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the only way no assign a net name in altium is to place a net label. But you would have to do this for every net. You could generate a netlist in text format from your schematics and then use a text editor to globally change the names.
altium has options to let higher level net names take priority, let power port names take priority. It does not, unfortunately let you decide in what order these options take effect. Some Aussie programmer just went off and assumed on your behalf that if both are checked that you MUST have wanted net >> (...)
sorry it's altium summer designer 09
How do I put a net tie on Layers 2 of my 4 layers board. This is how I have it: Signal GND VCC Signal I want to tie all the different grounds on the GND (Layer 2) at a certain point and altium is not letting me put my net Tie on Layer 2. How do I do this?
Hi all, I'm evaluating PADS 2005. I'm stuck in asimple problem. I want to change a net name in pads logic. For instance I connect a net bettewen 2 points and PADS automaticaly name it $$$xxxx. When I right click on the net and choose to remane, all the options are grayed. Even the check box "new (...)
Dear fellows, I am new to Cadence Allegro (ver. 15.5). I have a headache problem with it. I am designing a two layer board (top and bottom). I am trying to put a piece of metal area on the bottom (ground), and I want to connect it to my input ground. I know I have to assign a net name to it. However, I can't find a way to do it. Actually, I
Does anyone know how to dump all net name and trace length from allegro file? Thank you
Hello Is there a way to to change the net name of a via in PCB Editor 16.2? I am having a few via's who is assigned to a 2V5 net. I would like to assign them to GND. There doesn't seem to be an easy way to this. Is my only option to route a new via? Regards Kim
Hi , Is there any skill script to assign net name same as the label on it It will be a great help if some help me in this Thanks in advance Regards, Srikanth
while i am editing the properties of wire in schematics,it has shown the name of N835241,i want to add a net name for wire in the schematic instead of adding the net alias,
Hi, Do you know way to change net name in orcad design from external file: import net name from , for instance, excel spreadsheet? Thank you
Hi to all i am writing a verilogA model for a FET. In that., i have some calculation with the error function erf(A1) and 'A1' is some fraction with square root. i have mentioned 'A1' earlier and mentioned as follows.. A1 = sqrt(A_S1/`kT); erf(A1) The error was 'A1' (0) is neither a branch nor a net name. and i have
I'm new to Design Entry HDL and trying to convert my Orcad capture to schematic to HDL. First off all, I've to remove my off page connector from Orcad schematic and to give a net name to each net becuase HDL don't have off page connector. My question is there is a way to enable off page connector name on the (...)
Which software are you using? If allegro means just click copy icon go to option tab in that there is a option "Retain net of vias" select it and paste the vias where ever you required the same net will maintain. i am using altium in which after pressing 'ea' we get paste array in which there is an option to
What I have understand of ports in altium is that they are used for hierachicl connections to top sheet. If you do not want to use net label than you can to use off page connector(exact name I do not remember but it looks like "->>" and "<<-").
Hello, Please in a summer project ad i need help, the problem with altium is an ERROR that shows " Dulpicate net names Element " this appear when i used a BUS and the is a wire that come from this BUS, and the net name is A0 used in two différent sheet, please help me, thanks,
Hi all, I have created a Polygon Pour in altium Designer. The issue is that it pours over components' pads that are not connected to any net. I don't want this behaviour, but after searching and reading several docs/posts I haven't yet found the way of avoiding this. I know that electrically there is no problem, but I would like that the Pour avoi
Hello everyone, I would like to seek advice on the proper way to doing back annotation with altium Designer. What is the proper way to update a schematic from PCB with net name changes?
Sorry for the late reply, Assigning a unique net name for all the traces ultimately getting together is of course a logical way. If I connect two net names to each other, altium selects one of them as a common net name. The question is: How can I select it? Not (...)
Hi, In DC shell, if I know the name of the port/pin, how do I know the name of the net which connects to the port/pin? BR, jiang
In my design ,several nets have more than one name such as AGND & AGND_1234578,why? Thanks.
You can't print the net labels that are shown on the pads in altium Designer except by using screen capture as you have done for the picture you posted. You can get a PDF with links to the nets by using SmartPDF. It creates an index that will zoom the PDF display to the object when you click on the net (...)
Hi I was working on altium Designer V6.5 but I updated it to 6.8 and then I saw that when highlighting nets with the panel at top right of screen other nets aren't colored and it is difficult to recognize top or bottom layer tracks. because they are all gray scale ant not colored. but I am not in single layer mode or monochromes or gray (...)
Hi all, I am back annotationg Ref Des from PCB to Schematic but the problem is that by doing this net names doesnot change with ref des they remain as per old (which result ion DRC errors and i have to unroute all the there any procedure with which I can change the only ref des. Thanks in Advance, Ricky
Hello, I have a problem under altium. I linked the TOTO signal of a component to GND and now on my PCB, all my GND have been named TOTO....:cry: Thank you for your help, Alex
So I've got this LED i'm trying to use in a design for a 7 segment display. The LED has 2 anode and 2 cathode pins. Thus far I have found a way to get the two pins on the same net in altium (Summer 09). However, if I don't connect both pins in the layout I get a DRC. Is there a way to prevent this? I would like to be able to connect to eit
hello, I have a surface mount component (8-pin soic) in altium with a thermal pad in the middle, the thermal pad in the footprint has 4 thermal vias in it. I need to connect these to my ground plane, but I'm getting several errors, and it wont connect. I'm getting Clearance Constraint Errors from the via to the pad, and short circuit constrai
Say I have 3 nets: 5V, 5VA and 5VB. I want to route 5VA and 5VB separately, then join them in some point(s) to 5V. I've created a net class (CLASS5V) with all 3 nets so I can create a rule allowing CLASS5V to be short-circuited to the same class. That works great, I can route all 3 nets together and join them... but (...)
Thanks Keith, actually i dont want the nets to have the same name....the whole point is to have two nets of different names shorted together at a particular point......its called a net tie in altium or a start point in cadstar...... so its "snap length" which provides the "stop on (...)
Hi, I am going through the altium tutorial here on implementing an FPGA design (simple counter) in altium. I am having trouble with the "Wiring the Design" portion in that I cannot seem to connect U5 and U1 to the Q bus on U2, which drives some L
Thanks. I got it. but the problem is cntrl + click does not work in my PCB, because tracks in the PCB has no net name or they are not connected to any net. they are just simple tracks. the best way for me to see where does a track goes is to use the select function of altium. as I already said select physical connection. (...)
Hi I am a beginner in designing multilayer PCBs. I use altium 14. The problem is that after adding layers in Layer Stack Manager, I cant connect an internal plane to a net such as GND or VCC. There isn't any option for this purpose In Layer Stack Manager!
Hi, all I am new for circuit design. now I have some questions for it: 1. I want to design a four-layer board, and I am confused how can I place the ground line, ground plane or others? 2. No error when I compile the schematic, but it shows error when I add ground net? 3. when I draw the schematic, I just place a power ground on it. Whether I c
Hi all, I'm new with altium designer and I'm going to design a 4 layer PCB. I use an inner split power plane. The planes was correctly assigned to related nets but the rats-nest are still visible. Why? See the attachment below. The connector on the right has 8 pins connected to same net (a net belongs to inner power (...)
In CADSTAR we would use what is called a "Starpoint" for this. It allows different nets to be joined together at a single point, it has it's drawbacks but does work. Is there anything like this in altium? Edit: A net Tie.
Hello, Is there a way to display net names on pads in Powerpcb and Blazerouter? P-Cad and Protel have this option, but I cant find it in Powerpcb. Thanks in advance.
Hello All As altium doesn't have a library entry fot the Holtek 12E (or family) what are you supposed to do when wanting to enter a circuit? I'm trying to use a generic DIL-18 entry (from PcbLib) to allow me to enter my circuit shematic so that I am able to autoroute with ground planes etc. - NO!! If a SPICE listing for these were available
Having had an ICD2 failure and finding the price of a new ICD2 or ICD3 from Microchip I have decided to try the ICD2Clone. I have downloaded the schematic but there seems to be some errors/missing information. For instance U3 (PIC1F4550) has a net name of "Mclr" on RE3 pin-1 but this doesn't seem to go anywhere else ! Also RC6/RC7 on U2 (P
Hi everybody, I'm running msfb.exe (5.1.41) with the UMC 018 Design Kit. Everything goes well but unfortunately net names (net021,net022,etc.) are not shown on the schematic. So, I can't watch my plots clearly. I've tried Display Options and CDF configuration but nothing changed. Thanks in advance Bora
Hi, I generated a GDS file through Cadence SOC Encounter. I tried to import it on Virtuoso environment and, altough it return 0 errors and 0 warnings, I can't see the net name (empty net name) when check the Properties (Menu Edit->Basic->Properties->Connectivity) of a metal that belongs to a net . (...)
hi, I want to add a via to fix the PCB to the shield, also I want to assign a net named net to it. How can I do that? thanks.
hello, i need some help for the generation netlist from Dxdesigner to pads layout. i m working with hierarchical flow using different blocks with internal schematic. i have some problem with the net name in schematic : for example, in the block "POWER" i have a net "3V_Enable", when i create the netlist (...)
1)Is net name '\a9_apb_prdatasys' in verilog avalid syntax ? 2) will such net names cause some issues in Frontend Flow ?:evil:
Hi all, I use calibre + hspice as post-simulation tool. I got post-sim netlist by calibre , it is as : .subckt ana_top VSSA VDDA GND18: 7 VDD18: 9 10 11 12 ...... ..... But in this file and attached .pex and .pxi file, I found all pins except GND18 and VDD18 . They do exist in the attached .pxi file ,but net nam
I am using allegro 16.3V. here i attached one image file in this file one big pads has four vias. but these vias added seperatelly its not a single symbol. Please guide me. Thanks for guideness.
Please does anybody know the answer to this?
If you can post an image of relevant to you question, we would be able to understand you better then give you a sound advice. Can you do that for us? For the mean time, you can read about the basics of Hierarchical designs in altium using this link: Multi-Channel Design C
Anybody knows the cdsenv variable name for it? Thanks, upvl
I have searched and am unable to find to a solution to my problem. I have created a part for one of Samtec's high density pin arrays (40x4). The schematic is created using four parts corresponding to each column of pins. Each pin designator of the parts maps to one footprint pin, i.e. 1-160. Upon placement of the footprint of the connector, the
Hi, is just that i have no idea how to relate a line with a net in Allegro PCB editor, it keeps showing me that the lines ar not in a net, how could i solve this, i need help, thanks in advanced.