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Hi, In aucdl netlist generation, I want to generate the netlist shown below XI1 net16 gnd! / rnpoly2 rl=20 rw=2 .SUBCKT rnpoly2 MINUS PLUS rl=2 rw=2 RR0 PLUS MINUS 190*rl/(rw-6.2e-3) $ $W=rw $L=rl .ENDS But the generated CDL out file (File->Export->CDL) is XI1 net16 gnd! / rnpoly2 M=1 .SUBCKT rnpoly2 MINUS PLUS rl=2 rw=2 RR0 PLUS MIN
Usually where do people find the documentations to understand those parameters in, say, a aucdl spice netlist? Anyone know what "nf=" in a MOS instance in the netlist mean? In Calibre LVS, I have a MD(pfet) of w=2u and nf=1 from layout, but a MD(pfet) of W=8u and nf=pfolds from the schematics (pfolds = 4); this make me guess that "nf=" someho
You should define these parameters in inverter's CDF, and list the parameters in the simulator information section for aucdl.
Hello, in cadeance enviroment, in cell view, there are differenct view available. spectre view, verilog, calibre, aucdl what are the difference between the views and what are they used for. i only know spectre is used for analog simulation verilog for digital what is calibre and aucdl used for?
How did you make your mosfet Cdl export?? Did You get problems like error: Netlister: unable to descend into any of the views defined in the view list :' aucdl schematic'?? Thanks
I used to cdl extraction, I want to modify some paramneter and model name, Bu ti cannot. In the net, I can find some way to modify aucdl. But This is not work for me. In my case, I have only 4 view component in the one cell, cdl, lvs, symbol, verilog. "cdl" is the key to extract cdl netlist. But I don't know how to modify it. when I ope
but actually, there is a view named aucdl in analoglib for every vsource, such as vdc, vsin, that's the config of cadence?
Because the simulation information in the CDF of cellview res doesn't define L and W. Open the CDF form, fill in the form with the library name and cell name of res, and change "Effictive" to "Base" Open the "Simulation Information" section, and select the aucdl simulator. Add l and l to the instance Parameter field.