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I need to design a simple single stage common source amplifier using an N-type enhancement mosfet (2N7000). The gain Av should be 100. With sufficiently large drain resistance -- which implies either a high supply voltage (s. image below) or respectively low drain current you can achieve such Av : [ATTACH=C
Anyone know of any good designs for a 100 watt class A amplifier using mosfetS.
I am wondering to drive high power lamp using mosfet or Relay? Could anyone explain the main difference between these two schemes? Thanks a lot!
Hello I want some material to study about DAC can someone provide me material or site links to know basic circuit diagram of DAC using mosfet.I tried searching net but in vain.i would appreciate it
I would appreciate it if anyone could help me desing a class F power amplifier using a npn BJT. I am unsure about: - how to select the bias point of the BJT - how to make the correct phase relation between collector and emitter
Hi friends, I'm trying to design a simple PGA (Programable Gain amplifier), using cd4051 (8-channel Analog Multiplexer) with OP07 opamp. i'm controlling the channel with microcontroller 89c51. (Please see the diagram, attachment). The problem:- now let say i send 000 on address line to select X0 line, ie. X-X0 are now connected, ideally i
i need a help regarding how to design a power amplifier using ADS tools. is there any design guides available? pls help there're many examples for this in ADS.
usually in power amplifier design u need to use LSSP , which is based on HB simulation , small signal S parameters are not ususally used in PA also it will be not vaild at all if u design a class C PA so use HB , or LSSP khouly
1) gonzales book "microwave transistor amplifier design" 2) the chapter of ampliifers in pozar book 3) check tha application notes in about RF amplifier design also check this website khouly
How to invert 3Vdc to 115 Vac using mosfet circuit, send me the circuit if anybody possible to support . Also is it reliable for some long time usage for their components:idea::D
Hi there! I need to design an amplifier using ATF-36163 transistor. I also have to use Ansoft Design (I have not really get the hand of using this yet). The amplifier is to operate at 5Ghz (that's the only requirement in terms of variables). I already have the S parameters in hand. However, I am quite lost on how to (...)
Hi I want to design a digital linearizer for power amplifier using LabView. Does anybody has experiance in this theme? Can you upload LabView project files?
I have a project of audio amplifier using matlab,plz tell me the books which will be helpful in making this project.
Im design a inverter, but quite confuse about it! If i design a inverter using mosfet switches, what is the difference between using 2 mosfet switches and the H bridge mosfet switches(4 mosfet swiches) Thanks......
I want to generate full bridge inverter circuit using mosfet driver IR2111.I know the half bridge circuit connection using the half bridge circuit,upper and lower switch in a leg are driven using IR2111's HO and LO full bridge, it possible to connect the 2 legs using 2 separate IR2111, leg's upper and (...)
My final year project is to design a microwave amplifier using BJT 2sc3356(NE85633), operation at 433MHz, with about 10dB gain and noise figure 1.5dB~2.5dB. I use the simulation software ADS to perform simulation. The transistor model is the design kit dowloaded from NEC website. Althought the simulation results is very good , the performan
Can anybody give circuit of isolation amplifier using optocoupler and op amp
Class A ?power? amplifier with 2N3866
ATF-36163 Hi there! I need to design an amplifier using ATF-36163 transistor. I also have to use Ansoft Design (I have not really get the hand of using this yet). The amplifier is to operate at 5Ghz (that's the only requirement in terms of variables). I already have the S parameters in hand. However, I (...)
HI Guys, I am designing a headphone amplifier using NE5532 IC.The schematic is attached But here i encounter a problem that the amplification is not good and there is a terrible type noise at the output with the audio. Gu
Dear guys, I am designing a stereo headphone amplifier using LM386.The circuit i used is attached below.65309 Amplification is good and noise is very low . Now i want to add a PAN control in this. How can i do this ? Please help me with this guys. Thanx in advance.
hi all am trying to design a log amplifier using op amp.. here am attaching my circuit.. and this is the formula for log amp vout= Vt ln(vin/Is*R1).. where vt = thermal voltage and Is = saturation current.. here i need to know how to calculate6820468204 the Vt and Is value..
Dear all i want to make a current amplifier using BC517. How to do that
hello , i want design and simulate source follower using mosfet in Hspice tool . plz give some information about source follower
A very detailed review of the design of a Balanced Low Noise amplifier using Wilkinson Power Dividers and distributed
Hi! I need to know why I'm not getting logic 1 (5V) as the output in the following circuit. This is a circuit used to obtain AND operation using mosfet. 105027
The simulator does provide a right leg terminal so why don't you use it? In any case an instrumentation amplifier needs some means to enforce a common mode voltage in the specified range. If you don't use a RL circuit, you must have Mohm bias resistors to ground at the inputs.
Hi, I would like to design an HF power amplifier but all the schematics i have found are not in the desired bandwith !! SPecifications of the amplifier: Input signal : 0 to 12V between 800Khz and 5Mhz OUtput signal: 0 to 12V but 60W !!! I would like tu use a PUSH PULL configuration whith low cost mosfet (like IRF...). because (...)
Does any body have a schematic of audio power amplifier that uses only IRFP250 or any other easily available N Channel mosfet. I have one that was published some times back in Elektor magazine but that has stability problems. Thank you
Hi people, I'm trying to design a 1 Watt push pull amplifier using dual NPN RF mosfet at 40MHz and a 24 Volt single supply. I'm not using any inductors or transformers. I'm not sure how to bias the mosfet correctly. What type of biasing circuit should I be using ? Since I'm (...)
Dude, your schematic looks like shit. Its very difficult to understand it. The PMOS transistors will show Id as negative that is a convention and does not mean that something is wrong. How have you designed this amplifier? How are you generating the bias voltage for the gate of M1 and M2?
I'm using IRF610 mosfet to build a common source amplifier. The mosfet is n-channel enhancement mode. I have read everything I could find on mosfets, read my lectures and still I don't understand how to do this. This is the best schematic I could find but I have no idea how to choose m
Hi, You will need to know and work out the biasing for the transistor eg. the collector resistor value and what is the power supply voltage you will be using, also you will need to bias the base as well. Not to mention working out the value of the decoupling capacitor at the emitter, based on the lowest cutoff frequency you would like for your amp
plz send me a circuit diagram of an Audio amplifier using LA4440 of 6W *2 channel
Hi, we're currently designing a servo controller for these motors that we've started getting made up . The idea is to make a 'servo beater' for robotics applications, retailing at $15 - $20. Basic specs to include a variety of gearboxes (and nominal RPM outputs 40 ~ 250RPM), quadra
Hi, To simulate ckt using BSIM3.3 mosfet model , which OrCAD PSpice level I should use? The variable LEVEL specifies the model to be used. Thanx
i need a design of a video amplifier (0-5MHz) with gain " 100" and load resistance of 1K Ω using multistage BJT. can anyone guide me thriugh the design, or can anyone give me a link to a web having the design Ω
You have to reference the (+) input of the third amplifier not to 0V but to 1/2Vcc (virtual ground) .. See (the same issue): Regards, IanP
I have problem building a current source. I need the output of the amplifier circuit to be like a current source. Any suggestions for that? And I might need to control it freely.
hai friends is it possible to make power amplifier using n channel power mosfets i m getting only circuits using n chanel and p channel
i just want to know using MD spice it is possible to model a simple amplifier and also get relavant simulation graphs like vswr,figure of merit etc.
I need a step by step guide to determine stabilty, gain of an amplifier using AWR
Hi All, Where can i find "class B amplifier using opamp" schematics? Thanks
Hi; Any references on designing amplifiers using BJTs. I need a gain of approx 20dB.
If Vsource = 3 + 0.1sin(1000t)V and Vout = -2sin(1000t) Gain would be Av = -20, correct? It would not be correct to divide -2/(3 + 0.1), but -2/0.1. How would one remove offset from the input signal when designing a mosfet transistor amplifier using only 1 transistor? -Thank you Added after 1 hours 1 minutes:[/col
I need circuit diagram/related theory for designing a power electronics circuit for controlling AC motor of about 1 hp. Please help
I want to shift a signal(pulse type) from (0.6V -1V) to (0 -1.8V). I want this conversion using mosfets and can anybody help me to design this circuit?
Hi, can anyone tell me how to design a 0.5W audio amplifier with mute and volume control? The design should allow user to switch between different bandwidth and also light up specific LED when different bandwidth is selected. Thanks..=)
hi everyone... can u teach me how exactly can we find the average output voltage of power amplifier using spice? thanx
please tell me how to calculate the biasing voltages of conventional folded cascode amplifier.. i am attaching my circuits.. also tell me how to calculate the device sizes of mosfets... please reply.....