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Hi, I am using Altium Designer Summer 09. Kindly let me know, how to define anti-pad for pad in internal plane. Description: I have a SENSE pin (thru-hole pad) which is has a netname GND, but we don't want to connect it in GND Plane. (It will be connected through a route for some purpose). For single/multi GND (...)
For each layer of the padstack you can define a regular pad, an antipad, and a thermal pad. I have a question: if the padstack passes through a positive plane and the pin or via using the padstack needs to be connected to the plane, what will be used then? regular (...)
Hi Lee, Check whether the shape symbol you have used inside the pad designer for thermal relief and anti-pad are in the same directory of the board file, and try refreshing. hope it will help you....
Yes, you can difine the Thermal on pads. When you set up the thru hole pad, right at the pad Style, instead of pad, you can click on that and select the Thermal of anti pad then you define what you want in there.
My board house is complaining that I do not have enough clearance on a few holes on internal layers. This is an issue because although the holes are supposed to be non-plated, the board house claims to not be able to guarantee that (quick-turn house that does all drilling at the beginning and uses resist on the non-plated holes). Besides,
My vias pass analog DC signals and power with frequencies under 100Hz. Could possibly have 50mA going though a via. My board density is high and only two sided. what is the recomended drill, pad, anti-pad daimeters?
Hello folks .. Im looking to build a circuit to automaticly open/close a gate (or) door with the safety feature not to crush if the door (or) gate becomes obstructed by a person pet, or object I have searched everywhere with no luck :cry: I have managed to build one using SR latches and the H bridge with mirco switches used as stop/strart
Hi, Please check the pad stack in the padstack you should defined the anti etch clearence for internal layers.
I am using Allegro 15.2V For composite design.I made a composite layers using anti ETCH layer. Example :-Internal layer A as composite, I gave the coressponding antiEtch layer respective traces clearence.I follwed mentioned method for designs. But recently i viewed one document We can generate the auto shapes for composite layers. Using ne
If your I/O Lib has the std. ESD protection: ... you could use an input or an I/O pad