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Hi, In previous versions of cadence virtuoso, i used to plot the transistor region of operation from edit> component display. Now in the newer version 6.1.6, i cannot find this option anymore. Can anybody tell how i can annotate transistor regions of operation. Regards
Hi All, When I run DC analysis in Spectre I wasn?t able to annotate the DC operating point, but I am able to print the node voltage. Can someone please explain why I am getting this? Thanks Bouchy
I guess u r talking about toggle rate/switchin activity. It depends on the scenario of operation of your chip...will be different for different modes of operation... since u dont know about the value, what u can do is do a netlist simulation with sdf annotated and get the VCD/SAIF file and annotate it back to ur power (...)
If we add or delete any nets in expedition pcb is it possible to update(back annotate) them to design capture.
I have IC 5.0 on linux. P4 CPU. When I simulate a circuit and annotate the DC operation points back onto the schematic, the annotated voltages have too many digitals, usu. 12-15 digits. That's too much accuracy for me and the long long number will cover each other so that I can't see any one of them clearly. Have anybody experienced (...)