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for example, i want to compute the average fo i(l1) in pspice, i use eva goal function. i can find avg() function in "analog operators and fuctions" list. but i write avg(i(l1)) in the trace expression. system tells me "invalid expression(s)". i donot know what is my mistake. would you tell me how to compute the average in ORCAD (...)
hi everyone... can u teach me how exactly can we find the average output voltage of power amplifier using spice? thanx
Have you learned and understood average modeling theory? If not then read first, if you have done, just read more and further along the path.
Hi, I prefer IsSpice.She has open spice model libraries. Many paper are about SMPS average spice modeling,such as Dr. Sam Ben-Yaakov's SIM model,Dr. Ray Ridley,Steven Sandler and Dr. Vatche Vorperian's model.We can easy build up our own SMPS spice model libraries. I have built a averaged SPICE Model of the Synchronous Buck Module TPS54310 with I
Hi I used INTUSOFT_ICAP4. You could build some average spice model for loop analysis. see YNHE
But I thought In a DC circuit. we shouldn't be bothered to much about RMS values... isn't that true ? thank you Actually the output voltage and current are not DC value. They have ripples. But I think you can also get a roughly correct result, if you just use their required value instead. As to the total current through t
Q6 in not a LO. This is a super regenerative receiver. Quenching is needed to periodically set oscillation of Q2 ON and OFF. In this way the average gain of Q2 is very high, thus the sensitivity of receiver. Vhen simulating such circuit first try to find propper bias for Q2 at which it will oscillate. This bias should be in the voltage range of C1
how to simulate the averaged switch model in the pspice?? I dont know how to create the model and the subcircuit in the pspice....i using version 9.2 and this version have a model editor or not?? ************************************************************ Orcad avarage models
For average model, there are some lib and example from "Fundamental of Power Electronics" by Maksimovic For state space model, you can take L and C as states derive the state sapce in simulink, that works as well.
Hi, I would just like to ask, how to make pspice calculate the average power disipation on a Mosfet? Basically you have to calculate the integral of W() divided by time. I tired It's an "Error: Invalid expression.". But I'm not sure that the AVG is the right function for the job anyway, si
I would like to ask how to design boost converter with feedback controller, using pspice software? any ideas? how to adjust duty ratio for the average model circuit? which OpAmp is more suitable to use in the software pspice? thanks
you need to know your boost converter's worse case applied voltage & current. then multiply that number by 1.3 and find a mosfet with at least that much rating. then evaluate your losses of conduction vs. switching frequency. try to find a mosfet that will give you average losses of the same value in each while working at rated conditions.
Plot power in the load and power drawn from the power supplies. If the stimulus is an AC signal, as in your case, then I would suggest you run the transient analysis for an exact number of cycles and then average each of the measured powers before you work out the ratio. Keith.
For your meaning of "constant power discharging", the average charging current will be equal to the average discharging current. This is the formula.
I guess you want to use transient analysis and determine average DC input/output values. In this case, I don't see other chances than a parametric analysis. The only problem is, that it doesn't directly produce a plot.
You can just use the equation Id = 0.5 Kn (W/L) (Vgs - Vth)2 (1 + λ Vds) Do the simulation for Different Id, Vgs, Vds, You have two unknowns Kn and λ which you can then calculate. These values will change with the operating conditions. λ will vary with Vds and Id and a lot of other parameters. You might have to do a bunch of simula
Hi, the easiest way I suppose is using a spice "measure" to calculate the rms current of Idd. Google "spice rms current" and you should get what you want. Of course after getting the simulation result for the current, you need to multiply it with the value of the power supply to get the average power dissipation. Hope this help, Regards, Gi