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Hi, are there RTL8019 library for altium designer? please give me a link for that stuff thanks, regards
Here is the official word from altium, the work that was going into SP3 will be integrated into Protel 2004 which will be a new product. ---------------------------- Hi everyone, We would like to notify you about a recent altium announcement and take some time to explain the impact of this on the current DXP product range, in (...)
The Nanoboard is a hardware test platform that lets you download your program into hardware, run it, and debug it. You don't need the nanoboard for FPGA design, but you won't be able to verify the design. Read the paper at:
altium 2004 can import it... Maybe I figure out how to export to PDF (o;
Every license holder of Protel DXP is ENTITLED to a FREE upgrade to Protel DXP2004. All you have to do is call the altium sales offfice nearest to you and quote your Customer number and license code and they will arrange the upgrade CD to be sent to you and a new license file. DXP2004 is a different product to DXP and has a completely (...)
It is also included on your instalation CD :?
Hey i am not sure if this can help you : regards repzak
Go to the this page: or download directly. Also, you can add your libraries from proteldxp to protel2004 by importing them into protel2004.
Training manual used in the 3-day Protel 2004 training course. Day 1 - environment, editors and projects Day 2 - design capture Day 3 - PCB design
Hi to all altium released service pack 3 for Protel DXP 2004, and changed its name to "altium Designer", Protel is just one of the licensing options.
The parallel port driver is only needed when you have altium's Nano Board system installed. You don't need it for any other function. As to why you are getting the error - there are several possibilities. If you had a previous version installed, and the driver is still on the system, it may be read-only. The installer may not be able to insta
Hi, I have got a problem with the SP pack of altium (altium designer). I realised a project under DXP 2004 SP1 and, I had importer several 3d models to do a graphik representation of my pcb. But, with the SP3, the 3d library don't exist any more. I don't know how to import again my 3d models. Someone has an explication ? Thanks
Hai all, I am using altium designer Protel 2004 for PCB design. I want to place the test points for all the nets. I found that there is some rules for test points in the DRC window. There i can able to give the testpoint size and other rules. But the problem is when i try to place the test points i couldn't able to place the test points.
i've known that protel dxp 2004 can be used for simulating microcontroller like 8051 with assembly or C coding. But i don't know how to relate the microcontroller (philips 8051N) and assembler file written in dxp 2004. I tried to learn from examples projects like LCD_Keypad but TSK51 OCD microprocessor of altium doesn't seem (...)
nanoboard is basically a product of altium and the basic idea is that it is a nano-level breadboard. just as you use breadboards for prototyping, the nanoboard allows you to prototype nano-level circuits. it comes loaded with alot of goodies and there are a number of plug-in modules available for it which gives you the freedom to target a big range
i also have the altium livedesign evaluation kit. when i bought it, it came with the altium DXP SP2 and it had an XC3S400 FPGA. but now the evaluation kit comes with altium designer 6.0 and an XC3S1000. in altium DXP you have the option to use the DXP synthesizer or the XST synthesizer (the one that is in Xilinx ISE). and (...)
why dont you want to use altium designer 6????
You cannot load an Orcad netlist into DXP2004. You first must convert the Orcad netlist into Protel or Tango format. You can do this either manually in a text editor, or by use of a software tool such as RSI Omninet. Once you have the netlist in Protel format, you use the method described in:
If you have a legal license, SP4 is a free download from . The file is about 183mb. You can also get the file on a CD from your local distributor. You have to log in when you download the service pack from the web site. You use YOUR user ID and YOUR password which you get from YOUR distributor. SP4 is not just for vendors, b
In altium designer: Tools---Preferences---Pcb Editor --- Display---Highlighting Options--- Apply Mask During interactive editing.
The demo version of altium Designer is too big to download. There is no legal place to download the demo on the web. altium will send you a demo on disks and a 30 day license if you contact one of their sales offices. You can get the contact information on the altium website. The current version of altium Designer is (...)
Either you have a very old version of DXP2004, or you have somehow altered your menu. In DXP2004 with SP4, 'Net Classes' is in the 'Place>Directives' menu just below 'PCB Layout'. If you have a version of DXP2004 older than SP4, you should update it - the service packs are free. If you have SP4 installed, then your menu structure has (...)
I recently upgraded to altium designer 6.5, comparing to DXP 2004, It Rocks! How can I the select entire bus(not just from one node to another node by clicking on it) in schematic? I couldn't find a way, should I use query language, what command then I should use? Thanks!
Hi, May I know how to draw a rectangular hole in altium Protel 2004? I cant find any useful, related information from its help at all. I tried to create a lot of pads in the PCB library but it just doesnt seem nice when trying to import to the PCB design. Thanks in advance. Regards, Eric
How to draw a single pad in altium DXP 2004 schematic? I mean to put a symbol in the DXP schematic then it transfer to a pad in the pcb automatically when updated. Thanks
I want to open .BRD file with altium designer 2004 doeas altium have any importer for such files? if no how ca i add to it?
Dear All, I was Draw Schematic in OrCAD 16.0 & imported to Altim 2004 (protel) & generated A NetlistBut How I am load netlist in PCB of altium please help me.
how to import the cadence 16.0 (scematic, Netlist, pcb file) to Protel( altium 2004) pcb file. please help
hi i want to print pdf of the pcb in altium summer 2009.. the problem here is holes in this pdf are of gray color .. i want it to be white .. in dxp 2004 there is a layer called "pad hole layer" so i used to change the color of this layer to white .. & it was working fine .. but in altium summer 2009 there is no layer called pad hole leyer (...)
Hi. I have following problem: I desing circuit and layout in MWO 2006, but i must design PCB file. How to transfer layout to altium 2004? Thx in advance, Dejan
Hi all, I hope someone can help me out with this question. I have a friend who is using Protel 2004 DXP. I am thinking of getting altium Designer 9 or 10. My question is: does anyone know if we would be able to exchange schematics and PCB layouts? I understand both programs are from the same company.
Dear all, Do anyone know where I can buy legal altium dxp 2004 (it is better if it has SP 4)? I've contacted altium representative in my country, they said that they don't sell it anymore. Please let me know if anyone know / sell this software. Thank you.
hi Khan740 Protel , altium Designer , ECAD ,... is some windows software than we use that for desing pcb (print circuit board) for our project and system altium Designer and Protel 99 is same , Protel 99 product in 1990-2000 . in 2004 altium INC development that by Protel 2004 in 2006 we see (...)
Hi, I used the following steps to export the CST structure to altium. 1. CST export DXF file 2. use CAD open DXF and save as DXF 2000 version (only 2000&2004 version work) 3. use altium import DXF and generate the gerber files The elements have ring shape. But the problem is that the exported DXF and gerber files only have the (...)
Hello Praya, i guess several manufacturer lib's (e.g. Molex) have typical jack types. They should be under these libraries. Maybe this link can help you. Cheers
Hi Anybody can say me how to enble Project Options in Project menu of altium DXP 2004 Schematic thanks Hiren
Hi, I am newbie of altium and wondering if somebody can help me with this footprint. I am unsure how altium will react when you have pads on two layers but no through plated hole. If I define each pad as different pad, will it create a proper pad layout. I am looking for Samtec ASP-111174-01 , Shielded Edge connector. I have attached a datashee
This is a script to place a component from library to SCH document: {..............................................................................} { Summary Demo how to place a component } { Copyright (c) 2004 by altium Limited } {.................
Hi gari Go to this link change xx to tt In this link you find libraries for all P#ro*tel versions. Enjoy. jackrs 8)
You mean you want to load an external netlist into 2004? Its done through the ECO box now, which sucks. See Then have a look at some other tool which does not need a degree in cryptology and programming to figure out how to work it :lol: :D :R
is the only thing available from Xilinx, it is a pin list You can get a library from Protel web site The altium Library can be browsed online also. Any reason why you cannot use the Spartan-3 library that came on y
If some of the additional features requested by Protels users are made by Protel then it would not suprise me if they changed the database format again, I do not see how they can do this without changing database structure. so soon DXP2004 SP1 libraries might not be same as DX
Keep in mind that Pr0tel 99SE has been End-of-Life'd by altium. In fact, no more support for it at all, no email, phone, nada. They want everyone to move to DXP 2004. Heh, I still use 99SE. 2004 is a little too expensive, and really requires a honking powerful system. I'm looking at Puls0nix as a possible replacement, but I'm still (...)
see ynhe
You can join teh altium run PCAD forum at: We also have a user run PCAD group at: Lukas
Try moving the reference point for your Autocad drawing. Protel expects all of the drawing to be in the positive quadrant. Move your reference point down and to the left so the whole drawing has positive coordinates. Also try exploding your Autocad drawing before import. This was fixed in later versions of Protel / altium Designer.
I spent some time trying to work out this error and came to the conclusion that it was a problem with DXP 2004 - "and the source of access violation during import of some ibis files has been resolved" this is from altium 6 erata
Hi, Look at the altium web site you will found: Protel Training Manual Protel 2004 Training Manual (ZIP 7.5 MB) Training manual used in the 3-day Protel 2004 training course. Day 1 - environment, editors and projects Day 2 - design capture Day 3 - PCB
Hi, Witch of these software are better to design a 2 layer PCB: 1) Cadance Layout Plus 10.0 or 2) altium DXP 2004