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for example, i want to compute the average fo i(l1) in pspice, i use eva goal function. i can find avg() function in "analog operators and fuctions" list. but i write avg(i(l1)) in the trace expression. system tells me "invalid expression(s)". i donot know what is my mistake. would you tell me how to compute the average in ORCAD (...)
Have you learned and understood average modeling theory? If not then read first, if you have done, just read more and further along the path.
If you have just single supply, you can follow the method suggested by dnanar. There is more straightforward method, is by putting a power probe (or plot W trace) in pspice. The power plotted is the instantanious power. You would need to take average of this to get averaged power. Also measure this for time range when the circuit is in (...)
Does any converter exist? OR any document explining how to do it manualy ?
May I ask this very stupid qustion :smile:? I wonder why they don't even include a generic model of LED in their diode library. ee_freak
Does anybody have the pspice model or compatible for this chip : CD4046 or 74HC4046??? Please send to me, or publish it!!
i would like to simulate my entire circuit containg 74 series ic and 2 fpga . i would like to see the pspice simulation of the entire circuit alongwith the fpga code. i know it can be done in multisim and i have done it for small vhdl codes. it is no good for large program. can it be done in orcad 9.2 or PSD 14.2? what are the other tools which
thank you in advance!
Hi, In my job we are planning to buy a electronic simulation program. I know there are to well-know programs: pspice and Multisim2000. It is hard for us to choice. Some guys want Multisim2000, other prefer pspice. Would pspice and Multisim2000 user please share your valuable opinions with me why should I choice (...)
I have downloaded the PSice student version from the cadence site.The pspice manual given too big.Can anyone one point me to a link that gives easy to understand "pspice tutorials".Thanks a lot -Ashoka
Hi, until now i haven't used this kind of software. But now, i need to learn pspice for simulating power electronics circuits. I have orcad 9.0 package. I didn't install but there must be pspice program in this package. So, i don't know where to start. My time is limited. Because i must start to use this program immediately. What do you suggest me?
Hi friends, i am trying to simulate a circuit with "pspice Advanced Analysis" method. I have drawn the schematic with the parts from the advanced libs. But when i try to simulate the circuit i get the error message: ERROR -- Subcircuit model434 used by X_D14.xinstbzx84c4v7 is undefined ERROR -- Subcircuit model514 used by X_T13.xinstmtd30
Does any one has a pspice model of MC34063 (prefrably in Multisim)?
I use pspice as schematic editor. I am not able to generate pcb netlist. pls help me Thx George.
Hi all, I want to implement the clock sync fuctionality for one of the devices in pspice.The local oscillator produces oscillations of max 2MHz.The frequency comparator block has to compare the signal from local oscillator with the frequency of signal applied across one more pin.Based on which frequency is higher the local oscillator must tune
Hi all, Any user experience on Analog Designer ? How does it compared with pspice ? Thanks.
Hello guys, I'm now going on an amplifier project, I can simulate the ferquency responds, offset, overshort, and so on but distortion in a dos version pspice (5.0). Can anyboday tell me how to simulate distortion in this version of pspice? Is there any better choice for distortion simulation? Thanks in advance.
WHat is the different?
who know how establish a own lib in the capture of pspice thanks a lot
I have one question about pspice , when I do a simulation of a low pass with switched capacitor ,I have a bad Fourier analysis , the response of a pulse has a bad Amplitude pspice doing a DFT but I cannot fix the sampling period. So if someone has a idea?
I need the pspice model for simulation. Any one tell me, where can I gei it?
Hi I'm looking for a version of pspice that works on Windows XP. I've tried version 8.0 but it doesn't work. Can anybody tell me which version must I use and where can I download an evaluation version of it? Thanks
Has anyone an idea when the guru's from OrCad will finally write a spice engine that supports multi processors, Hypertrading. I have setup a server where I use a double Xeon Hypertrading processor (read: 4 processors) and when performing a simulation with pspice, only 25% of my CPU is used :? Topsimulations (ASIC) will take quite a long time :D
hello all, i am using orcad pspice v10.0 and am trying to model a non-linear transformer using the Advanced Analysis tools. i see there are many different cores to choose from, but i do not understand how they relate to core datasheets? for example, from the advanced anlaysis CORE library, i find this core: ETD29_3C85 i see it is of s
Hello, I am trying to simulate a flyback switch mode power supply. i have ONLY the PWM controller chip UC1844A and associated circuitry. i try to first see this device switching, 50% duty cycle. then, when that works, i move on to model rest of circuit. but i can not get UC1844A to simulate at all without causing Convergence errors!! ha
Hello friends, I have a question connected with a problem. I would like to simulate a temperature-dependent resistance. But i want not to simulate it over a temperatur range. I want to simulate it with a fixed temperature (for ex. at 27°C) As soon as current flows through the resistance it changes its resistance value, by becoming smaller.
What's the difference between Microsim and Orcad pspice? Does anyone know that?
please help me ! how can i convert spice3 model to pspice 9.2.1 model,or make pspice model library? i use Cadence PSD 14.0 with pspice 9.2.1. Thanks!!
how to generate pspice files from windows softwares? is there any softwares can do the circuit capture, then export the netlist as pspice?
Can any one tell haw does pspice evaluetes the beta of the bipolar transistor versus the suply current.
Hi, I prefer IsSpice.She has open spice model libraries. Many paper are about SMPS average spice modeling,such as Dr. Sam Ben-Yaakov's SIM model,Dr. Ray Ridley,Steven Sandler and Dr. Vatche Vorperian's model.We can easy build up our own SMPS spice model libraries. I have built a averaged SPICE Model of the Synchronous Buck Module TPS54310 with I
Hi, I've just started using Orcad pspice. I create a custom measurement result in Probe but everytime I re-simulate it, I have to add that measurement formula again(I use add trace and then enter formula). Is there any way we can either enter a custom mesurement in schematic(I only use probe to probe the node) or saving my measurement setting s
Hi, I want to make an ac sweep type simulation using parametric sweep over a simple analog circuit (orcad pspice 9.1). At parametric sweep option, I want to sweep the value of a capacitor betweet two limits (sweep variable: Model parameter). I have to enter in the parametric sweep window CAP at Model type, C2 at Model name (this is the cap I want
I am trying to simulate a frequency response of an ac powered RC circuit. When I click on the run simulation, the run proceeds but I eventually get this error message. **** INCLUDING **** * source TUTORIAL1 V_VCC VCC 0 5Vdc V_VIN IN 0 DC 0 AC 1 STIMULUS= --------------------------------------$ ERR
Good day to you all! 8) I need a pspice model for ISL6551. This is a ZVS PWM controller with synchronous rectifier drives. Thanks!
Hello friends, Does any one know, what could be an average salary of Project Leader in BUBAI under Software field? Thanks in Advance.. Regards NVP
:cry: I am trying to create a frequency synthesizer in pspice using the PLL method. All of the models that I am trying to use are not in my library ie LM565,LM566,LM555. What way can I overcome this in pspice?
Hi I heard that the simulation engin in Orcad is pspice & in Protel Dxp is Xspice. Anyone here knows diffrents bitween them? which the is beter simulator in which views? thanx bye.
Hi, I need to measure and plot time jitter (or phase difference between two clocks) using pspice. Does anyone know how to do this? It has to be done with pspice and in time domain.
Can orcad pspice generate s2p file? and ads can be used combine with pspice? thanks!
hello What is XSPICE and what's different between it and orcad or pspice?
Can any one tell how to simulate with OrCAD 9.0 pspice the possible noise of CMOS operational amplifier. :?:
In 'Orcad Capture 9.2': I've placed an amplifier AD8072 connected to an simple circuit. I'm running simulation and... WARNING No pspiceTemplate for U1A, ignoring What is this and what to do to make this error gone in order to run this simulation and view it's results ? thanks in advance
Hello, It's been many years since I last used pspice (in college). I downloaded the student version but am having problems getting it to work. Most important, when I try to create a simulation profile the first time it asks for a previously existing profile to inherit from. But I don't have a previously existing profile since this is the fi
Hi there I've learned simulating with orcad but I've heard that it isn't suffisient 4 an analog designer to use only this(bcoz of some buggs). so I need help in learning them but its urgent then I need a tutorial be in a little size but a complete one. thanx 8O
Hi I used INTUSOFT_ICAP4. You could build some average spice model for loop analysis. see YNHE
who can recommend some good pspice forum?thanks :-)
"pspice example and model for switchmode power supply" it classic example and model for every smps designer:
recently, i use pspice capture CIS by this version to simulate some circuit. I running AC Sweep/ Noise Analysis for a common emitter circuit. Probe that i use is VDB (dB magnitude of voltage). So, is the output that i get should be gain in dB? And the value can't more than 0 (above x-axis/in the positive part of y-axis)? Actually, what th
anybody knows the steps in pspice to make a simulation for cmos circuits. ,regards