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How to design a smart antenna circuit by use of CC2400? what kind of program do i need to write ?
antenna circuit Design for RFID Applications-MicroCHIP
Hello guys, I would like to build a directional antenna and system to find the something, like the one used in wild life to trak down endengered species. Any suggestion/help link and why not circuit/schematica is highly appreciated. Thankx :D Wafer101.
I can build antenna yagi and posting here about the geometry. How much the frequency ?
hi,guys anyone knows how to model the circuit of patch antenna by ADS and how to optimize the model? Thanks first!!
Hello Forum, This is my first post here. I looking for help with Designing the antenna feed circuit for my GSM Unit. I want make GSM 2G+ mobile phone. I use Calvus, P/N A10340, Penta-band SMD antenna. It is my first project with GSM device and do not know how to calculate 50 Ohm impedance feed. Can some one can help me? Send working (...)
Check out microchip application note title is "antenna circuit Design for RFID applications" Hope this will help you start somewhere :)
to build the whole circuit, you need. 1. VCo circuit 2.signal generator 3.noise generator 4.matching and antenna circuit.. normally you can find the circuit separately, then you combine those circuit... try to simulate the cir
dear i am using wimax but its signal is very low plz give me low cast antenna for wimax use in outdoor i am thank full 2u
I have a requirement to read data from tags in a grid of squares 2 1/4" x 2 1/4" The grid can be 4x6, 4x8, 6x6, etc. The reading distance needs to be about 1.5" in diameter extending about 1/4" from the antenna. The tags will be separated from the antenna by a sheet of glass (or other non-conducting element). Is it possible to simply wire up an ant
That’s an active antenna circuit used for receiving purposes in instances where a normal antenna would be impossible to accommodate in a physical sense. Such an antenna is sometimes called an antenna booster. For that purpose we are using a field effect transistor as the amplifying device. The JFET (...)
Dears; how i can extract SPICE Model For This attached antenna Using CST Tool i can feed the antenna and do Frequency Analysis and drow the Far Filed Pattern if there any post calculation to Extract circuit model For this antenna or Calculate it's input impedance. it is RFID antenna work @ 13.56MHz 75827
To measure antenna polarization you can use a half-wave dipole or a waveguide horn. Their typical polarization separation is >30 dB if made geometrically "clan". Depends on frequency what you may prefer. At microwave bands I used dipoles made of a thin metal sheet, to achieve >30 dB polarization ratio. Locate this test antenna far enough from the
It's all about RFID technology from Microchip. - RFID Basic - Device datasheet - antenna circuit design - Reference reader design (included circuit)
Hi, What is the formula for calculating the transmitted power by a coil inductor? For example in 13.56MHz RFID systems, what is the formula for calculating the power transmitted by the antenna of the Reader. I think the transmitted power by a coil inductor is the same as the reactive power generated by the coil which is equal to 0.5*L*w*I^2
Look for microcontollers with RF interface, like rfPIC , ATrf ... , and here: This way you will only need to configu
Hi there, I have two different questions to ask. If someone could help...??? 1st. I am designing a non rechargable 6V AA battery system using the EM4095 rfid chip a microcontroller and some peripherals used only when a card is valid. I have take some measurements in an other design using I don't know which chip (because of the zelatine on i
Hello ,every one, i am designing a 134.2KHz animal RFID long range reader, i use a 25cm*25cm rectangle antenna, now the longest range is only 20cm when using a 3cm diameter tag. in the circuit,i designed a auto tuning circuit(Mearsuring the antenna current and vlotage phase,adjusting the caps array trough a MCU). (...)
If doesn't work when distance is greater than 1.5cm, and also doesn't work when touching the two antennas, means the dynamic range of the RFID receiver is very poor, which is unusual for an ASK system. Most probably the antenna circuit gets detuned.
where should i start the design of a RF Wireless (~2.5 GHz) Integrated circuit antenna Design from..?
We model the antenna in lumped circuit as attachment. The left-hand side is the antenna which consists of radiation resistance, recatance, and a voltage source. The right-hand side in the schematic is the loading resistor. I have several questions as following. 1) Is it ok to model the signal received from antenna (...)
you must answer this quasion for the selection of antena 1- is it a receiver and or transmitter antenna. 2- You must specify the radiation papter, the gain of antenna and the output and or input impedance of the circuit for transmitter antenna you must care in the max output power which is handeled by the (...)
Hi, Does placement of antennas near other circuit components like inductors and crystal oscillators have an effect on the radiation efficiency and other performances of the antenna? Thanks. ckJJ
i want to kow AGC circuit to use in tracking antenna.
hi antenna can be modeled as and R,L,C element connected at the output of the TX or the input of the RX. Values of R,L,C varies according to frequency of operation, type of antenna, specs of antenna. You can find equivlen RLC of an antenna by using EM simuators Thanks Haytham
u can also visit d site's download section-- it has documents containing formulae about antenna design etc 4 rfid and also an open source executable file which will help u calculating d parameters 4 different carrier frequencies like 13.56mhz etc
My problem is when I design circuit, I dont know how to choose antenna for them. How many way to design antenna? Could I draw antenna on board? I can not find out any documents about that. any link or doc or anything would be of great help to me thanks
That is not right. Load must be connected instead of antenna because of impedance matching and power gain. When simulating it does not matter if you with load resistor also "overload" the battery. In practical circuit there must be a 1n blocking capacitor in series with load.
Hi .. Can anyone kindly explain how to derive the input impedence of the parallel RLC equivalent for microstrip antennas operating near resonance? pls cite any references if you have come over this somewhere.. thanks
i think antenna matching , is circuit inserted between the antenna and the PA , to make total power transfer to antenna and this increase the system efficiency , so it shouldn't change the antena resoanse freqyancy khouly
There is no need of a matching circuit if both are perfect 50 ohms. If there is a matching circuit means they are not. Most probably the antenna is not 50 ohms. I?ve seen a lot of antenna designs which theoretically are 50 ohms (PIFA, Patch) that uses a matching circuit. Is not usual, but if you are (...)
Yes, a balun can help here. Just be careful with the impedance ratio of the balun to realize the impedance matching between single-end antenna terminal and differential circuit terminal. At the beginning, it is suggested to use an off-chip balun for verification of the circuit. After that, you can try on-chip transformers (area-hungry (...)
How to protect output of power amp against short circuit and mismatch in antenna? please give some circuits if possible for learning purposes.
Hello ayem9, The best book to learn is " Microstrip antenna Design Handbook" By Ramesh Garg, Prakash Bhartia, Inder Bahl, A. Ittipiboon and the best article is An accurate circuit model of a microstrip patch antenna for CAD applications Kapsidis, D.; Chryssomallis, M.T.; Christodoulou, C.G. antennas and Propagation (...)
Dear all I simulated an integrated power amplifier (schematic ) and an antenna(Momentum) by ADS , I wonder how can I have the pattern, return loss and impredance of the integrated circuit in ADS step by step? Thanks.
I'm trying to get the equivalent circuit (transmission line model) for my microstrip antenna structure! are there softwares out there that can do this?
The equivalent of any antenna is an LC resonant circuit.
Hi, everyone, I am doing a transceiver system working in 25MHz carrier. A single electrode was used to be both transmitting antenna and receiving antenna. Apparently, a antenna switch was needed. The transmit signal was acquired by series LC resonance circuit. As a result, it had a high voltage (approximately more than (...)
The quarter wave line turns a voltage source into a current source. This was widely used in AM band broadcast antenna phased arrays.
I don't see any reason to don't use shunt capacitors in a 2.4GHz antenna matching, if the SRF of the capacitor is higher than the operating frequency (which 1pF SMD definitely it is).
I need to design an antenna and a rectifier circuit at 27 Mhz in order to measure the strongness or weakness of the 27 Mhz signal by multimeter. please give me instruction for calculation of value of the single diode, rectifier capacitor, resistor Thank in advance
Dear, are you have any ideas about 2band or 3band (or mult-iband) antenna equivalent circuit? (in transmission line or lumped element) Is there any source or book about this subject?
what's the equivalent circuit of this antenna? 66807 and dose this equivalent circuit tell us what's the E field distribution of the antenna or not? I am afraid you misunderstand something. Equivalent circuit models are not useful in antenna design. The antenna is a (...)
Dear Friends, I'm new to this Forum. I find this very interesting and helpful. Now I want your valuable suggestions for my small project. Here I attached the circuit schematic of an analog wide-band beam steering circuit. I want to steer my antenna primary beam(8 degrees) by certain angle by introducing the cable length equal to angle of (...)
I'm trying to get the equivalent circuit for my microstrip antenna can i do this? my antenna is here
I am looking at a transceiver design. There is a differential output fed to a IFA antenna. My questions are: 1) What is L3 and L4 doing? Are they blocking high frequencies and passing DC? Or do the inductors have something to do with the matching, if so why? 2) Suppose I wanted to do some sort of digital step attenuation. Are there any DSA
i m designing a phase shifting switched circuit and its control circuit to be used to control the direction of reception of a phased array antenna. anyone who can help?
There's no simple equivalent circuit representing the wideband behaviour (resonances at n*λ/4). Around the λ/4 resonance, a series RLC circuit with R representing the radiation resistance is the best fit. P.S.: To elaborate a bit, you get parallel RLC behaviour around λ/2, series around 3λ/4 and so on. Resonance Q depends on
Hello, I assume you are familiar with transmission line resonators and their RLC representation. Do an Internet search on patch antenna transmission line model (without quotes). Once you have a transmission line model, you can convert that to a RLC model (over narrow frequency range). You may narrow down your search by adding LC or LCR.
hi all help me in solving this how to draw an equivalent circuit model of patch antenna(RLC) in ADS can u tell step wise process from any example in ads c kartik