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I need AVR atmega32 programming books plz post links for these books
I want help in writing ISR in atmega32 my program i have two interrupt one for ADC and another for timer0 overflow flag.I want to call the ISR on timer0 can i write the code ?
Hi all! I'm programming 320x240 LCD on A8835P3N witch is EPSON S1D13305 eqv. using ZL3AVR with atmega32. programming in Bascom I need some help. I have a little program which should do the SETUP at the beginning and than show some letters on the screen. Everything seems to be OK but the screen does not work... Maybe someone
Actually i want a 2microsecond delay code using interrupt based programming with the 1MHz internal crystal for the atmega32 on the CODEVISION, I already have the code for the 250ms delay for atmega32 but i am new to atmega32 programming so don't know how to set that code for the 2microsecond delay (...)
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Hi, Last time i worked with atmega32 I Accidently Programmed my Chip (in ISP mode) Wrong and i Disabled the SPI Enable fuse Bit and i think I had programmed my Fuse bit Wrong that i Can't Program (read or Write )My chip any more(i checked it with ISP Programmer). Is there any solution To Change My fuse bits and unlock the chip and make it us
Hi thank you for this programmer. i have a question: which AVRs supports this programmer. is this this programmer can program AT90s8535 or atmega32? also i have downloaded this programmer from atmel. can i build it can find the files from
Hi mohamed saleh it seems that you are a beginner in a Mc's world, i had read your post about "PIC or AVR",if you want the best choice i suggest the AVR microcontrollers, like "Attiny2313, atmega32, Atmega8515,Attiny26,...". If you decide to use AVR, i suggest "Pony programmer to burn your AVR". Any way if you decide to use PIC or AVR i
hi guys, plz help me!! i want to start work on atmega32 microcontroller. but i know nothing about it. i want to start it in c language. i have some work experience on 8051. plz plz tell me what to do. plz tell me about some good tutorial and compiler to be used!! i want to do programming in c. plzzzzzz help me!!!!! i really need
hi guys!...we have a problem regarding with the programmer of atmega32... Every time we try to load it with a program an icon appears that says, a device is missing,what could be the possible reason why it is not working?
hi folks, I programming AVR atmega32 for an embedded web-server. There's this C language Syntax that I have confronted and I don't understand. (PINB &(1<
hi folks, I programming AVR atmega32 for an embedded web-server. There's this C language Syntax that I have confronted and I don't understand. (PINB &(1<
hi i am heading to communicate a power drive unit(PDU) with atmega32(USART), the power drive unit(PDU) supports one wire communication. i select C programing on ATmel AVR studio. what i need is to write a C code for UART half duplex communication. can any body give me a small code as an example by considering the below mentioned details, so tha
Can some one help on ATmega microController I am going to burn.What doe's this mean to Disable the JTAG interface it my first time I only progam PIC. programming The atmega32 Burn the atmega32 with AVR_oscilloscope.hex and select external crystal at the fuses section. After that, you Must disable the JTAG interface from your (...)
Hai... I dont know to how my atmega32 can program through the JTAG interface. If there any schematic of this.And please tell me what is mean by On-chip debugging of program.Please give me a solution.
Hi everyone I am trying to program the HCS301 and HCS512 by an atmega32 microcontroller. I successfully (I think so) programmed HCS301 with typical codes. But I don't know exactly how I can generate Encryption key from Manufacture code and serial number. Is there any especial software or other way for this? My most important problem is abo
hey i am using atmega32 to drive two DC motor(connected in parallel) forward and backward. please tell about the interfacing circuit and IC needed to drive the two DC motors connected in parallell. my PWM duty cycle is 10% for forward motion and 5% for reverse motion. please help.....
I made one which upload the program on the atmega32 using serial port COM1; however, I can't send the file using the AVRprog because it can't recognize the board.
Hi i am currently working on sending sms via through a microcontroller(atmega32) i am using AVR studio 4 and i'm using the USART commands apparently i've done the initialization and everything but i do not know why the data is still not sending out (I do not know why the UDR register is always empty and if my program run in the for loop twice the U
Hello all, I am a beginner in RTOS and want to learn it well...I have experimented many embedded c programs with 89c51 and Atmega 16. Now i want to put my hands on RTOS. Till now i was using Kiel for programming. I got some ideas about UCOS II RTOS from the forums around. What I want to know is whether atmega32 support RTOS programming (...)
i m using AVR atmega32 microcontroller ---------- Post added at 06:22 ---------- Previous post was at 06:20 ---------- i m using start,stop,auto/manual,time/up,time/down switch.
How actually the programming of microcontroller happens ?? I have an USBASP programmer for atmega32 , it uses some MOSI and MISO pins...but i want to know the actual working of this programmer. what data it sends ? why it uses MOSI and MISO pins ?? and how to program any microcontroller (BASIC CONCEPT) ?? any good references and reading ma
Hi, I am trying to interface LAMPEX LM16202 16x2 LCD display with atmega32. But I have doubt about few pin connections which are as follows - 1) pin3 - Vo - Contrast Adjustment 2) pin4 - RS - H/L Register Select Signal 3) pin5 - R/W - H/L Read/Write Signal 4) pin6 - E - H → L Enable Signal 5)
I'm using sinaprog to download the code to my atmega32 board .While downloading my first program it got programmed without any error in sinaprog. But after that No LED have glown...pls help i'm newbie ,if i've made mistake while posting pls correct my code is Code: #include int main() { DDRB = 0xff; while(1
hellow friends, I have genius g540 universal programmer,when i program avr atmega32 through this programmer it is not programmed shows error in " verify" some times it does all steps correctly but when read it it shows empty memory and also doesnt work on hardware circuit....means it is not programmed ....plz guide me what should i do ? what proble
Hi Sir, I am a newbie in micro-controller programming and so much like to learn up this technology. I am programming a atmega32 16PU micro-controller with usbtiny programmer ( AVR Pocket programmer by sparkfun), using winavr software from scourforge and also its appropriate driver. However, i encounter the following error : (...)
Im using ADS1213P in slave mode and i am using atmega32 to read data from it. I am first writting the instruction register(so as to write data to COMMAND REGISTER) then i am writting data to the 32bit command register.I am trying to do this when the DRDY(bar) goes low for the first time. then when DRDY(bar) goes low for second time........
Hi there everybody! I would like to build something similar to the "makey makey" but instead of controlling a computer, i simply want to control 8 other pins on the atmega32. As i understand i have to put a large pull-up Resistor on the input where the marshmellow would go and then ground whoever is touching the marshmellow. But where i ge
hi every one can some one tell me the difference between setting the portB of atmega32 as PORTB=0b11111110; and PORTB &=(1<
SALAM i am using a C# programme which reads a file and send a string of data to atmega32 via serial port . for checking purpose i put the incoming data to portA. as atmega32 recieves data all pins of portA become at logic 1 no matter what kind of data is coming or if i send different data ... any tip about programming for (...)
guys I have a question about atmega32 pins can i make pc0 to pc7 inputs with programming and connect a LCD to those pins? :!:
Need information how to make the PIC circuit with connector to an programmer. programming should work even if the PIC circuit has power switched on. But should also be possible if the power of the PIC board is not availabel. I already have good info on programmer. Any one has a proven circuit design that works well?
Does someone knows how to build this useful programming tool ? thx proton
Hi all I'm urgently needing a circuit for programming MC68JHC908JK1 from the PC. Also the programming software is required.
Hi, I wish to learn how programming PLD. I read some manuals about VHDL but I don't know anything about tools like Synopsis to compile VHDL code and download to PLD. Where can I get a tutorial about this? Where can I download tools (demo) for this scope? Thanks
Hi open verilog international programming reference manual A 350 pps pdf ebook. tnx Uploaded file: open-verilog-International.programming-reference-manual.pdf
I've used the C programming language for many years in DOS and find it a great language to use on the PC and for microcontrollers etc. I have come to the point though where I need to start programming up some windows applications, so therefore got a book on Microsoft Visual C++ and tried it out. After trying some of the book examples though, it
I'm looking for hardware to load a program in 68HC11. Somebody could tell me where I can find a scheme or layout to realise the board.
I'm looking for Gal16v8 programming algorytm for implementing my homemade Gal programmer. But problem is that usually it isn't documented or is secret. Please help. Thanks
Well I'm attempting to integrate in circuit programming into my application and I was wondering whether anyone has done this before. My problem is interfacing high voltage in circuit serial programming for PIC16F877 via pin PIN 1, RB6 and RB7 at the same time use this pin for another application. I have considered using jumpers to switch affected p
Hi all I'm interested in learning visual programming , I know pascal programming . I want to choose one of delphi or visual basic to learn. would you tell me which one is better for me in learning and usage. I'm an telecommunication engineer and I want to learn it and do something in my free times. by the way , do you know any good free e-book
Palm programming: The Developer's Guide
I have a codewarrior programming book if anyone wants it
Is anyone doing any work on implementing a 3rd party programmer for the PSOC devices ? I don't mean the commercial programmers, more low cost hobby / development stuff without having to buy the ICE etc. I'm looking at doing a design at the moment and would like to share ideas/problems.
I have few HC908GP32 - marked chips (HC08) and i like to try these. But I only have PIC experience and I need some help to get started. Do I need special programming device and software and if where I can find these or building instructions? What compiler (C) do you recommend? It should be free or cheap enough for student. HC908GP32 is flash de
Any one had experience with programming ICSP with this new PIC? 18f8720? I am using the warp13A programmer. The pic-start does not support the chip. I hope I can get it working using in-circuit programming using the warp13a. thanks ahgu
Hi, Can anyone point me where to get the information regarding how to control the JTAG port in order to perform the in system flash programming? Thanks in advance Jackson
Hi fellas !!! I need to write a program to comunnicate my pc with a tcp/ip enabled embedded device. I'd like to use visual programming (vb,Delphi,Borland Builder,etc). Should be a visual rad development enviroment because I need a very good GUI for the PC. I already wrote a program to link my pc to just one remote device each time...but now I
Where can i find all Siemens PLC series programming datasheets?
I grab hold of old xilinx chip XC4003a Xc3030 xc3042 i dunno how to program them with current xilinx tool. Is there a programming board schematic for such chip and what is the software needed?