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Hi, We have two channel audio to be seperated from the final stage audio amplifier. Now becase of different products the final power ampifier keeps on changing and we come across gounding loop/ humming noise. I know that optocoupler could be used to eliminate this. Does any one knows any good one for audio (analog). (...)
Hi, We have two channel audio to be seperated from the final stage audio amplifier. Now becase of different products the final power ampifier keeps on changing and we come across gounding loop/ humming noise. I know that optocoupler could be used to eliminate this. Does any one knows any good one for audio (analog). (...)
Hi, You have 2 options: 1. as Moss said use 2 identical optocouplers (in same package) 2. use FM modulation for audio isolation. The common way is to use the 1'st option. If you're searching on HP web site you'll find a good essay regarding optocoupler compensation for nonlinear amplitude response. Hope this help, //a
Here is challenging little problem: I have a circuit (current source) which I want to drive with combination of four independent analog signals. Sources of signals will be sound cards. The frequencies will be very low - fraction of Hz. Because they are four independent sources I want to isolate the signals. I want to use optocouplers. I wan
Web based calculations. Car audio: Passive Crossovers/Capacitor & Coil audio: Passive Crossovers Index of Calculators, Charts, and Diagrams
Hi folks, I'd like to design and build a home-made simple audio switch in order to expand the number of possible input sources for hifi equipment. I thought of simple analog MPX like 4051 but I'm aware of possible signal quality issues (noise, distorsion...), not only with the IC but also with the pasive parts: PCB paths, conectors... Any piec
Linear recursive filter design tools for IIR audio biquad filters in various modes. Uploaded file: IIR audio Biquad Filters.mht
I need for some measurements make 230V vith variable frequency of 50-60Hz. So, I connected audio PA with two TDA1514 in bridge and powerline transformer 230/12V connected in reverse order to amplifier output. But problem is that amplifier get quickly very hot even vithout load and worse when use bigger (some 30VA) transformer. How can I compensate
Hi, You should be more specific on your needs. If you make a search with the words: audio amplifier circuit , then you will find more than 100000 URLs dealing with your request. Good luck! rgds, unkarc
what is digital audio Amp ?? look like class-D amplifier about audio Amp class A --> good amp but efficiency =25% class B --> have distrtion on signal =0 class AB --> bias on A<-> B use small bias class C --> someone said Switch like Amp for RF class D --> PWM amplifier ??? PWM is digital signal and use bridge + Low pass , it is digital
Hi. I am looking for example designs of full-digital audio amplifiers. I want to use a 250mW speaker with minimum external parts, especially without DAC. There are about 2k FPGA gates available to be dedicated to filtering and PWM. The source quality is mono 8khz 8bit. Any suggestions? Marc
On 2002-04-29 23:50, Primoz wrote: I'm looking for amplifier 10-30W in A-class or in AB-class. Do you have any shematics or links? Try to visit
Hi all I'm gonna design an "audio Level Meter" system . I haven't worked on audio signals. do you have any information to help me to start? any information would be usefull and it would be appreciated if you inform me about it. thanks in advance
Hi all Do u know a good site to find technical info about Analog audio projects? pls send me the address. Thanks in advance
Does anyone help me to use TDA7342 audio processor? I have datasheet and I have implemented the circuit in that but doesn't work. I need some example code and some example schematic. Thank you in advance.
Does anyone have an aplication on VIA VT1616 audio Codec? bimbla.
Go to the: There you will find under audio section a LOOOT of stuf, including audio amps. Regards,
Hi, Anybody have experience by the use of this op-amp in audio pre amplification? I check the net but could not find any interesting information. Any information or link is welcome. Thanks, hc :wink:
hi,i have some experience: 1:13.5v output need a big capacitor,such a 2200u-10000u elec capacitor; 2:do not use a low ESR capacitor of c2,it is easy to cause unstabiliable; 3:use more large elec capacitor parallel a low ESR,such as a 2200u-10000u+1u MKT,it is good for audio; 4:separate the power amp ground from motor,it will reduce the noise fr
Hallo, i'm looking for a design of an audio converter witch can convert signals from an Unbalanced to balanced analog audio signal an the other way, too. Such circuits should be often used in professional audio equipment and are also available as standalone products like the CBD-10 from CalCell ( ).
Is there any thumb-rule to design filter capacitors for audio power amps? Something like 1000UF for 1A of output current...... bimbla.
Hi First you need also a transformmer and capacitors not only resistor. The best way is to buy one they are low cost(10$-25$), and you can find them in the most car audio salers. It called line ouput converter. for example: for design: for buy:
If you're looking for hifi quality, search for things like Naim audio (be careful though, the schematics you can find on the net, aren't entirely correct), have some nice ideas and Mr. Leach did some nice work too.
For audio application, you may use some more powerfull (cheaper) DSP. Try Analog Devices ADSP-21xx family (16bit fixed point). Some of this chips are really low power, if you plan to use them in battery powered devices.
I need help, how adquire audio from my sounblaster or from my microphone on Proteus SP7. I see speaker and buzzer driver but not soundblaster driver Sorry for my bad English. Thank you.
Hi! I want to build an audio decoder but i dont know what to use, i know that the input frequency is 15632hz, and i think i have to use a pll and a demodulator, are there any schematics that can help me? Thanks! Marmes
ESP audio power amplifiers projects
Hi, Link for a 70W audio Amp. Enjoy. :)
Javoon The OP posted that question eight years ago and hasn't posted on here for two years, so perhaps the moment has passed ! ! ! However, if you or anyone else is looking for more information, perhaps this will help:
In audio circuits, the control circit invariably produces some sort of hum. No matter what you do, getting silence at the output is very difficult. What are the different ways to obtain silent o/p? I autoroute my boards having control and power sections on the same board using Layout Plus. I am using amps in bdg configuration in the f
Hi Digital audio Receiver Processor and Amplifier The goal of our project is to input an audio industry standard 44.1kHz, 16 bit pulse code modulated signal (PCM), and convert it to a pulse width modulated signal (PWM). This output will be amplified by external transistors, and then low pass filtered, resulting in an analog signal suitable f
Hi all, I need some help on how to seperate the audio track from an audio Video (AV) an FPGA. thx Aircraft Maniac
Hello guys I would appreciate some help from your side. I need to implement an audio circuit that doubles the incoming signal frequency, that is f(t) => f(2*t) for any frequency and any kind of signal, not just a fixed one for that I could use a tuned class C amplifier. I am interested also in the theory beyound this circuit. I would applreciate
project has been made by Adam Janas based on two heads laser from old CDROMs, cheap laser (pointer), mirrors and audio amplifer with LM386. www.elektr
Hi Sonic Flow Tools for Dataflow-Inspired audio Signal Processing Sonic Flow is a set of C++ libraries and C wrappers for dataflow-inspired audio signal processing. Sonic Flow consists of a feature-rich synchronous dataflow (SDF) library, a set of elementary signal processing blocks and a set of ready-made example applications. The examples
Dear all I want to use the CD drive as a stand alone audio CD drive. The new CD drivers dos not include the control Buttons (Play/FF,..etc). How can I do the function of this buttons. regards
I am working on a project to create a decent de-vocalizing algorithm. A devocalizing algorithm removes voices from stereo audio for purposes such as Karaoke. The problem with this is that current techniques leave behind flanging effects and other disturbing artifacts. The most popular (simple) way to create a devocalizer is to take a two channel
i want to build a real audio player. any ideas?
It will be better if describe your project more in deep. 1. Mic. is not out it is IN 2. RCA jack - is audio connector type, looks like stick with 2 0r 3 contacts 3. RCA jack recorder - I don't know what is it :( 4. Input impedance of mic. input vary for different microphone types, from 15k to more then 100Meg , what mic you intend
Quite easy: 1) shield all the cables; 2) Use only shielded connectors with RFI filters; 3) Screen all the electronic boards. The audio signal is due to the pulsed RF power that changes the polarization point of the transistor ( both discrete and integrated in the IC's ) depending on the rectifiyng properties of the junctions. Mandi
Hi wpm, I remember that a german electronic issue called elektor has had such an article including schematic and layouts. This was about 10 years ago. Perhaps you'll find something on their homepage. The article was called 'audio Terz Analyzer' or similar. Bye
I need transmiter receiver pair for audio aplication indoor enviroment 70 mt.
hi all, How to Connect the I2S audio Devices to TMS320F2812 DSP regards.
Hi Who could give me some SMPS design examples and data for DIGITAL audio POWER AMPLIFIERS(30W*6CH). Thanks!
I have a circuit that contains 5v, 24v and 48VDC. I don't want to use optocoupler, because i want to keep the cost low and the circuit simple. What do you suggest me about this? Must i use or not? What problems may i encounter? Or what can i do instead of using opto to prevent problems?
There r lot of kits available in India for converting audio CD to video cd. There is a nice instruction manual coming with it. Also there r lot of technicians doing the job. MP
Hi LQY check out this It is very good low noice audio amplifier Regards Naveenu
can any one help me in converting my audio cd player to a VCD player. if any one has any documents on it do send it to me.
Hello , Please , I want get schematics or info about FH-215R Old Sony combo audio system. Regards, Garfield :wink:
Please give me some suggestion about an AGC chip for audio . Something like a microphone preamplifier with AGC. My question is if exist such circuits not builded with discrete (FET...) but integrated with AO.