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use GOOGLE for search avr + RPM.
Hi Look at the first link here you find what you want hope this will be help full for you 1 2 The 2nd one is only for guidance regards Fragrance
Here's is a frequency counter based on Atmel ATmega8 avr, with complete schematics and C source code. frequency Meter: Main page with several other MCU projects
Hi, this is another frequency counter project, it is based on an avr microcontroller, you can find in the link all the details and the sourcecode for microcontroller to assemble this project. Have fun
Hi, what are you actually trying to achieve? Measuring a pulse width and calculate the frequency or do you count pulses? If you count pulses, the accuracy is in your calculation because the number of pulses is integer by definition. If you measure the length of a pulse to calculate the corresponding frequency within 0.01Hz in the range of 100 kH
do a google search on avr frequency meter... for mains isolation use an optocoupler (0 detector circuit...) hope this help, //a
Hi buts101. Please check below site. I hope that will give you some help. thanks.
@bencassar; Have you considered using a microcontroller? Here are some ideas:
How you mean to calculate frequency from counter? frequency of what? Meanwhile, look on this web pages, maybe you find something useful for you: 1. Signal generator with ATmega8 2. 40MHz-frequency coun
If you have watchdog in your mcu , make active it , and start counting where counter is in memory location In avr watchdog is supplied from different oscillator . You should check watchdog implementation in your mcu for that . When watchdog reset will be happened get the counter value . Using precalculated counter values (...)
i also came across same avr source for tuning my guitar. i don't have avr or pic. i want to implement on plz tell in where in the source file do i have to make adjustment in order to burn the code in at89c51 microcontroller? thank you
Thanks for the repply So i just need counter right? Did i need some PLL or another? my plan is using GAL because i have some spare of it and i want to connect the output to my avr,so what configuration of clock for the avr that i should the way thanks again for the repply. Best regards
see they had a posted project simillar to what u asked
Want to create a ultrasound fsk modulator ( sine wave ) with fo at 20KHz and f1 at 20.5KHz First, we used XR2006, but its frequency accuacy is only 1%, which is not good enough for our project, Then, we changed to use a avr mega microntroller, but its pwm output is too slow. Now we start to think about using mcu + DAC ( high speed ), lett
This will be helpful to you....I think....I dose not understand your requirement / Calculation correctly- c code to count frequency pulses and display on LCD : 8051 Microcontroller Projects avr PIC Projects Tutorial
Depends on your experience. PIC, avr, Rabbit, Arduino. I think those are all solutions worth looking at. If you don't need high speed, you can avoid the complexities of USB and Ethernet, and just use RS-232.
I am using at ATMEGA8 with a 12 MHz external crystal oscillator. The fuses were programmed as follows: LFUSE 0xEF 1110 1111 HFUSE 0xC9 1100 1001 I was starting to set up a very basic timer application and I noticed that I was getting an unexpected frequency with the timer counter. (exactly half the expected frequency) Here (...)
can any one post here clock schemetics & hex based on avr
All avr timers have a prescaler (internal divisor). Make sure you have selected the correct value. All avr timers can run directly from the chip clock frequency.
Hi, Have you started coding on this? You have to use Sinusoidal Pulse Width Modulation (SPWM). Since ATMEGA8 doesn't have an ECCP module like some of the PICs or the similar modules in avr AT90PWM, coding will be slightly tricky, but it will be achievable. You need to use the time base and change the duty cycle according to the value retrieved from
I dont understood what you want exactly.. but heres the code for vga controller: All About VHDL Codes, PCB Designing and avr: Display on VGA Monitor by FPGA(VHDL code Synthesizable, 640X480 resol, 60Hz)
My counter is displaying random values. Can anyone guide me ..i need to know where i am going wrong?reply asap. #ifndef F_CPU //defining CPU clock #define F_CPU 16000000UL // setting clock frequency for Atmega 16 #endif #include<avr/io.h> #include<avr/interrupt.h> #include #include"LCD_mega16.h" (...)
It is automatic device which adds water for the concrete mix. The main element is an avr Atmega8 microprocessor-based controller. The controller is connected to the resistive probe that reads the current humidity of the mixture an
Hi all, Am using an atmega64a controller and 8MHz crystal and am beginner to avr timers.. can any one pls help me how to use timer3.. i just want to start a timer3 for 10s and once timer is expired i just want to blink led. void start_timer3(unsigned int delay) { timer3_delay = delay * 10 ETIMSK |= ( 1 << TOIE3);
The ATtiny88 offers a clock prescaler which divides the system clock frequency by 8, 64, 256 or 1024 before input to Timer0 or Timer1. Reference: ATtiny48/88 Datasheet, Section: 13.1 Internal Clock Source, Page: 117 13.1 Internal Clock Source The Timer/counter can be clocke