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Hi, I am an EE uni student and have been currently working with Verilog on the Basys3 for the past few months. I would like to program the FPGA to be able to take input from my USB mouse i.e. clicking on the left/right mouse buttons to trigger output such as LED or changing reg values. So far, I only know that constraints have to be set to the C
Hello!! Everyone I am using Saleae Logic Analyzer to capture signals from the ps2 Keypad, and it works perfectly. But i want to save these signals for future analysis, so i saw export option in which we can export data in MATLAB. Channel-0 is connected to Clock and Channel-1 is connected to Data Pin of ps2 Keyboard. (...)
STC8051+AVR+atmega Professional Kit is a high-performance development board with rich board resources. The board has many peripherals such as dot matrix LED, color dot matrix LCD, SD slot, ps2 port, stepper motor driver, DC Motor, infrared sensor and temperature sensor. It reflects fully STC Microcontroller performance. Please see the details in t
I wasn't very careful in looking at the code (small phone screen). First of all you don't show what is in mouse. From the ports I'm assuming xm and ym are positional values of some sort, btnm is that a button signal? I'm assuming ps2d/c is one end of the cable going to the other end of the ps2 cable. The problem with the entity being called (...)
I want to make a PS/2 based mouse using PIC18f4550 ( i am doing it just for learning the ps/2 protocol and interfacing). I have read about the ps/2 communication from the internet. I am confused with the ps/2 protocol and PIC's serial port. I want to know which of the serial communication module of PIC such as EUSART or SPI i have to use (...)
Does it bother anyone else that this request displays such a lack of student ethics and post says to me..."I have a final year project and I need to plagiarize other designs so I can pass it off as my own work."[/I
Assign an array of char, with the all values you want, and read it with the keyvalue as index. This will work as a lookup table.
i am interfacing ps2 key board in arm lpc1768, the ps2 supply voltage is 5v but lpc1768 is 3.3v how can i connect the interrupt and data pins in lpc1768 should i use any resistor.thank you regards,
we are belongs to india. can any body here to give some advice how to start business in endia. but i dont want to develop own product. our skill set: IIC, SPI, CAN, 1ware, ps2, CAN, Flexray, RS232, RS485, MUDBUS, Microcontroller. we are having Knowledge on Both H/W and S/W developmet and manufacturing.. Pls Guide me thank you
i want ps2 key board function i keil c i am using arm lpc1768 kindly help how to get the key values and print in lcd are serial port
Hello, I need to make a homemade ps2 keyboard using a microcontroller and a matrix keyboard (many little switches connected in a matrix. The micro will scan the matrix and output the appropriate data on the ps2 Has anyone already done this, any such projects on the internet? I cannot find any.
Hi; MikroC for PIC has a ps2 and also an LCD library too: and there is my ps2 simulator library for Proteus (with example projects), while this is just for a PIC16 (for now) and in mikroC, not in MPLAB, sorry. But you can use the free compiler too.
Need some help. I am trying to emulate ps2 keyboard protocol. I am using open-drain pins with external pull ups to drive clock and data lines. Since the ports are open drain, when I write '1', they can become inputs. I need a way to check when the host(PC) tries to send data to the device(keyboard). The host drives the clk low for ~100usecs, the
Google on "verilog ps2 keyboard" gives some useful info, such as: and the moral of the story is, google is your friend. and don't tell me you want to use VHDL, because if so,
i doing project using ps2 controller, but i having big problem in programming......can anyone help me please....example like if a button of ps2 controller pressed and the pic output example like RB0 = 1;
I've bought several USB mice that come with a USB-ps2 adaptor. Where you could buy such a thing I do not know, mostly they get thrown out. Probably some PC repair place has a box full of such odds and ends.
Some serial protocols need reading and writing on same data lines, like ps2 protocol. Let's say device1 is sending data to device2. But device2 can pull the line low and make a request. In this case, how does device1(a microcontroller) read the data lines. Let's say data is being written by Microcontroller on Port P0.1, (...)
If you have Proteus installed and familiar with the simple PIC16s too, then: - here are two well working projects, using MikroC PRO for PIC (with and without my ps2 Keyboard Simulator library !!). The link (uploaded by me, I am 'Istvan K' on LibStock :wink:):
1 - Yes it is possible, the mouse and keyboard does it, but might take a bit of software on the PC side; 2 - ps2 uses 3 wires, basically (DATA, CLOCK, GND), with a 4th wire for powering the device itself, which you don't need with an external power supply; 3 - a keyboard/mouse is usually reset at pc startup, you need to implement this in you desi
hers is the code for keypad and ps2 keyboard
Hi guys, Im trying to implement the connection of mouse/key to atlys (using interrupt) and I want to print on the terminal ascii sent from the key. I read the user guide and the demos from the digilent website. User guide says the HID are implemented by ps2 protocol. I found also an example where the communication at usb port is (...)
I have successfully interfaced pic18f4550 with matrix display using mikroC. Now, I am trying to add ps2 keyboard to the project using the ps2 library provided in mikroC but whenever a key is pressed, it displays something else. Atimes, it will not respond to the key press. I am using standard 101 keyboard(dell). I pulled up the clock (...)
This is the first time I'm using Verilog, so you'll have to be patient. I have a ps2 mouse code and a 7 segment display code for the Digilent Basys2 board I'm not able to tie the outputs of the mouse coordinates to the display. Have been at it for so long that I'm not seeing simple things, perhaps.
i have a problem in rs485 communication with keyboard as the i/p (ps2) ...the o/p i get has a great delay...i use it to run h bridge...motors take about 3- 5 seconds running after i remove the i/p from the keyboard and sometimes there is no delay at stops immideatly if i push the last button again...this is the code on mikroc ,i am using
Hai.. friends , i am trying to connect my ps2 keyboard with pic 16f876A microcontroller. my hardware and software are works perfectly but when i ues zebronics keyboad it's not working.. all other companies are working... for find the reason i check the clock frequencies of each keyboad.. all keyboards are work in same frequency except zebnonics
Hi, I wanted to emulate a ps2/mouse using a PIC microcontroller. I want my PIC16f877 based ps2 device to get initialized as a mouse when my PC starts up. I have written ps2 driver in PIC16f and i think it works fine becoz when i connect it to my keyboard ps2 port of PC and send make (...)
Do you need to use a USB joystick? or any good joystick? i'm asking because you could communicate with some old and commercial joysticks... (like the NES/SNES joysticks they are mere TTL shift-registers) also, there is a lot of info about the Playstation Joystick (at least the PS1/ps2 joystick, not sure the PS3, but i heard it uses the same j
Hey I'm working on a project to get ps2 Input to the LCD, right now when I hit a key its flooding the entire LCD with that character, and I can't seem to get it to "increment", This is the code I am using Together with
does anyone know how to interface this Gt3721 or similar gps using ps2 port ? please help me with the pin diagram of the port and corresponding pin diagram in PC side using serial port and the interfacing circuit required (voltage level converters) if needed to interface it with PC i have the datasheet provided by the site.68202[/AT
hi all this is my code when i pressed key my pc goes in standby mode and it sending random char 9 continuously on notepad. any one can help what is wrong in code?
Be careful not to read the PRESS and then the RELEASE codes. For example, PRESS code for "A" is 1C RELEASE code for "A is FO 1C In both cases you have 1C, so if you omit somewhere F0 as RELEASE, you will read the same code twice .. see: The ps2 protocol :wink: IanP
I personally think developing ps2 keyboard will be more easier..cheaper and faster Indeed it will, even a small 8-pin micro could do it. However, whilst most desktops still support ps2, few laptops still do. I have seen the software AVR-USB (can't remember what they're calling it now..) which can emulate a USB PC
Hi, below is a simple code for Atmel 8051 connected with ps2 keyboard and LCD display. I want to take ASCII value from keyboard and displey it on LCD but i have problem with cnt1. Keyboard clk is connected on extern interrupt 1, port P3.3. and data value is taken from port P3.4. By looking picture
Hi , I want to develop the code for analog joystick.I am new for this part. I am going to use MSP430f5438.I know in joystick 2 pot and one button are used. I am going to used thum joystick ps2 . Is it possible to implement joystic code using 2 adc channel or want some special requirement or logic. I want some more information about
Hi, i have been trying to interface an optical mouse t0 my atmega32.i made the reading code work,but i'm unable to make the writing part work.the code below has to reset the mouse(oxff) and get the acknowledge(0xfa).on recieving this the an led on portB switches on.but the led is not turning 'on'.the code that i'm recieving is (0xbe).please help m
i have a ps2 optical mouse that i want to interface with my to get the xy location from the mouse's dsp.and is it possible to get seperate x,y displacements.
hi: i AM using SBC with xlinux. i attach ps2 keyboard and check all the signals waveforms. on the basis of that i have devloped avr based keyboard. so that i can send commands from my avr through ps2. all is well. But the issue is after some time ps2 of SBc freez even if attache original keyboard it (...)
Hi I have written a code in Verilog for interfacing ps2 keyboard to FPGA it seems to work fine on ModelSim but I am not very good at designing testbenches I am uploading my code here please see it and give your suggestions If you have a test bench for checking PS 2 Keyboard interface code please cross check my code against it and share (...)
check this Interfacing the PC's Keyboard. ps2 mouse source code sending code for ps/2 to protocol it means it will work for ps/2 keyboard as well as ps/2 mouse this program will trasnfer data (send by ps/2 device)on com port at 9600 baudrate #include #define
i want to asm codes for converting the pressed character in PC (ps2) key board to ASCII equivalent displayed on LCDps2 ASM code below. Connect a serial LCD to finish the job. ;read ps2 keyboard using pic12f675 #include ;12f675 has analogue __CONFIG 0x0184 errorlevel -302 ;prevent ba
Sir, I am doing a project in PIC16F877A .Here in my project,I want to collect data from ps2 key board, and it is to be displayed on LCD.But now I am facing some difficulties to lit the key board LED's individually. To lit caps lock led, I first send 0xed ,then I received 0xfa as (ACK) from key board.After that I have send 0x04 but caps loc
hi........... Please see very hard to find any ready made code..... If you get any code then please send it to me.. By the way . why u require to interface ps2 KB? you can interface 4 * 4 matrix What is your project?? and where are you from?
Hi, ps2 keyboard interfacing with 8051 examples can be found on refer that and write your own program for PIC. Regards Atul
does any one know how to set look up table for AScii to morse code...........using vhdl and fpga system or any idea abt this mini project "AN ascii to morse code genertor using vhdl and fpga system"................... here an ps2 keyboard is used to generate the asccii character and lcd display to display the ascii (...)
Hi, Once agian I think you should give some thought on the point number 2 of yours. Remember that ps2 devices are with clk high when you plug-in. The Host or PC should pull this clk to low so that hand shaking starts. Here in your case it is 80uS where as the host can send only if it is 100uS. please try to change this and see if you (...)
You mean you have removed the ps2 plug and have used a USB plug in its place!!! These two are not electrically compatible, USB devices need a driver circuit. A very easy solution is to use a ps2 to USB adapter, ebay and online stores should be full of them. 52595 Alex P.S. my picture on the left describes exactly
Hello everybody and happy new year... I've recently graduated and after taking a two months break, i am thinking about the next step in my career/education...Since finding work in my country is not very easy in this time and age and Masters abroad are rather expensive for my pocket, i was thinking about cisco (...)
hi sir.... i have a problem with our project... one of its implementation is converting wired mouse either ps2 or usb to wireless, minimum 1 meter range... the question it possible? can you give me a hint sir of what will i be using.. i tried using usb to rs232 cable and connected rxtx data of the rs232 to my bl
that site has shown you the diagram and pin connection to connect both,, controller and keyboard below ---------- Post added at 23:25 ---------- Previous post was at 23:24 ---------- check the figure and table.. thats the information you need
yes you can interface PS/2 mouse with controller. You can use HT6523 PS/2 Mouse Controller with microcontroller. or VT5363,Single Chip USB/ps2 Optical Mouse refer this site. they have full explanation along with circuit and software protocol description ---------- Post added at 15:38 ---------- Previous post was at 15