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Hi everyone. I am trying to implement an Amplitude shift Keying ask modulation and (synchronous)demodulation in Matlab,I have to use a PLL at the receiver end for demodulation.The task is to read a hexadecimal file (attached) and convert it to a binary stream. the binary stream is the modulated with a carrier frequency of (...)
What do you mean by "the modulation should be decoded according to the used standard"? The signal is more or less a filtered (lowpass + highpass) ask-signal (which uses FM0 code as specified in the UHF-RFID-standard DIN 18000-6b btw, if that's of interest). It just uses two amplitudes, A and -A, which is why I so far used the zero
I'm not sure if they use multipliers. Do you have references for squarer stages used with ask demodulation?
Hello, I have written a matlab code for ask modulation and demodulation. I have taken 1 bit at a time, modulated tat bit, added noise to it and demodulated that bit to recover the original data bit. I need to modify this code for all the bits present in the data sequence.... I have to repeat the above steps for 10 bits... How to do tat.. kindly
I need an ask modulator circuit using 555 timer IC and analog switch (transistor based), also need a demodulator for the same.. pls help me..
How to program a VHDL to implement demodulation of AM, FM, PM, PSK, QPSK, PCM, FSK, ask, CDMA.. on FPGA (Xilinx) could anybody give me some advice, CORDIC or some other algorithms are appreciate, thx in advance.
Hi I want to ask a question about the subject. Can we implement such a demodulation with DSPs? Is there a DSP card for this application (TI or Motorola)? I want to learn whether such a demodulation can be implemented on a DSP using simulink automatic code generation tool. Thanks
Most use a load pull method to make ask as seen from the reader side. It is possible that the ask tone is changed in frequency or phase to produce a modulated subcarrier. I suspect that this is rarely done.
this type of code is hard to find, because the code generally is proprietary. Does any one have a working Verilog code/ algorithm for envelope detection, phase discriminator and/or frequency discriminator? I already have a working code for demodulation of ask and FSK but i dont think they'd work for their analog counterpart. Tha
see this general PSK type . you can modify it to ask , it is very simple clc; clear all; disp('M-Array PSK Modulation') %create a random digital message M=input ('M= '); %alphabet size x=randint(input('Number of binary bit stream = '),1,M); %% nsample=40; %oversampling rate. %% %% %use M-PSK modulation to produce y y=modulate(modem.
Check this
Spectrum lab is excellent! I can see there is a plugin to demodulate I/Q. I have not used it extensively but I hope you could connect directly the outputs of an image reject mixer to the stereo input of a PC soundcard to recover and filter the audio. I would like to ask you if there is any plugin for the inverse process, i.e to create an audio
Hello, I'm intersetd to find out more about the demodulation of noisy Amplitude Shift Keying (ask) modulated signal. If I have singal that is modulated using ask and I'm sending it over the channel with very high white noise (making the SNR at the receiver very low ~ 0dB), how should I perform demodulation? I'm learning (...)
hi i am getting ask modulated output as shown in attached figure.osc1_ch1 is primary coil side. OSC1_ch2 is secondary coil side. i am using the circuit as in attached one. but it gives 50mv. but i need 5V. plz any body give me guidance how to fix R and C values in envelop detector for ask demodulation. and also need effective (...)
Hi all, I heard that people in Japan and USA can utilize the signal sent out by observatories so as to calibrate their clock or watch. I wonder if it is really the case? I just know the signal is in ask format. Anyone have the details of the signal? Frequency, power......etc. Also, any suggestion on the demodulation circuits? Thanks a
Hi Guys, I am newbie in RF field, I just wanna to know how much fast the data rate ask and FSK and PSK modulation can go? another question is why there are no RF module in the industry using PSK modulation in their chipset at 315MHz and 433 Mhz?? Thanks!! rgds SkyNet
Hi all I soon will go to an interview as an analog IP developer or , you can call , analog IC designer. I " think " I have a good background on it , but I want to know if YOU will interview me , what type of questions you will ask ? This will help me much Thanks in advance
hi anyone out there who has used E4407b spectrum analyzer digital demodulation personality. i am planning to upgrade my spectrum analyzer for this purpose. anyone who can guide me in this regard. is it useful. thanks
Hello I am searching for a SSB (single sideband ) demodulation routine or core or whatever in VHDL!!! pls answers ich u know something
Hello I am searching for a SSB (single sideband ) demodulation routine or core or whatever in VHDL!!! pls answers if u know something
Hi I am new to matlab... can i have some pointers on how can i simulate some baseband coding methods with ask modulation ' 1. 1 out of 256 2. RZ coding 3. Manchester coding cheers
At this frequency you can ask with a NAND gate. Follow it with a band pass filter to remove the DC level during the off times and also the harmonics of the square wave.
From abundent material about psk,i konw there are following demodulating method: 1. differential method: it is the most easy to demodulate the signal,just need to mutiply two successive codes, however the delay time is critcal. 2.generate an carry wave using costas loop or other related circuit,then multiply the carry wave with the input
I have a couple of Wenshing Rx/Tx modules for data communication, working in the 433Mhz band. Wenshing datasheets say they're ask modulation, but I think they may specifically be OOK (no carrier during tranmission of zero) Due to low-power requirements I need the transmitter module to be off the most of the time, but the problem arises when t
ask IC design and manufacturing process in real world?
You can look at for ther TH7122 ask/FSK tranceiver
Can i ask about RF-MEMS thermal analysis here? Please help me!I want to who can tell me how to analyze??Thank you!
I want to simulate a ask singnal using hspice, but I can't find the way to create such an ask signal. Please help me, thanks a lot! Added after 38 minutes: I have found one way: Vpulse v1 0 pulse(0 1 0 1n 1n 100n 200n) Vsin v2 0 sin(0 1 100MEG) Eout out 0 VOL='V(v1)*V(v2)'
What you need is 433MHz ask transmitter circuit. It is one transistor oscillator which is keyed on base through 50k resistor. Attached schematics is meant as transmitter for remote. It has SAW resonator.
Hello! I am doing a project which involves frequency demodulation, I am using the CD 4046. I have connected it in frequency demodulation configuration. However my ouput and at any carrier frequency I am gettting a triangular waveform at less than 20mV and at about the 10 - 100 Khz frequency. Also my demodulated signal "rides" on that signal,
Well it is possible at all! Basic idea switch the FSK transmitter on and off, so you can OOK/ask modulate the carrier frequency. Easy isn't it? :wink: Some points to remember: check the frequencys of the FSK transmitter (f0 and f1), you must send 0's or 1's to match the center frequncy of your ask receiver... If I think about this a little bi
Hello, I want to search for some demodulatin algorithms for burst FSK. I had built a FSK transmitter and two FSK receivers to do burst data communication between two computer via wireless channel. The data rate is 9600kbps/19200kbps. One receiver is analog demodulator and using philips SA605 fsk demodulation chip, the other using ADC/FPGA to
ask = amplitude shift keying
what is the correct definition of demodulation? I know that it is the reverse process of modulation.other than this.
Hi What kind of help are you looking for? For mathematics you have to derive it yourself and if you have started something you may ask doubts from that. brmadhukar
I need your help for modelling circuit that use PLL CD4046 for FM modulation and demodulation with SPICE. And how to model for coupling this FM signal to powerline with SPICE. If you have some practice circuit. Please sent to me. Thank you very much.
Go to this site: There you will find AT89C52 programmer. You can use the same programmer to program DS87C550 or any other 8051-core microcontroller with Eprom. In your case you will need to build a ZIF adapter 40-pin 8051-to-87C550. Connect only these pins which are used in programming. If you have problems - co
I am designing ECC(LDPC) encoder/decoder. And I find a reference design's datasheet. It's ECC decoder have two digital input Data_I and Data_Q. Someone tell me it related to demodulation, but I am new to this area. And is it related to downconverted to baseband? Is it hard to convert Data_I and Data_Q to Data? Any suggestions will be a
Hi all, How to construct is any block diagram or example available on ask modulation using MatLab/Simulink... Many Thanks
Hi all: I am a fresh men to design analog circuit. I want to ask a question about OP: what's the relation between the setup time and the unit gain bandwidth? 我想知道,建立时间和单位增益带宽的关系是什么?
Salam! The simplest sensor to use is the LDR(Light Dependent Resistor). Its resistance changes drastically with light variations(1K - 100K). Make a simple voltage divider to sense this change of resistance. If you still can't do it then ask me. Regards.
Make sure you use the proper conditions for each situation. For peak power limited systems the ranking above is correct. For average power limited systems ask and FSK have the same error rate for the same transmitter average power.
Hi guys can you please help me i am simulating an fm system here is the code below I am having a problem on the demodulation side I am trying to demodulate using PLL desgning (Phase Lock Loop). But it is giving me an error at last line R has to be positive number I think its R please help I am giving up = mp3read('jem.mp3'); s
i want any codes for the CDMA for modulation or demodulation i use spartan 3 thanks for any help
Can anyone please help me where I can get circuits of ask and FSK (modulator and demodulator)?:idea:
WiMAX signal IQ demodulation before FFT? plz help me.
Hi all of you! I am a newbie in FPGA, i want to ask you the progress FPGA boot (detail i am working with FPGA of Xilinx) , as i guess : firstly, there is a boot loader load configuration data of FPGA from Flash to SRAM, sure that , and then, after a period of delay time and there are some control signals (reset,...) , FPGA will perform as we want
i using vhdl simulation software MODELSIM SE, i planned to write a code for fsk,psk modulation and demodulation, can anyone help me on this, and also i need use work.sine_package.all library to be included in that, where i can find that??
i am new to vhdl. Is it possible to design fsk, psk modultion and demodulation in MODELSIM( bcoz thats what i have), i dont know how to bring sine wave in that..can anyone help me. otherwise anyother simulation tool is available for this???
Hi I need to measure coil inductance. Searching the web I have found this schematic. The method is based on synchrounous demodulation. With this measure strategy error contribuition (as for example from iron losses) are avoided. Observing schematic, Lx is feed by the improved Howland volta