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I have been working in the design of a 3rd order sigma delta analog to digital converter. right now I am concerned with the implementation of the digital part, the digital filter & the decimation filter. Any help? as i can't find a resource that illustrates the link between the analog part of the ADC & the digital one.
anyone's got this book? could you share page 147 pls? many thanks!
Hi guys, I'm stuck here trying to understand what I actually need to build to read out & amplify 5ns pulses from the Hamamatsu PMT (R6357 if this is of any help). So my knowledge of analog electronics is low, but my boss insists I take care of this. So the probl
Hi Everyone, We have some open jobs here in Budapest, Hungary for Digital Design Engineer, mixed-signal Design Engineer analog Design Engineer(Manager). (Please find some more info in the pdf file attached!) If you are interested, please send your CV to this address: ( ferenc.katus _at_ Thnx!
Check out this AMS design presentation slides..covers the entire analog design from the basics to the advanced level including neural network design. This lecture was delivered by Dr.Navakantha Bhat. Excellent matterial.
We also use different pins and different vias for analog layout and also our Vdd vias and pads are different from digital one's ....

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