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if you at the Microchip example programs Microchip Technology Inc. is a Leading Provider of Microcontroller and analog Semiconductors, providing low-risk product development, lower total system cost and faster time to market for thousands of diverse customer applications worldwide. you will fi
Hi all, Please I wanna you provide me with a code written in ASM for 8051 that perform the pulse width modulation of some date. Regards.
hi there.. please help me.. what is current limitter? and what is the function of current limitter? what is the meaning of "pulse width modulation"?? thank you very much
Hi I need to know how to make pulse width modulation for my AT89C51.... Know any good tutorial or link for me to check it out? Maverick Max
can anyone share the source code to make pulse width modulation for PIC? thanks
hi all, i want to study the subject of pulse width modulation, and i don't know how to start. can any one helped me to learn about PWM principles and applications. regards,
please help...can i use pulse width modulation with 89c2051 microcontroller?...and if, how can it be?...:cry:
how can i implement pulse width modulation in an 89c4051/2051 mcu?...please help...
Hi friends this is praveen working on PIC micro controller 16f877 series till now i have learned interfacing devices to PIC microcontroller.Now i want to learn pulse width modulation technique.I want to learn how to generate PWM pulses with variable duty cycle and constant duty cycle................. where can i get the (...)
Does pulse width modulation change the frequency? Is pulse width modulation a type of Phase modulation or Frequency modulation or is it something else? Is there any concept of Frequency modulation in POWER Electronics??!
Is there any simple way to explain the pulse width modulation ( PMW ) of NE555 in voltage doubler circuit ???
Hi, I'm a first year EE student.I want to learn about pulse width modulation.Would you tell me where can I find resources? Thanks in advance. Galib
Hi every one, I need pulse width modulation application program for LPC2929 processor.
hello, i am a student who has been experimenting on pwm since i am relatively new so i and my friend implemented a SPWM inverter using a micro controller using push pull topology and and we also implemented another inverter using multiple pulse width modulation where each half cycle is broken down into series of pulses of (...)
Hii...generally, the pwm(pulse width modulation) is defined according to the analog input signal as per the definition..but can the digital input data be given as input to the PWM???? So please clarify it.
helllo friends,can any body explain to me how to read adc,and use the value to alter pulse in case of voltage regulation in spwm inverter
Besides analysing the circuit, the first point would be to check the results against expectable non-linearity according to AD790 specifications, e.g. "propagation delay versus overdrive". Generally, no analog PWM modulator can be perfect. Please tell your detail results to allow a meaningful discussion. It would be also interesting how you actu
Does anyone know of a PWM with pitch control?
Hi, Is it possible to create a 10 MHz pulse width modulated signal from a FPGA? /Robin
How to write a MATLAB program for pulse width modulator? could you please help me..
hi all out an electronics student and doing my project. i am using pic 18f4431 microcontroller to produce two sinusoidal pulse width modulated signals that i will use to control my H bridge so that i can construct a simple inverter. i have written some code using ccs but on simulating on proteus i am not getting the required output. the
I am making a pure sine wave inverter . In an intermidiate stage i have to drive the mosfets using SPWM. so anyone please tell me how to generate SINUSOIDAL pulse width modulation using ARDUINO board.??
hi could u guys tell me i) advantage of pulse modulation over analog communication such as FM,AM etc... ii)generally,it is said that pulse modulation occupies more bandwidth when compared to analog modulation it true?if so why? iii)some discrete (...)
You're mixing three losely related points in your last post. Consequently there's no reasonable answer to it. Referring to your original question, the modulation input is varying the threshold of the comparator ending the output pulse. Insofern, the instantaneous value of AC voltage matters, it's like being sampled. Unfortunately, the modulaion
In your motor power control example you are talking about signal width control i.e changing its duty cycle. My question is why do we call it pulse width modulation while it is simply a signal width controlling and there is no modulation involve in it. In communication PWM is a technique in (...)
Using a sawtooth signal to generate pulse width modulated signal where we compare the sawtooth with the input analog signal if the sawtooth > signal then comparator output = 1 state if < then comparator output = 0 state So the comparator output pulse duration depends on the signal sample level Question: What the (...)
hi i was reading a book and there it was written "we want to increase pulse width as much as we can without producing intersymbol interference" can anyone tell me whats the reason of increasing pulse width...why do we want to increase pulse width...isnt shorter width (...)
Do you actually know what is modulation index and what are the differences betwen analog and digital modulation ???
Steven W. Smith "DSP: A practical guide for engineers and scientist" (the Bible ;) Ch 13. There exist an free ebook hosted by analog Devices.
Hello everyone!!! Can anybody suggest me a good paper or book to understand the analog to digital conversion using pulse density modulation in multi-bit ADCs ??? I wanna know how the local average tracks the input...
Yes it is possible. There is also several methods to acomplis this. You can get an slight overview over different types here.
You can also check this article How-to use PWM to Generate analog (or analogue) Voltage in Digital Circuits Alex
Friends, I am trying to modulate pulse width of an UPS based upon load connected to it. I mean to say, load current is checked by one ADC. The voltage developed across shunt for load current sensing is so designed that it will read 0.7V at full load. 0.7V corresponds to a decimal value of approximately 35 when converted to digital taking Vref of
hi all i trying to pulse modulation code but i don't know the requirements of this coding plz tell me why are the requirements and how to write the code tell me i am search the some site their is no information abut us
This thread seems hanging in the aether connected to nothing. From what I gather the original OP, whoever that is, wants to convert a PWM signal to an analog voltage. The time-tested method to do that is a low-pass filter, sometimes called an integrator. john Edit: Now, post #1 is visible. It was not before.
Here are some papers on class D power amplifier AES 4917 - Paralleled Phase Shifted Carrier pulse width modulation (PSCPWM) Schemes - a Fundamental Analysis. AES 4446 - A Review and Comparison of pulse width modulation (PWM) Methods for analog and Digital Input (...)
DEAR! I am desining a power supply with TL494,but pulse width could not be changed. When Pin1>Pin2, Pin3->5v,and P10.1v. How change duty cycle. A cap 10n and resistor(47k)series P2 and P3. Thanks!
Hi, I am new to CCS. I want to measure input pulse width on pic16f84a. If the pulse width is 1ms to 2ms then how can i achieve the best maximum scale result through my code. If any one have code sample then please share.... :? :?
chun, Please give an example of ?PWM is applied in analog architecture? so I can understand what you mean. Aren't pulses always digital? Ante :roll:
I was designning a pulse generator ( ring oscillator); The spec need the period to have negative temperature coefficient. The hotter, the shorter the period. If I used a RC delay to form the pulse width, the coefficient will be positive because the resistor will be more resistive. MOS working close to sub-threshhold region have (...)
hi all, i am using atmel for my final project about platform stabilizer. Now, i have a problem to measure pulse-width from the gyro using external interrupt 0 dan 1. could anybody help me?
How can 555 be used as a pulse width modulator. I doubt that frequency also changes if you intend to change duty factor (VCO). Please clarfiy.
I am confuse with the PWM output speed, for example a 12 bit pwm ,speed 125kbps what is the formula to calculate the speed 125kbps? if the pwm output waveform is not 50% to 50% duty,how to define the bit ?
Ring oscillators are often used as part of a PLL for clock and data recovery, frequency synthesis and clock synchronization. Additionally, ring oscillators have both digital and analog features which make them useful for data conversion tasks such as phase and pulse width modulation.
In AD9057 chip, what is the minimum input pulse width that output has significant output? I cannot get any information in its datasheet.
How do i measure pulse width modulation (PWM) ? with a oscilloscope? How do i measure the Duty Cycle of the PWM? with a oscilloscope? How do i measure the pulse width? with a oscilloscope? How do i measure the Time constant? with a oscilloscope? How do i measure the rise time and (...)
A good begin is try to find applications notes of manufacturers: Find this in: and some others, this topic is find a lot in applications note
Hi: In 130nm process, what is the minimum required pulse width of PFD, to avoid the dead-zone. thanks, Neoflash
Hi all, Could you tell me how to generator a delay and its pulse width is independent across PVT? Or show me some reference about ATD circuit for flash memory. Thanks a lot !!! Regards analog_starter
Hi! Can anybody help how to measure a pulse width in CCSC? Signal normally high and I want to meaure the duration of a low signal before it goes high again(i.e. a negative pulse in the millisecond range) Please show two methods: 1. Using interrupt 2. Without using an interrupt. Thanks