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I design a circuit of Modbus and GSM with two different regulators. Modbus need voltage >4.8 and GSM need 4 volt so i used 7805 (1Amp) with Max485 and atmega8 converter and LM2596 (3Amps) Adjustable regulator to power up GSM board . and input supply is 12V/2A adapter. when i use this circuit to read data from inverter and send data using (...)
hello,i wanted to interface 2 atmega8 ic through SPI and i wrote theise code as Master and Slave but when i execute the code in circuit in proteus app it wrote "Testing" in lcd but then nothing and the transfer cant complete wnd the code freezing in the code line: while(! (SPSR &(1<
Hi I designed a circuit with atmega8 for measuring a voltage and then if over voltage is occured a 12V relay will be on. but when the relay is on, the measured voltage reduced. I use LM326-2.5 as reference voltage on Aref pin. what is the problem? Is it related to my PCB design? the schematic is below. Thanks.
i made a system for generator which starts with RF remote and stops the generator automatically, the system is made with atmega8 and an LCD is also connected which shows Voltage and Frequency of generator. the problem i m facing is that when the circuit is near the generator the voltage varies rapidly and shows wrong frequency, and if same (...)
I made a simple circuit to interface 16X2 LCD with atmega8 micro-controller.Everything seems to work fine but when i tried to display a text in second line of the LCD, i get nothing.The text doesn't get displayed. I believe I've send proper command and all but still i don't get anything displayed in the second line. Then i tried to display a single
@allset87 He is using atmega8.
I am trying to measure 440V AC with atmega8. I have used transformer 440V-5V and bridge ractifire. Now I am trying to use voltage divider to convert it to 2.56V as my refrence volatge is 2.56V but I am unable to do so please help to design hardware for it.
this are not same like you but similar and might help you
hello to all. i want to make pal signal with avr atmega8 i use resistance circuit for make 2bit adc-(black&wite-color)- i have a problem???! whene i write many delays for show black and wite colors on my tv scren i cant see any thing on my screan:bang::bang::bang::bang: i think it occur because in this mod we have hight ferequanc
I have been designing atmega 8 based usb to uart conversion using v usb and avr cdc 232. The whole circuit seems ok but its not detected in by the computer. It just says USB device not recognized. Here's the description of the project( ).Any help please I us
Hi all, I am working on AC dimmer circuit , for that i have have interfaced the Zero Cross Detection circuit with ATmega16 INT0 pin. INT0 is configured as a rising edge. here i am attaching image which shows the working of Zero cross detection is good. but when i interface its output with ATmega INT0 pin, the Zero Cross Pulsed gets down and nothin
SALAM i am try to make USB asp for atmega32 using atmega8 circuit is here but Windows 8 usb not recognized i troblshoot frm here but thr problem is not solved
HELLO guys i want to make wireless burglar alarm system using PIR sensor . this system consist following part : 1. Transmitter with PIR sensor Transmitter circuit consist atmega8 and PIR sensor and 434Mhz Transmitter. When PIR sensor detect any human motion it send the signal to receiver side. 2 . Receiver with Hoo
i have a circuit that uses pwm of atmega 8 and the power bridge of l298n ,to power a dc motor but when i connect the vs voltage of l298n ,the micro stops working i used even used seperete power supplys but the same result any help would be appreciated
hi, I have a atmega8 ic and I have planned to build a serial interfacing circuit for it with max232 ic and rs232 cable. the thing that I want to know is, what is software that I can use to transfer my programme(hex file) from computer to the microcontroller using rs232 and max232 interfacing.
Hello, I want to make a device which senses three phase R, Y, B voltages using avr atmega8. What kind of external sensing circuit should i make? I also want to control the phases of that, as like single phase preventing. Give me a basic ideas to make it.
so, this is it o
Good morning everyone, I'm riding a USB joystick and am not able to exchange for the D + D-is that the code always gives error. 94594 94593
I have some problems with my little project. I have made zero crossing detector circuit work well and use atmega8 to create a square ware base on the output of this circuit like in the picture below. However when i try to pass the signal to light control block ( with moc3021) errors appeared. Please help me! My deadline is comming. I (...)
hi all how interfacing with ir remote in operating with atmega8 controller and explain the circuit diagram i can try the read the ir remote but not understanding Can you give more details what you need? You want IR remote control using atmega8 uC ? Existing IR remote controller such as TV,DVD,...
dear experts a simple lcd interfacing code ,code was compiled with no errors and verified in proteus . my circuit vcc pin7 of atmega8 gnd pin8 of atmega8 internal crystal used then by mistakely i connected AVCC to gnd but lcd showed the text message after half mins my atmega8 was very hot ,i removed power supply (...)
This simple circuit based on atmega8 can be useful as a generator of PWM signal for example of a radiator fan driver. Potentiometer is used for smooth regulation of the fulfillment from 0 to 100%. The current setting
Hi, Recently I build a project to control the devices at my home using an IR Remote (RC5 protocol and TSOP) I used a 230V spst relay with a 5v coil. I connected the coil to the controller data pin through ULN2003a. I was successfully able to switch on and off all the devices (Fan, bulb, tube light, TV). But there is this one tube lig
what atmega89c51 can do in a circuit ? Why its used ?
need to know , which crystal you using and the type of micro controller. btw now the commonly available UCs are atmega 8L s which have max crystal frequency of 8 Mhz. So if its above 8Mhz, chances of it working are dim. He did say atmega8L and the crystal is 8MHz as shown in the PCB
I have loaded the hex file of my .c code compiled in avr gcc into my atmega8.......But when the micro is inserted into the circuit board and circuit board switch is pressed random functions start happening without me pressing any key on my remote control.......only when i press the switch on and off many times the robot starts to work (...)
Hello guys, I'm using sony ericsson k300i phone to interface with an atmega8 MCU... The project is to trigger a circuit through sms. Problem is with the delay between adjacent AT commands. I've read in an webpage that min. of 3 sec is needed and so i used 3 seconds between message read() and delete() functions in while(1) infinite loop. So if i c
hi, actually i made 9 my own led dot matrix of 5*5 but i need a assist in logic how can i control all of them using a single uc either a atmega8 or 16f877a whether it is possible are not?
Hey guys, i am a newbie... i have a boar which has a TX433, HT12E(encoder IC) and 4 tactical switches. All the connections are well made. Plus there is a 8bit DIP switch connected to the encoder IC. Similarly i have a well connected circuit with decoder at the reciver's end. the following is the link to the two modules.
Hi everyone, I am trying to convert voltage to binary using atmega8. I have connected a low pass filter in between the controller and the voltage source. After every conversions, the adc does not reset it's old value (from ADCH) but keep adding up instead. Does anyone know why this happen? does the filter capacitor somehow needed to be discharge
You can download complete circuit diagram and source code from DIY Cell Phone GSM phone based on SIM300D GSM module and atmega8 microcontroller.
Hello. I am looking for a PI metal detector circuit schematic using the atmega8 micrcontroller. Could anyone help me with this?
Regards All! i am tring to make a simple circuit that has ds1820 thats interfaced to atmega8, and atmega8 has a rs485 interface with pc. i have the circuit as shown in attached pdf, sensor is fine and transmit is also fine , i am having problems with rx, the circuit should give the temperature when it (...)
I have set up a circuit to interface temperature sensor and lcd display with atmega8. The program is working correctly. But there is some problem in the simulation. Pls Code is below: #include #include
hi i need to connect g2403r with atmega16 or atmega8 does anyone have schematics or the program? i dont want to use PC`s. any idea?
Im new to designing PWM circuit. How can I mute motor's high pinch sound generated due to PWM on its driver? I'm using atmega8, Timer1 as PWM, F-oc and 9V motor, DC, Small, High Speed I tried lowering freq, by dividing Foc/1024&..., but the PWM on motor doesn't work quite well , because its high speed and when I lower the duty cycle, it doesn
I’m trying to detect an object 20cm away from my robot I’m using atmega8 microcontroller In this where comes the adc?? Another thing why are you using 555 to generate 40KHz as atmega 8 itself can do it Post your circuit to get help Nandhu
hi all... anybody have usb servo controller circuit schematics? i want to control servo to move something ( like webcam/automatic sentry gun ) mounting on it in two axis with computer interface. Preferable with attiny or atmega8 or avr cause thats the easiest chip i can find on my place. thanks Added after 7 minutes:[/c
Hi all I'm sharing my new project with you I use atmega8 3310 lcd and tda439 for audio control I write codes with free winavr c compiler circuit control menu+-,+-and mute keys and philisp rc5 compatible comander values store on internal eeprom circuit have a jumper for lcd display invert or normal mode for programing I'm using isp connector (...)
Did Somebody worked with mt8843? I want to interface the chip with mega 8 and send serial data to pc. I have built the circuit from data sheet, but it gives random data as output.
hello . I need help you . can you help me? I buy a evb of sim300 and I want conect this to atmega8. I can conect this to pc and send atcommand and recive answer. I write program for atmega8 with codevision and I simulate this code with com port in proteus and answer this . this mean my prog is correct . but connect this micro to evb sim300 and
hi I started building an embedded webserver with ENC28J60 and atmega8. can you help me and send easy sample shematic and circuit and bascom program for esay web server tnx.:?: Edit: Heading corrected. Nandhu
The easiest way to do this is to use a microcontroller. Use atmega8 chip. It's cheap. And this microcontroller has a built in ADC. You can also use this same chip to run the display. The necessary codes and hardware are simple. You can find them on the internet.
im trying to interface the RF circuit of a RC controlled car to an atmega8 microcontroller.But im unable to find out anything about the sm6135w from the net. I want to know from which pins the output comes so that i can connect them to the controller.
Hi, I have a some very simple questions to ask, cause I'm somewhat new at this and still trying to find my feet with designing these (though admittedly fun) microcontroller circuits. 1) Im using a atmega8515L here and I was reading the datasheet where it mentions: DC Characteristics TA = -40°C to 85°C, VCC = 2.7V to 5.5V (Unless Otherwi
Hi I need to design a 3phase ac voltmeter using atmega8 microcontroller input voltage range 100v - 500v Iam stuckup designing voltage divider section. any help including circuit, algoritham, material will be appriciated. Regards Nandhu
hi my RTC circuit with atmega8 + watch crystal is working well but after 20 min its stop and i reset micro accuracy of ds1307 == RTC crystal watch ??? accuracy of crystal watch above 10 min is low and i don't connect cap too TOSC1&TOSC2 pins please help me;
Do you want a kit or just a programmer?
Hi there, I am completely new in MCU. I got to know that atmega8 has built in xtal and ADC. I want to measure temperature. In my country, LM35 is the only available temp sensor which is analog. thus i need to use the internal ADC with internal referance voltage ADCRef. After that i want to display the output in the LCD using nokia 3310 lcd display
Hai all Can any one give me design idea / circuit / example to measure phase to phase ac voltage (440) with atmega 8 and display it . thanks in advance Nandhu

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