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hi.. :) i also use atmega32 and have sine table with 256 step for AN258 i found that i need to scale the sine value to fit the timer (maybe i'm wrong.. :?: ) i use C*deVi*on to write code. when i adjust the speed by change the TCNTx initial value, output was wrong. did you have any suggession? (or solution : ) ) floating point arit
i want to use adc of atmega32 and the perform some arithmetic and then emit a required pwm signal . i want to do all these works in a stipulated time so that i can update continuously. can anybody give links or throw some light regarding the topic
i want to use adc of atmega32 and the perform some arithmetic and then emit a required pwm signal . i want to do all these works in a stipulated time so that i can update continuously. can anybody give links or throw some light regarding the topic
hello I want to set the speed of a DC motor at the define RPM,I use atmega32 and L298 for controlling,and one encoder at motor side to feedback the speed of the motor. is there any equation that relate to the speed and pwm or duty cycle?? I use 10bit pwm(3ff).the maximum speed of the (...)
I have discussed about 3 phase IGBT pack before. I connected this pack to the AT89S52 throught optocoupler and then I drive 6 of them and saw the motor rotates. It's good for me. I want to use atmega32 programmed by CodeVision to drive the IGBT module using pwm signals. Does any one help me about how to use (...)
i need to developed a avr atmega32 development board as my final year project....... so plz kindly help how to strat with.......i dont have any knowledge in avr field........i have to interfaced in the same pcb rtc,steeper motor,led,seven segment,dc motor for pwm........... plz provide me some driving circuits for interfacing and (...)
Dear it is not the efficient way for generating a pwm on the port using delay functions. Use any AVR atmega32 or any ATtiny MCU and using Timers in Fast pwm mode you can easily generate the pwm on that particular pin. By just changing the value of one register OCR, you can vary the (...)
hi all, i want to know a PIC which is comparable with atmega32 .. I think, pic16f877a is not at all comparable to atmega32 standard.. is it true?:shock: Noooo. Not again. pic vs avr Each micro has his own advantage and disadvantage as your fingers in your hand. Dont start another useless debate
hey i am using atmega32 to drive two DC motor(connected in parallel) forward and backward. please tell about the interfacing circuit and IC needed to drive the two DC motors connected in parallell. my pwm duty cycle is 10% for forward motion and 5% for reverse motion. please help.....
Here are a few links you can go through: Did you go through the related section in the atmega32 datasheet? Hope this h
hey, is it possible to get required frequency from the same crystal other than the prescaler frequencies using interrupts.
It is working fine for me - - - Updated - - - Here is the code /* atmega32 @ 8MHz Plays an 8bit/8000 sample PCM audio on OC1A o
I am confused about which micro-controller do i use for my project which requires a micro-controller which supports I2C protocol and can provide 4 pwm outputs.I am not sure if which mc to choose :atmega32 ,pic, or the basic 8051. I have a development board of atmega 32 available so i hope atmega 32 can suffice the requirements i need. Pls (...)
This design is a servo-drive based on a DC motor with encoder. The project is original and it is difficult to find information on similar issues on the
The ATmega16 or 32 would be my suggestion for more I/O /Bingo i suggest you atmega 16 and atmega32 because have more properties.
Hello all,.. I am using l6203 with atmega32 mc to make a speed control for a dc motor by using pwm technique. 1- I want to ask when i connect the pin of the pwm to the l6203 h-bridge it shoul be connected to the in1 pin of the h-bridge and giving the another in2 pin 0 (reverse the states of in1 and (...)
better use a microcontroller with more pwm Outputs (timers and CCMP)... like some PIC18... or AVR but, as you say two alternating signals... you mean one is the inverse from the other? so you need only a single square signal of 200kHz with two complementary output? and also how is a sinusoidal pwm? i only know digital (...)
The main element of the weather register system is atmega32. The system was written in BASCOM. It takes 42%. Measurements are made on 3 sensors: internal temperature and humidity: SHT10 external temperature: DS1
Hi, I want to interface a VGA port of a computer's monitor with my atmega32.I read a few things about it as well.I know that that the input to the rgb pins are analog,but how much?Is the horizontal and vertical clock provided by the monitor?I would be happy if i get a few dots on the there any initialization that has to be done to the
Main functions of the controller switching on and off the light simulation of sunrise and sunset by smooth lighting and extinguishing halogens 12V controlled by pwm measurement of pH a
Hardware: It is made on an universal board with 40 pins stand, with AVR plugged. atmega32 in this device operates at a frequency of 16MHz, the maximum that is guaranteed by the producer. Composite image is
It is a clock that displays the time and date on NIXIE tubes LC-513. The tubes are mounted in copper elbows with a diameter of 28mm, which are mounted to two linked plywoods. The whole electronics and the chime of an
Hi, I was trying to design a buck converter as shown in the attached file. When I simulate the converter design in proteus with pwm generated by atmega32 it is giving a error "Timestep Too Small" Can you please try to help me with this. Attached: Schematic of the converter and the screen shot of the error message. Thank you. :) (...)
Hello, I have two year experience with atmel avr micro controller. and my projects are 1) pH meter 2) Conductivity Meter 3) Colori Meter 4) Turbidity Meter 5) Colony Counter 6) pwm based DC motor Drives All of these project are based on the atmel atmega32. I know about I2C. As per job point of view I wa
It is a design of controller, which can be used with any devices. Basic features: atmega32 IR remote control (according to RC5 standard) handling for 8 sensors DS18B20 (normal or parasite mode)
Features of the Multi Controller: based on atmega32 controlled from IR remote control (RC5 standard) supports up to 8 sensors DS18B20 (normal or parasite mode) 7 enable/disable channels (relay)
Hi., we are using two atmega32 micro controllers. We found that the problem was the synchronization between the two controllers. The clock was provided by the internal RC oscillator instead of a external crystal oscillator. Will the synchronization problem be solved by using the common crystal oscillators for both micro controllers ? Thanks
Hello I am making a V/F inverter as a part of my graduation project to control the speed of a single phase 1 hp AC motor by rectifying the 220 V AC then inverting it again into AC voltage with variable V/f with pwm from AVR atmega32 but i have some problems 1- the output wave gets kinda scrambled when the frequency is over 25 hz but works fin