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Johnson, I believe that allegro can load foriegn netlists. It has been quite awhile since I have done this and I currently do not have allegro in front of me. You might want to research the process of what types of other netlists allegro can pull in, then see if altium has same format. Or, you could: 1. package design (...)
i m using altium . so from altium i hav expoted Orcad/PCB2 netlist from schematic. i changed the netlist as per allegro package. but couldnt load the netlist. what should i do?
Hi, I'm trying to translate my altium design to Cadence. The schematics translation worked fine, but I'm having problem with the PCB. Looking in the web, the procedure I found was to first export a .pcb file (Protel 2.8 ASCII) and then import in Layout+ a max file. But when I try to import, instead the max file I just get a log file, where it sa
Hi, Recently, I reinstalled the Cadence PSD_14.2 after Uninstalled the same software version. I encountered problem with the link between allegro PCB layout to Capture CIS schematic. When I hilighted a component in allegro, the Capture schemaitic does not respone with a hilighted component. Previously, this feature worked. Now, with the s
Does anyone know some OrCAD-Layout to allegro footprints translation tool ? Thanks
I want to open my layout design with allegro. How can I convert it ? 10x
Hi Is it possible to export a routed PCB from Protel to allegro to do further analysis(EMC, EMI, Signal Integrity, Power Integrity, ...)? Regards.
Hi, is there a way to convert the pads library to allegro library format. in batch mode. thanks binu g
can any one translated session (.ses) file from spectra to allegro. i tried but not succeded. as in run command it shows "transfer complete" but it won't open design. can any one tell me any procedure for that thanks bye nikhil
i need your help My question is what is different between the footprints from Layout to allegro? I have a design in capture it?s footprint made in layout ,when I send the output netlist in allegro format and send it to allegro tool I have the following message for every components in the design (E- Symbol CON96 not found for component (...)
help how to import board outline from autocad14 to allegro, i tried convertin into *.dxf and importing but it was giving the error "ERROR: Invalid program arguments. Terminating program." please help thanks in advance
Hi, Iam trying to Import DXF file to allegro 15.2 Board file, when it imports main to main board file, main board file is missing and iam seen only dxf file. why this is happening? i want to over lap the dxf file and board file. How to solve this problem? Thanks Naveen
Hai, iam using orcad layoutplus 9.2 i want to convert these files to allegro 15.5. but in layoutplus export>allegro feature is not avialable. can i convert these files to allegro .brd files. havi
Hi all, how can I convert or translate Orcad layout format (.max) into allegro format (.brd)? Is there any free translation tool for this job? For your information, I'm using Orcad Layout 10.2 and allegro 15.2. Thanks.
Hai, we are using pcad 2002 and allegro 15.7. i try to convert pcad file to allegro. but iam unable to get it. can anybody explain me how to convert pcad 2002 file to allegro 15.7. Pl explain the steps. regards, visiontek
Hi Friends, I have one P-CAD 8.5 version file. I want to convert it to allegro. Can u please help on this???? Or it can be modified to any intermediate file format. I have only P-CAD 2004 viewer only. Thanks in advance. Manikandan
Dear All; Please I need to know how can I import image(jpg,..) to allegro 15.5? to be abackground(new layer). Thanks
Dear all, I've trying to import an image (in DXF and PLT format) to allegro 16.0, but nothing appear. First I convert a bmp format image into DXF format using Img2CAD software but nothing appear. Then I try "Raster to allegro" to convert bmp file to PLT file and still nothing appear when I import the file in allegro. Does anybody (...)
Hi all, I have drawn a schematic in capture CIS While importing it to allegro rats net for the net gnd is not showing. what may be the reason for this? Added after 1 hours 21 minutes: Added after 1 minutes: Hi , Found the solution for that. In the .brd fil
I have a allegro 15.7 .brd file that I want to use on my Layout software. However, I my software is allegro 15.2 - How can I convert it to allegro 15.2 and be able to use it ?
I and my team members are using Orcad CIS and Layout for last 4 years. Currently we are using Orcad 16. After coming to know the features of Alegro for High Speed Design we are planning to buy the complete suite of allegro. Migrating from Orcad to allegro will we need to learn a lots to use the allegro or is the allegro (...)
Hi I have a pcb layout in altium Designer and wish to export it out with its components on to an acceptable file format accepted by Pro-E so that I can check for mechanical fit in my project. Please advise on the procedure and file formats to convert from altium to Pro-E. Thanks.
Hello Everyone, We tried importing netlist generated from Orcad Capture 16.3 to allegro 16.2,but its asking for higher version of allegro .We tried converting the schematics to lower version and tried .still its giving the same error.Please help us to resolve this ...plese
I am able import allegro board file data into ASCII format file valext.txt file using following command and validating Net Lengths on Microsoft excel sheet. extracta .brd valext.txt .b .p.s .r Is it possible to save back ASCII data to allegro boardfile using above command,Currrently i
HI ALL, is there any way to convert pcad ASCII to allegro BRD pcb. i have to convert some of my pcb projects to allegro pcb thanks SA
Hi all, May i know how to convert ORCAD FOOTPRINT to allegro FOOTPRINT?there is any option?
Hi All ! Can Any one help me as can I export a orcad capture schematic to allegro HDL Entry. Plz suggest me if yes how ?
Hi,i have imported dxf to allegro but sum junck data is displayed along with design,can anyone help
Hi All, I have an Specctra autorouter file which is in *.dsn format how can I import it to allegro. I am able to open this *.dsn file in Specctra but I need it to open in allegro is there any option in Specctra to transfer file to allegro directly. Regards, Ricky
I'm using a component, which has a 3d body included in the library as in the following screenshot 60295 What i get when i switch to 3d view is this 60296 What should i do so that altium displays the pcb3d model? It's not that the exteuded body covers the actual .step model. I've checked for the
Hi I use altium for scematic and PCB design. It is very easy to assign a Signal Integrity Model to a component in altium. But the problem is when I export a PCB as a HyperLynx file I see that in HyperLynx none of the elements has Model. For example SPARTAN3.IntLib Libraries FPGAs have IBIS Model included but in HyperLynx by selecting a net related
Hi Recently i came across a assignment on design conversion from cadstar tool to allegro tools.Its not 1-2 design,it is more than 60 that's why i was looking for some automated process. Since no direct conversion available (I believe),I followed: Cadstar -> Pads -> allegro But end up with designs where more rework needed. Anyone faced sim
hi, am just a beginner, just clearly tell me how i should export the packages in orcad layout ver9.1,and import to allegro 16.3. 91382 91385 91383 91384 1.I tried to translate the layout but am receiving this error file. 2.these are options f
Hi, I'm trying to Convert i.mx6rx schematic from altium to orcad, I Did changes in SDt.cfg file to link to my working library, but to no anvil. Also, Using altium tried saving the project to .dsn format, but doesn't work I get the following error: """"" ********************************************************************************
Hi Friends, Can you please let me know the solution? Now i came up with the situation that, i got netlist from altium tool and have to import that in allegro. please let me know the procedures. Thanks, Nitan
Hi, I am trying to create a PCB for a Intel Edison project similar to Intel's Arduino breakout board. Intel provides the allegro brd file for that PCB, but unfortunately I do not have access to allegro, only altium. If someone with access to allegro would be kind enough to convert this file to altium, or (...)
Hi, I am trying to create a PCB for a Intel Edison project similar to Intel's Arduino breakout board. Intel provides the allegro brd file for that PCB, but unfortunately I do not have access to allegro, only altium. If someone with access to allegro would be kind enough to convert this file to altium, or (...)
Hi all is there any way to give the library that was made in layout to allegro and spectra quest?
Hello all, I found allegro has a function named "Analyse" -> "SI/EMISim", and when I want to add a IBIS model to it, no "add file" button is found. Anyone used allegro give some suggestions on this subject, thanks! Regards, DAVY
Hi Friend: How I can translator allegro pcb file to PADS2005? What method? or tool?
Take a look at the altium Designer 6 software, it has a very good translator from OrCad to Designer6. I recently got my company to swithed from OrCad to altium and it has turned out very well. You should really do a complete evaluation before switching, to make sure you get a tool that wil do what you want. Good luck.
as i am new to allegro i need help on how i could manually place component in allegro.i am unable to place components that i have made it is showing components which are in its library. thanks ricky
Hi, Is it POssible to Transulate the altium components to xilinx components on FPGA (LCD Controller)?
hi, i want to know how could i import a dxf file in allegro. thnks and regards, ricky
Hi all, It is very basic question , but since i am new to allegro ... i will be having basic questions like this intially . I am wondering how to measure pad edge to edge size (by default it is snaping to center of the pad) . Thanks in advance. Manjeet
Hi, Cadence released their SPB v16.0. New allegro seems so nice. I'm looking for a good document or a video that describe whole process Capture to Gerber over allegro, not layout. 10x
Please help me, how to down convert allegro PCB 15x files in to 14x file
i am newbie to allegro (v16.0). for the purpose of learning i want to unroute (delete nets) whole board(which i found on the net), but to keep the ratnests and to unplace the components. Is there any quick method ? reg, Batke
Is there any possibility to convert allegro 16 version layout to allgero 15.x version
is it possible to back annotate the net changes from allegro brd file to orcad schematic file like reference designator changes?