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Hi All, I am planning to measure AC load current using ACS718. The output of ACS718 is sine with 2.5 volt positive offset. My microcontroller adc positive reference is 3.3V. I am facing difficulty in reading the ACS718 output using microcontroller. Please help me to solve this issue. My circuit is attached below 131422
I will recommend to buy any stm32 discovery board and try doing coding from peripheral examples. There will be example bundles which covers all the peripherals like adc, DAC, RTC, POWER, DMA, WDT, LPTM and a lot... Also recently ST developed a very interactive automatic initialization code generation tool called stm32CubeMX which is very useful a
Hello! microcontroller only can creat digital signal,I don't think you can creat. Probably we don't use the same series. Most of those I know (MSP430, PIC, arm...) have adc and some of them also have DACs. i have a doubt here, am using a microcontroller and want to generate 4 different frequency signal from a single chan
Hello, I am looking for a arm micro-controller that has 10-bit 500MS/s adc or more. If it comes with a evaluation board that would be great. If anyone knows about such board, please let me know. It is very urgent for my research. Thanks.
Hello, I am newbie to arm i used to code in AVR and PIC. I am having a LPC 1768 development board comparing to AVR, the examples are so much confusing. Where can i find good tutorial or manual to start programming arm board with understanding whats going inside?AM looking for beginners things like GPIO,adc,DAC,USART etc to begin with.Can (...)
please give comparison of different adc mode use in arm microcontroller in terms of 1) Conversion time 2) execution time 3) advantage and disadvantage 4) application I'm not sure what you mean by the burst mode, but I'll speak about the rest. I'll speak in terms of general adc principles and not specific to any arm c
Have a look at this page, you will know how to integrate GCC with Keil. And the GCC for can be downloaded from this page.
//adc using interrupts arm 7 LPC2138 #include unsigned int result=0; //void t0_init_isr(unsigned int msec); void adc_isr_init(void); void adc_schedule()__attribute__((interrupt("FIQ"))); void initLCD(void); void enable(void); void LCD_WriteChar(char c); void LCD_WriteString(char * string); void (...)
Hello. I have settled on a adc for a project, ADS1174, its a 4 channel simultaneous sampling 16-bit adc. I have a Arduino Due(SAM3X8E) which I am using, I'm thinking of etching a board to fit over the Due as a protoshield. The adc has a SPI interface but it has one output signal for each channel, and I wonder how I should use them. I (...)
No chance. A high recent performance ?C (e.g. arm) should be able to read a data burst in this speed range from an external adc in DMA mode.
hi all, I want to connect micro2440 adc pin to external voltage(0v to 5v) and use 10-digit digital output. Can anyone help me with a sample code? I use linux qtopia and compile source code in ubuntu 12.04, with arm-linux-gcc. Finally, I want to send this 10-digit output(previous paragraph) to PC via rs232 protocol.I need another sample code
All variants of the NXP LPC21xx series of arm microcontroller share the same baseline features as they are all based on the arm7TDMI-S core, the major differences between these variants is an increase in Flash, RAM, GPIO and the addition of various peripheral hardware modules such as CAN, USB, adc, Ethernet, etc. For example, the only (...)
hi guys, i am using Arduino Due with Atmel Studio . SAM3X8E arm cortex m3 Processor. Atmel Studio 6.1IDE. SAMICE Debugger. i am trying to read Analog Signal in the internal adc & trigger of adc is External Which i have given 1mhz. i am trying to read 128 Samples in for loop .but i am getting only 2 or 3 Sample Which iam printing (...)
hi I am a newbie to programming with MCUs. I am trying to modify the adc program by reading voltages at 1000 hz, i.e i want to put the mcu to sleep for 1ms. I know this can be accomplished using the wfi instruction, but can anyone please tell me how to write the subroutine to do that. Thank you in advance !
Actually In my view first of all you need to try writing some Custom code on Hardware (preferably arm core like LPC2148 board ) like UART communication from PC, using internal adc , keyboard interfacing .... then start integrating them in one application then you can use RTOS functionality to extend the codes .... refer this will help you - http
Hello!! i am using LPC2138 to do some experiment with arm. Started with LPC2138 Because it is available in Proteus. Had write the codes for LCD, UART and LED Blinking but the problem i am facing with adc is that, it working well in Keil Simulator. But when simulating it in Proteus, is creating a problem. Like when i connect POT-HG with P0.2
Have a look at this link I too had found that problem and then i slow my adc conversion speed and it starts working. Have a look at the above link. Hope that will help you
Hello all, I am making Autonomous Quad. I am programming my IMU using ADXL335 -3 Axis analog Accelerometer & L3G4200D 3-axis digital Gyro. I am using arm Cortex M4F based TI's stellaris launchpad LM4F120XL. I've a problem while implementing IMU. Here is my algorithm of IMU... By adc I am getting reading of accelerometer in Dx, Dy & Dz.
Hello!! Everyone i am new to arm Micro-controller's, few months back purchased a Development Board having LPC2148 Micro-Controller. I did Lcd Interfacing, UART and led also, but having some problem with adc Interfacing. Here is the Circuit for that. 87262 But its not working, LCD is working fine, please help me,
you can treat it however you like - regular FPGA (with wasted arm cores) or one with an arm core in it. The benefit of hard cores is it will make data treansfer between arm and FPGA much easier and much faster.
hi i am using arm 2440 with windows ce can any one help me to write a code for interfacing sensors to adc channels of arm
Post project or project circuit, maybe there is no needs for arm processor.
Perhaps it belongs more to the MCU section, but it is an analog problem. STM32F10x include 12bit adc, but 48pin and 64 pin version not include input for voltage reference and adc measure towards analog Vdda. LDO has a typical accuracy of 1%, a not large thermal stability and drift over time to measure it is a completely inappropriate solution. Use
Hello! What do you mean by 200 MHZ/sec? adc 8 bit is enough, but you have to build a good hardware circuit for the actual measurement. Now as for the results, you can do with a (relatively) low power MCU, for example arm Cortex M3, but you have to have an independent circuit for sampling and dumping the samples in memory in realtime. For this, as
I am searching a board based on AT91SAM9G45 processor. 1. It must be all industry designed. Working temperature is -40-70 Celsius, not 0-70 Celsius. 2.Have 16 GPIOs, 5 USARTs, RS485, CAN, 2 methods of power which is +12V, adc and other interface. 3.Supports 10.4"LCD, 4.3"LCD and 7" LCD. 4.Power consumption is below 2W when is without LC
Friends i need adc Program for arm lpc 2129 ..can any one post the embedded c program for adc please.................
Hi ...i'm new to this website. i'm planning to ado a project on multichannel data acquisition based on fpga and an embedded controller. can any one suggest me the applications that needs this dual cpu core. also pls tell me about interfacing 1.fpga with any controller(except arm) 2.sensors/camera with fpga
hi friends , I am new to arm ..I have developed a code for adc , i am giving external DC voltage to adc which it should convert into digital data and show in the system... #include #include #include #include"LPCLCD.h" #include"LPCCOM.h" char buff; unsigned int (...)
HI can any one tell me how to program for adc using arm lpc2148.......or where can i refer for that .....
Hi to all I am using LPC2368 for communicating an SPI based adc. I write all the code and dump into the board but I am not getting the clock from the clk pin .. here is my code Just observe this .. void SPI_init(void) { PINSEL0|=0xC0000000; /*Select spi clock pin*/ PINSEL1|=0x0000003C; /*Select spi slave select,miso,mosi pins*/ IOD
hi friends, i am new to arm micro-controller.i need to write adc code for data logger unit. so, i am working on it .the data from adc( adc0 and adc1) is not been displayed on hyper terminal .controller is been waited for forever ( AD0DR1, last bit to be set as '1' =31 bit). void (...)
I have arm board which is installed with Linux.The document ays that"it has data logging softare that logs analog and digital inputs periodically.The system has a web interface for configurationand data retrieval". what does this mean?they are talking about A/D converter.But I didnt understood what is web configuartion in that board? Thanx
i Hello I am designing a sample and hold circuit ,whose out put will be given to adc in arm signal is analog signal of on time 2-4 micro sec and period >=10ms . I am using comparator before to this sample and hold circuit whose output will be used as a switch to this S/H circuit. Any
You can start here and
how to interface electronic sensors with the arm processor and write assembly language program for it plzzz:D
hi even I use loadcell sensor interface to arm. Even I have the same doubts on adc , could you suggest me some articles or ways to implement for adc
Hi, As I know MSP adcs input range is very spetial, not between zero and i.e. 2.5V or 4V:-( ... Other good alternative are XLpicmicro, Renasas (Yet NEC) & some arm versions too... K.
Hi You can use the STM32f101x4 arm-cortex M3 micro , it is a power full micro with 12 bit adc ,low in cost and easy to use (driver library can be directly downloaded from the manufacture site ) All the best BObi The microcontroller specialist
The pdf of your schematic is too coarse to be readable - what I figured out is a mux and an adc controlled by the PP. The Stellaris? Family of arm? Cortex™-M3 - LM3S2608 from TI supports 8 PWM; Freescale Semiconductor MAC7101 supports 16, STMicroelectronics STM32F103RC but these are all arm devices. Infineon has a 8051 device - C509-L (...)
I've a Olimex SAM9-L9260 board...I've successfully interfaced it with the host (running ubuntu) and installed the gnu-gcc toolchain. The cross compilation is working fine and so are the programs on the target board (sent through ethernet). The board runs on the kernel 2.6 provided by Olimex. its a debian based disto. I wish write a program to inter
Hello friends, Can anyone tell me how to configure the 10 bit adc of LPC2129 core arm processor to get the input from LM35 new to this field and it will be helpful if anyone cud send me some example programs... Thank you R.Chanthar
If a microprocessor has some peripherals for control applications (timer,adc, external interrupts, PWM generator etc.) and integrated memory, usually called as microcontroller. arm7 is a processor architecture. An arm licensee company could produce both arm7 based microcontroller and arm7 based microprocessor.
Dear all, I am in need of a sample code (am using Keil compiler) for adc interfacing with arm LPC2138. I wud b grateful to u if i am getting the "*.C" example code. FYI i ll be using adc0 and channel 0 for my purpose. Also plz help me in configuring the resolution also... thnx in advance, Sujith SP :D
Hello all, I am new to arm. I have arm development suite and S3c44box kit for arm7. But i dont know where and how to start. I want to write and dump my first code for this kit . Please if any one can help me in getting started. Dani...:cry:
I know FreeRTOS: Port for Philips arm7 with GCC: Regards. Excuse me for my poor english
Hi You can use arm best core LPC213x, he have it all plus many more feature and lower in cost from the 8051Fxxx But it's a 32 bit controller All the best Bobi
there is a code example in the demo version of keil c compiler for arm check it after downloading the demo version
Hi I am new in arm I am using keil MCB 2100 board which uses LPC2129 I want to read the contents from adc but I was not able to do it? Can anybody help me I have read ADDR but it never gives me converted value What is the configuration for burst mode and s/w controlled mode Please give me detail explaination. Thanks in