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Hi All, I am using Xilinx Virtex7 FPGA for my design and tool using is xilinx Vivado. In my design there are signals which are driven by CLKA domain and going to CLKB domain and vice verse. But CLKB is twice the freq as CLKA and both are coming from (...)
Hi Everyone; Am new with ads and i wanted to make a pll, i tried a lot, really a lot, but i still can't get it working normally, i tried with the DesignGuide, and i can't fix my out Frequency to 5 Ghz. Can someone please help a little with the design of a simple pll in (...)
there is a pll component option in pallete of ads. there u can find all the components like VCO and all for designing an pll..!! I couldn t figure out yet how to design a pll but u can get ur VCO block there ..@@
You need a dual modulus prescaler if you intend to cover a wide range of frequencies finely. If you are making a fixed frequency / fixed ratio pll, you don't need the dual modulus - you just need a modulus that is a factor of the divisor. and a large enough factor, that it makes the CMOS counters able to run at the remaining frequency (...)
Dear all, If I want to see the performance of the pll, such as, settling time, phase margin, pole, zero,etc. Which software is suitable for the pll simulation? Thanks a lot Hi, Spectre RF and Eldo RF are the best tools.
Dear All,,, I've simulated envelope in my pll design and got this error message. Anyone can tell me what is thi thx,,,
Hello guys,,, Could you help me please,,, I want to design pll for mobile wimax application,,, could u give me step by step instruction how to design this. tutorial and/ or papers would be preferable. and i've searching for logic gate and D fli-flop component in (...)
I am making a pll PhaseNoise Response simulation with ads(Model from DesignGuide). Can any one kindly help me to explain the expressions in the data display window (Fig 1) ?? They are too complex to understand. Beacause some variables have not been defined in anywhere ~~ and I don't know (...)
N0, L0, F1, L1, F2 and L2 are phase noise parameters for the reference oscillator divider and VCO divider that you are using. In the jpg you attached, the reference oscillator divider is 50, so that scales the reference oscillator phase noise contribution. The VCO divide ratio is 4500, which scales the phase noise (...)
Hello, You can try "CMOS pll Synthesizers: Analysis and Design "
Dear Si r: I think ads is better. Becasue the pll , the trend is All-digital pll. and now the performance is good . The future pll will into All-digital pll.
thank you. How to measure the BER? The input is just a inverter buffer, and the output is the demodulated signal. The modulation is BPSK.
There is a built in block called "DvdByN" in the "System-pll Components" library. You can use it to divide the output frequency in the feedback of pll...Also you can make the divide ratio a pulse by using "if" and "else" condition (on simulation time)if you are interested to see the transient behaviour of your (...)
hi i am currentlu doing a pll design in ads. I have done the same design in Microwave office and it worked. but the design in ads is giving some timestep errors. pls help.
Hi to all, I have designed a ring oscillator in ads and I simulate its phase noise using harmonic balance analysis. When I use the specific oscillator in a pll, with a divider, phase detector and filter, I want to simulate the resulting phase noise in its output. However this is not (...)
pll low jitter 1 to 3GHz i donot know the frequency so my thinking is correct or not for you? 1 for cmos ic, use 2 inverters type osilator (in ads you can find as saple) i experienced to design colpitts type, unfortunately phase noise was huge because of Vdd and bulk noise 2 phase noiseepends on Hz/1V :: (...)