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I'm having some trouble during the installation phase of the ads-Momentum software version ads2016_01_shp (In order to design on-Chip-antenna) as the following message appears: "Select another place to extract the files" With multiple tests and different locations. Knowing that i have available space of 137 GB.
Pls, forum members i recently came across a paper online on how to optimize rectangular microstrip antenna using air gap technique. I have tried for more than two weeks without ant success, the design is in two phases. the first one is without air gap which i have uploaded the HFSS design here while i have no idea on how to (...)
Hello, I am simulating a quasi-yagi cpw fed antenna on ads. The results do not match with the results as given on the research paper. The research paper did that on HFSS. Can anyone help me in this problem? The points to note: (1) I tried CPW feeding with P1 + and P2 & P3 -ve wrt P1. So the two right & left blocks are assumed to be ground. (2)
i want to make a cylinder is it possible to do that in ads. i am using a cylindrical shape patch antenna and feeding it by using microstrip line and want to match it by using lumped elements. i know how to draw microstrip lines and lumped elements, can i draw this cylindrical patch in ads. if yes then how?
Hi everyone! I need to design a 8x8 antenna arrays at 9 Ghz i tried with RO 5880 but i've got difficulties to achieve impedance macthing. i use as software, CST or ads is it possible to have papers or your experience about that please? My next challenge is the same antenna but at 24 Ghz thank for your help. (...)
Can somebody please help me with low cost RF design software? I work at company and some time, not always need to work with some RF design tasks. Like antenna design and matching, RF transmission line design and matching. Previously I used to work with ads, CST and HFSS software in my (...)
Hi guys i want help .... i wanna design a antenna for NFC device so that i can read data by mobile ....frequency 13.56 MH........i wanna design in ads.... I also want my antenna size will be very small.... Please help guys...
how to find input impedance of patch antenna in ads and how can i match it to 50ohm using microstrip line
reduce the width of the antenna for optimization . it may occur due to the boundary conditions, feeding points...etc
Hi iam design a patch array antenna using ads -layout design i don't know how to use Wilkinson power divider for 2*2 array
i am doing project on mimo antenna using complimentary split ring resonator(cssr) 1) it is operating in 2.45GHz 2) to reduce the size of the antenna iam using cssr 3) ads is the software used for this design
I want to do a project using GCPW fed monopole antenna, Can anyone help me to do it
I made a simple patch antenna in CST. Now I want to compare its results (S11) by designing it in ads and HFSS. I'm able to import DXF files from CST into HFSS and ads. I successfully simulated the design in HFSS but was wondering if I can simulate the DXF file in ads (Momentum) as well? (...)
hi i want to know which type of antenna is used in mobile towers???i am gng to design fractal antenna in it easy to design or not?//
Dear all I have to design folded dipole antenna in ads, can any one provide ma dipole antenna designing manual/tutorial???
Hi, I have designed a mirostrip antenna array using ads. Now I want to see the axial ratio vs frequency curve. But ads only shows the result of axial ratio vs theta. I heard that EMPro can serve this. Thats why I install empro in my computer but I can not able to export ads design to empro (...)
HI.. Im a newbie to Advanced design system (ads) software. I want design a patch antenna with a coax feed. Im having following doubts in this regarding. * Is there any design formula for getting coax feed position? * How to design a coax fed antenna using (...)
I doubt if it is possible to do antenna as receiver analysis like that. coz if u place a copy of ur antenna to be acting as a receiver at a distance, it will be as though u have place a tx antenna patch and rx antenna patch on same substrate. on top they both have to be on same plane, trying to put ur (...)
Hi everyone, I am trying to design a CPW fed patch antenna in ads.I need help with port assignment for central feed line and two ground plane.If someone is working on CPW fed antenna design in ads please let me know about it.I tried searching for tutorials on CPW fed (...)
Hi every one, i am doing my final project,help me to design microstrip antenna using 2x2 antenna array with u slots on it to increase the bandwith of it in ads. and how to start my design, is there any design formula for u slot dimensions...?
Yes, everyone needs antennas. For instance to receive some Swedish TV and watch boys and girls.
HAI I need to design linearly tapered slot antenna..Please let me know if there is a solution for drawing the shapes in ads. Please tell me the steps to designthis antenna...
Ur antenna is a planar structure or a 3D cylindrical Loop..??
Hi Vidhya, U havent mentioned if it is a planar or waveguide type of antenna. If its planar ads is good, U need to define the substrate parameters and just layout ur design in ads Layout window..!! ads is good for planar structures. And if its a waveguide type, den i suggest u try a fullwave simulator like (...)
hello I've simulated an antenna in ads and I've got I minimum of -30 db , this afternoon I made the same design but in HFSS and I used a lumped port but I had only a minimum of -4 db with a shitf of frequency (about 30 MHZ) :twisted::twisted:I don't know where is the error. Has anyone met the same probleme before??? I need your help
hi, i want to implement this antenna in ads 2011. how can i define ground plane in ads as shown in the paper? What is slot plane in ads momentum and what is its purpose?
Hello, I have simulated a dipole antenna at HFSS. Now, I would like to use it in a design at ads. In this way, I would like to have a two-port block that would mimic the impedance frequency dependency of the antenna. Probably at port 1, the impedance should be always equal to 50ohms, while the impedance at port 2 should (...)
Hello, I'm looking for examples of design of a spiral antenna with a right circular polarisation. an example with ads will help me a lot :wink: waiting for ur answers 10x
Hi all 1- i want to design butler matrix with microstrip antenna array using ads2011 can any body advise me how to make it by ads i want connect different shapes of antenna with butler matrix and see the behavior of S11 and gain i want design 4x4 and 8x8 2- how i can plot gain (...)
hi every one, i have design a antenna in momentum layout and rectifier in schematic now when i import layout design in schematic file and connect it with rectifier the simulation encounter a error i.e fail to find model file for layout component. kindly help me out. Regards Noaman
Here you can download some ads tutorials:
Hello, how we can know if we have a circular or linear polarization of an antenna design nd ads?? best regards
May not give the answer to some of your questions but definitely gives better explanation for collinear antennas:
Hi, this is a planar antenna that can be easily modeled with Momentum. You have to excite it with a single port. shorts between vertical point have to be done with via layers, shorts between horizontal points could be done by means of air-bridges (almost equivalent to wire bonding). Regards Marco
kindly if you can elaborate your issues or attach pics.. because not all of us have ads installed!! moreover i would recommend CST for antenna designing
how to simulate rectangular patch along with e-shape on ground proj structure is atached 87471 . please help to simulate the design with settings in agilent ads ..
,please give some mathematical formulas for various antenna design wrt frequency
i am doing a project in which i have to design a loop antenna with frequency 434Mhz and another at 2.45Ghz using ads only. please someone post the steps thank you.
Hi, Can anyone help me? I design ZOR antenna in ads with resonance frequency is 915MHz.But in my design i don't see the resonance frequency. This is my design thanks ! i'm sorry but i can't upload my file in this thread
hi i have Q i use ads 2011 to design patc antenna in diffrent configuration. if i change the port location on edge it means not in center that change will effect the result also if put the port inside the edge so its must be the port in center of patch antenn edge or not. i know , i alawyse make the port in center (...)
hello sir/madam i have designed a rectangular patch antenna with circular polarization,,,,but i exactly dont know to measure axial ratio,,,can u please help me in fingding out axial ratio vs frequency graph,,, after designing for circular polarization ,if we dnt get axial ratio less hen 3bd,,,is the design wrong??
hi i want to design switched line phase shifter for 8X8 microstrip patch array antenna at 35GHZ using transmission lines. Can anybody give idea about how to design it in ads ?
hi all i did design patch antenna but now i want convert to schematic ho i can do that i tried but i have problems i attached some photos i need help 827638276482765
HI all i have many Qs: 1- how i can connect many antenna together to make array by using agilent ads layout. 2- it is possible to design microstrip antenna and butler matrix at different frequency from each other or chould be same. because now i will design microstrip antenna and (...)
hi, i have to design dipole antenna..i am bit confused in how to define layout layers as i am using two cond layers which are overlapping..can any one please explain..thanks
If You are focus is on designing Microstrip antenna i suggest that you should use a Software called ads by agilent this software entirely focused on antenna desingn. You can very well see the S11 S21 S31 in it at you can very easily attach ports to it Just use this software and you don.t need to re design (...)
There are many examples installed with ads. If you are using ads 2099, look at these directories: examples\Tutorial examples\Training\Momentum examples\Momentum\antenna The User's Guide in PDF format can be found at \doc\pdf\usrguide.pdf
hi i ve to design 35GHZ patch antenna vertically polarized in ads. please help how to orient it and how to start please help me..
for my project i wanna to design a dual band active mixer and patch antenna for WLAN application in ads tools.... can anyone tell me about the design procedure?????
The beamwidth you can derive from the radiation pattern. It is mostly defined as the angle between the points (angles) where the gain dropped 3 dB below the main beam gain. It can be specified for both XZ and YZ plane (assuming maximum gain is in positive Z direction). Front to back ratio is just Gain(front direction) - gain(backwards direct