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hello everyone! i want to see the atmega8 adc result on my pc i am using bascom avr terminal emulator displaying the following code whatever i print ??x?x?x??x can any one help me
Hi friend, I am in to strange problem could not understand yet. I have been working with ATMEL MCU atmega8 with many projects using UART, SPI, i had no problem, but now recently, i bought few atmega8 and using Internal Osc. 4Mhz but it is not working and ihave connected another device at SPI it is also not working. the MCU TX / RX not working. B
I think it might be the problem due to capacitors, choose the accurate value of capacitor. See whether your chip is atmega8 or atmega8l and have capacity to drive to that much frequency Bibin John
Hi, i make project PC thermometer, I use atmega8, senzor LM35CZ, MAX 233..., I can`t find code in C for USART, can somebody help me? I know now if I must use internal oscilator or external krystal. PLease help...
hi siva, can you please tell me the part no. of avr. Is it atmega8 or 8L. If you connect a 4 or 8 mhz external crystal could solve your problem. There are two version of mega8 avr, the difference is maximum frequency supported by them. Or try JTAG parallel port programmer in case you have disabled the spi by mistake. Kindly refer the datasheet.
hi experts How to recover wrong fuses settings on a AVR say atmega8 ? may be isp disabled (cannot detect chip error-24).don't suggest HV programmer method pls suggest any easier way to recover . i am using pony prog2000.thanks.
The external crystal oscillator can be enabled with setting fuse bit in atmega8 BE CAREFUL WHILE CHANGING FUSEBITS Best of luck
Hello. I would like to know if someone had made this arrangement Satfinder Elektor March 2011 to find out what fuse box for the atmega8, I'm a little lost (even many) I visited the site [http : / / but I can not understand how to take control in the dropdown menu, I know the installation uses an
Hi, Just program my atmega8L on PonyProg with this Now after WRITE button I can't read it anymore //:cry: I think I had DISABLE the SPIEN pin? but the SPIEN is greyed...
hi i just want to know can atmega8 configured to external crystal for 20mhz or by setting external crytal will it perform well ?just want to know i am in doubt ?
Hello, I am new to avr's.. i want to program configuration and security bits for atmega8(external crystal 8 Mhz) and i want to reprogram its flash, so i don't want to lock it.. Here is image of settings which i used earlier to Program one of my atmega8, but now it is not working i cant read or write or even erase it : (...)
I am using at atmega8 with a 12 MHz external crystal oscillator. The fuses were programmed as follows: LFUSE 0xEF 1110 1111 HFUSE 0xC9 1100 1001 I was starting to set up a very basic timer application and I noticed that I was getting an unexpected frequency with the timer counter. (exactly half the expected frequency) Here (...)
Hi everyone, I'm new to electronics and assembly programming. I've been struggling for the past 24 hours trying to get a simple LED to turn on (not even blink) on PB0 but seem to be doing something wrong. First of all, my code: sbi DDRB,0 sbi PORTB,0 loop: rjump loop The fuse configuration on my atmega8 is as follows
I used in the first time an external crystal to 12 mhz and for the setting, i selected ext. RC Osc. 12 mhz . If i want to change the fusebits of the atmega8 for other use, the connection with the square generator is the only way? There is no other way? Now this is even more conf
Hi I'm not sure but as I remember, Attiny2313 has no internal clock. if you set fuse bit of atmega8535 to work with crystal then you can not program it without any crystal. regards
please let me know how should i set the CKSEL fusebits to work with external 16M crystal in atmega8-16pu ?
i use atmega8, and y program to send "Hallo" to USART(Tx), and when i look in hyperterminal i see other character. i serch on the net and the character is from extended ascii code. i dont understand why it happen this. Please can you give me a hand. This is the cod i am useing it: #include #include #define F_
Good morning at all. I want built this: I need to change the fusebits of the atmega8. 1) first i flash with hex files and only AFTER i change the fusebits? 2) When i have changed the fusebits (ext. rc. osc. to 12 mhz) , i can not do it anymore (reprogrammed)? 3) the setting with
Hi , I have an atmega8 with its clock fuses unknown !! I want to program it but I dont know what type of oscillator to use is there anyway to restore the fuses to original state (1 Mhz internal oscillator)??? I have a USBasp programmer only .
Here's is a Frequency Counter based on Atmel atmega8 AVR, with complete schematics and C source code. Frequency Meter: Main page with several other MCU projects