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I have 1 file .brd (pcb in allegro), my laptop was installed allegro 16.6 and altium 10, I tried to import this one .brd to altium by import function on altium, got successfully and I had a .pcbdoc in altium but still have some problems. Have many nets still haven't been routed, many pads (...)
Hello, I want to translate schematic and pcb library from an allegro designed board to altium cause I need to use most of the components of this board and I don't want to redesign schematic symbols and footprints. Is there a way to do that? I interesting for Xilinx Kintex 7 board kc705. Here are the files
I have a file *.brd created with allegro 15.x and I need to import it in altium Designer 6.8 but the CAD can't do it. May sameone give me some suggestion how I can import this PCB files? Thanks Dan
Hi, Do anybody knows/or haveing convertor for allegro board file to altium file. Thanks in advance Manjeet altium ( Summer 09) CAN import allegro files (.brd), but you must have both of them installed on computer.
Hello everyone, For the PCB design of my project, I received the attached allegro (.brd) file from the company. I need to convert this file to altium Designer (.PcbDoc) or Protel (.pcb) file. I know the newer version of altium Designer has a import wizard to convert .brd file to .PcbDoc file, but altium Designer6 (...)
Hi, I am trying to create a PCB for a Intel Edison project similar to Intel's Arduino breakout board. Intel provides the allegro brd file for that PCB, but unfortunately I do not have access to allegro, only altium. If someone with access to allegro would be kind enough to convert this file to altium, or (...)
Hi, I am trying to create a PCB for a Intel Edison project similar to Intel's Arduino breakout board. Intel provides the allegro brd file for that PCB, but unfortunately I do not have access to allegro, only altium. If someone with access to allegro would be kind enough to convert this file to altium, or (...)
There's no way to import allegro files into DXP2004; however, altium did add the capability to later versions of AD6. I can do the import for you as a favor if you want. Just zip or rar the file, and PM it to me. I'll send you back a version you can open in DXP2004.
Hi all, Please tell me some ways to convert eagle board file to altium designer. What are the eagle export options available .altium can import PADS,allegro,CadStar..n Orcad.Please let me knw whether eagle can export to any of this format. Mobin Mohandas
I want to import a .brd file from a Cypress development board in to altium. Let me sum up the things I tried. I have allegro PCB designer installed I tried this: I tried this: Bu
Import the allegro design to altium and convert it to PADS Design. It works fine since I have done a project like that.
pls. use extracta.exe from allegro and then input to translator and output to ascii format.
I have to translate some PCB-s from allegro to PowerPCB and some schematics from OrCAD to ePD ( Viewlogic). Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks!
H Is it possible to export a pcb from allegro to P*otel ? does anyone know how to do that ? Only with PCB from RSI
No, you cannot convert ConceptHDL schematics to Orcad schematics. You also cannot convert allegro PCB files to Orcad layout. Cadence allegro and Concept don't convert to any other EDA format. If allegro PCB files are saved in a special ASCII format, they can be partially imported by RSI CAMCAD. However, nothing will import ConceptHDL (...)
Is there any way to get an Eagle design converted to altium Designer? Even if I will have to go via another program that will be acceptable.
i love altium DXP. i have faithfully used it for a long time now. but all the libraries for the parts i WANT to use are in eagle!! does anyone know of a utility to convert eagle to altium protel format? that would be a nice xmas present!! i can import Orcad... how about an eagle to orcad? i need dsPIC library!! (yes i am joi
Any converter tool available for pads to altium conversion..
Hi, please give theguidelines to conversion file from allegro to mentor expedition
Hello All Can anybody knows how to export components from allegro to PCAD. I know there is way to export components from PCAD to allegro but i want to know how we can get components from allegro to PCAD. Thanks in advance.
hi, in allegro brd file we need to annotate in this manner logic---auto rename refdes---rename now one rename file is generated you need to rename this file with extension as swp then go to orcad tools---backannotate likewise try this..let me know any doubt ..
Hi, Does anyone know if it is possible to convert gEDA schematics to altium Designer? Thanks in advance, Farhad
Hi, What is the correct procedure to transfer routed PCB format from Specctra to altium? I tried in Specctra save routed file into ? .RTE? format, then import into altium, but the problem is, after imported, in altium only showing routed nets, Top and bottom overlay all missing, anyone can help ? Thanks.
dear roommates i've designed some wilkinson power divider in microwave office and exported the layout to altium designer 2009 im going to manipulate the layout in altium designer to fit the layout for special PCB.ok? so i'm going to convert the rectangular filled area to curved filled area.but as we khnow in wilkinson power divider the lenghth o
Hi, I used the following steps to export the CST structure to altium. 1. CST export DXF file 2. use CAD open DXF and save as DXF 2000 version (only 2000&2004 version work) 3. use altium import DXF and generate the gerber files The elements have ring shape. But the problem is that the exported DXF and gerber files only have the boundary
Hello, I'm trying to convert old Cadstar designs to altium 10. The board was designed in Cadstar 7...I have Cadstar 8. I am not familiar with Cadstar. I have the process from altium to do the conversion, but the Cadstar designs seem to be broken. The components are not pathed out to any library. Not Cadstar 8. I understand there are LIBlists and L
How to convert .BRD file of allegro to .max file in ORCAD Layout .currently I am using ORCAD 10.5
It says in the documentation that I can use windows clipboard to paste images but they won't show up in altium's clipboard for some reason.
Dear All, I've designed some antennas in CST and HFSS software but I'm going to add some components to them. I exported Gerber files in CST from them. Now, I'm going to Import it into altium Designer and add some components or modify the PCB layout. I tried several times but I couldn't. Would you please let me know how can I import and modify
Hello, I got from a customer a pcb123 file, I'll like to convert this file to altium pcbdoc file. How can I do that? Thanks, Snir
I have a design with extension of (.DSN)designed by Orcad and I already converted it to altium but when i imported schematic in PCB layout some when i want to solve this error i found that each component caused this error has 2 footprint in the schematic and one of the tow it
Hi everyone!!! For my project i need to interconnect FMC module(FMCOMMS1-EBZ) to altium nanoboard NB3000. There is no FMC connector placed in NB3000. Would someone please tell me if there is anyway to connect them?? Thanks Ash
hi i just want to know what is the success rate, if i convert a pcb from pads to altium. has anyone done it before. Thanks, Kathiresan
What is the procedure to export an interdigital filter that was designed with microwave office to altium including the vias? There are similar topics in the forum but not for interdigital filters that include vias. Sorry I am new to this ( both altium and microwave office) and a more detailed explanation would be appreciated.
Hi All, I converted a orcad capture(.DSN) schematic file to altium designer schematic. During conversion properities attached to schematic symbol getting removed. Pls let me know what is the exact procedure for conversion. Thanks, shabby.
hi, i am trying to export my antenna design from hfss to altium by converting it into dxf file but when i opened it into altium got error msg i asked someone for doing this and he chnged it into gerber file but when i import that file my design was fully changed i have attached both figures in hfss and altium, it is so comlicated design (...)
Hi, If you have allegro installed in your system there is no need to convert it to ascii files.
I have successfully imported an allegro .brd file into altium using the Import Wizard. Unfortunately the .brd file has a very large number of constraints - none of which have been imported into the altium Rules. Does anybody know a way to import these ? Thanks.
Hi group, I want to convert an allegro brd file to pads layout file, can any one guide me through this ? I am able to convert pads file to allegro file to pads file. Waiting for your response!! Thanks and regards Niraj
Look at this thread on the forum - this question has been asked before: The short answer is no. You can use a tool like CAMCAD provided you can get the BRD file into the five ASCII files required by CAMCAD. You can hire a company that specializes in file conversions. Or you can export an ODB++ or G
Hi Friends, If any one wants library footprints in allegro ,PADS and altium you can ask me for a deal or Quote. I(chakravarthy ,having 9 yrs exp) am doing boards using above mentioned tools for the best price from single layer to Multiple layer . you can send your quotes or files to this email Moto: to help
Johnson, I believe that allegro can load foriegn netlists. It has been quite awhile since I have done this and I currently do not have allegro in front of me. You might want to research the process of what types of other netlists allegro can pull in, then see if altium has same format. Or, you could: 1. package design (...)
I have worked with a PCB maker company for many years.during these years I have sent my files with Protel99 format (PCB files not Gerber files) without any problems. lately I have begun to use allegro PCB design for drawing my PCBs, but my PCB maker company told me "you should send your files in protel99 format". please tell me, what's the best
hello, I'm new to altium - currently using allegro and every now and then pads. I'm trying to create a fab drawing for a new pcb. I'd like to know how to I first add a layer to be the fab drawing on artwork. Thank you,
Hi All, I'm trying to convert a TI OMAP .brd file into a format that I can get into altium. altium does the import, but it can only operate on BINARY .brd files if a registered version of allegro is installed. If you don't have allegro installed, it can still do it, but it needs the ASCII export version, a .alg file. (...)
allegro is the tool for schematic??????!!!!!!!?????? in fact concept is schematic tool for allegro,and you can tan it to orcad dsn with e-studio( ). so....prorel can covert orcad.........
Is it possible to export a routed PCB from P*otel to allegro to do further analysis(EMC, EMI, Signal Integrity, Power Integrity, ...)? No - the component and pcb file structure in @llegro is entirely different from Protel. There is no converter available that will allow you to go back and forth between the two software packages.
If I use a reference PCB, with some parts of circuit pre-routed. And start to produce the schematic from scratching (in Orcad), is it possible to get all ref designators from my pcb file (allegro brd, in this case) ? If not, how could I reuse the critical parts of this layout in my design ? Thanks a lot for helping. Best regards
Cadence allegro v13.6+ Mentor Boardstation v8.7+ Mentor PADS-PowerPCB v3.5+ hello is there anyways to convert a pattern designed in one of the above programs to be opened and edited by p-cad pattern editor ?