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Hello, I've been designing a pcb with an RF chip. There's a few polygon pours around the board and I want to place another one, a whole Ground, over the whole board to fill the rest gaps. I set the polygon's order to lowest, because it's over the rest polygons and everything looks good. Gaps are now filled with the "ground polygon" The problem i
I am a Electrical engineer and have over 3 and half years of experience of professional pcb Designing.I gained wide exposure on all aspects of pcb layout expertise is on altium designer, Eagle,PADS,P-CAD and Allegro. I worked with many local and international clients and hands on experience of working on high speed (...)
Hello , how or better in what simulate and optimize RF pcb trackt on pcb? pcb is createt in altium designer. Why do I ask? I must create a low cost pcb (FR4 2layer ) with 50ohm track on power 75W. I'd like to see what will be where the impedance and loss. For example, around relays (...)
^- This indeed could be at least part of the problem, especially if you had some composite parts (such as separate inverter gates represented in the schematic) for a single HC04. Another issue could be related to copper pours/polygons that may have been assigned to a net and used to connect pins on the net, instead of distinct traces. Alot was cha
Hi, I am looking to convert an .brd file for use in altium for a student project. I tried using the method on the altium website but it did not work. The link for reference is posted below. Any help with this would be appreciated. Thank.
While giving netlist in altium designer 6.6, one pin of the IC remains not connected on pcb although it is connected to GND in schematic. I came to know about this error after troubleshooting n board itself. Even this error also not shown in DRC. Can anyone please explain how this type of errors can be corrected or reason for this error?
Hi all, Can someone explain the difference between electrical type of pins for components like passive, open collector etc? Generally which type should be used in which scenario? I was working with a schematic of a component with both AGND and DGND tied to one common ground. Is it ok to use electrical type as 'power' for both pins? or should I u
How what is done? Using altium? They've got plenty of tutorials on their website. Do you mean pcb design in general?
Hello, I am a professional pcb designer skilled in altium, CadSoft Eagle and KiCAD, looking for remote or in home jobs. Can anyone guide me on that? I can make multi-layer designs in any of the design softwares.
Hi, i have a problem when i open pcb file, ( see attached file), do i need to install driver or
I've tried to print it from gerber files, It seems as being more a problem on settings of the specific printer driver you're using than on altium itself. At least on the altium version I've used, the output size on printing matched to the real scale.
I am a new altium designer user, and I only have five days to finish a flyback power supply design project assigned by my advisor. Basically, it is a very fundamental and common scheme. But I didn't use this software before. Can anyone give me suggestions to facilitate my using of this software? I mean, five days later, can I make it true to genera
Hello together, i have problem with altium designer: The button "Favorite Interactive Routing Via Size" is missing??? Normally it should be under Preferences->pcb Editor->Interactive Routing But there is nothing, i´ve attached some picture how it should be and how it is. Thanks for your help guys Marcus 129406[/ATTAC
I'm using altium designer 16.0 I'm quite new to altium designer. First, I learned schematic and pcb design basics. Now I'm trying to simulate my electronics circuits I've been searching on the net to find out how to do simulation in altium designer. I found some (...)
I'm using altium Designe 16.0 I'm quite new to altium designer. First, I learned schematic and pcb design basics. Now I'm trying to simulate my electonics circuit that contains few integrated circuits I've been searching on the net to find out how to do simulation in altium designer. I (...)
'm using altium designer 16.0 I'm quite new to altium designer. First, I learned schematic and pcb design basics. Now I'm trying to simulate my electronics circuits which contains integrated circuits I've been searching on the net to find out how to do simulation in altium (...)
Hello, I'm using the altium designer 16 and i making a small board. I have done with routing and i trying to check it through eurocircuits online pcb checker. But unfortunately i found that some annular rings have different size from others. Althrough, all vias are the same, same diameter and same hole size! What may it could be? I (...)
Hi I would like to make a groove on pcb, which cannot cut through the pcb, instead it should have a small depth which can be user defined. So which layer in altium designer shall I draw the groove on? and how to define its depth and width? Thanks
hello friends, I do pcb desiging in altium designer.Now i am looking for freelance pcb designing works.But i dont know how to get online jobs.Please help me by giving advices to how to get online freelance pcb design jobs, and please suggest me some good online freelance job giving sites.. Thank you....
i think altium is easy to start with since alot of online resources (in youtube) available. I chooses correct path or not? If i am not means give me some option? Please friends help me to start my new carrier Thanks in advance K.Bhoobalan looks like you have alot of interest in pcb design. but i be
Hello , I Know if It can import the netlist from Orcad to modify the circuit Printed Already Made altium ? I file orgine made ​​orcad capure . While the pcb was made ​​of altium . I would like to know if there is a way to make changes in orcad and import altium pcb ( Layout ) (...)
hi dear,i know that AI is very important today. when i uses altium designer and select Auto route and rules are strict it don't work perfectly and i had to use manual route???? why AI is not in altium designer that can be very powerful in routing! it is impossible????8-O thanks for reply.
Hello, In altium designer 15.1 there is a new field "Type" when create a new blank component sheet. Do you knon which is the use of this field and if for example the "mechanical" choice is for components like relays?
I'm going crazy here. I was given a pcb design to fix for a client. I opened it up and Something is screwy and I can't fix it... Problem 1) When looking at the long layer names (Right click on a layer tab -> select "use long layer names"), the yellow layer reads "Silkscreen Bottom". After Right clicking and selecting "use medium layer names"
Does any one know if there is a feature in altium designer 15 or can someone recommend filter "line" to easily detect the following case: * High Speed track as microstrip that has a segment that run over discontinuity in reference plane (example running over a gap on the split plane reference or large polygon voids created by some high voltage t
Hello Guys! I want to export my pcb design from CST to altium designer. Anyone could suggest me a way how to do that details. I tried .Dwf file in my case nothing appears on board layer. same for .stp file. Your urgent responce is highly appreciated. Regards, Rizwan
In schematics I have two Current transformer see pic. In real and on pcb ic current transformát small toroid with wire windings Significantly, toroids is one second and primary wire is inserted through them. On PCM is only two pad. I make two foot print for T1 ant T2 with shifted pad for secondary winding. the primary problem is how best to en
hi i have used a few packages and found errors to be the most annoying thing about EDA and pcb software i have used orcad and allegro suite and altium designer and mentor graphics expedition and i was wondering out of some of the software i just mentioned anyone else known to be prone error messages all the time as i am thinking about (...)
Hi I am doing project in altium designer 10 ,where I supposed to make seperate pcbs from single circuit , I have made the circuit on multiple schematic sheets and connected the components by "OFFPAGE" connectors. Now I want to make pcbs where sections of circuit will be on different pcbs physically,How (...)
I am currently working to develop pcb for my circular array of dielectric resonator antenna which i have simulated in HFSS. I have been reviewing previos posts of this forum and also from internet for post few days. But i am not satisfied bcz material on antenna pcb is very rare. I am using altium designer for this Purpose. (...)
Protel 99 SE uses the design database/ DDB to store design files. There is an option in altium designer file >>import... ddb file.
to do?
Hello nation , I'm currently doing my summer practice and my advisor wanted me to build a flexible flat connector to serve as board to board wiring . He wanted me to use altium which I had no idea about . I found some Molex FFC connectors and libraries of them which include 3D model also , but I have no idea about how to actually design it in Altiu
I can open the files without a problem in altium designer v. 15.1.9. However, exports to Eagle or DesignSpark are unavailable.
Hi, I've installed altium designer 14.2.4 on windows server 2008 r2 and it works good but when I want to create new pcb file, it crashes and give a "Information" title box that says "Please wait a moment" forever and also give "access violation error" for Core3D.dll . do you know what is the problem? please help me to solve the problem Thanks
i am new in RF design.I want to know what is the meaning of Pads around a whole in altium designer. Secondly I want to know how to find what SMA connector i should use to mount a radius=0.49 mm co-axial cable with outer shell radius=2.3 mm.And how to make my own blue print for SMA in altium using drawing. I tried to understand the drawing (...)
I guess you are asking about operation of a specific pcb tool, but you forgot to mention it. Is it altium designer?
i am looking to design a pcb antenna using altium designer. But i could not figure out how to design an arbitrary shape such as circle in altium. Any suggestions?
Hi all, i was designing footprint in altium designer, but i dont know suddenly a big square appears in the page! i attached a picture from it, how can i hidden it? thanks
Hello, I've a problem with altium designer during pcb design. I've finished to design a 4-layer board and I find 2 mistakes. See the below In the top-left red circle there's a lack of soldermas
Dear sirs, I would like to collect from you some opinions regarding pcb layout programs. In my work I used for years altium designer SE08 and previously I used Orcad Layout and a limited version of Eagle as a hobbyist. I would like to learn to use a free pcb layout cad (I'm in love with altium but I (...)
Hello, I have one project in which I have two schematics and two pcbs (shown in the attached picture) and I want to update the "Mini Christmas Tree v1.0.pcbDoc" pcb only with the components of the "Mini Christmas Tree v1.0.SchDoc" schematic and to update the "Base.pcbDoc" pcb only with the components of the (...)
Hiii friends, Have anyone face the problem of altium designer hanging?From yesterday my altium designer started hanging continuously and I closed it. Today morning everything was fine,but after 2hrs of work it started again. :thumbsdown: The problem is I can do zoom in, zoom out etc...,but when I do routing, deleting, (...)
Hi, I am looking for a job on project basis of pcb designing,I have experience of designing in altium designer,PCAD and Eagle of about two years. I do have a team of professional pcb Design Engineers with vast experience.We provide best services in much less cost. Please do let me know if anyone have project related to (...)
I am beginner in the altium, and need guidance on how to proceed with the schematic and pcb layout mainly. The board will keep all the components welded on one side only. The other side will need to be free to be engaged in an LCD. I have many doubts, did just a basic course to know and use the basic tools available in altium. It will be (...)
Anyone know how to make a half pad in altium designer? If exist one easy way, pls tell me. I will be glad!:grin:
For simple 2-layers pcbs Proteus is a best tool that can let you trace and prepare for production in 2-3 hours. If you want to work with differential pairs, parallel busses you better use altium designer. But it need very powerfull PC also.
Hi, I need a pcb designer for one of my project. The design should be on altium. I can provide you with the Schematic dwg and the part #s of ICs. One important thing, the Arduino Due Board will be placed on pcb board, so the Arduino Due Pins will be printed on the board. If anybody is interested, please let me know. Thanks
Hi, all I am new for circuit design. now I have some questions for it: 1. I want to design a four-layer board, and I am confused how can I place the ground line, ground plane or others? 2. No error when I compile the schematic, but it shows error when I add ground net? 3. when I draw the schematic, I just place a power ground on it. Whether I c
hiii friends, I need to know how to edit drill table in altium designer? I want to change symbol shape. Is it possible? thanks in advance.