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Narrow band is usually defined as being narrower than the wanted signal. A single spectral line is one example. Wideband is usually defined as being wider than the wanted signal. One example would be a direct spread signal interfering with an ordinarily modulated signal.
its not esay to design so wide bandwidth. But you can use ADS to simulate it.
it is possible. Go thr the paper, Wideband Circularly Polarized Microstrip Patch Antenna for WLAN Applications by M.Ali,R.Dougal,G.Yang and H.S.Hwang It is available in this forum but i dont know the exact location.
hi can anybody send send me hfss manual of spiral antenna and double slot antenna?please i want to read it so that i can use hfss.plz if anybody have it send me
Hi, can anyone share experience or techniques that can make a wideband and/or miniaturized monopole? Thank you very much.
Any professional definition between narrowband and wideband?
U can refer to Electronic letters u will get plenty of papers there on U-slot type antennas for ur applications One book is also there Compact and Broadband antennas by Artech House
Hello, how the term narrowband and wideband, baseband can be defined thanks
Hi, kbmanick: Did you apply AEC, if you do not define the edge cells properly, the results may not converge well and you will see big difference with changing meshing settings. If you apply AEC properly, it should be converged very well for most cases. You can send me the .geo file ( and I can check it for you. Regards.
its very nice of Discreption of CPW Enter See After That Please write Comment
hi everyone i am unable to simulate my layouts of patch antennas (drawn using Zealand v 12..)because the license registered to our college got elapsed.. so plz simulate my layouts and send me the graphs.. i need the graphs for S11 v/s freq.(0.9 - 1.6 GHz) for the 2 slot and 4 slot antennas with (...)
I've tried to understand it from some articles (google) - but it's still not so clear to me... In other words, how can I (if I can...) change a circuit from NFM <>WFM? Any example will be very appreciate. TIA,
The patch itself provides one resonant point and the slot is another resonant point. The slot forces current to flow in a different path on the patch and each path of current flow corresponds to a resonant point. So, S11 will change.
Hello guys. I need some help with the via configuration dialog box in ADS. First of all, check my layer stackup out:- FreeSpace (open boundary) RO4350b PrePreg FR4 Air (open boundary) and here is some detail of the metallization:- FreeSpace -------- -STRIP-RouteLayer1 RO4350b |VIA| diel2 -------- -slot-cond2 PrePreg |VIA
Hi, This kind of structure is called a Marchand Balun. In a Marchand balun, the microstrip and the slot line meet in orthogonal directions on the opposite sides of the substrate. Microstrip line ground plane is in this case created by one side of the slot line metallization. Microstrip line is terminated (...)
Hi all, I'm trying to understand the design process of a microstrip to slotline transition for a vivaldi antenna. The microstrip width at the antenna port can be calculated to meet the desired Z_0 value of e.g. 50 Ohms using one of the online microstrip calculators. In my case this is way lower than 1mm due to a thin substrate. Fu
Dear Friends, Please help me to find the technical difference between a narrowband and wideband Power Amplifier. Is there some specific operating frequency/bandwidth on which we can differentiate. What is the criteria Thanks in advance, Hamid
Hi Im Trying To Build An NEC Decoder. I Connected A TSOP1738 To Interrupt 0 Pin (P3.2) Of 8051. To Make The Port as An Input I Made it High TSOP1738 Too Is In High Normally and Goes Low When It Receives IR Pulse. Any How The P3.2 Remains Always High. How Can I Detect Incoming Of Pulse. Bit Confusing To Me Can Anybody Help. (Hope Am Clear A
Pi match attenuators at all ports would help especially in diode mixer case. Active mixers generally don't need very good (and wideband) 50 ohms terminations at the ports. The most important port that requires good termination to get good mixer IMD, is the IF port.
FMM stands for Fast Multipole Multilevel . See Chew's book "Fast and efficient algorithms in computational electromagnetics" Artech House, 2001 AIM stands for Adaptative Integral Method. See Bleszynski's paper "AIM: Adaptative integral method for solving large scale electromagnetic scattering and radiation problems" Radio (...)
HI all, I always heard about the RFID tag's main components are uchip, antenna, and substrate. Is there anything unique for the RFID antenna @900MHz? Is it so different from antenna used in 900MHz GSM system? Thx
It's not OK! This circuit will not work. You need to use waveguide filter with half-wavelength resonators and septum slot coupling. You can find design such filters(without cross-coupling) in the "Matthaei's book".
The availability of scanners and wideband receivers covering the upper UHF spectrum above 800 Mhz necessitates reasonably priced, wide bandwidth, effective antennas. The most commonly used arrangements for wideband reception on scanners using an outdoor antenna system are multiband trap antennas, a (...)
Hi, Does anyone know what is the criteria for classifying broadband? I know above 25% is classified as a ultra-wideband device. So is there a definition for narrowband, mediumband and wideband? Appreciate any help i can get.
Hi, Faeyz: Defining CPW port is descirbed in the manual. However, if you don't know what to do for your particular structure, please uploade it or send the file to me at:
Hi i am a student doing CPW fed slot antenna for my final yr project. Currently i am faced with difficulties in verifying the conventional CPW line to be 50ohms. i want my CPW to have a Zo of 50 ohms. after using the synthesis method of working out the dimensions, my conductor width is 1mm and my slot width is 0.0577mm. The substrate i used (...)
VSWR is just a way to look at the mismatch. It is widely used years ago when mostly a slotted line was used for impedance matching. With slotted line you can easilly measure voltages along the line and calculate VSWR.
Just to clarify, you are talking about a mixer that upconverts a modulated carrier from an Transmit IF to a carrier frequency right? In that case, you should probably be more worried about LO phase noise and wideband noise floors. Linearity spec's on a mixer I would use simulaiton to look at. If you are talking about a transmit mixer in an
hi all, i have a question about sigma-delta modulator architecture selection. someone tell me that using cascaded modulator when designing low osr and wideband, using single-loop modulator when designing high resolution and low-speed. this is right? thanks advanced!
Does the design of the microstrip antenna in the high frequencies (millimeter wave) increases the antenna bandwidth?
hai all, i need some suggestion regarding the antenna design, the frequency range is 1GHz to 40GHz. It is possible to design such broad band antenna. ???? plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me.
Hi all i want to design a low noise preamplifier for a data sample collector. and the signal from the sensor is very very samll,in order to prevent the usefull signal from swampped by the noise made by the circuit itself i need to design a low noise preamplifier circuit to amplify the signal. so how should i choose the component for the a
What is the meaning of a subchannel in GSM. For example for SDCCH we have 4 subchannels in combined mode does it mean that they are acually 4 diff pairs carrying diff signaling info for diff calls going on. and also what does it mean "sub-channel number on this time-slot" ??
Hi, back metallization of so called GCPW implies some advantages in terms of surface waves suppression respect to what happens at the the lower air-dielectric interface of conventional CPW, as well as suppressing back-radiation effects in CPW-fed slot and folded slot antennas, resulting in higher directivities. Propagating modes are highly (...)
Hi all, I am designing a bandpass filter @ 2.8 GHz, 150 MHz bandwidth. I did a short survey on technologies but LC and LTCC are at the edge of what is acceptable, obviously due to the limited Q-factor of the resonators. An alternative is \lambda/4 coaxial resonator filters. These are pretty cheap in higher volumes. Has anyone desi
near far effect is a problem in CDMA as the PSD is no longer constant since MS near the BS seems to have more power than the one away from it (the one away would lose its power via path loss) and you since CDMA is really Power division mulitple access (only using it as analogy), this is a big problem and we need power control to mitigate it
These are two different points: - Why impedance matching (typically 50 ohm) is used in RF and wideband pulse signal connections? - Why has AD603 100 ohm input impedance. For the first point, you should consider, why it's the only way to distribute these signals undisturbed through cable connections (or more exactly, transmission lines).
Error detected by hpeesofsim during netlist parsing. ADS-syntax parser error in '', line 6: `syntax error' I want to simulate the slot_coupling 3dB hybrid coupler in ADS. Firstly, the coupler was drawn in layout window, and good results could be obtained, then created the coupler to a component, but afte
Hello there, I have M.B of gigabit GA-8I915ME, the problem is that after formatting the pc the pc becomes slow also i observed that its south chip (the chip between CMOS and RAM slot becomes very hot above normal ? any suggestion please reply.......... bye
ADC12Dxx00RF Direct RF-Sampling ADCs Sample Beyond 2.7 GHz at up to 3.6 GSPS Breakthrough RF-Sampling ADCs Revolutionize Radio Architectures (News at : July 20, 2011) National's 12-bit direct RF-sampling ADCs can directly sample input frequencies up to and beyond 2.7 GHz at up to 3.6 GSPS. A single direct RF-sampling ADC can replace an en
This module can cooperate with GPS receiver and AVR microcontroller from Atmega. The whole can be installed in a vehicle and be used as monitoring alarm of the vehicle state and transmitting its location to the user
Hello Everyone I have chosen this project :DESIGN OF A HIGH-GAIN CAVITY-BACKED slot ANTENNA WITH MUSHROOM CELLS and BENT GROUND WALLS . . . I donot know hfss software i read the user guide manual v10 and designned slot patch antenna Can u please tell me how to design for our required parameters and how to (...)
Hello Guys,,, I know the frame= 10 subframe=20 slots; and each slot include 12 subcarriers(in freq. domain) and 7 OFDM symbols(in time domain). PLZ My question, Can I put variable number of subcarrier per one slot (not fixed=12)? variable between (1 --> 12) If possible , that means frame = 20 (...)
This is a chassis for a head, designed as a very fast hiGain, which includes 180W supply transformer and 70W speaker transformer. Power supply uses quite large capacitors 200uF and 100uF. Powering voltage in ?AB? cla
What is the difference between narrowband and broadband? , Broadband and Wideband? , Wideband and Ultra Wide Band ? Please quantify the answers.
dear i got this paper, i want to redesign it, but i still confused can anyone explain me the setting of the patch bottom-top view thank
Dear members, I happened to read about ethernet powerlink resorts to mixed polling and time-slot procedure. Can anyone explain the mixed polling concept? Thanks. With regards, Aswini J
Hello, I am making a 0-50MHz MCU frequency counter. The MCU probably accepts ttl levels on it's input and I would like to build a suitable amplifier that will be able to amplify low signal levels and at the same time square them. I have found two such amplifiers: http:
Hi... Iam using the multihole coupler in my project to characterize the RF signal of 42GHz, 200kw propagating in TE03 mode. Actually I was given a circular multihole coupler consisting 3 slots and each slot consisting of 6 holes. In each slot the difference between the two adjacent holes were being same. But it changes (...)
hi at firs excuse me as i'm persian my english is not good enough ;-) in the gilbert vga below what is the Vcm?I know that is common mode voltage but my question is that we have to initialize it??how much is that? and the other question is if i want to have a vga with a specific frequency how can i calculate the frequency for this circuit? i