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Story : I transformed a atx computer psu into a benchtop psu and while I was using it, I pulled off 6~8A from the -12V rail which is rated at 0.3A After 2~3 seconds it shut down with some popping sound. I took a look inside it, and could identify that the FR154 fast recovery diode was broken down in half due to overcurrent. And btw, the (...)
I bought a atx computer power supply last year to make a power supply for hobby electronics. And while using it, I got curious of how much -12V rail would push. It said 0.3A, but I tested it with a multimeter anyways, and got around 6~8A. It wasn't stable and after 2~3 seconds, it made some popping sound and shut down. The symptoms are : When you
test version. atx PC psu is used as power source, circuit charge battery with high voltage pulses with 1...999Hz
At 24V there will probably be an over-voltage circuit that will kick in, the excess stress on the output rectifying device will be close to killing it, and if you draw the same o/p current you will be trying to draw double the design o/p watts, so the thing will trip on over-temp if you are lucky (just plain BANG if unlu
Hi, Muhammad Ilyas Khan. That is charger on the base of atx PC
The circuit can control a atx power supply without a relays by simply connecting T1 collector to PS_ON# (green) and 5V to +5VSB (purple) and GND (black).
got an atx DC-DC psu M2atx 160W. It worked well when I first bought it. I've not used it in a long time, and I've never used it for any substantial period of time. Mostly testing ideas. I don't recall it being
The pico psu is favourite device for fan-less PC. I have collected ebay data to see the volt and AMP needed to make One. Now i grabbed a Buck circuit with flexi voltage conversion via zener selected . This is Ckt-A And for the little -12V line Ckt-b is selected I am sure being a newbie there may be lot mistakes . Doubts
Hi guys, I started this thread because my PC's psu stopped working. When I opened it to check what the problem is, I found two elements damaged, they are a Power Mosfet (CEF02N7) and a resistor of 1.2Ohms/1W. Additionaly connected to mosfet gate there are a small IC, on something like a SOT23-6 package, whose code marking is EA546 or EAS46, the pro
I recently found several old PC power supplies thrown away by someone. I hooked them up and measured its output voltages without load and they gave me very low voltages... 3V in the 12V line 1V in the 3.3V line for example, was one of the psu´s :shock: So i went on and tested the basic components, fuse, capacitors, transistors, etc... B
Hi, I am trying to repair an atx-500 psu after the c3150 power transistor exploded in two pieces. Last night there was a thunderstorm which might be the main cause although this incident happened when the user tried to turn on the pc. Besides replacing this TO-220 device, which other crucial components should we check? Please note that the fuse
Some PC power supplies(atx) need a minimum load ro run correctly. Add a load of a couple 100 ma to the 5V line and see if this helps.
It should be possible to modify the power supply to double the output voltage. The KA7500. controller is typically a derivative of a TL494 voltage mode controller with dual switching outputs. In order to do this some extra components are required for this modification : -4 x 100V to 200V fast rectifiers diodes, (4A to 10A current) -two 1
Sorry but I'm completely clueless. I think your knowledge of atx psus is much better than mine. Personally I am chocked, ok maybe not exactly chocked but disturbed, by how crude the standby part of an atx psu is. No wonder the standby power measured at the plug is about 10W. I wish you luck with repairing the power supplies.
Start by carefully inspecting the capacitors on the motherboard. Capacitors are at great risk for failure. (It's possible like one of them is opening up). Make sure you don't have any stuck cooling fan. Check the 20/24 pins atx main power supply connector. You may chase out all of the psu wiring for short-circuits/bad connections. Many times when
Hi, first post here :) and an absolute noob to electronics so please bear with me. I'm doing a project at home for myself where I want to have a PCB behind the motherboard tray of a PC that acts as an extension for the 24pin atx cable + all the PCI-E power cables. Here was my first mockup of the 24 pin(Yes its really random colours :-P ) [IM
I have several psu's with a similar problem.They died after installing a new video card.However they are showing some life signs.When I remove the video card and try to turn the pc on,the CPU fan starts to spin a litlle if like they don't have enough power.I'm not sure which part do I replace.
Hi, I get a atx psu 450W for Repairing one of my customer . But This psu have all parts OK . I am getting 5V PS-ON and 5VSB . The Power Supply is not running . But this psu is Running - When I make short Pin 4 of TL494 with GND and this time I do not need to short PS-ON with Ground . Just Short Pin 4 with Grou
Hi I got an active PFC PC psu its a 560W silverstone that started to behave strangely. It would not switch on but after some a night off it would switch on. Next problem at switch on it would shut down immedaitely back on and off continuously after a few seconds. Finally it stopped switching on. After pause and shorting psu ON pins it, the fan wo
im a little bit confuse with my atx power supply sometimes it starts and then dont start and i encounter a lot of atx PS is there any trouble with this can i repair it or just replace it. any im new here
I suppose it depends on what you need it to do. In a PC, the psu would of course always be connected so it wouldn't make much difference where the pull-up resistor was physically located. The motherboard manufacturer wouldn't specify it to be used with anything but an 'official' atx psu anyway. It probably varies by manufacturer but some (...)
Here's a pinout: atx power supply connector pinout and wiring @ . How much current do you need?
Hi all ! I want to make a psu power and I'm looking for a good circuit diagram atx power ( Acbel, Cooler master... 500W :D ). Help me some imfomations about it. Thanks you very much. My email:
anyone please tell me what should i do for the following: i just need a 100A 12V psu. For light weight and easyness, i'm planning to use atx psus. These are SMPS right?? Now I have psus for @ 12V, 20A Max. So I can use 5 psus tied togather in a buss-bar. So total 12V 100A. Right?? i mean so simple... tie (...)
Hi there... I am going to use my spare atx psu for my mobile rig. I'm running a Motorola gm300 which thakes around 7-8A white TX. Thus as a psu, i used the 12V (psu is rated for 10A@12V). yellow and black cable. now i also connected the pin 14 and 15 with a toggle switch to bypass the motherboard ON/off. when i power it up (...)
Hi, How do I can get 5,00V x 20A with remote voltage sense terminal and using a PC AT or atx smps? Usually this psu have an output voltage of about 5,10V up to 5,30V! I'll not use +12V, -12V, -5V, 3,3V and remote ps on only power good output
Hi, for +/- 12, +/-5 , why don't u use the 300W atx psu schematic available on the net. or u could use ur old psu. With a little modification to it, u can also get the 24VDC.
Can I use the computer atx psu to power my electronics circuits ? I see many using their atx SMPS as psus, but I noticed that the output current is typically in range 1A to 20A. For example +12v is supplied at 10A Most of the ICs we use have Icc (supply current) in 50mA range, for example, the popular MAX232 has Icc (...)
This is a professional atx Switchmode psu.
Has anyone got a datasheet for this IC? A friend is wanting to figure out how this psu works. Thank's, Roland.
That was humour... lol but you did not answer the question about the IC, what ar ethe markings on it? Have you got any atx diagrams? as some are available (usually for the 494 version).
I must repair a Compaq Presario 5000, the psu has 24 pin and I want connect a standard atx psu, but pinout is different, someone know it ??
Here is the schematic of an atx psu: As you can see there is a feedback path from the +5V and +12v outputs - maybe you could modify your supply and route them to your load instead. Use shielded wires. If the electrical noise level is very high you might need to build a differential sense circuit o
I'm attempting to use my xbox as a car pc and would like to build a 200w dc atx psu which i will then modify to suit xbox. So input of 8v to 16v required and o/ps of 3.3v, 5v , 12v needed. Does anyone have any good places to start learning. I know a good bit already but i want to master this subject and not just copy someone elses work. Any r
i have all schematic pc PS but when i trying to service new atx PS the old schematic didn't match with the new PS is any one have newes schematic about atx PS i would be pleasen to have it ? isi anyone have the buildup PC PS example from compaq and soon please tell me where the link's?
When this psu started from MOBO it is atx type and can started if the PWR_ON pin is on GND.Without modification not recommend for hobby-works, and before starting apply a car bulb 45/50W to 5V and 12V output as Moss wrote.