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Hi all, deos any one know how to set a short and open circuit in HFSS Thanks
Hi, Is this correct? Correct me if i m wrong. In shorct circuit I= infinity , R=0 , V = ? In open circuit I=0 , R= infinity , V=? Thanks
Does IEEE have standards for performing open-circuit Test and Short-circuit Test for transformer and synchronous machine? If YES, pls advise the standard reference code. Thanks.
can anyone tell me what difference between envelop output(short circuit model) and open circuit model ,when using ptolemy cosimulation. if selected different model ,will it affect final measurement result?? :!::!::!:
suppose i have "n" number of wire and all are independent to each other which connected to other terminals........ my problem is " if any short or open circuit occur among the wires, HOW WILL WE CHECK THAT?????? just by glowing of DIFFERENT colour of LED like RED coressponds to SHORT BLUE core
Hi.I want to ask about when a transistor burn what event for transistor Short circuit or open circuit And I want to know about d13005
I am designing an amplifier and i have short circuit stubs with different Zo (non of them is 50) and different electrical lenght and i need to conert them to open circuit stubs how can i do that? adding 90 degrees to them doesnt seem to be right any suggestions? thanx
what happens if the RF output of a RF power amp MMIC (3W 2GHZ) is open circuited?(when rf input is applied) Is the MMIC PA damaged? or have no problem at this power level?
It is said in Razavi's analog ic book that a pole is produced in a node, but giving no theory evidence. As an intuitive, I think it is deduced from the open-circuit time constant analysis. But as I know that method only applies to get -3db pole, not the nondominant one. So does anybody confire or deny my intuitive? Or give an reasonalbe explai
In transformer two tests are conducted open-circuit and short circuit which one is most preferred.
I am a novice in RF/microwave. Just learning it for the fun of it. I am currently reading a book called Microwave Transistor Amplifiers by Gonzalez. In the book he states that it is hard to find z,y,h, ABCD parameters for a two-port network because the open/short circuit conditions are hard to implement at high frequencies over broadband. I tried t
Why are open-circuit measurements made on the low voltage side of the transformer, whilst the Short-circuit results are obtained by feeding the high voltage side? Thanks
How can i measure the open circuit voltage of a battery with the load connnected!
what are differences between open circuit QHA(quadrature helix antenna) and short circuit QHA ?
Hello! What is optimal and safe way to do that? Classical approach - LO output at the drain, match 50Ohms output line to Zl=-Zout near transistor. I am going to take LO from gate resonator, so drain port remains unused. Should i match its -Zout to open-circuit, or make "fake" 50Ohm line with 50Ohm resistor and match it to this thing? For exa
I have a problem with the LTspice ideal model of the transformer , I cannot understand why the current is not null when the transformer is on open circuit.
Hello folks .. Im looking to build a circuit to automaticly open/close a gate (or) door with the safety feature not to crush if the door (or) gate becomes obstructed by a person pet, or object I have searched everywhere with no luck :cry: I have managed to build one using SR latches and the H bridge with mirco switches used as stop/strart
Hi, i need some help asap. I wanna know izzit possible for me to do an alarm without designing a circuit to it? I mean if i just provide power to the speaker it will sound. A friend of mine suggest i use 1 thing called 'buffer' but i cant seem to find it in the net.
what is mean by an open n closed circuit???
I'm working on a circuit for a 1.5Ω heating element with LED indicators. The circuit would have a 3 stop switch that would allow for on(w/o LEDs), on(LEDs), and off. There would be a green LED lit if the heating element was working properly and a red LED if the element was open. Its been a number of years since I took an electronics (...)
Hi, could any one help me out how to run this is rainy alarm circuit design, when there is no rain my circuit suppose to be open circuited. but my problem is when i open circuit the probe and simulate there is still voltage across the variable resistance, and the variable r
Hello, I hope someone clever can help me out with this problem as I've spent a lot of times investigated many methods with no success. I need to accurately measure current to at least 0.1mA and up-to around 150mA in an open circuit with voltages of up-to 1.5kV. To explain this is for measuring electron beam and so the current to be measured i
Hello, My goal is to have a circuit that is broadband open, with a variable phase angle from say 40 degrees to -40 degrees. How will you do this with inductor and capacitor?
Hello !!! I have to make a project and one of my tasks is, to calculate the open voltage of the antenna ! If we can say that the equivalent circuit of an antenna in transmit mode is a Voltage source with a Zantenna in a given frequency, i undertand that if i have a Zload=0. this is the open voltage circuit. So I) why is (...)
Classical hardwired alarm systems used to have comparators for loop status evaluation. But they are obsoleted by microcontrollers with ADC function.
Dear all I am designing just alarm clock with89c52.I want to clear doubts following. 1)Can alarm signal from controller directly conect to 12v relay circuit?as i am controlling ac circuit like electric bell. 2)I connect keypad directly to it ok?or i have to connect through pullups?
for example: op ,buffer,....
Hi all, I faced a weird problem about the bandgap circuit. problem: I had do many analysis (AC, Tran, DC) about the bandgap circuit, with different conditions (SS,FF,TT, different temperature, different VCC) , all the simulation showed that the bandgap were stable. But the real chip was unstable. attached are my circuit, and the (...)
This is my circuit and i have a quick question. I want to achieve 0V or high impedance(open circuit) at the gate of a N-Channel JFET,Tr2. I have used a NPN transistor with the collector connected to the gate of the N-Channel JFET. when i switch to 5V at base of Q4 the gate of Tr2 will be at 0V and when i switch to 0V, gate of Tr2 is high-Z (...)
Hello, I have a little audio amp that is being designed into a circuit, it has a small 8 ohm speaker in and I need to be able to monitor the speaker for both open circuit and close circuit. open circuit is relatively easy to monitor, but close circuit a bit harder, Google (...)
Hello! I have spent last couple of days using Multisim and Google and trying to design input circuit to microcontroller (AVR) with following requirements: 1. Incoming signals: TTL-level pulse sensor, open-collector Hall-sensor and automotive switch-type input (+13,6V - open circuit) 2. Frequency range would be from (...)
Hello circuit Only have dependent supplies ; If i want to find the Thevenin's equivalent circuit from a,b.That is, finding Roc and Vth my question is: why "Vth' must =0 Thanks a lot
Hello ...... the figure shows, I can find the current on the resistor. Can I find the current througt the voltage sourse?? If cannot ~~~~why??? If using the ammeter in series with the voltage source to measure the current flow through the source~~~ what will I me
This question is more of a circuit question than that of a math problem it's a simple problem. I know how to set up the equaiton using the laplace transforms, but I do not know how to set up the initial conidition for il(o-) and vc(o-), and so I'm having problems setting up the equation. I posted the problem if anyone can help I would reall
Please give me the DC analysis or any other means and equations related to the DC analysis of the circuit attached below. If possible i'd like to analyse the circuit with Thevenin and Norton Equivalent. THANKS REGARDS
in a short circuit termination no power is dissipated so all the wave is reflected back to the source. What happens with an open termination ?
Why filament of a bulb never make a short circuit ?
can I use some transistor to make a simple circuit to turn on a led indication when the switch is opened? How? normally the led turned on when the swicth is close, how to do in oppasite?
where does the distinction between circuit theory and rf design come,, is like beyond a certain freq we call it rf design,,
Good day everyone, I was working with the switching circuit which is provided by IanP. I encounter some problem with the floating node which is the connection to the microcontroller. As when the microcontroller is off and the power supply connecting the 9V is on it generates a high impedance connection (i.e open circuit) which somehow (...)
What is the effect of shorting out the capacitor in a clamping circuit?
anybody can give me an equation about how to calculate the cutoff frequency of the filter circuit. how to determine the value of R and C. I want to have the cutoff frequency of 200Mhz.
Would anyone describe how it is done?
I am measuring a cable with one end is open....i need to find out the loss of this cable. How can i do that ?
Hi, How will you apply KVL for a circuit containing diodes?Please help
for a simple common source amplifer, why Vdd is also AC ground when doing small signal equivalent cirduit analysis? Thanks
Dear, I want to use a wide band ~1W MMIC Amplifier,that i must using it's output RF power pin for DC Supply. Usually i use a Bias-TEE for this purpose but a Wide band Bias-Tee has about 1~1.5dB insertion Loss.I need to find another solution to avoid that Loss. (Maximum 0.5dB Loss is acceptable). My FREQ. Range is 6~14 GHz(this MMIC is
Does anyone have the alarm Sounder circuit or who can design it ?
We have an unkown tow-port ciruit. We obtain Z1, Z2, Z3, Z4 by open and short one of the port. Can we know the impedance of this circuit? Please see the attached.
How do you troubleshoot,check or test open circuits? I know you use continiuity to test,check or troubleshoot shorts to ground or VCC to ground but what about testing for open circuits how would you guys test this? open circuit voltage check? Whats this?