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Hi, what are you actually trying to achieve? Measuring a pulse width and calculate the frequency or do you count pulses? If you count pulses, the accuracy is in your calculation because the number of pulses is integer by definition. If you measure the length of a pulse to calculate the corresponding frequency within 0.01Hz in the range of 100 kH
Hi Look at the first link here you find what you want hope this will be help full for you 1 2 The 2nd one is only for guidance regards Fragrance
Here's is a frequency counter based on Atmel ATmega8 avr, with complete schematics and C source code. frequency Meter: Main page with several other MCU projects
Hi, this is another frequency counter project, it is based on an avr microcontroller, you can find in the link all the details and the sourcecode for microcontroller to assemble this project. Have fun
Hi, can someone indicate me the link where to find the project of a simple frequency counter without MCU? A simple project with at least 6 leds display it is also all right a 10-50 Mhz Thank.
Can anyone help me out on this, i need to design a frequency counter for the range 1Hz to 2Mhz using 82C54 and 89C55wd. I have designed a circuit but it gives an error of 1Hz @ 1000-3000, which keeps on increasing as the measurement frequency is increased. Currently i have mazimum range of 132Khz and the circuit is designed on a breadboard. (...)
HI ALL FRIENDS I need help regarding prescaler for the frequency counter i required a prescaler that can be divided the in put frequency with 10 mean divide by ten. further more i also required a pre amp with sensitvity of 10mv if some one help in this then i will upload a classic frequency counter (...)
this is project frequency counter to all
Any schematics or ideas for frequency counter using PIC16F84 and Multiplexed Seven Segment Display?
Hi, someone have developped a picbasic program for frequency counter pic based?
hey frends, I am trying to make a frequency counter, but i amconfused as to how to go about it, actually it is to measure the electrical mains frequency, but the hardware side is really confusing me. i was wondering if anyone of you would like to help me a little bit in this. thanks a lot my contact address is:[/
i want to make a 1GHz frequency counter that could read analog or digital signals, the input signal voltage could be 50mv or 10v for example so i need a pulse shaper circuit, i thought of a schmitt trigger but the problem is the high input frequency, is there any way to shape the signal to pulses of 0-5V? i am going to use PIC16F84A. regards
I'm looking for a circuit for a shortwave receiver frequency counter WITH PROGRAMABLE IF OFFSET Thanks
Please, I want to construct this frequency counter with PIC16F628 but I have only the PIC16F628A-I/P, this code attached here works well with my PIC? Thank You! felipetanaweb
Guyzz i just bought a used : Philips PM 6674 frequency counter (550Mhz) I just got the meter , no documentation at all. Anyone have Usersguide or Servicemanual or "Anything" on this one ??? TIA Bingo
I am currently doing a project that involves making an infrared based heart rate meter. If anybody has done same thing then I would appreciate any info. Specifically , I wanted to know abt suppose I have digital pulses(heart beats), then how do I count the heart rate. I know how to make a conventional frequency counter in which counting time i
the best frequency counter prog for sound card
I AM SEARCHING MANUAL FOR HP5341A frequency counter thanks PIC2004
thanks for the replay, i will check the code tomorrow........ it will not be a problem for me to get the idea and apply it with winavr into my circuit arnab/vu2bpw
I've adapted the front end for this frequency counter (see diagram) from a design byPhil Rice VK3BHR and it works well. Now I want to put in some front end protection for the AT-41533-TR1 emitter follower front end transistor, it's rated at a max of 1.5V Vbe and the 74AC161 is good for a max input frequency of 200 MHz. L1 is supposed to (...)
I am using a prescaler (MC12080) to divide the frequencies by a ratio of 10. However, I found that the output contain many harmonices. Since my frequency counter is too sensitive, sometimes it may capture the wrong frequencies. For example, my input frequencies is 100Mhz, the frequency counter turns out 20Mhz. Does (...)
Can anyone post a schematic for making a frequency counter measuring from LF to UHF. If it could be through a computer with interface it would be better. I searched all the post and found only info for FC to 30Mhz maximum I am a newbie and i would like to practice with something like that Thanks for your answers in advance!
How can I write a program of frequency counter with PIC16F84A that measure 1Hz~2MHz?
Is there any difference between "frequency meter" and "frequency counter"? Thank you all. nguyennam
HI .I have a Trio FC 756 frequency counter and I am after a owners manual Can any one help .Thanks Mark
hi mates, can anybody help me to have a schematic diagram for "4 channel frequency counter" This application for Opto detection thanks in advanced.
How to make a frequency counter without touching PIC? Using logic gates.. thx.
Hi, I need to implement a simple VHDL frequency counter for a school project. Must be 4 multiplexed digits. (the FPGA as few macrocells). I know how to implement the counter and the BCD to seven segment. is the multiplexing and puting things togheter that i need help. Can anyone point me to an example? Must be very simple. Thank (...)
frequency counter Version: frequency counter frequency counter
Please HELP. I'm working with the spartan 3e starter kit and using the provided frequency counter from xilinx. The program works well with a couple of changes that I have added. I would like the show the results that are on the LCD on the PC using the rs232. People say its easy, but I'm having problems. The program already uses all of the
I need to create a frequency counter, reporting the duty cycle. Any input how to create this?
hi all.. I'm newcomer to here, these days I'm studying about pic microcontroller programming and now I can make very simple circuits like led running and ect.. I'm using pic16f877a microcontroller. recently i have found a very interesting circuit in a site its a simple frequency counter based on my favorite MC, I hope to make it. but its seems
Hi! I'm working on an oscillator circuit with a dsPIC based frequency counter. The oscillator circuit is working nicely with a crystal of 5 MHz. I can see a nice pulse wave on the scope with 3.8V amplitude. The frequency counter is a simple one: I am counting the edges on T2CK pin of the MCU for 1 second and display (...)
i need ahelp to design encoder frwquency counter circuit!can any1 help me.plz.
for those who are interested to realize frequency counters i submit here the schematic and firmware for the one i made 2 months ago The frequency counter is based on PIC 16F628A and the 7-segment display is realized with MAX 7219
hi! I'm trying to have a frequency counter using z8F6401 and hyperterminal as my ouput. I just adapted the code from the free sample codes of zilog. They use a LED matrix as an output. Kindly check my code if it is correct. Thanks in advance! #include #include #include #include #include
how can i give input in the frequency counter?
Hi, Recently I visited the page frequency counter by PIC16F628 Now I'm very much interested to build the circuit with modification to use it as a tachometer(or rpm meter).The hex file is working correctly for frequency meter. But the source code I gues
Hello guys! I have problem in my project: "Digital Wave frequency counter Using PIC16F877A". Its simulation runs very well but the problem arises when i practically implemented the project in the Lab. There is no output on the LCD instead of the glowing dot matrices whereas the microcontroller is alive as indicated by the status LED :?: The code
how to make 1 MHz frequency counter using AT89C2051 ? i want circuit diagram
Hi all, I'm looking for either: - a digital frequency counter like this that has a communication port of some kind: Elenco frequency counter 1MHz-3GHz # F-2800 or, - a circuit & circuit layout for a device similar to the Elenco F-2800 yet with a communication port. Any of you know of su
A 555 operating as a monostable multivibrator has a C1 = 0.01 F. Determine R1 for a pulse width of 2 ms. A. 200 k B. 182 k C. 91 k D. 182 A frequency counter ________ a signal. A. measures B. displays C. measures and displays D. measures, displays, and generates
Hello, I need to design a frequency counter, where my input frequency will be less than 3Mhz (square wave input). I have seen many microcontroller based implementation. But this frequency counter is part of my ASIC design, so I wanted to design it using CMOS. Can someone help me out. Thanks in advance!
This frequency meter is capable of frequencies upto 5Mhz . It has an error rate of 5% at any frequency. (by averaging ..) The compiler used is HI-TECH C . (basically the program can be recompiled for any PIC which has a CCP1 module and timer 1). Xtal is 20 MHz. The opamp can be any model that has GBP of about 20Mhz. The circuit can direct
I recently purchased the TTL Cookbook by Don Lancaster, and it gives clues into how a simple frequency counter could be built from TTL. Does anyone know of a circuit that would be reasonably easy to build? It's not for anything serious, just something that I thought could be a fun project to use my Numitrons as a display other than another cl
Hi All I recently built a frequency counter kit from a company, that I won't name, and it didn't work. Tried to get help from the supplier, poor customer service. So I figured I tried to build my own from scratch. I came across the Weeder counter I found here I have the circuit working
Hi everybody. I have found a circuit of 2.5GHz frequency counter wich uses a microcontroller 16F870 But I don't have the software program of the microcontroller to understand how does it work. Please someone can help me to find It Somewhere. Thank you.
I didn't think I'd need an instruction manaual for a frequency meter! However, I've not used this one before, and it has a range button on it to switch between 10 and 200MHz. However, the button does nothing, it stays on 200MHz range. Am I supposed to have some other settings or level before the button allows me to switch to 10MHz, or is it lik
Hai, I'm a beginner in VHDL coding and trying to write a code for frequency counter consisting of a clock divider ,count gate (AND gate), counter. I need a 1second clock as the output of clock divider. ise simulator is not responding while i create a 1second test bench. Could you help me to code the blocks? THANK YOU.