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Hi friends Please find The timer ratio and pwm caculator for pic micro may be help full for pic programming used regards Fragrance
Hi I need to know what is the difference between sine wave and pwm when using a microcontroller for driving inverter section with IGBT. What I understood is that microcontroller can be used to look up the table for sine wave. Im sure that some of microcontrollers have pwm generator which need to be configured... One more (...)
Hi friends!! now i am doing a IC of pfc and pwm control , but now simulatin is confuse me i use spectre ,nanosim and hspice to simulate it ,but it too slow . how can i do it fast in cadence,whiche software is used???? alse i have two transformer,but i do not know how to set the param
my doubt is whats the use of CCP mode and pwm mode in this processor? where its required? and why???? Thanx in advance
hello everyone.. i need help for ADC and pwm.. right now i have done everyting.. but how to write a code to when ADC reading the value and pwm change.. i have done ADC and pwm but how we control the voltage?
Hi, Is it possible to detect obstacle using atmega32 and a sensor? What type of sensor do i need for this? It's urgent. Please mention. Idea: If someone is in a range of that sensor the led will be lightened. How can I make this circuit? Can anyone provide such circuit design using atmega32?
Datasheet says pwm uses Timer2. If I program to erase Timer2 and clear overflow bits while microcontroller is running, will it affect pwm?
Hi Is it possible to use pwm function and timer2 as a timer at the same time. I dont want to do anything with timer 2 other than get a value of elapsed time Timer 2 will be used as the time elapsed in a PID function, both pwm modules are in use so capture/compare is not available. (my timer0 and timer1 are both in (...)
I was using atmega32 and had to replace it. When I replaced it with a new one but atmega32A Now it does not work properly as expected at all. I am using port C and D as output port. It seems there is big difference between the two but Atmel says there are minor differences! Any one having a tip regarding the issue or (...)
Hello !!!!!!!!!! i got confused in PPG and pwm signal. Both are used to generate Pulses with controlled cycle and duty. then whats the exact difference ??? Can any one explain this will help me in my project.. Thanks; :-)
DIfference b/w sigma delta and pwm modulation.Which one is best suitable for GFSK demodulator.
hi.. :) i also use atmega32 and have sine table with 256 step for AN258 i found that i need to scale the sine value to fit the timer (maybe i'm wrong.. :?: ) i use C*deVi*on to write code. when i adjust the speed by change the TCNTx initial value, output was wrong. did you have any suggession? (or solution : ) ) floating point arit
Hello Folks, we built a simple and cheap webserver based on an atmega32 and a NE2000 ISA-Network-card. With this webserver we can control peripherals from the Internet and see sensor data (1wire temperature sensors,...) from anywhere in the world. The webpages can be stored directly in the controller itself or on a (...)
hiye, can anybody tell me what are the advantages and disadvantages between pwm and pfm in boost converter ? thank you
Hi! I'm trying to develop a system with two PICs. One receives analog input and outputs serial data with usart to another PIC. That one outputs pwm with a duty cycle according to the received serial data. My problem is that i can't get the pwm to work correctly when using the serial interface. I'm using the usart in async. mode. I can (...)
Slam to all I'm new in RTOS, i use atmega32 and IAR comiler. I dont know which RTOS to Start with. Some guys suggests FREERTOS. i'll try it but i dont know its performance with the Mega32. is it RAM hungry RTOS?? if anyone use this RTOS with Mega32 pleas tel me about its performance. also any other suggests are welcomed. manythanks to all o
Hi, I have read in the datasheet of my superflux LED that they have a continuous forward current of 30mA, and a peak forward current of 100mA (by 1/10 duty cycle, 0.1ms pulse width). Now my question: Is their a difference between useing the peak current with pwm, or the constant current in light and heat produced. (...)
Dear All, Can anyone explain how pwm control output voltage and current? Correct me if I am wrong. pwm Duty cycle controls the output voltage and pwm freq control the output current. Regards
guys....i need your help me to programming the coding to generated the pwm signal using PIC18F4550.... i already build the test board using 8mHz crystal...but no idea how to coding the pic to generated the pwm signal.... what i want to do with my circuit is.....PIC will compare the input voltage from my sensing circuit and will stop (...)
Hi I m n the process of designing a 50hz inverter with feedback and pwm. my question is weather I need feedback loop stabilization using avr as in the case of analog pwm generators like sg3524/25 ICs. Or it is not needed in Ucrocontroller
hey guy i am jason.. i current doing a project which is dim down the LED using ADC N pwm to generate a wave form. to dim the led.. i hv connect through a variable resistor.. so if possible can help?
Hi, I wanted to send out data at 9600 bps, and do variable duty cycle pwm @40Khz. My PIC18F2550 is clocked @ 20Mhz and here is the code so far: Code in PICC: #define _PLIB #include // will automatically include peripheral library header files when --runtime=+plib is used (had to pass this explicitly to the (...)
hi everyone!! im working on a thesis for PQ monitoring device...its my first time to deal with an MCU...i would like to ask your help for the layout of our circuit..i will be using 2 atmega32,1 is using a CT at the service entrance and the other is using a rogowski coil for the harmonics.and then combine it on atmega128. the data is real (...)
hello all...i did construct 3-level diode clamped inverter on Pspice and got the simulation for both v and i and got the i need to apply vpulse and then pwm...when i entered a vpulse i got the half voltage modualted but the full voltage is appearing to be zero...i think either i dont know where to (...)
Hi all, I'll try to explain AVR pwm and Timers so that it can be used as a reference. To start off with, the formulae relating duty cycle, frequency and time period is: f=1/T, D=t/T where D is duty cycle, T is time period, t is on time, f is frequency Vo = D * Vin, where Vo = average voltage output from AVR pin, D = duty c
Hi dear friends I?m a beginner. I have an atmega32 and a sim300CZ gsm module. I want to send and receive sms via gsm. I don?t know how to connect them to each other. Also I want to know that connections of other pins of sim300CZ. For instance, how I can connect simcard to sim300CZ. Please help me.
Hello Everybody, I WOULD LIKE ALL OF YOU TO READ PATIENTLY and COMPLETELY. I have fair working knowledge on Microcontrollers. I am trying to build a temperature controller for WAX POTs which requires some unique features. I have few basic questions to ask. We will talk about only basics avoiding any kind of application notes, Tu
Hi, I am doing LCD interfacing with atmega32 Micro controller. Just for testing i am sending one character in the main function while loop.But the character is priniting at first row second column. Even if i give the command first row, first column also same is happening. I have tried this in PROTEUS software,but the result is same. I hav
Guys, Do you have a code and schematic for atmega32 interfaced to SD Card 2Gigabyte ? C code if possible Thanks
Hello there, I am reading the modules that PIC 18F 43331 provides and I am a bit confused. I will have to control the speed of a dc brushless motor. So firstly, I want to just give a desirable speed to my motor and watch it move. How do we start? According to the datasheet Power Control Module, is very good for brushless motors, but why is CCP mo
Hi guys I want to know what is the difference between pwm from Function Generator and pwm from IC- pwm VM. I got a sample circuit of boost converter in NI multisim. where the pwm signal is taken from a pwm VM IC it is working very fine, but when i tried to give the pwm (...)
hi everybody i want to know that,does CCP2 module used for capture and pwm simultaneously? Actually I want to make a device where externally driven pulse set on RB0 pin;when CCP module detect the rising edge of the RB0 pin pulse it generate a pwm pulse of very small period and then it will wait until the next external pin (...)
i want to use adc of atmega32 and the perform some arithmetic and then emit a required pwm signal . i want to do all these works in a stipulated time so that i can update continuously. can anybody give links or throw some light regarding the topic
i want to use adc of atmega32 and the perform some arithmetic and then emit a required pwm signal . i want to do all these works in a stipulated time so that i can update continuously. can anybody give links or throw some light regarding the topic
hello every one i try to interface MMC with atmega32 to working with FAT16 on it, i send data to MMC sector and then read from that sector, every thing here is ok , but when i try to use "MMC FAT16 library" the microcontroller Does not respond any command "i mean code before MMC FAT16 functions" !!! i cant understand wh
If VGS < VT working cutoff space If VGS > VT && VDS < (VGS - VT) working in the region (variable resistance) If VGS > VT and VDS > (VGS - VT) working in saturated zone The book should be said so... Should right it. The first I want to do with pwm control of MOSFET.Through the optical coupling co
i mean i have to right some code or something for transfer THAT sms DATA to ATmege32.... or it will automatically transfer sms DATA through UART??? You will need to write the code to transfer the SMS Data to/from the atmega32. What GSM modem are you utilizing? Make and Model? Is the user manual available online?
SALAM how to inteface atmega32 with IR2110 Output of atmega32 is about 2.5v with 50% pwm i am using this Circuit when i connect PORTA pins to this circuit the output of PORTA become Zero .. . . . one more question i m using 1KHz pwm and the value of C1 capacitor is 10uF in bootstrap circuit is it (...)
Hy to all, i have installed Proteus Isis and Mikro C pro and i want to draw a scheme of a Microcontroller PIC which has serial port and pwm hardare and to satisfy the needs: 1) The circuit to be powered from 220V AC without transformer 2) To generate a pwm signal (Set in (...)
I am busy building the following: . I appear to have a problem driving the ULN2803A with the pwm controlled FET (IRF520)... or with the ULN2803A being driven by a pwm controlled FET... I currently have 7 LEDs wired to the ULN2803 outputs, resistors wired to ULN out
Hello, I would like to do a 3 phase BLDC motor drive (voltage source inverter) for a water pump, about 300W. Can I simply just commutate the coils from one to the other, etc, with the igbts, and avoid high frequency pwm current control of the current in each coil whilst it's switched in? -its interesting, I know that nobody will answer this
Hi: I'm trying to control a servomotor HS-645MG with the Altera FPGA DE0 using VHDL. According to my limited knowledge (and according to other programmers) these are the code for frequency dividing and pwm: Frequency divider: library IEEE; use IEEE.STD_LOGIC_1164.ALL; entity clk64kHz is Port ( clk : in STD_LOGI
Who can send me a typical application? thank you.
Hi guys, I'm looking for a digital pwm generator operating from -55 to +125°C. It can't be a FPGA or MCU (or anything programmable) for certification reasons. Does anyone have a chip able to deal with my needs ? Hope so ! Have a nice day! Ze_DIB
I design a pwm system and use hspice (not pspice) simulation tranformer .. my system is boost and have 1 transformer + 1 inductor and pwm chip will drive power MOS for transformer and second side inductor will output DC12v I use behavior model (like book ) but second side is (...)
hello im using proteus 6 but i see 28 pin package for atmega16 and atmega32 , and portA is not in atmega ports in proteus 6? can i chang it to 40 pin or is any update to repair this ? because in fact atmega16 is 40 pin but in proteus i see 28 pin package. if you know how can i change it to original 40 pin tell me plaese. thank you
can anyone tell me how to interface a speaker and a mic with a microcontroller thx
how to generate pwm from PIC16F84A to control the 4 switches of h-bridge? does anybody would like to share the schematic and components to be connected to the microcontroller? thanks =)
Hi,everyone Did anyone can explain the two DC converter control methods different for me? and can supply some material for this topic? Thanks a lot!
Hi all!! I have a project is control a DC motor (1KW). I tried to generate pulse pwm at 10kHz but not successed. Can anybody hepl me how to generate pulse pwm at 10kHz use IC AT89C52. Thanks all!!!