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Hi , If anyone developed scheduler for atmel 89c52 microcontroller pls provide me the source code in either C or Assembly. my mymail id Thanks G kannan
Hello ppl, I need a c/c++ compiler for atmel 89C51 microcontroller... Please help me by posting a download link or sending the exe file..... thnx.
Is it possible to control a voice recorder and playback ic with 89c52 and Keil..If so, can you help and suggest how to do it? But in the Original post your post sounded differnt. Now it is different???????? No, I am in search of record and playback IC which can be controlled by 8051 exactly atmel 89c52 ..
First you download AVR studio from atmel corporation (search google for AVR studio) REgards Maxim
hey can anyone give guidance about how to go by with the designing of firing circuit to control the armature voltage of separately excited dc motor,using 89c52 microcontroller...... i wan t to design the firing circuit using scr...
Hello, I am using the atmel SAM3N00B microcontroller and the only way I can see to do in circuit serial programming is to use the 20 way JTAG connector. However, this connector is too big for our production unit, and I wondered if there is a smaller, say 5 pin programming connector which I could use? SAM3N DATASHEET: www.atmel.c
Enjoy atmel 89c52 Bangla clock & Yeay or Date show
What is the minimum vcc voltage at which all atmel SAM3N00B microcontroller parts from any production batch can be gauranteed to start up? Page 696 of the datasheet appears to say that the SAM3N00B may start up at any voltage between 1.62V and 3.6V..-but is it garanteed to start up at 1.62V? SAM3N00B microcontroller datasheet www.atm
Please if you have more information about multiplexing 7-segment display more than 2 so please guide me i am using atmel 89c52 microcontroller.
Hai Cerine, Try this kit from microcontroller based school bell system using Dallas 1307 RTC.This innovative bell system designed using Dallas DS1370 real time chip which is further used in conjunction with atmel 89c52 for setting various bell timings of a day. Long bell and short bell rings can be individually s
Hello Everyone, I am new member of this forum. i need help on microchip 23K256(Serial SRAM,SPI). i need to interface it with the 89c52 atmel microcontroller. as 23K256 works on 3.6V i need to translet TTL 5V logic to 3.6V logic using transistor logic. i am using bit-bang method for communication. has anyone worked on 23K256 ? if so please (...)
Here is a link to quite interesting digital multirange voltmeter project based on atmel microcontroller: Overview of the project below: There are six major blocks in the device: The range selector, RMS-to-DC converter, ADC, microcontroller unit (MCU), keypad and LCD display. The range
It looks like you have already started with atmel, so stay with it .. All microcontrollers can do almost the same but the more you practise with a particular type, the more "fluent" you are in it, and the easier for you is to use it in all sorts of applications .. Here you have a PDF file with practical examples on 89C51/2 UART including explan
Yes,Actually it is a USB microcontroller(AT83C5132) from atmel. They have some sample codes...but I want to know how to write PC driver code to recognize the device...How to read the data from Micro controller. I want to write my own device driver... Thanks, Shiva
I have an atmel microcontroller circuit and it is not working I probe the XIN/XOUT lead (crystal input) but could not see a 20mhz signal on my scope.. I checked VDD and ground connector and they are good. Is it a bad chip or is there something else I can check? Thank you D Added after 22 minutes:
Dear All please provide me a simple schematics of Philips 89c52 programmer. better if it is serial programmer (DB9) ( I think this is equal to atmel 89c52 ) your reply is much appreciated.
Hello, Do you know the current consumption of the SAM3N00B microcontroller from atmel? SAM3N00B series datasheet. We have Vcc = 3.3V and we are using the internal 1MHz oscillator. We are using the ADC and the DAC, ..also using one PWM output.
We are using atmel 89c51re2 ic. We want to use the internal SPI in this microcontroller ic. We have connected adc3208 ic which also support spi inteface. We have done pin conncetions for the above setup as below, 89c51re2 adc 3208 sclk(pin 2) sclk(pin 13) mosi(pin 3)
Just stick with the 10MBit soloution, the atmel AT91 isn't fast enough to take advandtage of 100MBit. The highest performance of the fastest atmel AT91 is about 70 MIPS. So you don't gain any speed advantage by using 100MBit instead of 10MBit. You not right, for 100MBit you do not need higer performance than 70 ( really 10-20 M
Greetings, All! I'm looking for any information about building a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) that is controlled by atmel ATmega16 microcontroller. Any ideas? Many thanks CMFO
Hi vvv, I am using atmel 8515 microcontroller and Hitachi HD44780 LCD. I am currently doing a project based on that website in my first post. I planned to use a 16X2 LCD but I do not know how to change the LCD interfacing program as the website uses two 16X1 LCD. Anyway, thanks for your help.
hi i have been using atmel AT89C51ED2 microcontroller . the problem i am facing is that i can make toggle port 0 pins (open drain outputs, with external pull ups, but i have beev not able to toggle or rather make other port pins low specifiaclly those ports that have internal pull ups. 1) i have disabled the internal pull up thru software 2
Hi, I am about to program atmel AT91RM9200 microcontroller, initially i am planning to write a simple progrm such as erasing external flash. I want to use Xmodem protocol for interfacing it with PC , and C language for programming ,I have some basic doubts like how to write program for AT91RM9200in C language(linux platform) how to interface uc
I need to connect a nokia 3310 to an 8051 controller to send and receive sms. Nokia 3310 uses FBus and MBus protocols. Fbus is bidirectional and operates at 115200 bps. Is it possible to lower the baud rate to 19200 bps/9600 bps to use it with a microcontroller? The MBus protocol is half-duplex and operates at 9600. How do i connect the unidirec
Winavr is the windows port for AVR-GCC. It really is a nice package to get started on the AVR with. It is basically a free C compiler for AVRs that comes with a debugger, a makefile creater, a microcontroller programmer and a Text Editor (close to what you could call an IDE- programmers notepad). ahmad_abdul
Circuit Cellar and atmel are pleased to sponsor the atmel AVR Design Contest 2006. This is your chance to work with the atmel AVR family of flash memory microcontrollers and show off your design skills. It?s easy to design a top-notch project when you?re building with the versatile atmel AVR (...)
go through The 8051 Mazidi thats a very good book on 8051 programming n applies to atmel 89c52 Added after 4 minutes: since you plan to use stepper motors go through the foll. site or the pdf that ive uploaded
Read its datasheet :) atmel datasheets are generally very good. oddbudman
please tell me atmel AT91SAM9260 controller with core ARM926EJ-S? ARM? Thumb? supported tools 1.what compilers supported for that ic 2.Debuggers and emulators supported for above ic 3.Real time operating systems (RTOS) supported for that ic 4.And supporters for above all requirements, Any one please tell
Hi, I am using the Assim Khan ISP programming to program the atmel 89s52 microcontroller, I am trying to develope the hardware and testing it now. when I press 'Read', my machine is reading from the microntroller, but when I was trying to write the file into my chip, there were buffer read error, saying the Read data and prog data are not same. Thi
can i use atmel mega32 microcontroller and htrc110 base station on the reader/transmitter side ? how to see d compatibility of uc and ic?
how to implement a look up table of 8 bit constants in atmel 89c52 Added after 2 minutes: in C compiler
Hi, I am trying to implement the project of SMS (send/receive) on PSTN by using atmel 89S51 microcontroller. Currently i m thinking to use XR-2211 and XR-2206 for FSK, but i dont know how to implement it. Can anyone please help me out for that? Regards, Thanks
I suggest you the book: atmel AVR microcontroller Primer - Programming and Interfacing Steven F. Barrett Daniel J. Pack (2008) ISBN: 1598295411 (paperback) ISBN: 159829542X (ebook) ABSTRACT This textbook provides practicing scientists and engineers a primer on the atmel AVR microcontroller. Our approach is to (...)
I had built and worked similar project using atmel 89c52 and RFID bought from The relay on board can be connected to any electromagnet to lock the door. But this kit doesnt communicate to any PC. They provide all details including schematics, PCB's and components with project description. Hope this will help you. The said kit is also
i have this project in which i have 2 do camera interfacing with avr atmel atmega32 microcontroller so i need details about it ?
sir, my project name is smoker's counselor we are using 89c52 micro controller. it has 3 blocks 1.smoke detector 2.lcd interfacing output. when smoke comes it will detected by the smoke detector and a message like QUIT SMOKING will displayed in the lcd and same will come through audio output. so here when smoke comes then only lcd
well, nr4bt I've used the atmel 8952 microcontroller in my project. I made the mic to control LCD and Keypad. if you want the program I have it. first you will need to buy a burner for the mic. If you are going to use the atmel mic. give me a response.
dear all Please suggest how to interface 89c52 micro with PC with usb or by serial interface. regards Anand
Hi , I am currently doing research for my final year project. Part of my project need me to construct a ultrasonic sensor . Most common available ultrasonic sensor is from PARALLAX PING. Did anyone have experience programming this kind of sensor with microcontroller ? i wish to write own code for sensor triggering and distance calculation. b
Hello I am facing a problem interfacing the Cirrus CS5450A to atmel 89C51/ 89c52 microcontroller. I want to know how to read data from the 5460A. The SCK, SDO, SDI pins are being read through T0, T1 and WR pins (Port 3 pins 4,5,6). I went through the datasheet of 5460 and tried some code, but the bytes read are some arbitrary value
Thanks again to all who reply. You will find a attached file for the schematic which I designed. The circuit is designed to read 8 PT100 sensors on PC using parallel port. I need to use a micro controller instead and controlling 8 heaters concerning to the temperature sensors. Can you help me find the suitable micro controller supporti
hi!! i m doing a project for the first time using microcontroller.but i dont know how to program my atmel AT89c52 microcontroller.I hav been told to buy a programming kit for the same, but i cant afford that much. isnt dere any other way to program it??
mydear friends i have micro controller copier(sprog vx handy serial programmer) i want to copy atmel 89s64 microcontroller but i cant able to copy this microcontroller i think this is copy protected so regarding this.............i need suggesions weather can i copy this microcontroller if yes ...................plea
hi well i hav to design a priority based intercom system using microcontroller..... task is basically that call will be made from one station to another station by pressing a single button...let suppose a button is pressed from station 1 then the signal should be shown on the station 2 which hav been called and m using a blinking LED for indica
Hi everybody i need to know a lot of things about using usb controllers in a 32-bit atmel AVR32 microcontroller in OTG mode but i have not good insight to USB port. How can i find out the information which i needs to know. I do not know what is the prerequisites to do this project. I would be so appreciated to one who can guide me through thi
hi! i have chosen "automatic temperature controlled fan" as my project......i have to work with atmel 8051 microcontroller.......i know assembly language very wel!! but know nothing about hardware and interfacing....plz help me out...give some basic idea..some layout..from where should i start???
Hi, I've got a few questions about using WinCE on an atmel ARM9 microcontroller: Is it possible to access the IOs (and/or their interrupts) when running WinCE on a ARM9 microcontroller (atmel) ? Do I need to write device drivers for WinCE to access the IOs? How about other peripherals such as SPI, USB, ... ? Isn't (...)
I am doing a project containing LCD, EEPROM, KEYPAD with a 89c52 microcontroller. I am using keil to compile my assembly code. But, whileexecuting, the PC(Program Counter) is randomly jumping to some other location. Please help me. Thank you in advance.
hi im doing my final project on security system of ATM machine and im using keil microvision4 to develop c code but it gives the fallawing warning messages fm.c(2): warning C318: can't open file 'lcd.h' FM.C(77): warning C206: 'init_lcd': missing function-prototype FM.C(78): warning C206: 'display_lcd': missing function-prototype FM.C(78): erro