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I am not able to place footprint of my component in allegro PCB sofware, anyone know what is problem ?
Hello all, I got a schematic and a PCB (*.pcb) board using allegro Cadence 16.6 from Internet. I decide to modify this schematic by adding about 10 components to this schematic and make a new PCB (from the original PCB downloaded) for my own application. I don't touch/change any net names on the original schematic, just adding and few component
We have a board designed with Cadence Orcad and allegro PCB Designer. We need to make some modifications on this board and we are looking for someone with Orcad/allegro PCB Designer experience to do it. This is a contract, location can be anywhere. Please contact me at:
hi every one, i have using allegro 16.5. when i create foot print the place bound top shape are dot format. how to change the shape format. thanks for advance for ur reply.
Hello all! I'm (desperately) looking for reference schematic and layout example for QSFP+ interface using NLP1042 or similar quad 10GB SerDes (allegro is preferred, but any tool will do, even just the gerbers/pdf). Please contact me if you can help. I hope its a correct place to ask for such a things? Thanks!
hi, can any one tell me how to swap pins step by step?
Hello Friends I want to ask what do you use for a 5 relay on a allegro PCB Editor. tell me what to do for this, Like for an IC we use a dip what we use for Relay or is there relay in library file please tell me. Note: Relay type(name) KT-603, And i had been using allegro Version 16.3. Thank you...
Hi Anybody Help me how to place the component in allegro simply by defining the x,y coordinates and the orientation just like in PADS.
Hi I am looking for the .dml model for 0402 100nF capacitors. I need this for the auto creation of XNETs on AC-coupled signals in Cadence allegro. If you have it, please post it here as text, I will copy it into a text file ad save it as name.dml Which is the best place to assign the .dml model to the caps? In Orcad capture or in (...)
Hi, For my first design with allegro 16.5, I need your help for a simple action. I placed a shape (GND) and now I need to insert vias in the right position. I try to copy a via but impossible to add in the shape after the copy action, and I can see something very simple like "Add via". hello, I too faced the s
Hi Everyone, I used PAD to do PCB layout. The board that I am working has almost 2k of components footprint. I noticed that PAD does not have auto placement option. I search on google, and some people suggested to export the netlist to allegro to do auto placement. I would like to ask what is the most effective way to (...)
I have a PCB *.BRD file. No schematic no netlist. On board 03 D2PAK footprint placed U28, U29, U30. I want to replace a only U29 footprint D2PAK with To263-3. Any body know the procedure to replace the footprint without schematic and netlist.
Hello, I did this package with a costume pad on allegro 16.3: 81936 So my problem is when I´m routing, because the centers of the pads are the same or it's in the same place. Sombody knows who to fixes? I trying on the shape file changing the center but when you save de padstack this is the message: PA
Hi, Is there a way to place note text in a Cadence allegro PCB layout design? In altium I used to place a lot of text note on mechanical and other layers, now in allegro I cant find a menu option to do that.
Im thinking of using OrCad PCB Editor for creating a motherboard design due to the enormous costs of allegro. This would be an 8 layer board, about 10"x8", standard PC components, so LGA socket and BGA, but nothing super fine pitch. My plan for getting around the DDR relative prop requirements is to just leverage an already existing ref design wi
Hi, I try to move components manually but failed: W- (SPMHUT-40): Pick is outside the extent of the drawing ... pick again. May I know whats the problem? Thanks!
Hello, I am trying to develop a board. I have done the schematic in Orcad CIS and created a netlist for the 3 .dat files and have no errors. I have also imported into allegro and have no errors. But there are no symbols or rat nest on the .brd file I have loaded. From what I understand there should be all my component symbols connected together by
In orcad it is not possible. In allegro this step and repeat placement option is very handy and allows lot of flexibility,it really saves ur time.
Hello All, I am trying to generate fabrication drawing in .art format in allegro 16.3. I have used a Dsize fab symbol in Class Drawing format -> subclass outline. Also added assembly notes and layer stackup information in Class Drawing format(outline, title block). When i try to generate the .art file, only the NC drill is transferring in artwo
Hi guys This Siddharth I am new one user of cadence allegro 16.3, when I am going to create new package it is not showing any pad in default pad stack to use for symbol pins and when I am going to add new pad in package creation also no one pad showing in pad stack Box after browsing . plz tell the reason.
how to create separate constraint region for bga or qfn in allegro.... Take a look at rooms and room rules how to place multiple pins at a time in altium 10.0 like in cadence with pin array option. Paste special may do what you are looking for Is there any option
I have two important answear: 1. Orcad PCB editor or Cadence allegro have a union functionality how Altium Altium Designer you can place and route a part of the circuit and than I can do a union of this section of the circuit and than move it in the board how a single component. 2. There is a tutorial for Cadence PCB Editor or Alle
hye Everyone, im designing PCB with hundred of components.. some of the components just repeated placement arrange. mean some component have the same arrangement, so i used the "placement edit". the problem is, when i used it, the reference designator was spread all over the board not like usual it will be place near to the component, (...)
hi, i have one skill program but i don't know how to load in allegro 16.3. where i want place that skill like that skill.please give your suggestion
Hello friends, I wanted to know what is the script to start SPB on linux (RHEL 4) or there is any straight way to start allegro PCB Editor
Hello,it's the first time i'm designing a pcb and i have some questions.I've almost finished my design in allegro but there were some mistakes in the schematic from capture.For instance,i want to assign a different footprint on a potentiometer i am using and to supply it from a different power net than before,how can i make these changes without ma
Hello, San someone give me an explenation about the layers in PCB editting, include Assembly, Body Center ,Chip Data, Dfa Bound, Dimension Display, Manufactor, Mfg Pkg, Modules, Pad stack, Pastemask, place Bound, Silkscreen and Solder Mask thanks very much!
I might be wrong but, maybe those ACS current sensors from allegro micro might do it. They have 80 Khz bandwidth and they are available from 5 upto 200 Ampere's. (do place an rc filter after the ACS to equalize the reading) Goodluck.
Hi mate,.. I have generated the netlist for allegro (5 schematic pages ) using orcad capture. that is, having three dat files.. As a next step, i am tried to import the netlist into allegro PCB editor. It just showing the blank page after importing also. The path i used is file--> import --> logic --> cadence --> import cadence.
from setup --> cross section ,you can edit layer stack up .. (I am using allegro 15.7 )
Hi Plz any body help as I know how to ganerate Pick and place File in allegro. Hi, You can always supply ODB++ file if your vendor supports. Else there are few reporting options which gives the placement details for the component. Check Tools\quick reports
Hi, I have imported third party netlist to allegro,also gave psmpath,padpath but no components are placed on board.........i can place components by manually but no nets devpath i gave the following attached file(that file i have created it instead of getting from third party),just check whether it is me with
I would like ot place the components using auto placement option. I'm using allegro 15.2V. I tried as per help document i can't. Please help me thanks for helping.
I'm using allegro 15.2V . I would like to place the components using auto placemnet option. please help me or provide the any web resource thanks for helping. Go to menu place-autoplace chose the different option
I have imported third party netlist to allegro but no components are placed in board,viewlog shows as netlist imported successful......even i gave padpath,psmpath also,i am not getting what wrong i have done............can place components manually but just components will be placed without net
i don't understand "polar" command. how to use it? i want place symbol as circle.
i try use autoplace but not work.
I would like to use it to place all components using auto placement option I'm using allegro 15.2V . I already used the manual placement option it takes long time . . . . . please provide the details of auto placement.
Hello folks, allegro keeps giving me an error message everytime i try to place Manually a symbol (6032 CAP)...the message says: ""E- (SPMHGE-82): Pin numbers do not match between symbol and component. Run dev_check on device file for more information."" I have saved the *.dra file and *.psm along with the *.pad in the working directing of
Could anyone guide me on how to use the quickplace and autoplace features while using allegro or OrCAD PCB Design? I have version 16.3 and I am having difficulties. I created a test PCB board 1700x1000 mills with a keepin distance of 100. When I use quickplace the program places all of the components on the (...)
Hello everyone, I use allegro SPB 16.2 and when I have open schematic in Capture and PCB in allegro PCB Designer, when I click on component in Capture it lights up in PCB Designer and zooms the screen so that only the selected component is visible in PCB. How Can I adjust it that it does not change the zoom in the PCB Designer but just hilight the
Hai All, i am using allegro 16.2v. My problem is when i trying to place the component manually in my board file i couldn't able to place the component . i got Error message like "program has encountered a problem and must exit. The database will be saves (if applicable). obtain the latest software update from cadence and if (...)
In OrCAD or Capture CIS for those components where You wish to do this You add a properties called ROOM. Eg PowerSupply. In allegro You create some room shapes for each group. Then do a quickplace where You set mark in "place by room" (Or something like that). When this is completed You are done.
you can directly put mounting holes into PCB you have to create the package of the mounting hole and save it into the library you are using. then from place menu you can put the mounting hole by selecting the place by part option( i dont exactly remember the option as it has been a while since i used allegro). but the process is similar (...)
There are few skill utilities that can generate PnP file from allegro. You can check Source Link. There is also a skill file that out puts asci format all your board data which can be read into various soft wares kind of Gencad file. Regards, M
Dear all, how to put mechanical symbols (.bsm) in allegro without making instance in schematic capture? Thanks.
Hi all, how could I part a BRD file so that two or more designers cab work simultaneously on it and later they could be merged. one option that i follow is copy sub drawing I know allegro has an option of partitioning but dont know how to do it. Some one please help!!. Regards, Ricky
Hi all, I have a doubt regarding IBIS model assignment in allegro 15.7, In the setup advisor section, under SI model assignment , How can we assign a new model to our IC ex processor? Are we suppose to keep it in a predefined place as is the case for PCB symbol.. Suppose we purchase an IC for our design , so where we should place
Hi all, Is there any script or option to place components through xy location file as same as allegro. Regards, Monolisa.
No, Altium Designer does not support single layer autorouting with jumpers. You would have to set up the routing rules for a two sided board, with routing cost adjusted to favor one side. You would then have to manually place jumpers. Likewise, allegro does not support single sided boards with Specctra autorouting. You would have to do the sa