about digital alarm clock.I have achieved creating clock and vga parts.But now,i have an issue.I couldn't succeed how to set the time and alarm.I am using spartan 3E and i have thought that i can set the alarm and clock digit by (...)
Post the schematics and/or Proteus design file, I do remember making a melody alarm clock based on PIC18F2550 a few other chips, once you post the schematic/dsn file I try to port the alarm part of the code/design to 877A (provided I find it soon). For people crapping my inbox with PM, please stop it. If I find the (...)
Look here: Microcontroller Based Digital clock with alarm
hello Iam planning to do a project. Iam ok in electronics but poor in microcontroller programming. Iam planning to an alarm clock. It has 2 alarms per day The circuit is used to switch on and off an electronic device thru this alarm. 1st alarm is to ON and the next is to OFF The (...)
hi guys, you can do alarm of water level good luck
My project is to built an alarm clock. I want to display on lcd the current date and the time and with a keypad have access in a menu in which you can set the alarm time. I try to use the ds1307 functions of codevision and i cannot get anything on lcd.I dont know what is going wrong. The only value that i can get by (...)
hi everyone!!! can anyone help me in our research?? our project is a microcontroller based digital clock with alarm system... our problem is on alarm system... we want to generate an alarm from a sound generator and then to be followd by a recorded voice telling the time... we want to use midi voice in (...)
maybe for the first project you can built digital alarm clock using seven segment or LCD display
hello Programmable Digital clock with alarm with ic 80s51 wiyh relay out design with proteus6.9 byy
After quick google search, i found this valuable results: This one is very good one indeed, but in chinese, you can try to use Googl
help me with the c code for interfacing RTC 1307 with 89c51. i want to design a multi event alarm clock. thanks in advance
i now doing in the mini project about the alarm clock using c to write. And we need to display the time on the LCD display and the menu to select some function. Can anyone give me some useful web about the program of how to make a alarm clock thx....
An option might be a burglar alarm using an AVR, for an example see
When adding a LCD driver unit, a solar panel and a matrix keyboard controller it can form an energy saving calculator. probably with alarm clock.