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Hi, I want to design an FPGA project that is an alarm clock on which it will alarm every 1.5hrs. setting the FPGA to 24hr clock using 7segment display seems to be no problem and I can make it. However my problem is how will I output a sound every 1.5hrs since I don't have any idea how to use the audio (...)
Hi, I want to design an FPGA project that is an alarm clock on which it will alarm every 1.5hrs. setting the FPGA to 24hr clock using 7segment display seems to be no problem and I can make it. However my problem is how will I output a sound every 1.5hrs since I don't have any idea how to use the audio (...)
i now doing in the mini project about the alarm clock using c to write. And we need to display the time on the LCD display and the menu to select some function. Can anyone give me some useful web about the program of how to make a alarm clock thx....
hello Iam planning to do a project. Iam ok in electronics but poor in microcontroller programming. Iam planning to an alarm clock. It has 2 alarms per day The circuit is used to switch on and off an electronic device thru this alarm. 1st alarm is to ON and the next is to OFF The (...)
Hi all ! I just contact with pic and wrote the program real-time clock with pic 16f877A + ds1307+Led program is ok.and now I want to write program for alarm.How do i write that? Please help me! Pls see my attach file! My english is bad, sorry!
seeking help in doing coding for PIC18F4550 in C to program it to be a clock. as im doing a project that needs me to to an alarm clock. i have exactly no idea how to do the conversion of values to be in 2400hours. i found one but the language used is assembly language. anyone please help :( if any of u have example (...)
need help with digital alarm clock p18f4520 in C hi all... Can somebody help me the source code for digital alarm clock using pic18f4520 in C language and LCD display. i m using mplab ide. thanks! :D
This is a whole new Digital alarm clock in 7-segment display....... Some user interface facility is given here. This is the circuit diagram.... 62569 Components used: 4 7-segment displays 1 AT89s52/AT89c52 28 Resistors of 150 ohm 1 Capacitor 10uF 2 Capacitors 33pF 5 volt Buzzer 1 12MHz crystal 5 Red LEDs 4 DIP
When adding a LCD driver unit, a solar panel and a matrix keyboard controller it can form an energy saving calculator. probably with alarm clock.
About 4 years back, while building one of my digital alarm clock using microcontroller, even I use to think that using RTC chip is a waste when it can be done using precised timer interrupts . But when I actually did it using only uC, I found the reason why we should use "Real" time clocks. My only-uC based clock used to (...)
Hello friends, Do anyone of you have the programme to implement the digital clock in VERILOG. I am using that as a part of my project and your help would go a long way in doing my project succesfully. If anyone of you have models for that one, then please mail me at penalty_4u@ya
After quick google search, i found this valuable results: This one is very good one indeed, but in chinese, you can try to use Googl
Hello guys! I have a project which is about digital alarm clock.I have achieved creating clock and vga parts.But now,i have an issue.I couldn't succeed how to set the time and alarm.I am using spartan 3E and i have thought that i can set the alarm and clock digit by (...)
Assumptions clock should have alarm it should consists of TTL circuits short construction time low costs modular design, that makes it easy to run, as well as subsequent work
Hello,can someone help me to solve the problem about the coding for digital alarm clock with recordable sound using: 1) PIC 16F877A 2) CRYSTAL 20 MHZ 3) ISD 2560P 4)RTC DS 13707 URGENT!!!
Sazy, maybe this will help, Digital alarm clock - | Electronics: Microcontrollers Embedded Audio Digital Analogue Test Measurement
It is a project of a simple Nixie clock without the alarm clock, signalization with the atom clock in London, without remote control. The clock is original and well looking. Everything for this device was home made. [url=
I am doing a home alarm system project in system verilog. I am using a 12 bit keypad input to enter the 5 digit password. Each digit is encoded by an encoder and then finally it compare with the original stored the password. My question is how will we input digits? Do I need to input each digit during positive edge of clock cycles? Do I (...)
the minutes displays are upside down and i dont know the pins in the real 4 digets 7-Segment where is the pins in this 83642 from the design Try to read model number from 7-seg, then search datasheet on Internet. Ususally Pin1 starts from upper left corner. tronixstuff.
Would appreciate any kind of help with the Verilog project I'm trying to complete. Description: Its a digital alarm clock that displays time in the LCD display format. The final output should be programmed onto a spartan 3 FPGA board. I/O Ports: 1.) "clk"is a 256Hz clock 2.)"reset" is an asynchronous active high (...)
An option might be a burglar alarm using an AVR, for an example see
hi .... I have some problems in this project .... the prpject is : To design & implementation of an 8051-microcontroller based real_time digital clock In this project, we will be designing and implementing an 8051-microcontroller based digital clock. The digital clock has the following (...)
help me with the c code for interfacing RTC 1307 with 89c51. i want to design a multi event alarm clock. thanks in advance
I'm working on a project that uses the Dallas-Maxim RTC DS12887A to keep time and alarms, plus save some user data, using a Microchip PIC16F877A (@20MHz) for a programmable alarm-clock for using at colleges and offices. I'm finding difficulty in writing assembly code for reading from and writing to the RTC memory (control (...)
hello Programmable Digital clock with alarm with ic 80s51 wiyh relay out design with proteus6.9 byy
maybe for the first project you can built digital alarm clock using seven segment or LCD display
My project is to built an alarm clock. I want to display on lcd the current date and the time and with a keypad have access in a menu in which you can set the alarm time. I try to use the ds1307 functions of codevision and i cannot get anything on lcd.I dont know what is going wrong. The only value that i can get by (...)
hi everyone! pls help me find a site where i can download a voice telling the time..i will be using it for the alarm of my digital having a project right now entitled: MCU based digital clock with alarm system... Im using ATMEGA32 as the MCU... this MCU has limited memory of 32k byte self-Programmable flash.. the size of (...)
hi guys, you can do alarm of water level good luck
Dear sir, I want to design an mp3 player that plays a partilcular song at paticular time in a day. For ex: First song at around 5AM, 2nd song at 7AM....and 5th song at 10PM and it should repeat for the next day. I want the feature like an 'alarm' that is available in mobile, but instead of tone it should play the mp3 song. Is
If this is for a one-off project, consider using one of the old ISD voice chips, such as the ISD1420 'Chipcorder'. That gives you twenty seconds of addressable speech, and has a very simple parallel interface. It can even be used as a stand-alone device without using a microcontroller. They are almost always available cheaply on eBay from a v
Look here: Microcontroller Based Digital clock with alarm
i've written a progam for RTC but its not working please check. main() { Init_UART0(9600); InitTimer(); uart0Puts("Initialize OK \n\r"); RTC_Init(); while(1) {} } __irq void RTC_ISR(void) { if(RTC_ILR & 0x01) { uart0Puts("Counter incrementing\n\r"); RTC_ILR = 0x01; //clear interrupt } VICVectAddr=0x00000000;//dummy write to signal end of enterr
I will develop a digital clock with alarm in VHDL with ModelSim. My first question is how to simulate the clock in the four LEDs ?
project by: VSS Source: here Device is based on ATMEGA16 microcontroller. Displaying is multipleced, so only 25 high voltage npn and pnp transistors are needed.
Try this link Downloads / 8051 projects / Digital clock with alarm Using DS1307 and 8051 (updated) : 8051 Microcontroller projects AVR PIC projects Tutorials Ebooks Libraries codes But any way, I think you can do a google search for this..:wink:
Why u r using LCD and realtime clock for this purpose( relay on/off).Just use one of ur timer for setting up clock and 4led display for showing time and alarm setting. I have done this project for automatic street light controller in PIC micro which runs on 3.6v NiCd battery.
hi guys..i got a project about monitoring system for refrigerator ...i'm planning on using pic16f877a+lcd+keypad+ds1307.... this system work as a reminder/alarm question is...i wanna store 3 to 5 date at the same time....can ds1307 work on 3-5 date at same time?
Hi, I need a digital clock circuit with following specifications: 1. Operated with DS1307 RTC 2. 7 segment displays with both time(HH:MM:SS format) & date(DD:MM:YY format) 3. Source code is needed to edit it. 4. Must have alarm function. You've omitted several important specifications: What microcontroller is t
hello! i want to make a electronic project by pic16F84A the project it's a clock alarm for students where they can programme this circuit by setting the time of their review (homework) and in the specific time the circuit Should ring and show matter that must be reviewed in a 14 segments display i need your help i'm (...)
The code is difficult to read because the forum software only accepts plain text. It removes the tabs and leading spaces so your program is difficult to read. Go back to your first post and click EDIT then either highlight the code and click the code tag icon '#' or type '' before it and '' after it with the spaces removed. Anyw
i m doing one project using 8051 microcontroller my project title is LCD based digital alarm normal clock we give input for switching..i decided give through voice.if i give the input is voice means the system will work on my voice data what type of hardware type i need.
i am having a problem in makin a project for my college ...i started a project with some c code in keil but its not working in proteus and even in the hardware...plz help c code for this project is: // Program to make a digital clock with time and alarm setting features #include sbit (...)
Here is a digital clock using PIC Microcontroller and DS1307 RTC IC..... You can add the functionality of alarm by just adding some codes.. Better to use internal eeprom of pic.. for saving the alarm time.. Digital clock using PIC Microcontroller and DS1307 RTC
i want to make simple project.i want to make timer counter. but only five minute.five minute later counter is stop. when i press button counter is starting.. 5 minute later, automatic alarm and i press button again and stop sound. or automatic stop (1 minute sound) yes how is making it? i want schematic and pcb file.. SeTRoX from GWPT
Can anybody convert this file to GIF format that in blue This is a multi-part message in MIME format. ------=_NextPart_000_002E_01C4EFF3.03CD63E0 Content-Type: text/plain; charset="iso-8859-1" Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit > alarm, no composite video output, no date, no seconds, just a simple > semi-accurate clock I've a new
Let me understand the problem. If you open the door without entering a password, alarm1 will activate. If after 10 seconds a valid password hasn't been set, alarm2 will activate also. Is that correct? What board are you using?
hi everyone!!! can anyone help me in our research?? our project is a microcontroller based digital clock with alarm system... our problem is on alarm system... we want to generate an alarm from a sound generator and then to be followd by a recorded voice telling the time... we want to use midi voice in (...)
It’s a project of recalculate old Technics tuner. Originaly tuner has UKF 65-73 MHz and after retune radio plays bad. No chance for good stereo. Besides it doesn’t display frequency between 88-108 MHz. I removed conve