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Dear All, Could any one help me where did I go wrong in the following AT Command AT OK AT+CREG? +CREG: 0,1 OK AT+CGATT=1 OK AT+CGDCONT=1,"IP","paygwap" OK AT+CSTT="paygwap",Orange","multimedia" ERROR An early reply is very much appriciated. Thanks and kind regards Kande
hey, am trying to connect to gprs using my nokia 2700 gsm phone. the following responses i am receiving: AT OK AT+CGATT=1 OK AT+CREG=1 OK AT+cgreg=1 OK +CREG: 1 +cgreg: 1 AT+CGDCONT=1,"IP","aircelgprs" OK AT+CSTT="aircelgprs" ERROR at this point am receiving error... what may be wrong... plz help....
Hi all..I'm working on SIM900 and when I send the command AT it returns +CFUN:1 INSERTED and nothing after that works, that is AT+CGATT=1 then starts returning ERROR. I have put AT+CGATT=1 in loop but it returns ERROR for all instances of the command. Without any change in the code when AT command is sent and response got is OK +CPIN:READY,everythi
Hello, I have a sim300C and I'd like to connect to GPRS. I used the hyperterminal to send at command. I'm not able to connect to gprs I used several command such as at+cgreg? +cgreg: 0,0 at+creg? +CREG: 0,0 I think this two command specify that I'm not connect into the gprs but when I used my simcard in my mobile phone I can
Hello I'm using SIM300C to send data through GPRS. I can connect to GPRS but I'm not able to send data. when I'm using the AT+CIPSEND the data is not send to the server. the command that I used: at+cpin? +CPIN: READY OK Call Ready at+cgreg? +cgreg: 0,1 OK at+creg? +
Hi everybody, I'm using a SIM340DZ modem and I already got connect and send data to my server, but I'm having problems in data stream that my server receive. For example; I've put the command below: AT+CIPSEND > C8C8C8 SEND OK And my server receives 3 bytes: 0x67 0x56 0x67 -> Hex format The problem is: I want to send and receive:
Hi all, I am trying to establish a GPRS connection through bluetooth enabled phone using a bluetooth application running on java! I am not able to get the GPRS connection! Here are the commands and the response i got! Can anybody help me regarding this? I am getting junk values when i give the command ATD*99***1# ! I am using Nokia 2700 m
hi i have a gsm/gprs module (Wavecom made Q2686). my basic requirement is to send data from one module to another. now i am sending the data via sms using the AT commands through the microcontroller. since i have to send large amount data, the sms process is very time consuming. So i am looking for GPRS. let anyone tell me about the basic requi
hello I'm new to GPRS and m2m communication. I'm trying to send datas from vehicules to a distant server. I’m using a GM862-GPS from telit and I want to send data to a socket with these commands : AT+CPIN=XXXX AT+cgreg=1 AT&K=0 AT+CGDCONT= 1,”IP”,”orange” AT#USERID=”” AT#PASSW=”&
hi i am using gr47 module and i can connect to a server with a static IP and then can send data and receive data but the problem is that: i don't know how to disconnect from server. the code that i connect to the server is: AT+CGDCONT = 1,”IP”,”internet" AT+cgreg=1 AT*E2IPA=1,1 AT*E2IPO = 1,””,3
Hi everyone, I have a really difficult project. My project is to turn on/off my leds by using gprs modem. Where should I start?? Now I'm trying to give my modem a static İP by using AT commands but that is also difficult:( Please help me Thanks
hey can anybody tell me is it possible to transmit data from gm862 to a remote server and simultaneously receive data from the same server... i can connect it to remote server and can send data from module to server by using these commands... AT+cgreg=1 AT+CGDCONT AT#SKTSET AT+CGACT AT#SKTOP when i get connect response i can send data ..
I have a Simcom 900D with firmware 1137B06SIM900M64_ST, that supports FTP. But no matter how I tried to send a file, always get a net error. The same error also with http. I don't understand how to use the AT + SAPBR I managed to send file: AT+CGEREP=1 OK at+cipmux=1 OK AT+CREG=1 OK AT+cgreg=1 OK AT+CGATT=1 OK AT+COP
Good day to you Lub, I have a similar situation to you - we use the SIM340Z module in our modems, and I have found 2 different revisions among our inventory. Looking closer, they behave similarly, but I notice from time to time, they fail calls differently - the SIM340 being more prone to errors (e.g. registration errors, rejections, cgreg and CR
AT //ATTENTION COMMAND ok AT+cgreg? //NETWORK REGISTRATION STATUS AT+cgreg=1 STETUS SHOULD BE 1,1 Parameter 0 disable network registration unsolicited result code 1 enable network registration unsolicited result code +cgreg: 2 enable network registration and location information unsolicited result code (...)
hi there, I'm lookin for a project of a modified PC AT switching power supply so that its modified voltage (0 - 30V) is made variable. Any help is welcome! regards, 2000
USE A BASIC STAMP 2 or also use a stamp streacher chip to give you more i/o each i/o on chip can support 1 streacher and a streacher gives 15 i/o s more so it is cheep and cheeper if you buy the kit for the stamp in bits and build it and more fun you can find stamps at your local emporium or via ww
Hello! Does anybody know if it's possible to make AUI to UDP adapter at home ?? Very old ethernet cards have AUI port and I don't have that kind of card. I need AUI interface for Ronja wireles link between two computers. Thank you in front for all your answers. Maki
Hello, Does anyone have a copy of CircuitMaker2000 that I could look at? Mine isn't running right and I can get no help from the company. Please help. Time is critical. Thank you very much. *ckd*
Only a question... I Can't understand.. What is the (hidden ?) reason to gain 15 points? Regards crono
I search to buld project mobile robot with PIC or AT (ATMEL) microcontroller. Project have must hardware + software.
Hi eziggurat, I always use Fl@shGET ( ) to control my downloads. I have an ISP like yours and I just leave my PC ON with the setup to start downloads at 21:02 and stop at 06:48. It works based on traffic so if you stop uploading/downloading it disconnects you automatically which is not good. I hope it helps. *********
No big timing problems, PS/2 keyboard is syncronous, the interface uses 4 pins: 5V, GND, DATA (bidir) and CLOCK. The interface uses open collector with pullups. Never DRIVE this pins or you'll blow something. Best way is to keep the port LOW and invert it form input (HIGH via pullup) to outpt (LOW). It's not easy to do what you intend to, took me 2
Hi Laplace Becuse you get the error at the beginning. I think maybe you haven't the right version of Synplify license
Hi how can i find hi rel 8051 microcontroller , or any 8051 microcontroller working at -55 celcius ? thanks
ADI's DSP at Yahoo Group
Hi All I want to know which PCB layout software could be let more than one people do the layout at the same time? ********************************************************** PCAD 8.5 DOS PCAD 2001 using Macro commands Mentor Graphics C4S V8. Allegro but YOU have to know wht I you doing with scrip file and who is drivi
Here a software AVR based for AT keyboard. I expect that it be usefull. Regards.
There is a group (Users Group ?) in that users of Cadstar can ask questions. Does anybody know the www address of the site ?
The versions of ADS could be installed at the same time ? For instance let's say that I would like use ADS2002 and ADS2002C at the same machine with different licensing. Any response will appreciate.
Hi The Nanostructures Laboratory (NSL) at MIT develops techniques for fabricating surface structures with feature sizes in the range from nanometers to micrometers, and uses these structures in a variety of research projects. The NSL is closely coupled to the Space Nanotechnology Laboratory (SNL) with which it shares facilities and a variety of
Hi, I have designed a filter at 8.2MHz for the RFIC at the output of a mixer. Its impedance ( input and output) is 1000 ohms. This means higher value of inductors (Lower SRF, is working fine. But it is of 5th order and hence expensive. I want to decrease the order. Can I get the same performance by decreasing the impedance and usin
Did you tested product from Atmel?
Hardware Reuse at the Behavioral Level
You may be better off with biamp or triamp. That is, split the audio signal into as many frequency bands as your speaker has drivers and power each driver with its own amplifier. This has the advantage of putting most of the harmonic and intermodulation products outside the radiating band of each driver. It also limits the number of spectral ton
Is there any tool for the design of a PCB antenna at 868MHz?
A First look at VHDL For Digital Design can be found at:
Hi Techie, You can make yourself the antennas, it is not difficult. A 60 cm dish, like the ones used for TV-SAT will give you the right gain at the 2.4 GHz frequency. Of course there are other antennas that could be used as well. Regards pingy
I can give you the info of a 3 bit phase shifter that works at 35Ghz +- 3Ghz, I have just tested them out my self. I am working on HDI T/R with HPA, swithes, LNA's and phase shifters. They are a bit lossy about 7 to 9db, but you have 0, 90, 180 and 270 degs. Tryquen is work on a 4 bit phase shifter but it won't be ready for about 09-2003 I w
I have display problem form linux to cygwin run at win2000. Win2000(hosta) Linux(hostb) -------------------------------------------------------- Cygwin Xhost + telnet hostb setenv DISPLAY hosta:0.0 acroread I run acroread and direct the display from hostb to hos
It is not a good idea.This type of supply units require minimal load current to work( usual this is typed on RSU). This curren is not smal ( several Amps) and most frequently must be drawn from both 5V and 12V. If you didn't have such load current supply does not work properly ( or may be at all).
An excellent article on a systematic way to write testbenches by Synopsys is available at Thanks DrBELL
Hi VLSI CAD Tools at Case Western Reserve University 1. -> t tnx
Ultra Wideband Technology Update at Spring 2003 IDF James M. Wilson Technical Research Engineer Communications and Interconnect Lab Intel Corporation
yes you can !
I Think This Is Too Ambigous Code Tring to Mux 32 bit to So Many latches. Mabee You Need To Implement It On Large FPGA (VIRTEX2) Or In A Different Way !
Hi I have an old computer saving at EPROMs (Z88 by Sincalir), now they sell flash eproms (1Mb) built around 28F008S5. I have pinout and everything but cannot find this chip at a reasonable price. The old EPROMs has programming voltage at 12V (?) and so does the 28F008S5, but is there any other flash memories with 12V programming voltage or anoth
if someone use $iemens $imatic $tep5, have a look at MCU Fileman Programs / PLC ...... Hugo
Hi (ebook) Linux at Work: Building Strategic Applications for Business Does someone have it? 1. -> t tnx
Look at: