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Hi, I am using Altium Designer Summer 09. Kindly let me know, how to define anti-pad for pad in internal plane. Description: I have a SENSE pin (thru-hole pad) which is has a netname GND, but we don't want to connect it in GND Plane. (It will be connected through a route for some purpose). For single/multi GND (...)
For each layer of the padstack you can define a regular pad, an antipad, and a thermal pad. I have a question: if the padstack passes through a positive plane and the pin or via using the padstack needs to be connected to the plane, what will be used then? regular (...)
Hi Lee, Check whether the shape symbol you have used inside the pad designer for thermal relief and anti-pad are in the same directory of the board file, and try refreshing. hope it will help you....
Yes, you can difine the Thermal on pads. When you set up the thru hole pad, right at the pad Style, instead of pad, you can click on that and select the Thermal of anti pad then you define what you want in there.
My board house is complaining that I do not have enough clearance on a few holes on internal layers. This is an issue because although the holes are supposed to be non-plated, the board house claims to not be able to guarantee that (quick-turn house that does all drilling at the beginning and uses resist on the non-plated holes). Besides,
My vias pass analog DC signals and power with frequencies under 100Hz. Could possibly have 50mA going though a via. My board density is high and only two sided. what is the recomended drill, pad, anti-pad daimeters?
Does anyone can tell me how to add pad located in the pad libraries automaticly when synthesis with synopsys DC?
Hi, Is there any information or rule of thumb about how many power/ground pad should be placed for a chip ? Thanks in advance!
Hi: How can I use more accurate analysis or steps to determine the number of VDD/VSS (Power/Ground) I should have in CHIP to supply enough current and power for CHIP core and I/O pad. There are two kind of Power pad generally. (1) VDD/VSS for core. (2) VDD/VSS for I/O. How to decide the number of them. thanks!
Hi all! I have a sensor with a anti-log response, and i have to linearize it to determine all the points off the plot. How i can do it?, with a Microcontroler, with a analog driver?... Thanks in advance. :)
Which has the minuimum inductance for a decoupling cap: 1. Blind via-in-pad with via diameter of 0.15mm finished, extending from layers 1 to 5 in a 6-layer board, OR 2. Tracking to an immediately-adjacent 0.7mm pad, 0.3mm finished blind via,extending from layers 1 to 5 in a 6-layer board?
Hello everybody. I have used POWERPCB 5.0.1 and been new on it. I see everything on the PCB board but i don't see via and pad holes in PCB printouts. Namely all holes are filled. What should i do to see empty holes in pads and vias? Thanks a lot for helps
We use TSMC 0.18micron 6 Metal 1 Poly (1.8V/3.3V) technology.We currently use bond pads with a metal pads defined on all 6 metal layers under the passivation bond pad opening. These is a number of vias linking these metal pads together. The idea is to remove the metal pads from layers 1,2,3 or even from (...)
what is the way to design a wireless modem with anti jamming capability ? some link and info about jamming methods and anti jamming for wireless system(data tx/rx) design is needed by me. regards
In layout design ,when you add a fill around a pad,there is two choice one is connect it directly,the other is by a cross line . For consider manufacture which is better ?why
a DOS program to calculate the attenuation pad
Attached is the pad library for Tanner Tools. The Std Cell should come with the tools itself.
I do'nt kown what's right to process pad power ring and core power ring. Who can help me ? Thanks
Hi everyone, How can I compute the S-parameters of a RF pad (GSG) with HFSS. Which ports to use and how to connect them? Thanks. Boy
Hello, I would like to know how to design (dimensions, ?square or circular?, etc) the thermal relief/pads of the through-hole components and vias. I would thank you a lot any paper, link, tutorial, etc. Thanks a lot and best regards, mimoto
What is the difference between PCI pad and CMOS pad? I can't find the difference in library databook... Please let me know the difference..
Does anyone happen to have information on min/max die pad sizes and spacing requirements? Also, possibly max/min die sizes for packaging? jelydonut
If clk(generated in tb) propagates into chip through such kind of pad, it seems to get wrong timing which will lead to function failed. ------------------------------------------------------------------- module padX; input ... output ... buf (...); bufif0 (...); specify block: all timing definitions equal to 0. endmodule ----------
How the circuit under pad scheme is realized. Is there any potential problems associated with this scheme. This is related to I/Os circuits in cmos process.
hi all, i've been asked to give a special instruction to pcb fabricator to have a small pad around a via in an inner layer. but i'm not sure why. this is a high frequency analog board. does anyone here know why? cheers! akhmar
Hello! Does anyone can help me with a complete descritpion of an open_drain pad in .lib format?? Thanks in advance!
Hello, Can anyone help me with how can I specify an external resistance for an open-drain output-pad in Design Compiler. Thanks in advance!
Hi, say i have a design that i am migrating to smaller feature technology. Can anyone tell me wht are the key points that i should note while i select equivalent IO pads in this smaller technology. cheers, Gold_kiss
Did anyone have been used the stagger io pad ? Due to my design is pad limit, so I am surveying the stagger io to solve this problem.... But I never use it for our IC, so I don't know the risk , when using stagger io pad? :)
Hi How to rename a pad in allegr0 librarian? Thx George
Hi, Would like to know how to remove existing solder remain in Bga pad,tried to use solder wick with soldering iron but still there are remaining solder. Thank you. Regards......Jeff
Hi, Is there any automated method to get the pad coordinate (center location). Thanks
Hello everybody: I am a analog VLSI design engineer and I am now designing a Power Amplifier. Now, I need the answer for the following question: The power is about 0.1 Watts with power supply of 3V, I am wondering how to deal with the pad issue, I mean can we just put one pad or we need several pads? If we need several, how to decide (...)
hai guys, what is different with analog and digital i/o pad.
Hello, Are there any disadvantages to using vias in pads on PCBs? I have looked around but haven't found a huge amount of material on this subject, but I'm sure I'm missing something... Regards, -Colin
Hello : I am running protel DXP DRC. I got lots of warnings. one of them is like: Net SD1 Warning - pad/Via touching plane Does anybody know what is exactly meaning? How can i correct? Thanks.
A title.Please discuss
Hello, I am new in dxp2004, but have an experience with protel 99. I am wondering is there a command or something to change a pad size (not hole size) on global level, as it is possible in protel99. Thanks, Yham
anybody have any exprience about layout of pad frame using cadence virtuso? regards
Nowdays mobile camera phone is issued. So, I want to design anti-rolling system (image stabilizer system) in mobile phone camera module. I want to get anti-rolling algorithm and hardware verification system. In case of camcorder, there are may algorithms and hardware systems. But they are not proper to mobile camera phone. Is anybody who know
I design my asic. who can give me some advice about selecting io pad? welcome any doc about this topic. thanks!
Is some body explain me about functionality of I/O buffer pad
what is the standard ratio between pad size and pin dimensions for smd components ? regards
hi this error appears in orcad layout . the track is perpendicular on the pad so, how to fix it? regards
hi friends, i have a problem in connecting filler cell ports with pad cell seems they dont get connected.the asic tool i use is is it possible to stitch filler cell ports with pad cell ports similar to stitching pad cells with external outputs?
Can any one suggest me about who to proceed with IO pad cell design... As it has large transistors of huge width and ESD protection cicuitry,, can any one help me in telling what actually inside it and how to proceed with layout of such circuitry... thanks in advance.. skyismylimit
For multiple metal pad layout, i want to know which mtal layer from internal ciruit is connected to the pad? for example , the three metal process, 1. when the internal signal must connect to the pad for bonding, which metal shoud be use to connect to pad? and why? 2. do all pad (...)
any guidance on how to design the connecting pad between component. 1)for eg, if i have resistor in series with a microstrip opencircuit stub, do i still need a connecting pad in between? 2)For discrete component how to design the connecting pad.
hi there, Is there any body who download public pad frame from MOSIS and stream in cadence when NCSU design kit is installed. I download the public pad frame(TSMC 0.24) and stream in. Everything looks fine. But when I instantiate in my design library. I can not see all the layers. It seems to me layer definition is different. How to (...)