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I am using at atmega8 with a 12 MHz external crystal oscillator. The fuses were programmed as follows: LFUSE 0xEF 1110 1111 HFUSE 0xC9 1100 1001 I was starting to set up a very basic timer application and I noticed that I was getting an unexpected frequency with the timer counter. (exactly half the expected frequency) Here (...)
Hi , I have an atmega8 with its clock fuses unknown !! I want to program it but I dont know what type of oscillator to use is there anyway to restore the fuses to original state (1 Mhz internal oscillator)??? I have a USBasp programmer only .
The external crystal oscillator can be enabled with setting fuse bit in atmega8 BE CAREFUL WHILE CHANGING FUSEBITS Best of luck
hi experts How to recover wrong fuses settings on a AVR say atmega8 ? may be isp disabled (cannot detect chip error-24).don't suggest HV programmer method pls suggest any easier way to recover . i am using pony prog2000.thanks.
i use atmega8, and y program to send "Hallo" to USART(Tx), and when i look in hyperterminal i see other character. i serch on the net and the character is from extended ascii code. i dont understand why it happen this. Please can you give me a hand. This is the cod i am useing it: #include #include #define F_
Hi, I tried a simple program in the atmega8 board for flashing LED. Initially , when I programmed, the internal clock of 1MHz was used. The LED was flashing. Then I changed to 2MHz,4MHz and 8MHz. The speed at which LED blinking was fast. Then I wanted to try with external crystal. But the crystal I used was 12MHz (I (...)
Hi, i need help. I use external crystal 7,3728 MHz for comunnication USART (atmega8) and for connection i need 2xcondenzator 22pF. Is it correct? My calculation when i use crystal: 7.3728 MHz, 9600 baud rate gives UBRR = 47 and no error. its allright? If not, please help. // USART initialization // Communication Par
you read the data sheet about clock in sheet atmega8
i am using stk200/300 programmer for programming my atmega8 avr(my software is bascom in one of my program i used the internal 8M oscillator and i don`t have any problem with it but in another program i need external 16M crystal to work. so i defined the CKSEL t0 1111 and write the fusebit on the avr and then i placed the (...)