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Dear All, Could any one help me where did I go wrong in the following AT Command AT OK AT+CREG? +CREG: 0,1 OK AT+CGATT=1 OK AT+CGDCONT=1,"IP","paygwap" OK AT+CSTT="paygwap",Orange","multimedia" ERROR An early reply is very much appriciated. Thanks and kind regards Kande
ofcourse... am not that dumb man.... i have did it with my gsm modem.... but with mobile phone am not able to do it.... When we start answering the thread we start with the basics without jumping into some conclusion. it helps us to know what you already tried and what needs to be done. When asking for help dont be
Hi all..I'm working on SIM900 and when I send the command AT it returns +CFUN:1 INSERTED and nothing after that works, that is AT+CGATT=1 then starts returning ERROR. I have put AT+CGATT=1 in loop but it returns ERROR for all instances of the command. Without any change in the code when AT command is sent and response got is OK +CPIN:READY,everythi
Hello, I have a sim300C and I'd like to connect to GPRS. I used the hyperterminal to send at command. I'm not able to connect to gprs I used several command such as at+cgreg? +cgreg: 0,0 at+creg? +CREG: 0,0 I think this two command specify that I'm not connect into the gprs but when I used my simcard in my mobile phone I can
Hello I'm using SIM300C to send data through GPRS. I can connect to GPRS but I'm not able to send data. when I'm using the AT+CIPSEND the data is not send to the server. the command that I used: at+cpin? +CPIN: READY OK Call Ready at+cgreg? +cgreg: 0,1 OK at+creg? +
Hi everybody, I'm using a SIM340DZ modem and I already got connect and send data to my server, but I'm having problems in data stream that my server receive. For example; I've put the command below: AT+CIPSEND > C8C8C8 SEND OK And my server receives 3 bytes: 0x67 0x56 0x67 -> Hex format The problem is: I want to send and receive:
Hi all, I am trying to establish a GPRS connection through bluetooth enabled phone using a bluetooth application running on java! I am not able to get the GPRS connection! Here are the commands and the response i got! Can anybody help me regarding this? I am getting junk values when i give the command ATD*99***1# ! I am using Nokia 2700 m
hi i have a gsm/gprs module (Wavecom made Q2686). my basic requirement is to send data from one module to another. now i am sending the data via sms using the AT commands through the microcontroller. since i have to send large amount data, the sms process is very time consuming. So i am looking for GPRS. let anyone tell me about the basic requi
hello I'm new to GPRS and m2m communication. I'm trying to send datas from vehicules to a distant server. I’m using a GM862-GPS from telit and I want to send data to a socket with these commands : AT+CPIN=XXXX AT+cgreg=1 AT&K=0 AT+CGDCONT= 1,”IP”,”orange” AT#USERID=”” AT#PASSW=”&
hi i am using gr47 module and i can connect to a server with a static IP and then can send data and receive data but the problem is that: i don't know how to disconnect from server. the code that i connect to the server is: AT+CGDCONT = 1,”IP”,”internet" AT+cgreg=1 AT*E2IPA=1,1 AT*E2IPO = 1,””,3
Hi everyone, I have a really difficult project. My project is to turn on/off my leds by using gprs modem. Where should I start?? Now I'm trying to give my modem a static İP by using AT commands but that is also difficult:( Please help me Thanks
hey can anybody tell me is it possible to transmit data from gm862 to a remote server and simultaneously receive data from the same server... i can connect it to remote server and can send data from module to server by using these commands... AT+cgreg=1 AT+CGDCONT AT#SKTSET AT+CGACT AT#SKTOP when i get connect response i can send data ..
AT OK AT+CGDCONT=1,"IP","orangeinternet","" ,1,1 OK AT+CDNSCFG="","" OK AT+CSTT="orangeinternet","","" OK AT+CIICR OK AT+CIFSR AT+CIPSTATUS OK STATE: IP STATUS AT+CIPHEAD=1 OK AT+CDNSORIP=1 OK AT+CIPSTART="TCP","","21" OK CONNECT OK +IPD65:220-*********************************
To send data using modem(mc35i) use following at commands, at+csms=1 at+cmgf=1 at+cmgs=" +91number to whom u want to send " >ur message ^z. try this step. but every time u type command u should wait for its response. then u giv next command.
Hello, Im from Colombia and im having some troubles with the SIM900 Module. I designed a board with a microcontroller and the SIM900 module, all the system works excelent until some days ago when i discovered a problem wich is that: i insert the MOVISTAR simcard and turn on the board and it registered correctly, then i turn off it and remov