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It seems to be a bit bang I2C implementation. Doesn't the microcontroller contain a hardware I2C? Unfortunately not, the AT89c52 offers only the basic features of an 8051/8052 variant. @ ares1998 Besides the points mentioned by Klaus, atmel does offer an appnote which discusses the software implementati
Please if you have more information about multiplexing 7-segment display more than 2 so please guide me i am using atmel 89c52 microcontroller.
I have Keil uVision software for coding and making HEX file. Actually i am beginner for uController and i programmed successfully but I want to erase previous program and feed new program in same uC, problem is that how erase previous program which has been feed in uC. I have atmel 8052(89c52) uC. I programmed a simple program for 1Hz frequency
Hello I am facing a problem interfacing the Cirrus CS5450A to atmel 89C51/ 89c52 microcontroller. I want to know how to read data from the 5460A. The SCK, SDO, SDI pins are being read through T0, T1 and WR pins (Port 3 pins 4,5,6). I went through the datasheet of 5460 and tried some code, but the bytes read are some arbitrary value
Hello Everyone, I am new member of this forum. i need help on microchip 23K256(Serial SRAM,SPI). i need to interface it with the 89c52 atmel microcontroller. as 23K256 works on 3.6V i need to translet TTL 5V logic to 3.6V logic using transistor logic. i am using bit-bang method for communication. has anyone worked on 23K256 ? if so please (...)
iam doing my miniproject using microcontroller atmel 89c51.its an examination clock that gives instructions to students like start the exam,one hour left,tie your papers,etc.i need to interface an rtc ,dac and speaker. i am a beginner,can anyone please help me.would it be better for me to use pic? Added after 10 minutes:[/c
kiel is basically for atmel microcontrollers like 89c51 and 89c52 etc. and it has nothing to do with pic microcontroller.
go through The 8051 Mazidi thats a very good book on 8051 programming n applies to atmel 89c52 Added after 4 minutes: since you plan to use stepper motors go through the foll. site or the pdf that ive uploaded
89C51 ? 4K Bytes of In-System Reprogrammable Flash Memory ? 128 x 8-bit Internal RAM ? Two 16-bit Timer/Counters ? Six Interrupt Sources 89c52 ? 8K Bytes of In-System Reprogrammable Flash Memory ? 256 x 8-bit Internal RAM ? Three 16-bit Timer/Counters ? Eight Interrupt Sources First of all both microcontroller has been discontinued by
Here is a link to quite interesting digital multirange voltmeter project based on atmel microcontroller: Overview of the project below: There are six major blocks in the device: The range selector, RMS-to-DC converter, ADC, microcontroller unit (MCU), keypad and LCD display. The range
Hi This is nice tool learning programing for newbie in quick way support atmel 8051 series of microcontroller 89c51,89c52 and 89c2051 this work as under. * Direct keyboard entry mode no need of P-C * Serial port intreface mode all detail and software in side the archive hope friends and newbie like this