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Hello, This is my first project with writing in Assembly language, I have tried to produce some Assembly code for Interfacing SHT15 sensor with the atmega8 ?C. I would be very grateful if someone could check my code, and correct errors you may find. Please note this is my first attempt at Assembly programming, so I am sure there must be som
hi guys, i am considering to design a frequency counter using atmega8, i want to use asynchronous operation of timer/counter2. frequency counter developed by pic asynchronous timer is ther.... but i want to make it with atmega8..... need some suggestion.. arnab/vu2bpw
Hi, I want to disable the hardware reset pin of atmega8 and use it as an IO pin. Can any one please give me a C / winavr code example of how to do it? Thank you.
Hi i am new to this hehe. So i put this in question way easy to get answer? For your guys info me havent learn how to program a chip so need help here. 1. Is there any way to replace the atmega8 with something that does not need to do program 2. I cant find the pressure sensor model which is MPXV5100GC6U but i can get MPXV5100GC7U instead
Hi all I'm sharing my new project with you I use atmega8 3310 lcd and tda439 for audio control I write codes with free winavr c compiler circuit control menu+-,+-and mute keys and philisp rc5 compatible comander values store on internal eeprom circuit have a jumper for lcd display invert or normal mode for programing I'm using isp connector you ca
i have used atmega8 mcu for my digital stopwatch application . and i programmed the IC with a C code using winavr compiler. then my stopwatch is showing minutes and hours -but it should show seconds and minutes. i have used atmega8 micro with a crystal of 16Mhz. please help thanks
I've purchased a 433Mhz receiver and transmitter from spakfun and have used one of the links on their page to build a
It is a neat panel thermometer on a well-known system DS18B20. The main element is atmega8 SMD. Software was written in winavr. The thermometer additionally is equipped with the function of thermostat. To minimize the size of the
Why does the code below send continous no of 'U' in proteus simulation virtual terminal.I am using winavr for programming atmega8 By putting "cli();" instruction in ISR should have disabled interrupt. but 'U' is being continuously delivered. what is the problem here?? #include #include #include
I have some problems with my little project. I have made zero crossing detector circuit work well and use atmega8 to create a square ware base on the output of this circuit like in the picture below. However when i try to pass the signal to light control block ( with moc3021) errors appeared. Please help me! My deadline is comming. I attached my co
atmega8 is best select,it include 10bit ad converter,and more inter resource. you can go to to find a programmer.
Below is the C code for handling an external interrupt. The initial value on PORTC is 0; When an interrupt occurs it increment the PORTC by 1; I used the winavr to convert the c code into hex code, then loaded the hex code onto the chip (avr atmega8) for test. The values on PORTC change randomly every an interrupt occurs. Can anyone tell me
Hi all, I need Assembly to Hex converter for AVR atmega8, ATmega16, ATmega32. I am very much familiar with 8051 and now I want to start with AVR I am writing AVR programs ONLY in assembly language. Please help me in this regard. Waiting for your replies :) __________________ Thanks, Rushikesh
Hi, If you have used 8051 then you're familiar with programming. So, you should download the datasheet and if you go through it, it shouldn't take you much time to port your knowledge to atmega8. As stated, AVR Freaks has plenty of info and tutorials. You should also choose your required compiler and language and I re
Precision RTC using atmega8 and DS3231. Indication: 4-digit 7-segment (up to 42V 500mA on each segment), remote control (Sony RM887), temperature sensor (external DS18B20 or internal from DS3231), brightness correction with external photoresistor. Additional work mode - show static 4-digit number (fuel price etc). Schematics/PCB in free KiC
This project was inspired by the clock found on the internet: LINK . Control processor was changed from PIC to atmega8, to operate on AVR. Besides, you can easily ad
My tools are, MCU:atmega8 Programmer:AVRISP2 Compilers:AVR studio-4 to read and program the flash and winavr Programmers Notepad for writing the code and compiling. I would like to protect my code against reading hex file from the chip and there should be provision for reprogramming the chip.I have programmed the lock bits (I have s
or any other of atmel in PDIP package i m u C language , and keil software The Atmel AVR series of microcontrollers have it. In the AVRs it's called Two Wire Interface (TWI). Some of the most popular AVRs are atmega8, ATMEGA 16, ATMEGA32, ATMEGA128. You can also implement I2C in software. You can find ple