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I need to design a simple single stage common source amplifier using an N-type enhancement mosfet (2N7000). The gain Av should be 100. I have tried out a lot on my own, using the datasheet and books. But I could not succeed. (it seems no one teaches how to design, they just teach how to analyse a pre-made circuit) I (...)
I seem to remember seeing a design for something like this using IRF hexfets.... Search for ham hf amplifier irf510 on google...
Does any body have a schematic of audio power amplifier that uses only IRFP250 or any other easily available N Channel mosfet. I have one that was published some times back in Elektor magazine but that has stability problems. Thank you
I have problem building a current source. I need the output of the amplifier circuit to be like a current source. Any suggestions for that? And I might need to control it freely.
hai friends is it possible to make power amplifier using n channel power mosfets i m getting only circuits using n chanel and p channel
Hi people, I'm trying to design a 1 Watt push pull amplifier using dual NPN RF mosfet at 40MHz and a 24 Volt single supply. I'm not using any inductors or transformers. I'm not sure how to bias the mosfet correctly. What type of biasing circuit should I be using ? Since I'm (...)
If Vsource = 3 + 0.1sin(1000t)V and Vout = -2sin(1000t) Gain would be Av = -20, correct? It would not be correct to divide -2/(3 + 0.1), but -2/0.1. How would one remove offset from the input signal when designing a mosfet transistor amplifier using only 1 transistor? -Thank you Added after 1 hours 1 minutes:[/col
please tell me how to calculate the biasing voltages of conventional folded cascode amplifier.. i am attaching my circuits.. also tell me how to calculate the device sizes of mosfets... please reply.....
Hi all , Can anyone please suggest some good books or browsing links for differential amplifier deisgn ? Thanks
I want to design and implement a class-e power amplifier using discrete elements. can anyone help me to find a n-channel mosfet with low Ron (around 100mohms), brakdown dvoltage of 20-30volte and crr (Cgd) of 1pf to operate in 200-250MHz with low input power. Thank you for your favor in advance.
I Have Got Oscillations in range of 50MHz-1GHz in my 3.1-3.5GHz 120W Power amplifier. The dreiver for 120W PA is 20W and 1W amplifier. But How to stop the oscillations in lower frequency range.
I want to design a cascade amplifier with differential input using mosfet with gain>3000 pls help
Dude, your schematic looks like shit. Its very difficult to understand it. The PMOS transistors will show Id as negative that is a convention and does not mean that something is wrong. How have you designed this amplifier? How are you generating the bias voltage for the gate of M1 and M2?
I'm using IRF610 mosfet to build a common source amplifier. The mosfet is n-channel enhancement mode. I have read everything I could find on mosfets, read my lectures and still I don't understand how to do this. This is the best schematic I could find but I have no idea how to choose m
There are several ways. One is to turn the main Vdd voltage on and off. Another is to apply a gate bias that shuts off the drain current. You should also consider disconnecting the input signal line to reduce the amount of transmitted signal power going to it which can either damage it immediately or do small damages that add up over time.
Hello, I'm looking for some schematics for an Audio-amplifier with mosfets 2SJ162 and 2SK1058. e.g. Goof
Thank you very much, it works, actually :) BTW how can i know what parameters in the model that I can extract??? I have tried help but it does not say much about that. it seems to me that i can have something like, to get the paraneters but i wnat but i dont know how many and what xxx ?? About RFIC example, i run the schemetic B
Dear All I need an integrated HF ( UHF ) Power amplfier (about 2 watt) that match with 75ohm load . would you pls help me to find one or design one. Best.
Greetings, I have been working lately on a small project on designing a folded cascade fully differential OTA with output swing of 4Vpp using a supply of 2.7Volt using mosfet, which means that each output node must swing freely in a range of 2volts without making any transistor get out of the saturation region. Leaving only 0.7volt to be (...)
use the brige amplifier using IRFP250 mosfet for each bobin of stepper motor. this is the best way because you can use the pwm to control the speed of the motor. this circuit is called H-bridge.
Hi, i am simulating this circuit using M*I*C*R*O*C*A*P VII and i am not getting any results. In my opinion it seems to work, but that's not what i am getting. I have to build a simple power amplifier to output AC current to a capacitive load, so i decided to use mosfet as output amplifiers (operating in class B). (...)
How do self bias amplifier works? Thanks
can anybody tell me how to get the S-parameter for power mosfet IRFP450? i'm using it at 50MHz. any information on designing a Class E RF power amp?
infineon makes P and N fets that have thresholds of 1 V or so. You could try using these instead of the BJTs in a standard output stage. Or you could do a class D (in audio terms a pulse width method) amplifier for frequencies from 5 Hz to lets say 200 Hz for driving a sub-woofer type speaker.
Hi I am designing a common source amplifier and I am using a POWER mosfet (2N7269). I am using a voltage divider biasing. My input is of 5Vpp (ac) and I require a tunable gain of 0 - 5. The circuit can be seen on: Well I have done the calculations and according to the requirements an
hi friends, why my PA is oscillating at 100MHz... those every thing is okay:cry:
I need an audio amplifier with charateristic as follow:(it is vital for me, please do not even hesitate to leave any:D helpful comment) mosfet Output stage, JFET input stage,Max 6 stage,Output Power=8W,Input Impedance=1M,Load Impedance=8ohm,Gain=1200,Feedback,10hzusing Standard Elements
I need an audio amplifier with charateristic as follow:(it is vital for me, please do not even hesitate to leave any:D helpful comment) mosfet Output stage, JFET input stage,Max 6 stage,Output Power=8W,Input Impedance=1M,Load Impedance=8ohm,Gain=1200,Feedback,10hzusing Standard Elements
I am designing an LDO to produce a regulated 1.8V from an unregulated 3V supply with 50 mA as max current. For this the W/L of the mosfet turns out to be around 2000. For compromising this making the transistor to go in linear region will reduce the W/L drastically to around 100 but increase the gain of the error amplifier. So which one is a bett
I need to design a 1G ohm resistor on chip to dc bias a trans_C amplifier, I know I should use CMOS FET method, but how to realize it? Thanks advanced!
If for a Receiver square low detection made by mosfet at RF stage is preferred for lower distortion. Is transmitting using power mosfet is preferred as a power amplifier before the antenna or BJT is better.I mean what are the advntages and disadvantages of using either type.
Sorry a mistake ... connect M3 as CS amplifier
If you vary the parameter W and L you change the current passed in the active region, if you change the body voltage you change the transconductance of the device and, if you are using it as amplifier, you change the gain and you can change its state of operation, e.g you can get a MOS off if the body voltage is too high and makes the Vt value goes
Hi, I am a novice in analog design. How do you bias a mosfet in saturation region using ADS software? I am trying to find the DC gain of a very simple single stage amplifier with a current source at the drain, but cannot bias the mosfet properly. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, KS
I want to design 40Mhz linear power amp(power gain > 20dB) using Agilent ADS in PCB board. I am looking for bipolar transistor or mosfet transistor which has ADS library My questions are 1. What kind of standard or condtion do I choose right component ? 2. Could you please recommend any discrete components in ADS library ? THANK YOU
i am doing rfid project and i have designed one power amplifier which converts 200mW to 4W(atleast). its configuration is class a . Ld=560nH INPUT SIDE HAS RESONANT CIRCUIT OF 120pF AND 1uH OUTPUT HAS IMPEDANCE MATCHING NETWORK WHICH TERMINATES ON 50 OHMS THE PROBLEM IS IT TAKES EXCESSIVE CURRENT AND LOADS THE LABORATORY POWER SUPPLY MOREOVER IT HA
Hi; I am new to design of amplifiers using mosfets. I plan to design a High Gain amplifier for a wideband. I am using Pspice for the simulation. Please provide any tutorials, design rules, Pspice Tutorials that can help me. Also, I need some material on using Pspice for analyzing (...)
Hi, Im currently designig a Switch Mode Power amplifier in UMC 0,18 tecnology. I want to determinate the Vt, Cds, Cgd, resistence on and Ft of a mosfet Transistor. How can i do it with ADS? What type of Analysis? LSSP? How? I know that for large signals the typical model of Mos isn't apllied, and there ar
Dear All, I face a problem with the amplifier circuit of 5 level multi level inverter circuit. The main problem is summarized in that i need to drive number of mosfets (IRF540N) and I found that if i used an amplifier circuit will be good, but when i tried to drive the mosfet i got that i need a driving voltage equal to (...)
Hi I am a recent college graduate and I am looking for a job opportunity in the vlsi I have done my masters in electrical engineering concentrating on Vlsi . i have project experiences and have succesfully design project listed below Hardware implementation  Implemented the stream cipher f-fcsr in VHDL using Active HDL tools 
hi what main purpose to get thes power amplifier thank you eng.ihssan iraq-unversity collage eng.
Sinusoidal? You mean to drive the mosfets 'analog' like in an audio amplifier? Normally the 2 N-ch mosfets are connected to ground with the sources. The centertap is connected to the positive supply. Each mosfet willl pull the transformer winding to ground one by one.
It's hard to operate the amplifier with a that negative gain. As a first step, you should verify a suitable DC bias point. Then trace the RF level through the amplifier and check, if you didn't unintentionally invert one channel and effectively cancel the output signal.
A single transistor means class A operation. If the load is resistive, the DC bias current causes a dissipation twice the signal power (assuming a sine signal). Is this what you intend? Otherwise, you should think about a push-pull amplifier.
To get 500W (60dBm) from a 2W (33dBm) input, requires a lot of gain, which is unusual for a single stage power amplifier (even there are a lot of transistors in parallel). Most probably your circuit oscillates.
i am doing a project on class d this i am using four nmosfets for h bridge. i am using sine wave 20hz-60hz with triangular wave 400-800hz to generate pwm which is used for gating signal of mosfet. mosfet drain is conecting to 28v dc. i need to get 28v pwm with sine wave freq and shape.but
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I need to make a little class-E RF amplifier using the 2n7000 and I need to know it's the gate impedance. The oscillator that I have outputs a sinewave on the 1Mohm oscillator port but a crap waveform on 50Ohm
The importance depends on application. Capacitance will influence the switch speed. Also Cds will affect frequency compensation if mosfet is used as amplifier. Source current will decide its driving capability. Hi, What is the importance of the Continuos source current, Gate charge(Qg), Gate-Source Charge (Qgs), Gate
Hi, all, For a simple differential amplifier, with resistor load or diode-connected mosfet load, how to enhance the operation frequency to, for example, 3GHz. I am using a 0.35um BiCMOS process, and I found that it's a little bit difficult to make this possible, so could anybody tell me is there any way to make it? Any circuit (...)