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HI, i have a question i have SIM900 with AT Commands when i try to connect to the server with AT+CREG & AT+cgreg sometimes it takes to much time to find the network or to transfer to other network when the other one is not avilable (am using roaming sim) my question is , if i use AT+CENG when AT+CREG & AT+cgreg are in 0,0 or 0,2 and he would se
AT //ATTENTION COMMAND ok AT+cgreg? //NETWORK REGISTRATION STATUS AT+cgreg=1 STETUS SHOULD BE 1,1 Parameter 0 disable network registration unsolicited result code 1 enable network registration unsolicited result code +cgreg: 2 enable network registration and location information unsolicited result code (...)
Dear All, Could any one help me where did I go wrong in the following AT Command AT OK AT+CREG? +CREG: 0,1 OK AT+CGATT=1 OK AT+CGDCONT=1,"IP","paygwap" OK AT+CSTT="paygwap",Orange","multimedia" ERROR An early reply is very much appriciated. Thanks and kind regards Kande
hey can anybody tell me is it possible to transmit data from gm862 to a remote server and simultaneously receive data from the same server... i can connect it to remote server and can send data from module to server by using these commands... AT+cgreg=1 AT+CGDCONT AT#SKTSET AT+CGACT AT#SKTOP when i get connect response i can send data ..
hi i am using gr47 module and i can connect to a server with a static IP and then can send data and receive data but the problem is that: i don't know how to disconnect from server. the code that i connect to the server is: AT+CGDCONT = 1,”IP”,”internet" AT+cgreg=1 AT*E2IPA=1,1 AT*E2IPO = 1,””,3
hello I'm new to GPRS and m2m communication. I'm trying to send datas from vehicules to a distant server. I’m using a GM862-GPS from telit and I want to send data to a socket with these commands : AT+CPIN=XXXX AT+cgreg=1 AT&K=0 AT+CGDCONT= 1,”IP”,”orange” AT#USERID=”” AT#PASSW=”&
Hello I'm using SIM300C to send data through GPRS. I can connect to GPRS but I'm not able to send data. when I'm using the AT+CIPSEND the data is not send to the server. the command that I used: at+cpin? +CPIN: READY OK Call Ready at+cgreg? +cgreg: 0,1 OK at+creg? +