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have app with database which is updated by C# application, so database is placed on my local disc. app can only read entries (changes are not allowed). I can run my app from local host (from Visual Studio or/and IIS) or other computer in network by ipaddress:port_number/page_name.aspx. Everything is working fine. But now I woul
if you do a web search for client server you will get plenty of links which may help
Thank you very much for your reply. Can you please be more specific? I have to restart my project or I can change project settings? C# application should have permission to read/write/delete data while should have read-only access. Thanks.
I am very new to but I have background in C and C#. I am trying to make web application which will be connected with my database. I did that and that is OK. The problem occurred when I added buttons for moving forward and backward through the database... It was working fine but only for one click! Then I thought that probably I have bug in
See if you can find any RTC PCF 8563 ASM code here.
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hi there i am currently setting out on a project to build my own magstripe track 1.2.3 reader/writer i have bought 2 heads this is the one i want to use i dont not want to buy a card writer/reader as i want to build my own so any one that can tell me what other parts and stuff i will need r
1, GPS Module: 2, Yes 3, search for free asp/php websites eg: aspspider 4, ASM/C/C++/Java
Inverter using push-pull configuration
Here is RF Module with 51 Serial MCU. WM11TR_M_02 (1G) WM24TR_S_S02 (2.4 G) I hope this will be help for you. Please see picture:
In order to decide for, need more info about that product. If this is similar to NT-R06D receiver (using a PT2272 decoder the marking code for receiver integrated circuits? There are two version of the circuit. A. PT227
Also the circuit depends on what type of CFL Bulb you are using.For making 4 pins CFL compatible with 2 pin CFL circuits short left 2 pins and right 2 pins to get two pins out of 4 pin CFL.
It is a construction of Sans Amp GT2 guitar effect from LINK . Housing was made of soldered 2mm thick metal sheet. The device can also be placed in a plastic housing, but
366, If you rotate motor and higher speed the frequency won't be 50Hz. You can not run the generator at random to get 50Hz, as the shaft speed and number of pole are directly proportional to frequency. See here the example for more Motor Speed Controller Getting more voltage and
check these Teledyne Microelectronic Technologies (TMT) - Microelectronics PCB Manufacturing Process | American Circuit Technology
PCB Repair Kits, Printed Circuit Board Repair, Printed Circuit Board Repair Kits pick some copper tape about the same width as what fell off. It has sticky backing.
Hi, Here are a few circuits. Take a look at them: 12V To 24V DC-DC Converter Circuit Hope this helps. Tahmid.
To get gain flatness and good return loss over this bandwidth, using this kind of schematic is challenging. I would recommend using a Norton type preamplifier which has many advantages over this frequency range. See second and third examples in the link below: RF Preamplifier
Hi; "Google is your friend" ... Help! I'm looking for an utility to convert bin to hex file - BINCVT - S19 & Hex file Converter But ... I don't
didnt get the exact model but give this a try: panasonic Service Manuals , panasonic Schematics , panasonic Repair Manuals , panasonic Esquemas , panasonic Schaltplan , panasonic Circuit Diagram , panasonic Manuales de Servicio , panasonic Electronic , panasonic Repair hope i
oops! No one knows how to slove it ? :sad: Log into your Ansoft HFSS support account and ask
I want to use tutorials and videos to learn Load Runner, can u pls help me out in this. thanks in advance, Naveen
Dielectric Resonator Oscillators I think cross-coupled structure doesn't allow for maximum variation near resonance in order to insure high circuit
Infa-Red Remote Control
dear friends, i want to incorporate the meta tegs in my web page designed in how can i do that in the code part. ( web page is designed in microsoft visual studio) i know about handeling meta tegs in .html but not in AND coding part. please help. thanks in advance. - Rony.
If your die is smaller than 1/10 the wafer diameter, then further aspect optimization is going to net you only a percent or so. Seems like a problem not worth solving. Obviously the smallest die gives the best "utilization". But a die that can't hold its intended content, isn't worth fabricating.
need help!!! i am doing a project which involves a little bit of communication.. i am suppose to send & receive messages.. so for that i need source code in but i am very poor in so need help.. plz somebody help asap..!!!
Hi Sanath , Great welldone. i want the do the same work i want to upload data to the website access database using asp script. You can get data from the file use asp or PHP is powerfull. Could you please provide me the AT commands how to connectip GPRS to the internet i am using APN i am not sure about these things. Regards, Shan
A list of free fingerprint databases available on the web: Regards, L.Rosa
We have open positions for SE/SSE/TLs C#, professionals (2-6yrs) an IT company in Pune. Note: Company is searching for candidates who can join in 3 days -1 week. We would NOT be able to consider or REPLY to candidates, who are having one month notice period for these urgent positions. However you can send your resume for fu
We are developing a web application in .net.I need to use VB6 OCX control in I add reference to the OCX control in my application In my vb coding (default.aspx.vb), i add the following code to create object for the OCX Control, Imports IPM50_OCX Dim WithEvents objGPRSControl As IPM50_OCX.GPRSControl (...)
I think you are doing this type of project:- OR a simple one
For AVR: all FREEWARE: 1.Simulator: 2. Workplace with simulator: 3. The very best GNU C compilator: 4. Tutorials: winavr.scienceprog
i have windows vista and i wana instal, with c# and visual i tried to install visual studio 2005 but it took 5 hours to install but after that it didnot instal. plz help me out.
Some Idea, I've done one project that send bulk SMS with GSM modem. The project is on MS windows platform. I create dedicated server with web services that can accept the sender+msg+phone and store the information in db. That web service portion is written as web service. The SMS sender is a windows service that look for db trigg
You can find small gated projects specially in LED section.
You can create the vista aero effect in vista home basic! go to these links:
If you are talking about 2-D image file format such as GIF, JPEG, and TIFF, then you need to lower your expectations. Attempting to support all formats would be an enormous project. Here's info on many image file formats:
AVI spec here AVI player implementations
hello everyone, I need schematic diagram and pcb layout of Auto Power Inverter, approximately 1000wat or 1500wat power. Sample inverters for sale,
look at
Here is an application note for PID controller from Atmel, with source code. Other implementations could be found to avrfreaks forum in project tab
One easy way to generate ≈500Vdc is to invert 5V to ≈220-240Vac and then using voltage doubler multiply the voltage from 240V-square to ≈500Vdc .. Here is a simple voltage inverter: Replace 12V-0-12V transformer with 5V-0-5V one, rated for very small power, say, 5VA (should be
Here are both data sheets:
check out this..... if you want better characteristics try this....
I want to implement a receiver to get only the time signal from WWW (10 MHz). Proof of a concept is the goal. Since it is not the main point in my project I am looking for a "sure fire" circuit not needing more than the usual debugging. I run across one here: My questions: A) Dual MOSFET 40673 tr
Can Some One Tell Me How To Program In asp.net2.0 the Web Optimization