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Hello everyone I am newbie in motors and I want to build a BLDC driver with avr micro-controller (avr is the only micro-controller I have worked with). Is there any full design including schematic, source code (I prefer C) and PCB i would be able to download and start? I have some (...)
hello to all ... I simulate a graphic lcd 64*128 in proteus and program the micro with codevision avr and atmega64 but just show some point! did you know whats the wrong? tnx from your good site the schematic and code is here 117920 #include #include #include void (...)
Actually the link should have been one level up ... It is for both avr and PIC controlled through a switch.
hello everyone Today, this is my first time post here, rather than replies. I am very happy to come to this forum to learn more knowledge of electronics.I share a project I've ever done, an avr/51 ISP programmer, Maybe it is simple, I think there must be someone who need it. PCB and schematic is easy to (...)
I have successfully communicate nau7802 serial ADC with atmega32. My problem is the ADC result is showing erratic. It is flickering. As per the data sheet of nau7802 i have initiated cycle start and then polling ADC data when cycle ready bit is high.but the reading is flickering.
In my design of 12VDC to 220VAC inverter, This is the schematic part for charging (12v/100Ah) battery. I use avr ATmega 8 micro controller There are three steps for charging (three primary coils) controlled by three relays (R1,R2,R3) and I have two feed back signals , battery voltage and secondary coil (13VAC) which read (...)
I do not know the avr, but ... try this: - write to the HC164 the value 0b10000000 (0x80, one 'one' and 7 'zero', using 8 clock pulses) and write 0b01111111 (0x7F) to the P0 port. But it depends on the matrix connections (polarity).
i have written the following codes for simple experimental purpose.regrettably the program works fine in the Proteus simulation. but when i tried with did not work.i don't understand why??? :?: the codes and schematic are attached.i would really appreciate a little help...
The programmer comes with 10 pin FRC cable. Check each pin function and connect them to avr to be programmed. Burn the Chip and use it in your project. While programming no external supply should be provided to avr. Programmer provides the programming voltage. Any circuit schematic for the boot conn
Guys, Does anyone know the init code for W5100 with avr ? Thanks
avr sdcard & vs1053
i am planning to make stk 500 clone (avr programmer) where can i find the firm ware and schematic diagram
Good day! I saw this code in the internet for Single Phase AC Motor Speed Control using TRIAC. The existing project used avr microcontroller. I would like to ask help from anyone here who's familiar/knowledgeable in both PIC and avr in transferring and translating it to PIC18 (both are written in C). The (...)
Lux=10000/((ldr1*10)^(4/3)); Note that in an equation like this the calculation will be done using integers, this means that 4/3 will be truncated and will give a result of 1. For floats you have to use 4.0/3 or typacast (float)4/3. The symbol ^ will also not work as intended, this is the XOR symbol in C not power, for power check
Hi, I have a problem as follow: In my circuit I have a enc28j60 module on SPI . I setup a Serial interface to PC to show somethings on terminal. All is ok when I turn on this device when my avr MKII connected to it(SPI), but when I disconnect MKII and reset it I see leds of enc28j60 blinking abnormaly and it is not working. I try to (...)
What is the ceramic resonator frequency? Did you previously use the same hardware with the same resonator? - - - Updated - - - I hope you have connected a MAX232 between the PC and avr
schematic WITH PINOUT IS GOOD POINT but you also need badly the protocol of the camera ... without that, it's useless... better buy an ov7670, it's cheap, it's known protocol, and it's almost ready to connect to a 8bits(?)
i need schematic usb universal avr programmer with zif socket programming and isp please help regard
can anyone provide all the necessary information included schematic diagram, hitech c language and which pic/avr chip is using to built an ir receiver to decode rc5? 2 voltage outputs from 2 different gpio of pic/avr is the final outcome. i need them urgently. thanks alot
Hi, I am trying to program avr Atmega324p to receive a data from PC and I have used the code wizard to generate the USART interrupt. My project is to turn on a LED after if the received data is 1 otherwise it will be turned off. After codevision generated the receiver interrupt function, i have written my code inside the interrupt and (...)
i want to use zif socket. to programe all avr mcu size. but i can't find the avr zif circuit in google.
Well, I have been banging around the Internet learning (well I thought I was), about diodes, and protection and so forth; and I am pretty sure I have just confused myself. Could someone check out this schematic I drew, check some of the comments, and tell me if I am about to blow something up!? 67472 (...)
Simplest to this is avr ISP Programmer : Parallel (LPT) Port (Software ISPprog or newer): 67510 Note: replacement for 74LVC244 can be 74HC244 while 74HCT244 cant. Serial (RS232) Port (Software PonyProg) : 67511 67512 USB version
As Vdd is connected with 5V, not 12V in your schematic, its ok for logic level operation. Most probably 5V supply to avr and Vdd of IR2110 are common, its good. Your circuit should work. Set duty cycle of PWM correctly. Is your load connected between two common nodes of FETs
this project is a Nokia 3310(F-Bus) GSM based remote temperature sensor and it also controls two LED's by sending a proper command (LED n ON/OFF) where n is 1 or 2 ,It's written in GNU C (winavr) for ATMEGA16 and you can use it for many purposes like turning electrical devices on or off or reading back parameters you (...)
remove the two lines that define sei() and cli() , they are already defined in <avr/interrupt.h> so you don't need to redefine them. The problem that I see is that you have INT1 to trigger with a rising edge on the pin but you haven't connected a pull down resistor to ensure that it can't triggered randomly (this is the case when the (...)
Look at this page Atmel Products - Atmel avr 8- and 32-bit Microcontrollers - 32-bit avr UC3 - FLIP
You have to implement the Goertzel Algorithm for DTMF decoding. Here is a microcontroller based project with schematic and full source code: Atmel avr Design Contest 2006
The main goal was to increase the frequency range but maintaining the cheapest cost. Large and inexpensive color display has been used. Drzasiek wanted build a mobile device, so he was looking for small elements.
The OP wants to contruct an avr programmer with 89C51 which he has a lot, and doesnt require a 89C programmer.. @hongphuc118 I guess its difficult task to construct an avr programmer with 89C51. The 89C51 must be programmed with a firmware which is written to comply with Programming alogarithms of the avr (...)
i am building a USBAsp based avr burning kit by using the schematic provided at - USBasp - USB programmer for Atmel avr controllers I am using the latest firmware. I set the fusebits as hfuse=C9 and lfuse=EF (this is defined in the USBAsp makefile) [but some people have mentioned some different fuse
if you use standard PC cable you have probably this cable schematic: PIC16F877 - Siemens C55 - max232 - rs232 SMS Sending : 8051 Microcontroller Projects avr PIC Projects Tutorials Ebooks Libraries codes So you must have power supply over RTS
Hello all, I am looking for a way to simulate my digital circuit on Altium. I have looked around and I understand that this may be a long shot, but I was hoping to be able to do this, since I have the schematic in Altium Designer S09. Is there anywhere where I can get Digital Simcode files for avr micros (like the (...)
Here you are a schematic to a project done with avr Atmega88. You can modify it to match your PIC controller. An avr microcontroller based Ethernet device Hope this helps.
Hi, I can provide codes with LM35 for 0 to 150'C with LM35 using mikroBASIC and either PIC/avr. I don't use PICBASIC, but if you can use mikroBASIC, I can help with the code and circuit diagram.
If you are using Atmel avr you can install winavr and avrstudio to simulate and debug your code. There are also a similar tools for PIC but someone else that uses PIC must tell you about them. There are also schematic entry simulators like proteus, NI (multisim) and i (...)
I'm using Eagle and Altium Designer. I have experienced in designing microcontrollers devices ands SMPS. I can create schematic, PCB, and if you need write code for 8-bit microcontrollers (avr)
Do You hawe a JTAG interface?First of all the JTAG fuse mast be programmed to use a JTAG .Connect the hardware to the target chip in the board edn then from avr studio select connect and choice JTAG ... and go...
hi there, I have this avr-doper programmer through ICSP. and I need a pcb schematic for placing all those connectors for most of the supported microcontrollers ... does anyone has such a schematic ? -SQD-
hi I want to make Xmega avr Programmer for myself uses . I need a checked schematic for start it. thanks for your time.
You may convert the popular and simplest avr programmer USB ASP to program 89sXX devices in ISP. Refer this thread with similar discussions and links Cheers
Unless you are looking for someone to actually give you a schematic and source code without effort on your part, you should probably post something for us to see to help you with. I learned much of what I know about LED dot matrix displays from here and
hello i want to work with avr and mmc i want to use atmega16 or atmega 32 and write my prog in bascom i want a project(source & schematic) and a tutorial about connecting and tranafering data between mmc and avr do you have any source? thank you
hi dear, kindly always give the complete information like model no and power spe of your avr
Hi dear friends I have a LGM240128 (240*128 graphic LCD). I want to write some text and present some Icons on my LCD using a ATMEGA32 microcontroller. I,m looking for a sample Codevision or Bascom program and a schematic of connection method which helps me to introduce this job. Thanks a lot in advance
Hi, I am doing this DDRE &= ~(1<<4); SREG &= ~(1<<7); /* Initialize external interrupt on PE4 */ EIMSK |= (1<
Yes, you can use ft232rl. If you wish you can also use avr with usb Regards nandhu
hi i want to build a counter for my ecg(ekg) final project. i want do it whit " avr ". please help me ! i have a analog output in my schematic. how can i do this? can i do this whit " oc1a & oc1b " pins ? tnx ( sorry about my bad english )
You did not specify which avr you are programming? here's one for atmega series: If you have an attiny device, do a search on avrfreaks or google for attiny HV serial programmer. You will find what you need. Good Luck
The resistors are there to limit the current. The LEDs have a typical voltage drop of about 2V. The avr is driving common cathode LEDs and each individual anode connection has a 120 ohm resistor. Use good old Ohms Law and assume that the drop across the avr can be ignored. The LED current is (5-2)/120 or 25mA. Without (...)