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Is there any way to measure the SNR of signal used in Verilog-ams models (for ex. sigma delta adc) on cadence environment?
Hello, ams is the simulator you're looking for. If you have the cadence from cadence university program you probably have it. You need to define the driving capabilities and the analog correspondences of the connections in connectlib thingy.
Hi, I dig deep trying to use an adc example from verilog-ams LRM. It has errors: SMASH (release 6.3.0 of Dec 16 2014) Control file: 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Dolphin\Solutions 2014 Q4\smash\examples\Verilog-ams\PLL\testbench.pat' COMMENT: Analyzing Verilog file C:\Program Files (x86)\Dolphin\Solutions 2014 Q4\smash\examples\Verilog-A
Hi, I learn verilog-ams with SMASH. After I follow a simple example project pll, I create an adc project (copy this module from the LRM). In the .pat file I have the substantiation: .lib "source.vams" adc1 0 src1 out adc NLO=VSS NHI=VCC xvsrc1 src1 0 sinVarFreq freq=5.5e1 coeff=4.0 (...)
ViaDesigner has a Sigma Delta Modulator adc design wizard that generates readable VHDL-ams models for the analog and digital portions of Sigma Delta adc. You can generate and simulate a variety of modulators using the ViaDesigner tool.
i think the chip u mentioned is an analog one try using vhdl ams u get a program something like this library IEEE; use IEEE.math_real.all; use IEEE.electrical_systems.all; -- this is the entity entity DIODE is generic (iss : current := 1.0e-14; -- Saturation current af : real := 1.0; -- Flicker noise coefficien
I am designing a sigma delta adc using cadence (ic 4151),at 90nm technology.but i want to design it using ams verilog,so i want to know what are the library files that are required to carry out the designing procedure..The cadence licence which i am using doesnt contain the amsLib file ,so can i design my project using gpdk...???do i need a (...)
I was wondering where I can find a tutorial that demonstrates the linking between Verilog and Verilog ams in SMASH. Moreover, is there any pre-developed converter module ( adc, DAC) that I can use in SMASH? Even tutorials of Spice + Verilog that use multi-bit adcs and DACs would be very valuable. I already have developed modeling of (...)
We run a demo mixed signal simulation on cadence ams designer platform your_install_dir/tools/dfII/samples/tutorials/vfs_amsflow.t.Z after a series of steps, I Run ams Design Prep, the following Error appears in the message bar "Compiling vhdl.vhms in cellview (...)
hi,, I am using ic5141 and wrote a simple verilog-ams code for 1-bit DAC where input is digital signal and output is analog.After that i instantiated in schematic window for simulating it. I reffered manuels to simulate this but i am not getting any proper idea for simulating mixed design. For simulating any design, is it compulsory to go for "
if you have both scs and vams, you can try ade with using ams as simulator which does work. as for your question, to simualte in command line, I only have experience in using scs only nestlist. the script is like " spectre -arguments *.scs"
OT: Are there any VHDL-ams/Verilog-A model for such adc?
Hi... I am looking for a synthesizer and a simulator for verilog with analog / Verilog -ams or something that would let me include analog parts in my design such as an op-amp / DAC / adc etc. I searched google for such a tool for hours and did not find anything. I would prefer a free tool... but tell me about it anyway even if it is not a
hi, There is a version of VHDL called VHDL ams. It can be used for mixed signal design. Therefore adc can easily modeled by using VHDL ams.
if i want to test the static and dynamic properties,what should i do? for a 10bit adc,i need a 12bit dac,the dac can be written in ams,but how to realize it? can anyone give me some advice?
Hi, I have encountered problem to elaborate my project. To start with, I have 3 VHDL blocks in my project, namely DPWM,PID_compensator, and adc. i have successfully connected DPWM and PID_compensator together and compile, elaborate them without any errors. So I assume both of the blocks are ok and ready to simulate. The problem arise in the AD
It's hard to include random noise in SPICE simulation. But you can try verilog-a/ams for evaluating their impact on adc performance.
Hi, Can anyone suggest me a good book for adc modeling? Its better if it uses Verilog ams or Matlab
No, Verilog and VHDL don't support analog. Instead, you could use Verilog-ams or VHDL-ams.
use vhdl-ams
1. Abstract model in Matlab where you insert imperfections and estimated performance. 2. Verilog or VHDL model of the digital 3. VHDL-ams or Verilog-A model for the analog 4. Synthesis to get gatelevel Verilog or VHDL 5. Schematic design of the analog 6. Mixed verification 7. Analog layout 8. Place&Roue of the digital This
Hello I continue the project from somebody that went away. Trying to simulate project in Virtuoso ams enviroment (from Hierarchy Editor) ams->Run Simulation, I have the following message: *F,DLIORG (No HDL source,0|0): Library (physical path) /XXX/user/user1/Proj/adc was originally compiled with logical name (...)
Try using Verilog-A, Verilog-ams or VHDL-ams. Check this paper: Regards, George
can these work relized now? the sample shoud be just a behav model extracted by mentor ams
either vhdl-ams or verilog-ams is a good choice. search the ebook upload/download forum for a delta-sigma adc top-down design book.
Hi I plan to learn VHDL-ams modeling and I am not clear about some issues. Here they go: 1) Which simulator is needed? I have a license for ADvanced MS of Mentor. Is it OK for VHDL-ams simulation? 2) As I know,VHDL-ams is used to save time when we simulate mixed-signal circuits such as sigma-delta modulator in adc and (...)