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The MSP430F169 has 3 clocks: 2 external and 1 internal... Do I need to use an external crystal, or will the internal one be used if non of the external ones are? Greg
we have a chip with XIN/XOUT (crystal in/out) pins defined which are supposed to be connected to the on-chip PLL, but I'm not sure how is the external crystal connected to the PLL, is it direct connection or through some other components? Thanks!
I cant adjust my MC atmega 8515 to work with external crystal (fuses) my burning program is ponyprog 2000 ehlp me please thanks
Hello I need C code of RTC(external crystal) for LPC2138
Hello I need C code of RTC(external crystal) for LPC2138
Hi I have an example circuit built on a 12F675 that calls for an external 4K crystal. In a nutshell, I was wondering... "why?" [the crystal that is). I understand these chips to have an internal oscillator that can be enabled with the proper configuration word, in which case why would someone use an external (...)
Hi, I am an AVR beginner with ATmega16 as the Device. How can an ATmega16 be configured to run with an external crystal oscillator of frequency 7.3728 MHz. Which are the Special Function Registers for this purpose and how they have to be configured? What is the default settings? I am using CodeVisionAVR(2k evaluation) and also IAR Embedded Workb
Hi guys... I am new to microcontroller based hardware design. In my project i am suppose to design a interface for a micro controller. I need to use an exteranl crystal for clk ref in the micro controller. can any one pls tell me how to interface an external crystal. i mean how to select one and how to design the interface. wht r the (...)
Will you be driving another clock source with XTAL2? try programming CKSEL = 0 CKOPT = 1 I use this option on an atmega8515 for external clock, which is very similar device to the atmega16. Look at page 23 of the datasheet.
hi i would like to know for the external crystal on a PIC like a pair of 22p cap should i use ceramic type or any other types? Thanks
hi folks i am new to pics and i am confused with the external crystal thing ok let's take 16f877a for example the max speed is 20Mhertz if i use a 4Mhertz to connect to it does it mean the pic takes 1/4 of the crystal for an instruction ? then if i use 20M ( the max speed) to connect to it does it mean the pic take 5M hertz (...)
Hi folks: We are leaning to design a clock generator with a external crystal. What's the term people use for such kind of circuits? Just want to better shoot at the searching. Regards, Neo
I am using 20 PPM external crystal oscillator in RTC because of 20 PPM it shell be give 1.33 sec delay per day how can I calculate the error in this external crystal.
can any body tell me the fuses and their values
Hello everybody, I am unable to find PIC16C54 - XT/P in market. But I have PIC16C54 RC/P. In the original circuit the XT type microcontroller is used along with 4Mhz crystal. Can I use 4Mhz external crystal oscillator & give its output to the OSC1/CLKIN pin of the RC based microcontroller? Thanks.
What is the different between using the AVR internal 1MHz RC and using external crystal i.e 12MHz ? If the MCU is completed already with internal RC, why should we use external crystal ?
Hello friends, I'm want to operate atmega8L from external crystal of 8MHz and I'm planning to change its fuse bits as follow High fuse = 0XD9 Low fuse = 0XFF i just wanted to know that is it correct or not? Since i dont want to lock any more chip now
i am using stk200/300 programmer for programming my atmega8 avr(my software is bascom in one of my program i used the internal 8M oscillator and i don`t have any problem with it but in another program i need external 16M crystal to work. so i defined the CKSEL t0 1111 and write the fusebit on the avr and then i placed the (...)
The external crystal oscillator can be enabled with setting fuse bit in atmega8 BE CAREFUL WHILE CHANGING FUSEBITS Best of luck
hi i just want to know can atmega8 configured to external crystal for 20mhz or by setting external crytal will it perform well ?just want to know i am in doubt ?
hello everyone! i want to see the atmega8 adc result on my pc i am using bascom avr terminal emulator displaying the following code whatever i print ??x?x?x??x can any one help me a month before i tried such a work but i never got answer of it then i tried to use aother softwares such as aspman that really is powerfull
hi my RTC circuit with atmega8 + watch crystal is working well but after 20 min its stop and i reset micro accuracy of ds1307 == RTC crystal watch ??? accuracy of crystal watch above 10 min is low and i don't connect cap too TOSC1&TOSC2 pins please help me;
Hi, i need help. I use external crystal 7,3728 MHz for comunnication USART (atmega8) and for connection i need 2xcondenzator 22pF. Is it correct? My calculation when i use crystal: 7.3728 MHz, 9600 baud rate gives UBRR = 47 and no error. its allright? If not, please help. // USART initialization // Communication Par
hi siva, can you please tell me the part no. of avr. Is it atmega8 or 8L. If you connect a 4 or 8 mhz external crystal could solve your problem. There are two version of mega8 avr, the difference is maximum frequency supported by them. Or try JTAG parallel port programmer in case you have disabled the spi by mistake. Kindly refer the datasheet.
hi experts How to recover wrong fuses settings on a AVR say atmega8 ? may be isp disabled (cannot detect chip error-24).don't suggest HV programmer method pls suggest any easier way to recover . i am using pony prog2000.thanks.
Hello. I would like to know if someone had made this arrangement Satfinder Elektor March 2011 to find out what fuse box for the atmega8, I'm a little lost (even many) I visited the site [http : / / but I can not understand how to take control in the dropdown menu, I know the installation uses an
Hello Mates I Have a Master ATMEGA128 Microcontroller and 4 ATMEGA16 Slave Microcontrollers. I am using SPI. Is that possible to have a single external crystal for all Micros (Master & Slaves)? Thanks In Advance Mehrdad Kamelzadeh
hi..... why crystal is connected to microcontroller in every microcontroller circuits?
I am using at atmega8 with a 12 MHz external crystal oscillator. The fuses were programmed as follows: LFUSE 0xEF 1110 1111 HFUSE 0xC9 1100 1001 I was starting to set up a very basic timer application and I noticed that I was getting an unexpected frequency with the timer counter. (exactly half the expected frequency) Here (...)
I want to use external crystal oscillator as a Timer clock source but i can not understand how i will interface the external crystal oscillator for Timer with specific pin of microcontroller(i.e. Timer oscillator input will be better for me with circuit diagram.
Hi, I have a doubt here regarding the crystal oscillator for a PIC Micro-controller. If the pic can work at, for example, an external oscillator of 48MHz, can I use a 20 MHz external oscillator instead? The PIC18F2250 works with internal 8 MHz oscillator or external 48 MHz oscillator. Instead using a 48 MHz oscillator, (...)
I am using a PIC24FJ64GA004 micro with external crystal oscillator... Page 10, fig 6-3 of the following says that a series resistor may sometimes be needed with an external crystal.... ....though how do i know it any given crystal is "AT cut" ....for example, this
I have been working with my micro-controller for the last 2 months and i have had a bitter experience while setting fuse bits. I had to throw away one... So now i need to work with an external clock of 20Mhz i have got a 20MHz crystal and while reading the datasheet i have learned i need to connect it to the xtal1 and xtal2 pins of the uC.
Dear Sir, I want to connect external oscillator to my PIC16F630 IC, can any one guide me how to interface how to interface it in the hardware and should it required any changes in the software. I am quite new to this electronic world, your reply will be very valuable for me. thanks in advance,,
Dear all: I am designing a 32k crystal oscillator. And I have done the AC simulation to ensure the loop phase and loop gain! The followed figures are the schmatic and the simulation results. Please see the picture of the simulation results. We can see there are two operation points A and B when phase=0. At point A, the loop gain is larger t
Hi I'm not sure but as I remember, Attiny2313 has no internal clock. if you set fuse bit of atmega8535 to work with crystal then you can not program it without any crystal. regards
Hi friend, I am in to strange problem could not understand yet. I have been working with ATMEL MCU atmega8 with many projects using UART, SPI, i had no problem, but now recently, i bought few atmega8 and using Internal Osc. 4Mhz but it is not working and ihave connected another device at SPI it is also not working. the MCU TX / RX not working. B
This is a driver for SED1520 Graphic IC Driver.I have a Graphic LCD(TS12232) with this program is for this LCD.BTW, u can use this program for other LCD. it can be used for any other AVR by just change of define in begin of source. I used a atmega8L with 8Mhz crystal.I didn't use any delay if u use a atmega8 with crystal 16Mhz
Can pic16f84a blink a led without an external oscillator or control a lcd without one? How can i do that if that is possible? Thank You.
I've been using the internal clock on my hobby Pic micro projects. but now have a need to use a external crystal ( digikey #x1045-nd) which the data sheet says use 10-20 pf load caps . but I'm not sure what type is best (ceramic,film etc. ) just wondering what most use thanks
What is maximum frequency of the external crystal that can be connected with the ATmega32 thet fixed for 16MHz or above frequency can connect.if so is there any problem for its working.if not what will be its speed of operation?.please give me a reply.
I use a pic18f4550 and uses a 20mhz as it's clock source to run it at 48mhz. Everything was fine until One day I couldn't enter debug mode. I thought it was the oscialltor problem so I tried my code using internal osciallator and I could get in debug mode. I didn't drop the crystal, maybe it bumped against some other stuff. The pins were a
Hi friends, I am using 12 Mhz Quartz crystal with 33pf capacitor for LPC2378..I am checking the frequency in the two pin of Quartz crystal but i am not able to get the frequency at the pin... The same Quartz crystal with 33pf capacitor i am using with 8051 at that time i am getting the frequency... The difference in 8051 and LPC2378 is (...)
Hi, Just program my atmega8L on PonyProg with this Now after WRITE button I can't read it anymore //:cry: I think I had DISABLE the SPIEN pin? but the SPIEN is greyed...
Hi, i am working with PIC16F877A i need to do the serial communication. kindly guide me what value of external crystal i should use for serial communication. And which is the register used for serial communication in PIC16F877A.
what I want to do is to speed it up a little bit that's why I want to use an external crystal... Read datasheet carefully. Since you are using atmega8L, the 8MHz is the best you can get. Read the manual page1 to the down side, see for "Speed Grades".
Hello All. I was working on a Project, where I had to do some RS-232 Communication between a PC and a PIC16F877A. But before going for the RS232, Currently I am Stuck on the Timing issue. I am using PIC16F877A, and I've tried 12MHz and 20MHz external crystal with 30pF Capacitors, and programmed the Controller for a Blinking LED Code. Well,
Hi, I want to ask how to built a circuit which generate square wave of 20MHz using crystal oscillator20MHz which's two pins.
How is the 'clock cycle' of PIC MCU related to the 'crystal' oscillator connected between pins OSC1 and OSC2?
Hello, I am new to avr's.. i want to program configuration and security bits for atmega8(external crystal 8 Mhz) and i want to reprogram its flash, so i don't want to lock it.. Here is image of settings which i used earlier to Program one of my atmega8, but now it is not working i cant read or write or even erase it : (...)