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Hi guy, I use orcad/allegro 16.6 to design my board. I have a problem that made me stuck. I want to copy some part in the reference board to my board, to start layout and routing follow the reference copy. Can I do this, and How. Thank for all your answer
hi, i am using allegro 16.5 .please tell me how to interlink orcad schematic and allegro brd
In your PCB Editor utilities there will be pad designer,pcb editor to pcb router,orcad translator etc... when you open the orcad translator it will ask for input directory to select the orcad layout file and ouput directory and file name for converting it to allegro file. After doing above actions pick translate.Refer (...)
hi i have reassigned refdeses in allegro. How to back annotate the changes into orcad? The orcad menu "Tool/back annotate" asks for a SWP file. How do I generate this SWP file in allegro?
Hi All, I want to Convert Altium Designer PCB to Cadence allegro PCB . Is there any possibility. If so, How? Thanks in Advance K.Srikanth Reddy.
How to convert .BRD file of allegro to .max file in orcad Layout .currently I am using orcad 10.5
I am trying to update the netlist from Mentor DX_Designer to orcad allegro, and getting the following non-recoverable error. Does anyone have an idea about what could cause the error? The error seems to happen whether I export from Capture or import from allegro. I have contacted Cadence, but I don?t know how helpful (...)
I think Elgris has the schematic translator to convert schematics from orcad to allegro Entry HDL. Check Elgris
Hi all, Please tell me some ways to convert eagle board file to altium designer. What are the eagle export options available .Altium can import PADS,allegro,CadStar..n orcad.Please let me knw whether eagle can export to any of this format. Mobin Mohandas
hello I tried to open a .brd file in orcad pcb editor and I saw this massage:"warning(spmhod-33):database was last save by a higher tier tool...allegro export.there may be constraints, rules and other design data that may be ignored in this tool." I ignored it but I can't see components & tracks in pcb and change them . is there any help?
Hey guys, I'm working on some prototype PCB that I will manufacture in house. This is my first project with Cadence, and I haven't been fortunate enough to have the training yet. Using FPM to create footprints is really nice, but it would suit hand drilling better if the pads were hollow instead of solid filled. The Cadence help implies tha
hai, any one can help me to export the schematic from orcad capture to pcb designer neena
Yes you can! Use allegro to convert not orcad layout. M
Hi, You can export PADS pcb file in ASCII format & import it in allegro tools. Njoyyyyyyy !!!
Hi Adnan, i dont know which version you are using but in allegro 15.7, I do it by following these step: file>>export>> libraries and that is it. Regards, Ricky
There is no way to automatically translate allegro to Protel. The databases are entirely different, and no software exists that can translate from one to the other. In fact, I know of no other EDA software that can import an allegro board. The best you could do would be to save the allegro netlist, then either hand edit the netlist into (...)
With use with allegro in mind, does Capture have any drawbacks/ missing features as compared to Concept? bimbla.
I'm using PSD 15.0 on an Concept/allegro "Reference Design" ,which obviously SHOULD work but doesn't ... When I try to export Physical to allegro, Netrev gives me the following error (many times) ... It looks as if my configuration is constrained to a Part Name of 31 characters ? I have set Part Type Length to 50 in Setup. Anybody (...)
You probably know that you can translate part libs from orcad to concept/allegro with transolb.exe. I think there is no similar translator for footprints. maranaza
I have to translate some PCB-s from allegro to PowerPCB and some schematics from orcad to ePD ( Viewlogic). Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks!