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it is possible. Go thr the paper, Wideband Circularly Polarized Microstrip Patch Antenna for WLAN Applications by M.Ali,R.Dougal,G.Yang and H.S.Hwang It is available in this forum but i dont know the exact location.
U can refer to Electronic letters u will get plenty of papers there on U-slot type antennas for ur applications One book is also there Compact and Broadband antennas by Artech House
1. Characteristics of a MM-wave tapered slot antenna with corrugated edges S. Sugawara, Y.Maita, K. Adachi, K. Mari, K. Mizuno Microwave symposium digest, 1998 2. Wideband tapered-slot antenna with corrugated edges for GPR applications V. Mikhner, P. Vainikainen Microwave conference 2003 3. Analysis of Vivaldi antennas Huang (...)
its very nice of Discreption of CPW Enter See After That Please write Comment
Hi, Micro_tech: For multi-band, you are trying to create a few distinct resonant frequency bands (high Q). For wide band, you try to make a very wide bandwidth (low Q). I think I have posted my comments on wide band antennas before. For all those wide band antennas, one thing in common is (...)
does anyone have recomendations for papers or have papers concerning: broadbanded patch/microstrip dipole - bw is 20% slot coupled microstrip patch - maybe my best chance at achieving said bw? application will require dual polarization, so some applications may not be applicable, such as slot loading the radiating element from Kin-Lu (...)
?Collinear printed array antenna,? Microw. Opt. Tech. Lett., Vol.50, Issue 6, pp. 1582-1584,  June 2008 ?Ultra wideband folded rectangular monopole,? Microw. Opt. Tech. Lett., Vol.49, Issue 6, pp. 1497-1500,  June 2007 ?Ultra wideband printed monopole antenna,? Microw. Opt. Tech. Lett., Vol.49, Issue 5, pp. 1082-1085, May 2007 (...)
I want to design a 0.5-3 GHz Vivaldi or Horn UWB Antenna, The problem with horn is that its dimensions get very large- and vivaldi is a good option but most of the designs have good performance above 3 GHz and Designs are not available for lower frequency wideband operation,Could anyone help in achieving such a design?
hi, mmwave i am interested in TSA (Tapered slot Antenna), generally TSA is a broadband and endfire antenna. i do not know how to feed teflon lens to get narrow beam on your antenna. how about use fresnel zone plate lens antenna or fresnel zone plate reflectarrays if your application is not wideband in Ka or (...)
here is another idea so called "de Ronde strip-slot coupler paper." F.C. de Ronde. "A New Class of Microstrip Directional Couplers." 1970 G-MTT International Microwave Symposium Digst of Technical Papers 70. 1 (1970 ): 184-189. By using Cohn's slotline in combination with a microstrip. simple 90 as well as 180 directional couplers of
Dear romrom, Patch antennas have never be known to be wideband anyway. Another thing to note is the ground-to-radiator distance. Hope this helps, Watson
Hello everyone, I am simulating a wideband printed slot antenna with substrate height of 1.5 mm. I have a concrete block on top and an epoxy box at bottom attached to it. The problem i face is that if i simulate this antenna in the specified band of 100-800 MHz i get a mesh size of almost 9000 cells. The simulation is (...)
Hello, I am trying to simulate an unit cell of an UHF Arrays using HFSS with reference to: IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation, Vol 54, No.7, July 2006 -Compact Light Weight UHF Arrays Using Long slot Apertures I've drawn out the structure of the unit cell except for the balun transformer. The requirement is a wideband 4:1 (...)
hi if u designed antenna was based on other persons research and u did not achieve to them result it may be pertain to your feeding of antenna and the simulation method so change u antenna feed to standard feed u can reed Compact & Broadband Microstrip Antennas, Kin-Lu wong and Broadband (...)
Hi thanks for the paper. I am very new in antenna design. But I am looking for an antenna with the highest gain possible maybe an array. I am not very concerned about bandwidth.