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Hi, I'm designing an isp programmer for at89s52. I'm stuck with the write lock sequence. I want to activate write lock mode 2. As per the datasheet , write lock should be activated sequentially. Please see the highlight code for that particular code. 125046 #include #include sbit
I have worked with at89s52 and used an external Flash(isp) programmer, only hing is at89s52 doesn't have internal isp(in system programmable), hence we need to get external programmer while comparing to atmega8,as it has internal isp. No consideration for crystal, if you want to work with 8051 architectured (...)
sir actually , Iam trying to burn at89s52 CONTROLLER. Iam following the attached schematic. in that in the second connector I got doubt(ie in between 74HCT541 and the microcontroller) in the 6 pin connector. CONNECTOR pin1 ( SLK ) ==== >CONTROLLER PIN P1.7 ( SCK ) CONNECTOR pin2 ( MISO ) ==== >CONTROLLER PIN P1.6 ( MISO ) CONNECTOR pin3
i am working on a fingerprint security project, based on what i read so far i decided to go for at89s52 as my microcontroller, but i got stucked when i decided to simulate my circuit on proteus isis 7.8 electronics schematic software i am using. the software offers me at89c52 i didnt see at89s52 . so i am stuck between using at89c52 but am scared i
Hi, My 8051 programmer is giving "CHIP ENABLE PROGRAM ERROR". Hence, I cannot read,write or erase the chip, at89s52. Do any body know the solution for this problem.
Does this at89c52 work in master- slave mode only . I've been trying to program it like at89s52 but it doesn't work at all. AT89C52 dont have isp. It can only be programmed with parallel programmer.
Hi everybody! I'm having a little problem with at89s52 isp programming. I bought an USBASP programmer to program some of AT89S series. I read here on edaboard how to use the USBASP for AT89S series. I'm using software progisp 1.72. When I try to read the device signature, it returns 02 52 06, and the at89s52 device (...)
support this family. list of supported controllers are- ATmega48 ATmega48P ATmega8 ATmega88 ATmega88P ATmega8515 ATmega8535 ATmega16 ATmega162 ATmeg164P ATmega165 ATmega165P ATmega168 ATmega168P ATmega169 ATmega169P ATmega32 ATmega324 ATmega324P ATmega325 ATmega325P ATmega3250 ATmega325
Hello. I am using RAM Electronics : ATMEL AVR isp Programmer "AVR AVRisp V2.0 STK500 USB isp" - 160.00L.E. to program an at89s52. I am totally new at this. So I wanted to figure out what should I connect to the at89s52 to program it?resistances?vcc? do I use
AT89C51 is manufactured by Atmel. You need a parallel programmer to program it. Flash magic cannot program this part. My opinion is to use at89s52 which has isp and lot of DIY programmers available in the internet.
does this programmer support at89s52? Part III ? Making Programmer and Target. | eXtreme Electronics
This code programs AT89S51 and at89s52 devices using Atmel's avrprog.exe when used with the included circuit. The circuit takes power from the target circuit (5Volts) and uses your PC's serial port. This programmer will work well with USB to RS232 cables or adapters if you have a good working cable (not a knockoff cable from China, these don't work
hi, i use parallel isp programmer for at89s52,for AT89C52 my programmer can't read or write the IC,What i am missing? thanks
hi... can any1 suggest me how can i connect at89s52 controller to pc for burning the program---along with circuit diagram... thnx in advanc...
visit this site and make ur own isp board for at89s52
hi all, I am involved in the development of an isp for at89s52.I ve come to know through pdf s that no external device(except PC) is required for programming the controller.I am using labview for Hex file reading and sending data to the controller.The following are the doubts i have: 1.which of the following ports can be used? USB :Serial 2.
Hai, can anyone tell me what is difference between AT89C51 and at89s52, which is better we can use for industrial application.. Thanks & Regards dayal
Hello, I built this programmer and tested it with isp-PROG from The device signature is read OK: at89s52, 8kB flash. But when I try writing a *.hex file, it fails at verification: all the flash is read as 0xFF, as if it wasn't programmed. Do you know how ca
All of the parallel port isp programmers are nothing but trouble! Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't. You are far better off using a programmer equipped with a microcontroller that communicates serially to the PC. Here is one I found that will program the 89S52: I got FED UP with rel
How can I use parallel db25 connector instead of isp programmer for interfacing the at89s52 board to parralel port of the pc?
hi. can you give me a sample circuit of a system programming using at89s52?
i suggest that u exchange to to the new version of At89C52 which is at89s52 and use the following programmer, it is so easy with parallel port: Added after 1 minutes: The same discussed here: [si
However i would like to know one more thing that what exactly is the use of PULL up resistors in at89s52 especially in Port 0 where the datasheet clearly states that the port 0 has no internal pull up resistance Of course as there is no internal pull up in port0, you should add it externally.
Hello everybody , thanks to this forum i could successfully complete my isp for at89s52 and hence my project. Now I would like to explore the AVR ; Atmega 32 and PIC 18F452 Can someone please give me a simple,reliable and a tested Atmega 32 isp and PIC 18F452 isp? Thank you.
hello i have atmel 8051 "at89s52" chip i used to program it with isp-prog from but when i wrote lock bits 1 ,2 ,3 to it i wasnt able to program it any more so what are these bits and how i can get rid of them to be able to program my controller again and what is "fuse bytes" thanks
can some tell me where i can find a at89s52 programmer via USB, becouse i haven't com and lpt on my notebook.
Hello I am doing a project where i have connected the microcontroller at89s52 reset pin 9 to vcc i am using isp Flash programmier to program the microcontroller but i am getting a error. at address 00 ,data read 00 and progam data read 02 can any one tell me what could be the problem Thanks Ravi
try on google aec_isp is conected on Parallel Port only wire not chip is used and work well to at89s51, at89s52, at89s53, at89s8252
have some the circuit and firmware for this programmer???? Syrax, hold on ! Do you want more headache than you have now. I know you have a laptop with no parallel port and that's the reason for which you look to program at89s52 through serial port (obsolete too for laptops), bu
Searching for "at89s52 isp" in this forum returns 228 results, at least a dozen of them links to the numerous at89s52 isp programmers. Listening to the forum last week would also yield you most of them. Not mentioning google which will flood you with links. Please try to use your grey brain cells, if you mean (...)
Using the Atmel at89s52 datasheet, I built my own isp software using VB6. Because of some timing problems, it is a bit slower. But still I can now put any functionality into it.:D:D:D
i suggest you to learn some microcontroller with less register for example is at89s52 from Atmel. It already have isp so you can make your own programmer easily. For tutorial our friend already post the link, it's that's the best tutorial for this uc. make a simple program using i/o first then you can try the others. I suggest you
Hi, I suggest you to try AVR series from Atmel, their performance are above 51 family series. And it support isp too, most of Atmel Product support isp now, you can use ponyprog to program it. I suggest you to look for ATMEGA16 , it's pin is a bit similar to at89s52 series. Good luck :)
Hello friends............ I am doing my project using at89s52. For this I need to build an isp programmer. I have checked out the one given by Asim Khan. Do U have any other schematics ? Please help me out.... I am in great trouble Do you really check Asim Khan design ?
For the peoples involved in programming of Atmel microcontroller AT89S51, at89s52, AT89S53, AT89S8252, AT89S8253 using the Atmel isp program: This is the cable described in this doc: As a reminder this is the prog
I want to use isp to program the chip, the isp function use the p1.5,p1.6,p1.7 to commucation, when I use these I/O port for other chip(like normal I/O port), is their anything error?
I'd constructed the AS*M Kh*n isp circuitry. When i try to read the ?C, the program show a msg as "Device signature mismatch". Even when i try to press the signature button, msg of "no responce from ?C" is shown? Do anyone know how to solve this?
The at89s52 is the same as the AT89C52 except that the at89s52 is In-Circuit-Programmable.