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Hi, I want to design an FPGA project that is an alarm clock on which it will alarm every 1.5hrs. setting the FPGA to 24hr clock using 7segment display seems to be no problem and I can make it. However my problem is how will I output a sound every 1.5hrs since I don't have any idea how to use the audio (...)
Hi, I want to design an FPGA project that is an alarm clock on which it will alarm every 1.5hrs. setting the FPGA to 24hr clock using 7segment display seems to be no problem and I can make it. However my problem is how will I output a sound every 1.5hrs since I don't have any idea how to use the audio (...)
hello Iam planning to do a project. Iam ok in electronics but poor in microcontroller programming. Iam planning to an alarm clock. It has 2 alarms per day The circuit is used to switch on and off an electronic device thru this alarm. 1st alarm is to ON and the next is to OFF The (...)
i now doing in the mini project about the alarm clock using c to write. And we need to display the time on the LCD display and the menu to select some function. Can anyone give me some useful web about the program of how to make a alarm clock thx....
Hi all ! I just contact with pic and wrote the program real-time clock with pic 16f877A + ds1307+Led program is ok.and now I want to write program for alarm.How do i write that? Please help me! Pls see my attach file! My english is bad, sorry!
seeking help in doing coding for PIC18F4550 in C to program it to be a clock. as im doing a project that needs me to to an alarm clock. i have exactly no idea how to do the conversion of values to be in 2400hours. i found one but the language used is assembly language. anyone please help :( if any of u have example (...)
need help with digital alarm clock p18f4520 in C hi all... Can somebody help me the source code for digital alarm clock using pic18f4520 in C language and LCD display. i m using mplab ide. thanks! :D
This is a whole new Digital alarm clock in 7-segment display....... Some user interface facility is given here. This is the circuit diagram.... 62569 Components used: 4 7-segment displays 1 AT89s52/AT89c52 28 Resistors of 150 ohm 1 Capacitor 10uF 2 Capacitors 33pF 5 volt Buzzer 1 12MHz crystal 5 Red LEDs 4 DIP
I need a multi alarm clock with 20 events or more. Each event turns on an output at a preprogrammed time showing on a LCD 2 line x 40 character or 2 line x 20 character the name of the medicin at that time. The events are programmed using windows hyperterminal downloading a text file like this: @time;medicin name; or @14:45:00;aspirin; @20:00:
Hi all, Need a multi alarm clock to remember my parents to take their medicine everyday guess like ELEKTOR Multi-event alarm clock. PDF Article (U040132.pdf), PDF PCB Layout (020304-PCB.pdf), software is already downlodead These refer to ELEKTOR ELEKTRONICS UK jan/2004. or any other similar one. Thanks in advance, (...)
hi all i need the pcb layout for multi event alarm clock published in "elektor electronics" march 2004 issue. they have given the link as and the file number as "" but i am unable to find that. guyz plz upload Thanks in advance.
hi everybody i have a digital clock project in my college and i cant do it. it is by AT89C51 if anyone can know any site for the schemetic and the assempbly program so plz send it to me on mail mail or on the forum. thank u very much
how can i connect BUZZEER 220V with alarm clock that turn on battery AA 1.5v please when the alarm clock ringing(small motor switch on) must the BUZZER 220V switch on Or you can use appropriate low voltage (reed) relay instead of motor to switch on the buzzer.
can anyone please help me on how to design one binary alarm clock to display the time in either twelve-hour format (XX:XX:XX with an AM/PM indicator) or twenty-four hour format include also a settable alarm function . please if anyone can help me.. thanks.
i have some kind of problem. i tried to connect a small light bulb (1.5v) to an alarm clock so when the alarm will set off the small light bulb will light up. the problem is that the power that the clock supplies is not enough to turn the light on. can some one plz help me and tell me how to get it work? thanks a lot. (...)
hi, anyone knows what is d best microcontroller to be used in alarm clock system????Cost and availability shud be considered...its 4 my undergraduate thesis...
hi, has anyone knows what's best microcontroller to be used in alarm clock system???/ pls consider the cost of that microcontroller nd availability in d market....its 4 my undergrad thesis,......Can i program it on C langauge??
Hello, i'm new here. First of all sorry if i posted in a wrong forum. Also sorry if the questions are too simple, i'm a simple programmer so what can you expect :-) I have an alarm clock that projects time to the room ceiling via four 7-segments. The alarm clock also has an ambient color light bulb, that (...)
This program replaces the standard Windows tray clock.This soft is very useful especially now in our globally connected world. It has a lot of useful additions. Two additional time zones of your choice, showing also the date and the day of the week on all of the time zones.A lot of skins! The program includes multilingual interface support! I tr
can anyone send to me the source code for digital alarm clock with alarm using PIC16f877a,ds1307 and lcd. i also need the schematic diagram for the circuit.i`m using mplab ide..thank you very much.
Sorry, I dont know where else to put this. My friend needs an alarm clock like thing, that will have several alarms. IE: One for the bath, one for the Cook time etc. Needs to keep from forgetting his daily chores. You guys know of anything like that we've built or kit form or for sale somewhere?:?:
The code are for the microcontroller I can not see the type of microcontroller you have as the pic is two small you could try searching on the web if you can let me no of the microcontroller ifo I will try on the web for you Added after 37 minutes: I have found the WEB SITE to download the codes for your di
hi all... Can somebody help me the source code for digital alarm clock using pic18f4520 in C language and 7 segment display. i m using mplab ide. thanks! :D
The most important components: Atmega32 humidity and temperature sensor SHT11 pressure sensor MPX4115 thermistor to measure the outside temperature RTC DS1307 The device i
Hello. I need some help here for my programming. I managed to lit the LCD up using the default code. But I'm thinking of how to do an alarm clock or countdown timer by modifying it. I'm not sure how to modify but I need some help here. Here is the code I'm using. /******* P3_MCC18.c ************************************************************
In short, presented device is: a binary displaying 7-segment display LCD with a welcome calendar menu alarm clock battery backup The housing was made of piece o
main elements of the alarm clock are Atmega8 and PCF8583, which is battery maintained when there is no voltage. The clock has an alarm with a possibility to enter settings from your own keyboard, from IR remote control (SONY, JVC or RC5). It can be also connected with a PC throu
This clock ? driver was built to be simple, reliable and easy to use. Assumptions of the design were to create a clock with a sound alarm or music alarm from audio device connected to it. Some features of the
So I wanted to find out how a digital alarm clock works. And though I am fond of exact sciences , I actually have no practical knowhow at all about how stuff works. ATM I thought about describing several 'important' components ,such as the Display and the Chips inside of the clock. For the display I have found the datasheet ,which can be (...)
Can someone help me with an alarm clock code which uses a real time clock and can be set day of the week month and year using a pc keyboard
Hello. I am very new to electronics other than a course I took in College a decade ago. I have been DIY modifying a fish tank alarm clock and in modifying the device the display of the alarm clock and time portion took a turn for the worst. It still works, but the contrast is way off on it now. Basically, the segments (...)
i need help in coding for digital alarm clock kindly if someone knows then help me its too urgent. Thanks - - - Updated - - - please guys help me out its too urgent
Dear all I am designing just alarm clock with89c52.I want to clear doubts following. 1)Can alarm signal from controller directly conect to 12v relay circuit?as i am controlling ac circuit like electric bell. 2)I connect keypad directly to it ok?or i have to connect through pullups?
Assumptions clock should have alarm it should consists of TTL circuits short construction time low costs modular design, that makes it easy to run, as well as subsequent work
About 4 years back, while building one of my digital alarm clock using microcontroller, even I use to think that using RTC chip is a waste when it can be done using precised timer interrupts . But when I actually did it using only uC, I found the reason why we should use "Real" time clocks. My only-uC based clock used to (...)
I think that you may be needing to involve a PIC in this somehwre, it will most likely do the whole car alarm & be able to interface to the phone. However if it rings you, you will get a quiete call, perhaps with a speech chip it can also say into the audio line "help your car is being stolen" :D
Hello friends, Do anyone of you have the programme to implement the digital clock in VERILOG. I am using that as a part of my project and your help would go a long way in doing my project succesfully. If anyone of you have models for that one, then please mail me at penalty_4u@ya
hi all, I'm trying to do this project: speaking clock using pic16f84, ds1302 & isd2590 I have an example of a quite similar project, as enclosed. can anyone help me to modify the program so that i dont have to use dcf77 to set the time? any help will be much appreciated.
The small square IC is the real time clock and display controller. It's custom for Sony so no data sheet is available. If you have an oscilloscope and can probe for the pin that changes state only when the "buzz" alarm is active, you may have a chance.
Hey guys, My name is Ge and I'm working on my senior project right now. And of course I need help. The project I have chosen to take on is a digital alarm clock in which you would wave your hands to turn off the alarm instead of hitting the snooze button. My question is this, (aside from the obivious (...)
Hello guys! I have a project which is about digital alarm clock.I have achieved creating clock and vga parts.But now,i have an issue.I couldn't succeed how to set the time and alarm.I am using spartan 3E and i have thought that i can set the alarm and clock digit by (...)
It is a 24-hours clock, which displays hours and minutes, with alarm clock, sustaining in the event of a power outage, with possibility of turning off the display of the left zero for hours and ?rewinding? all the nu
Hello,can someone help me to solve the problem about the coding for digital alarm clock with recordable sound using: 1) PIC 16F877A 2) CRYSTAL 20 MHZ 3) ISD 2560P 4)RTC DS 13707 URGENT!!!
Sazy, maybe this will help, Digital alarm clock - | Electronics: Microcontrollers Embedded Audio Digital Analogue Test Measurement
Hello, i want to choose a project to make using vhdl. i only know how to write somrthing in vhdl :) i want to make a small project dealing with touchscreens :) first i want to know if there is a Xilinx boards that has a touchscreen! or i buy it individually and what xilinx board that can help me i ll buy one :) finally what knowledge i n
It is a project of a simple Nixie clock without the alarm clock, signalization with the atom clock in London, without remote control. The clock is original and well looking. Everything for this device was home made. [url=
The aim of this device was to combine the clock with alarm (for each seven days of a week) and date. Backlight of the display and housing adapts to ambient brightness, so it is not too strong at night and clearly visible during th
Presented construction is a simple alarm clock based on microcontroller Atmega8. It uses 7-segment displays (30x15mm). The system can be easily made of elements desoldered from other devices, so it may be really chea
I am doing a home alarm system project in system verilog. I am using a 12 bit keypad input to enter the 5 digit password. Each digit is encoded by an encoder and then finally it compare with the original stored the password. My question is how will we input digits? Do I need to input each digit during positive edge of clock cycles? Do I (...)
the minutes displays are upside down and i dont know the pins in the real 4 digets 7-Segment where is the pins in this 83642 from the design Try to read model number from 7-seg, then search datasheet on Internet. Ususally Pin1 starts from upper left corner. tronixstuff.