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I have a file *.brd created with allegro 15.x and I need to import it in altium Designer 6.8 but the CAD can't do it. May sameone give me some suggestion how I can import this PCB files? Thanks Dan
Hi, Do anybody knows/or haveing convertor for allegro board file to altium file. Thanks in advance Manjeet altium ( Summer 09) CAN import allegro files (.brd), but you must have both of them installed on computer.
Hi all, Please tell me some ways to convert eagle board file to altium designer. What are the eagle export options available .altium can import PADS,allegro,CadStar..n Orcad.Please let me knw whether eagle can export to any of this format. Mobin Mohandas
Hello everyone, For the PCB design of my project, I received the attached allegro (.brd) file from the company. I need to convert this file to altium Designer (.PcbDoc) or Protel (.pcb) file. I know the newer version of altium Designer has a import wizard to convert .brd file to .PcbDoc file, but altium Designer6 (...)
If allegro PCB currently installed, check if it can open the .brd file. please note that altium can only open ascii format of allegro. so it needs allegro installed and working properly to translate binary format to ascii first. BEST
Import the allegro design to altium and convert it to PADS Design. It works fine since I have done a project like that.
If you are moving to SPB 15.7, it had a feature of converting Orcad design to allegro Database. I am not sure which package you going for, Ic case you new package doesn't have the fature to import from Orcad, you'll have either buy 3rd party translator or adopt reverse engineer. Happy translation session. Good Luck
I wouldn't recommend Orcad. It will be discontinued over the next year or so. It isn't Orcad that is being discontinued. It's support for Orcad Layout. You are suppose to move to Orcad PCB designer, (simple version of Cadence allegro), to make PC boards.
Hi group, I want to convert an allegro brd file to pads layout file, can any one guide me through this ? I am able to convert pads file to allegro file to pads file. Waiting for your response!! Thanks and regards Niraj
Hello Frnds, Can we convert anyway Cadence allegro board file ( .brd) to Mentor Graphics PADS format (.pcb) ???? Thanks in advance. Byeeeeeeeee
There's no way to import allegro files into DXP2004; however, altium did add the capability to later versions of AD6. I can do the import for you as a favor if you want. Just zip or rar the file, and PM it to me. I'll send you back a version you can open in DXP2004.
Hi Friends, If any one wants library footprints in allegro ,PADS and altium you can ask me for a deal or Quote. I(chakravarthy ,having 9 yrs exp) am doing boards using above mentioned tools for the best price from single layer to Multiple layer . you can send your quotes or files to this email Moto: to help
it may not be able to do it, since Situs is a topological router. do you still have access to the allegro router (specctra). you can import and export specctra design files in altium.
Hi, I downloaded from xilinx site schematic and PCB of new Spartan6 board. The schematic were created with DxDesigner 2005.1 and the PCB were created with allegro 15.7. I tryed to use altium import wizard but it can't import allegro binary file. I tryed to import DxDesigner schematic too but altium don't recognize the (...)
Hi, Im PCB designer with 4+ exp, multi layer and high-speed designing and design verification. Expert in allegro, PADS, altium,EXPEDITION AND ECAM.Need PCB projects by the mentioned tools.Could u inform me ,if there is any?
Johnson, I believe that allegro can load foriegn netlists. It has been quite awhile since I have done this and I currently do not have allegro in front of me. You might want to research the process of what types of other netlists allegro can pull in, then see if altium has same format. Or, you could: 1. package design (...)
hi i don't know allegro. In altium, the differential pair length can be set by creating a rule. Whenever the rule is violated, it will throw a DRC error.
I have worked with a PCB maker company for many years.during these years I have sent my files with Protel99 format (PCB files not Gerber files) without any problems. lately I have begun to use allegro PCB design for drawing my PCBs, but my PCB maker company told me "you should send your files in protel99 format". please tell me, what's the best
Hi, I would like to ask a question on Cadence file export. 62405 I am using Cadence SPB 15.7, and has an allegro file whose extension is .brd. I would like to export the file to Altum Designer files, so I tried File->Export. However, there seems to exist very few options
Hi, Pls anyone help me to convert allegro .brd board file into .alg ascii file format. Please send the procedure to translate this format. Regards Mohana
hello, I'm new to altium - currently using allegro and every now and then pads. I'm trying to create a fab drawing for a new pcb. I'd like to know how to I first add a layer to be the fab drawing on artwork. Thank you,
allegro to PADS conversion-file-->import-->pads-->cad translator-->pads PADS to allegro conversion-it is need third part tool like altium (if you have first import the allegro file and then export in pads layout )
Hi, If you have allegro installed in your system there is no need to convert it to ascii files.
there is one for allegro too. i dont know the original web address, but i have a free-software package on my website, it contains that what you want. download it here: its 140MB. the prog you need is 2MB.
i need some advice for choice a best PCB design in high frequency analog and high speed digital system? Which best between altium or allegro?
I've designed 9.5gHz boards using altium Designer. I've also designed 20 layer boards with it. In my opinion, the layout tool one of the easiest and most versitile on the market. As a medium priced EDA suite, it has shortcomings. The simulator is not sophisticated enough to do high frequency design. You need to use a third party tool such as
No, altium Designer does not support single layer autorouting with jumpers. You would have to set up the routing rules for a two sided board, with routing cost adjusted to favor one side. You would then have to manually place jumpers. Likewise, allegro does not support single sided boards with Specctra autorouting. You would have to do the sa
Orcad layout is being discontinued. allegro will be used by Cadence.
hi. how much time does it take for you guys, to design different PCBs, with different Layout tools? For example for me, with altium Designer: -x86 motherboard with 2 BGAs, 1100 components, 8-layers, high-speed DDR-400MHz-DIMM... took 2-3 months. -ARM9 board with 400 components, 4-layers, SDRAM-80MHz... took 3-4 weeks. Now, I am che
- What minimum system it needs? - It seems that altium's financial strategy is targeted to low level PCB design. Support for high speed/dense designs needs a great change in software. - The FPGA support was not good, they used dedicated interface. Instead we expect same support with standard jtag interface. Another problem was leak of USB program
Hi, What are differences between OrCAD and allegro? Which is the better? Regards.
Cadence says in their CADSTAR 10 brochure: PCB, Library and Schematic Translators CADSTAR accepts designs and libraries from Cadence, allegro and Orcad, Mentor Graphics PADS, altium Protel and P-CAD.
Hi, Can I create modules in schematic so that the components in particular modules are transfrered to the PCB as the same module?(Such as done in allegro). Thanks & Regards, Ricky
Hi all, does altium has the option of board partitioning (as it is in allegro) so that multiple designers can work on same pcb simultaneuosly. I am using altium 6.9. T & R Ricky
can I make drill table in altium automatically as it is done in allegro. One way i know is to do it manually but in that case when ever there is a change we have to do it manually but i want it to be changed automatically. Thanks in advance, Ricky
If you are learning go ahead but for career growth Learn PADS or allegro or altium. All the best!!
Hi PCB newbie`s, To become a professional in PCB one should have Good knowledge on the following points : 1.Drawing Schematics in different tools/pkgs (altium,PADS, allegro,..etc) 2.Understanding the errors and procedure of rectifications 3.Board Details understanding 4.Datasheet understanding for footprint creation 5.Footprint Cr
hi how do you guys control net segment lengths for compley net topologies in altium designer? What i found is that it supports only total etch length control, and that is it. The cadence allegro supports segment length nicely. the most advanced way in allegro is to select a net, export it to the signal explorer topology viewer, set up (...)
How do i set tracewidth and airgap different in BGA area from other area.I wanted the trace width to be automatically changed when i enter in that area. Please help somebody help me. In allegro we keep one constraint area and define the constrains for that particular there anything like that in altium also?
hi in the past few years, there was a lot of development in altium designer, but somehow they never implemented a constraint manager like the cadence allegro's constraints manager. once i asked altium tech support, and they just didnt understand what i was talking about. without this feature, it is impossible to design for example a (...)
hi all mecha layers off. actually i have turned the directx off, then finally it disappeared. this might have a negative effect on graphics performance. i had similar problems on the same computer with cadence allegro, i had to turn opengl off.
Hi guys- I have a qfn part with a heat tab in the center and I know how to make a special pastemask in Cadence allegro. I need to figure out how to make a special pastemask in altium for this center pad. It is 4.8mm square and I would like to divide the pastemask into 4 seperate squares within the area of the pad. I have yet to find in the docum
For some simpler circuits, as 1--2 layers, I think you need the simpler SW too :-)_ not more & if its free= better... I think the reality, that you knows a system is the most value(with a good library of course); I would not change my system if it works good for my boards/projects & is reliable as SW! Otherwise, if you see some complexer projects
i m using altium . so from altium i hav expoted Orcad/PCB2 netlist from schematic. i changed the netlist as per allegro package. but couldnt load the netlist. what should i do?
I'm new to PCB designing softwares and yet to have my hands on one. Through internet, I have made a comparison between four different designing softwares.I need someone to verify the comparison.
can anyone tell me how to change my silk font type to like in this picture? the zero is very special in this pcb. i can use protel or allegro or orcad or pads.
I need to create Altera Arria II GX 780pin footprint and schematic symbols for altium Designer. I have found the below Mentor and Cadence libraries but I'm unable to import with altium Designer (Summer 09). I'm using the Import Wizard but none of the files can be recognized. Any help is appreciated since i would not like to create libraries for
hi i have more than 10years of experience in pcb designing using PCAD , altiumDesinger6 & allegro. iF you are interested please send PM and instructions. SA
hi, is it possible to put area constraint in altium like allegro? if u know that means please tell me..
hi if you are using orcad tool then it is good to use. As far as my experience i have found Cadence tools are most powerful than any other pcb design software. but takes some time to learn tools. Pcad is an easy software to learn but it is has not much powerful tools like in allegro. For ex: consraint, length matching, die making, saving compo