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Hi all, How to construct is any block diagram or example available on ask modulation using matlab/Simulink... Many Thanks
Please, can anyone tell me how to estimate the Bit Error Rate (BER) for the Amplitude Shift Keying (ask), Frequency Shift Keying (FSK) and Binary Phase Shift Keying (BPSK) using matlab? :| Thank you ver much indeed :D
to m.salehi: thanks! I will contact with you and ask you some questions next time.
I have been asked to generate an ask signal using matlab..i thought if anyone could help, i would be really thankful.. actually i am not too sure how to am kind of stuck. thanks guys !!
Is that how your matrix is supposed to look? I can't tell what you are trying to ask.
i have been requested to simulate the FSK modulator by using matlab...i have no idea how to start the work... OK, i have study about the ask and FSK....i know the FSK can produce by combined the ask waveform and added together with summing amplifier, how true is my statement? Below is the sketch of the
hello, i want to ask about how to implement clock sampling error using matlab i tried to use resample but it dosen't suit my requirements
Ramza, first study the UWB channels characterisics (dopler, paths, modulation..)and gps. get an idea of channel estimation reading this paper for example: . when u then come up with a specific design you may ask specific questions, cos you're question is not easy to answer, at least f
I haven't used the Altera one as such. It was a filter generated using matlab's vhdl coder that caused a problem and was un-synthesisable. You'd better ask someone else about this. I have a much much older version of matlab. I doubt its supported anymore.
Why don't you ask that (I don't know the answer) in the matlab forum? I would guess that you have more chances to get help in there.
Hi, What is the project on? You need to post more information. 1) Audio/Image? 2) Approximate memory. 3) UI? 4) PC information. 5) Experience. Without this you get only general answers that may not be suitable to you. You have to ask your questions properly. If you need hints on speeding up one is Initialize with zeros allyour arrays
hi there! i would like to ask 2 matlab questions.. a) i want to use a PI controller at Simulink... obviously the Continious time parameters are different... My values are Kp=6 , Ki=2... What values should i enter at simulink??? b) i have a vector of elements and i want to subtract it at a point of the block... i don't want to have the blo
Hi friends, I would like to ask at first about speech recognition for separated words (such as number : zero, one, .... , nine) using artificiel neural network and HMM separately, and houw can I combine the two technics (ANN/HMM). If you have some applications or just ideas in how to programme these two technics in matlab, please give (...)
Hai Again!!! :idea: i'm still new in designing a GUI using matlab. I would like to ask anybody out there on how to load an image to be as my GUI background? Is it possible to place an image in format .bmp or jpeg for the background. I try to find the method to do this in matlab help but I can not figure out...Hopefully, (...)
hello everyone : i have two questions to ask ,may be very simple to most of you 1 i am simulating patch antenna,i can obtain the s parameter of the antenna with different dielectric constant separately , but how to contain the s parameter with different dielectric constant just in a plot for the use of comparation?ia there any effect
Hello, i am using matlab to run a program. The output of this program will trigger the on/off state of a physical device. If the output of the program is 1, the fan will be on. If output is 0, the fan is off. As i am from a software background, i would like to ask how should i interface matlab(my computer) to the actual (...)
Hello, I have a project that relate to FPGA and matlab. In this project, i must use Kit UP1 of Alter as a modulation circuit. The main idea of this project is : using matlab to interface with UP1 via Serial Port. matlab will send modulating signal to UP1 Kit UP1 Kit will process as a modulation block with modulation (...)
Hi I have a project about simulation channel in communication using matlab and I calculate the BER, it was BER=1, I would ask if this value good or bad in the channel. thanks
Hi Hosam, The method that I know to convert matlab code into Simulink is to use the User Defined function, then you may download your model directly into your DSK. If you like; I can ask one of my students to check your model as we have a C6713 DSK. Regards, Ahmed
my task ask to write an algorithm for filtering random noise for eeg signal.. i want to do butterworth, bandpass filter...can any body help me... and one more thing...can anybody explain this algorithm one by one....and how to improve the filter? please...i'm new to matlab... v=.01 f=100; fs=5000; t=0:1/fs:.03 (...)
thank you for your help; i can find the derivative of gamma function,but its better to ask my question in a different way: I want to use solve command to find the answer,is there any way to use diff command directly,for example sth like this: solve('log(alpha)-diff('gamma(alpha)')=0.5') (i know this command is not correct,i nee
I have used it, well certainly not to the most possible extreme, but to my knowledge, I have created a LPF, and had my resuts succesful, but had some issues with the cut-off frequency range. You first need to add FDA tool into your design. use the matlab tool to design your filter. After your design, just drag a n-tap FIR Filter block from DSP. Upo
hi i want to make a spectrum analyzer that takes input physically through probes ..filters it converts the filterd output to digtal and displays the output in matlab initially the input will be either a sine ,square or triangular wave A similar project has been implemented link
why don't you start with it and ask us for help if you are stuck?
Hi, i'm new in DSP and i have solve some problems, here is the problem: Given a causal FIR filter described by the following equation: y= x-2x+3x a) Find the filter impulse response Answer:h=? b) using matlab find the output when the input to the filter is x= Answer: y=?
run the code it ask us to enter the file and it's extention, does that mean the the files we record the signals?? there are many files as database has extention hea, dat , and others....I got confused
hi i think you have to use the different database to detect the eyelids suppose some image is positive & some of negative image using this idea you can easily detect the eyelids and you are not suppose to ask about code all the best
Hi Medra, Thank for your advise. I read thru the parfor documents, but I do not understand how to operate, that's why I came here to ask if any help/example could show me. Can you give me further explaination? PLEASE!!!!!!! THANK A LOT!! you could try: 1- parfor 2- read about vectorization on mathworks website . H
Guyz,just want to ask how can i insert the data in an excel file and output those data in a text box in matlab GUI? Coz when i use xlsread command,it only outputs those cells that has numbers.. i.e. i have example.xls and its data are as follows.. Name Adress Tel.No. person1 place1
well,ask this question from 1 of our notorious teacher sahibzada MUHAMMAD ALI....he will really satisty you............
Has anyone here has worked on inverted pendulum control. I need to ask the commands to be used for showing the motion of pendulum in imageviewer.
i need help very much :'( please help me...i very bad in matlab here is my question.. Task 1: Understanding the DFT by writing programs using matlab. Used the matlab program to a) write a FFT program. b) write a DFT program. c) Compare the processing speed of FFT to DFT. d) Compare the processing (...)
Hi everyone I wanted to ask if anyone knows a method of doing a thermal analysis in a PCB board, with lets say two or three components, using matlab. Something like the image just want to study the method and/or equations governing the simulation so i am not looking to create s
And after you have learned that ... I suggest learning how to write a project definition, and how to ask meaningful & specific questions. Those combined skills should get you well underway on your project. Good luck!
hi erip, i would like to simulate koch fractal antenna. rite now i have problem simulating it using microwave office, thats the reason i ask for second opinion. im quite new to this topic im pleased that ur willing to give ur opinions. thank Hi, now I can say - forget about MWO. It use uniform mesh so u need very fine
Firstly, I am a newbie to use matlab. So I have some problems to ask you: 1, If I want to simulate the PLL's behavior model, is the simulink in matlab proper? If not, what 's it? 2, How do I build the behavior model to obtain the behavior model that is close to the actual situations? 3, Where can I get some useful articles to introduce (...)
Dear elgabo, i'm working on determining the E field emmitted by a dipole antenna inside rectangular phantom. so , i'ask you , please, to send me your 3D FDTD code for simulating the interaction with the dielectric media. thanks for your help...
Hi all, Just a very basic question... I am training my designed network using, TRAINLM method (levenberg marquadt method), but as it allows one value to adjust (mu)... Would we still require the value of the learning rate and the momentum..the reason why I ask this is because, when I look at net.inputWeights{1}.learnParam I get two value
Hi, david21: It's a commercial software from Ansoft: . Although they provide student versions for some of their products such as Designer, Emsemble etc. I don't think they provide similar versions for HFSS. However, if your company/university has the licence and pay the annual maintenance fee, you should be able to ask the
make the noise-less ask, FSK and PSK signal Add gaussian noise to that Plot a scatter diagram, in matlab... It's very easy
hello My undergraduate thesis is ACOUSTIC ECHO CANCELLATION using matlab. Right now, I'm working on the NON-LINEAR PROCESSOR program in matlab but I find it hard to do. I would like to ask for your help. Your expertise in this area could really move mountains for me. Would you be able to share to me an ALGORITHM or (...)
i oso suffer about what to do for my final year project.. im interest in digital.. someone can help to provide some idea? and i wan to ask. wat is digital line unit???
ADS should be able to do what you ask through it's Ptolemy engine. THere are standard fixed point state machine models along with pre-defined convolutional encoder models, both generic and wireless standard specific. ADS Ptolemy also links directly with matlab allowing additional processing using matlab M-File functions.
hello, i want to ask about the excess loop delay in continuous time delta sigma , i know how can see it's effect on the stability of the modulator by using matlab, but what's the model for it ? thanks
hello, Hey friends.. I need matlab code for digital modulation techniques... like ask, PSK, BPSK, DPSK, QAM, QPSK, etc... If you have that, Please post that... Advance tnxs to you
It is advanced issue and you should aask these type of questions in "Digital Communication" forum. A book is already available in EDA BOARD on such simulation in matlab by Rapport, Sanmugham, Tranter and the title is "pricinples of communication system simulation with wireless aplications". If you feel that the link is removed, ask for (...)
KL transform is also known as PCA(principal component analysis) and SSA(singular spectrum analysis) See this or attached file (one of my colleagues found it somewhere in internet long time ago) This is example for 1D signal, but I think you can
Hello there, LPC is a speech encoding technique, that uses a Stochastic based aproach. It models your mouth probabilistically, like your vocal cords and models the the voice and subtracts it from the original one. the error you get is sent over the line and hence saving bits, and geerates it similarly at the recieving end. Its not a good ide
Hello everyone I have som question to ask?? does somebody simulate DC-DC converter in matlab??? and how to do it ? how to make model in matlab???using simulink??? can you give me some advice or can you give me some link??? thanks
check edaboard search there are lots of info . I do not want to repeat things already said. If you do not find what you are looking for do not hesitate to ask good luck