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Hi, could any one help me out how to run this is rainy alarm circuit design, when there is no rain my circuit suppose to be open circuited. but my problem is when i open circuit the probe and simulate there is still voltage across the variable resistance, and the variable r
Hi all I would like to desing a house alarm System. Any circuits available? any ideas? thanks a lot take care
hi, i need to design a circuit simply give alarm when fluorescent lamp stop working , can this done by current sensing or what ? :arrow: :? :?: thanks for anybody wants to help bye Fire in the Wire :sm2:
what is your request, i fact it is not easy to realize the VSWR alarm accurately! so you should provide more information for your request!
Hi all i want to design fire alarm system using AT89c52, but i dont know how smoke detector works, or what is its behavior when it detect smoke, to enable me to know that there r fire at any place. what its out voltage in normal state and in fire state?? plz help ahmed
I have a circuit which contais pic16f887. It's an alarm system with a lcd. When I try to simulate it on proteus, the simulation doesn't run properly. There's nothing displayed on the lcd and I get an error regarding the pic, specifically between ra0 an ra5 outputs, wich are connected to the lcd. Someone help me please and I would be very thankful.
I have the need for an alarm when house power fails. I purchased a sump alarm which trips on high water. The sump alarm probe is normally (low water) open. When water rises it closes and the alarm goes off. I want to substitute a normally open ciruit when house power is applied which (...)
anyone can help me how connect this two circuit....the operation is the output from TRI from Ultrasonicradar circuit will activated the alarm circuit which is already connected..How i can make the output from TRI will activated the siren and strobe light simultaneously.....Which part i should
Hi all, I explain my problem. Please give me some ideas. I have a signal from a sensor. The signal has pulses each 20ms. Each pulse has a duration of about 100us. I want to design a very fast circuit that compare the maximum value of the signal with a digitally controlled threshold. When only one pulse is higher than the threshold, the circu
Hi, This is my first post here and I must say it looks to be a very informative site. I found this site while searching for an answer to the problem that I am having with the alarm system that I built found HERE . The problem that I am having is this. Everything works great on zones one and two
The small square IC is the real time clock and display controller. It's custom for Sony so no data sheet is available. If you have an oscilloscope and can probe for the pin that changes state only when the "buzz" alarm is active, you may have a chance.
This is simplest laser alarm, and works very fine, I use it like multiple sensors for SMS alarm. Its very very simple uses opto transistor IRE5 5mm or LTR4206 3mm, or You can use any opto transistor. circuit can be used on daylight and on open. Laser torch is chiper chinese 1mW 5mW. Use second circuit from (...)
Hi EveryBody I Need Help With This Problem >>> Laser alarm circuit I Built This circuit & Connected The Out But From The Relay With Police Siren circuit But I Got a Problem >>>> The Alert St
I have a 12v power supply and a flow switch which is closed when water is flowing through it and open when water isnt. I want to make a simple piezo alarm + LED light that tells me (comes on) when water STOPS flowing. How do I do this? That is, how do I take a normally closed switch and make it normally open? Simple is best for me and the (...)
I want a simple alarm circuit that turn on when receive an interrupt from another micro controller.....
Perhaps the original design didn't use one of the conventional 40KHz piezo devices. The guess at the frequency was mine, not the original posters although I've never seen one that works on anything but 40KHz. Possibly it used a small open disc as used in lower frequency alarm sounders. I *think* the intention of the diode is to stop the transist
Hi wanie84, Yes, remove R13 and D1 of the second circuit and connect the collector of Q1 to VCC of the wailing alarm. And that should do it. mjohan810327
I've done something look alike (wireless house alarm). I mordified wireless door bell (very cheap on the market). open the transmitter and receiver, get the chip no and find the datasheet. With proper switching (for the code), you can control several receivers with one transmitter. You can easily adapt it for your puspose.
i need help to begin design an alarm system for cars ...any paper a chart site to begin i hope use a pi16fxx or 68hc11a1
This circuit is applied in remote control, car door open, close and alarm. But, I cannot find this IC.
Dear, I have a problem with a RF POWER LDMOS: When i try to test a RF Power LDMOS with a multimeter after about 3 seconds Drain-Source junction gives me short circuit alarm and Trasistor is dead!(at first multimeter shows like a diode but it falls down and goes to about zero) Is there any way to check Static Characteristics
you can you an IR transmitter/receiver pair........ when the door opens the circuit breaks and the alarm sounds
I think the following can help you: AVR 2006 DESIGN CONTEST GRAND PRIZE: WITNESSCAM The WITNESSCAM is a self-recording surveillance camera that?s perfect for the home or office. The innovative, ATmega32-based system features a VGA CMOS color camera, a passive-infrared (PIR) movement sensor, and a 1-GB SD card. The aesthetically pleasing
May be a little delayed answer, but if U still needs help, pls. let me know. Regarding PIR sensors, the usual way is to connect the relay contacts that are NC, in series, then, when any sensors triggers, it´s relay will open the contact and of course, the complete circuit ( loop ) will open indicating an alarm condition. (...)
I think the WITNESSCAM can help you in your school work The WITNESSCAM is a self-recording surveillance camera that?s perfect for the home or office. The innovative, ATmega32-based system features a VGA CMOS color camera, a passive-infrared (PIR) movement sensor, and a 1-GB SD card. The aesthetically pleasing prototype looks like an ordinary ala
Hello, Why don't you try using a window comparator circuit. Fire alarm circuits work as a "short" for alarm and an "open" is circuit trouble. Using a LM339 Quad comparator would allow you to build 2 complete comparator circuits. If the micro you are using has (...)
Hallo, I am working with 6mbp15rh060 IPM form Fuji, and i am implement 3 phase inverter and it gives good output waveforms on Vdc=12v. but i noted that when DC current increase more than 1 amper the output alarm is ON. I think it is for overcurrent protection, but in datasheet this device can withstand up to 15A, why? and if it for overcurret how
Use the following circuit with the changes values R1 = 2.2MΩ R2 = 18kΩ R3 = R5 = 1kΩ R4 = 1MΩ C2 = 10nF T1 = BC557 IC1 =
im a newbie.. so sorry for non technical terms I am going to use.. I had made a circuit that gets opened for a very short time and then gets closed again as it was before. (this happens in less than half second) but I want to make an alarm that will run when the circuit gets opened and will continue to (...)