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I need the TC24-11EWA 5x8 Dot matrix Led Display (Kingbright Corp.) Model or library file for proteus & ares. Help me Please... Regards...
Hi all, I am using ares 7.1SP2 and am having a problem. I have created a PCB payout. Not from schematic, but just from packages. I want to create a ground plane to connect to my ground signals dotted about, but it just skirts around the whole design. How can I make it recognise the ground plane without restarting the entire design from schema
Draw your package with ares. Then in the menu select library - compiled into a library and then in the library manager where you can easily move your package to the library you want to,
Hi all... I need a Lib for Heat sink... any one have a library of heat sink or from where i download it???... pls do replay :-)
Dear Geeks, Does anyone have a PCB footprint for Standard SD/MMC Card Socket/Connector (PUSH-PULL) or (PUSH-PUSH) type, for proteus ares? I can simulate SD/MMC Card with proteus MMC library (VSM DLL Model) but unable to finish my PCB design as it does not have a PCB footprint. Can anyone help me PLEASE!!! I need it (...)
In ares, what does the component pitch means? While drawing the board edge, it show Height and Width in "th", what does that means? And how to convert it into meters or inches?
I'm working with ares PCB layout software.I have used RS232 port in the ISUS schematic design but was unable to understand how to design footprint for RS232.I saw a video in which the footprint of the port was used.But I'm currently unable to find a footprint for the same Someone please help me asap
Which library I have to use in proteus for carbon resistor(ex 100Kohm), electrolytic capacitor(ex 1000uF), ceramic capacitor(ex 33pF) so that I can move on to the ares, for pcb designing. Pls also help me with model no.s other basic components like connectors, leds etc. Thanks in advance
hello everyone. i am trying to convert from protel 99se to proteus ares pcb designe software . i dont want to miss my protel designs and component library. i have tried to export protel files to dxf formate and import in ares but it does not work properly. maybe i am not understanding setting of exporting and (...)
hi I would like to do the routage of this circuit with ares. The circuit LM1893 i have create it it's not in the proteus' library please help me to do this routage
Hello there.... I am working on a development board and need to interface SIM900A module with MCU... the problem I'm facing is I am unable to locate an appropriate 68pin package for SIM900A from the library. I am using proteus ares software for PCB designing. Anyone already having a PCB layout having SIM900A footprint for (...)
Yes you are right. But using a gnd triangle symbol upside down for power would explain one error. Consider using squares or other std power symbols with different shades or follow ANSI or ISO std.
i have some expience in PCB wizard it hast's every component i want to improve my knowledge i can learn what are professional PCB design softwares?