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Hi Aman Welcome to EDABoard, See these two projects with ATMega16: Simple calculator using avr microcontroller with ATMega16 calculator w
In some compillers (i.e in IAR compiller for avr) are intrinsic functions for generate acurate delay. In IAR this is function: __delay_cycles(number_of_cycles_to_wait) Try to look at the manual of your compiller, maybe it has similar function... Regards.
hi all here some nice tools for delay calculation and fp calculation in avr micro hope help full for friends
Please look at PROTEUS software in sample files. In samples have calculator by using 8051 PIC and avr, but no scientific calculator. You can modify it. thx
Hi, I am now doing a project based on this website The chip that I used is exactly the same with the website which is Atmel 8515. After connecting the circuit, my LCD only shows black boxes. Anybody can help me with this? I have no idea what a STK500
hi I have make calculator for my project with avr to help me with 5x7dotmatrix code, and it's usefull, here it is... And source
SinaProg - avrProg GUI for avrDUDE 5.6 with avr Fuse or ____[url=htt
SinaProg - avrDUDE-GUI with avr Fuse or ____[url=rapidsh
SinaProg - avrProg GUI for avrDUDE 5.10 with avr Fuse or ____[
SinaProg - avrDUDE-GUI with avr Fuse calculator * Download __________ __________ * Guideline __________* You can edit the file "Fuses.txt", to add your comments for
STK500 development board can recover avr (in parallel high voltage programming mode) or Check this link Atmega HVPP fusebit doctor – napraw fusebity, fix fusebits >> Manekinen DIY
this may help you: Engbedded avr Fuse calculator
I know that the MCS-51 family is not particularly suited for math operations. You should go for some higher end controllers. but refer this sites. they have this project Scientific calculator : avr microcontroller projects
hey guys i don't have experience with avr and i need to connect a crystal oscillator to it and i don't know what that required i mean in the code to active external oscillator ..can anyone answer my question :???:
You have to use an avr programmer to build the USB programmer. You can find many programmers in the Internet, a simple one is this avr Programmer Alex
Nowadays, most computers are not equipped with RS232 or LPT port. That is why this programmer was designed. The project was taken from: LINK and modified a little. The board was re-designed. Prog
hey guys im using atmega 168A -pu im beginner with avr i have some basic doubts as to can i use 20mhz crystal and if so ive done the fuse settings can you please tell me if its right spien-programmed(logic 0) brownout programmed to 4.3V BODLEVEL1=programmed(logic 0) BODLEVEL0=programmed(logic 0) BOOTSZ1=programmed(logic 0) BOOTSZ0=
I think the OP was already using that guys ive used engbedded fuse bit calculator i just needed to be confirmed that my settings are right I have used avrstudio avrISP interface to check the settings from the high/low data.
Sorry guy’s may be these are silly question, but as I am trying to design a graphic calculator…I got to know this before I choose one micro controller. 1. Can avr’s programmed same way as 8051? 2. I am trying for a graphic calculator for algebra, trigonometric functions with images…which do you think will be (...)
tool is placed instead clock in the car. Sterring program is Atmeg8 that has been written in BASCOM avr. Elements that single out to device are two, nine-digit, seven-segments LED displays (recycling from calculator). Only 14 of 18
ATMega8 Fuse calculator avr Fuse calculator for ATmega8 here you are
Check this design to initiate your project avr Project : Speaking calculator - Microcontroller Project Circuit
check this Downloads / 8051 software / 8051 Time delay/Timer routine calculator : 8051 Microcontroller Projects avr PIC Projects Tutorials Ebooks Libraries codes
It resembles I2C but is can be using a custom protocol, you can find many articles that explain the I2C protocol using google. I have only used I2C from avr a few times so I can't give you much details on the protocol. Alex
Engbedded avr Fuse calculator
You should use 4.3v since the voltage of the pin will be at that level when you have the led consuming 30mA. 30mA is kind of high for a led, it is usually 10-15mA but the avr can provide the current if this is what you want so there is no problem. Note that the chip max current is 300mA so I hope you don't intend to drive many leds. Alex
pls can anyone send me c program for that
It is not such difficulty, use 8051 timers Here link for "8051 Time delay/Timer routine calculator " 8051 Time delay/Timer routine calculator / 8051 software / Downloads : 8051 Microcontroller Projects avr PIC Projects Tutorials Ebooks Libraries codes ----------
hi.I have question which is :write a program (with C) which can read a number from a keypad that connected to the D port of micro avr.(Atmega 16) and show the sin & cos of that number according degree on LCD.pleas help me regard pesarirouni
Hi; I can suggest below tasks as easy applicaitons; Serial Port Communication between PC and Microcontroller (this easy if your uC has UART module inside, such as pic16f877 i ma not sure about avr and 8051) Stepper motor control (yes, it is easy task) Moving message display on a Dot matrix (There are many practice on 2x16dot matrix on the net,
Use search field first. Also look this : WormFood's avr Baud Rate calculator
Hello all, I am making some programs in ATMEGA16A with bascom-avr. when i put delay for 1Sec it takes much(8sec) delay with 8Mhz and (16sec) with 16Mhz crystal. After some time i have note that its by default working on 1Mhz clock. when i have remove crystal its also working on 1Mhz. I can't understand. now its not working on 8Mhz even wit
Your capacitor value is high, the recommended values are 12-22pF Use CKOPT=0 CKSEL3,2,1,0 = 1 JTAGEN=1; You can only disable the JTAG fuse from the programmer, not your C code - - - Updated - - - By the way , delay.h has a few functions based on delay_basic.h so delay_basic.h is already included when you include delay.h,
You can use this calculator You have currently set your mcu to external clock so you need to connect an external clock source in the XTAL1 pin to reprogram it. You can use another avr set to toggle a pin on/off as a clock or a crystal oscillator or even a 555 should do. - - - Updated - - -[/C
I've been using the GNU toolchain for avr programming, including the avrdude utility to flash the MCUs and set the fuses. A few months ago I started thinking if I could eliminate the command prompt from my workflow entirely, because I was mainly just running the same few commands again and again to upload .hex files and set fuses. Windows-based,
The fuse bits available in each mcu model are described in the datasheet in the memory programming section. The main fuses you need to set are usually the ones related to the clock source selection. If you want to use the jtag pins as I/O then you need to disable JTAGEN. Don't change SPIEN because it can disable the serial programming. Prot
hy i recently start working with ATmega128 , i program it but i cant get output but in proteus it show output. i use avr studio 6 i post code here #include <avr/io.h> int main(void) { DDRD=0xFF; while(1) { //TODO:: Please write your application code PORTD=0xF0; } } thanks.
You use external oscillator for microcontroller ? Atmel avr? Fuse calculator Yes it uses an external 16MHz crystal. I have just downloaded winavr, maybe I could set the fuses there? But I do not know how to translate these hex codes into settings or where do I have
If you want to execute something periodically, place that in timer interrupt. If you are using PIC dsPIC, PIC32, avr micro-controllers then use this tool to generate code and try to match it with your setup