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HELLO. I wrote a code to atmega8 to Clear OC2 pin of avr in frequeny of 8MHZ AND i set cs20 of timer2 in no prescaling (clk of timer==clock of cpu);here is code but when i run this in proteus and use counter Timer component in proteus to measure frequency of OC2 PIN IT SHOWS 31.25KHz it means that==>> 8MHz/256=31.25KHz but i chosen Timer1 (...)
My counter is displaying random values. Can anyone guide me ..i need to know where i am going wrong?reply asap. #ifndef F_CPU //defining CPU clock #define F_CPU 16000000UL // setting clock frequency for Atmega 16 #endif #include<avr/io.h> #include<avr/interrupt.h> #include #include"LCD_mega16.h" (...)
use GOOGLE for search avr + RPM.
I am developing a circuit for calculation of time spent for the wave to travel from one end of sample to another. The length of sample varies from 0.5 cm to 10 cm. I have generated sinewave and I want to determine the instance the wave hits the sample and the instance the wave gets out of it. Once, i determine the first instance, i will start the
Hi, what are you actually trying to achieve? Measuring a pulse width and calculate the frequency or do you count pulses? If you count pulses, the accuracy is in your calculation because the number of pulses is integer by definition. If you measure the length of a pulse to calculate the corresponding frequency within 0.01Hz in the range of 100 kH
see they had a posted project simillar to what u asked
hai its very easy u have to program the timer/counter in counter mode ie.the gate of timer0 should be 1.program timer/counter 1 as timer gate of the same should be 0.program this timer for 1 sec delay.then count the frequency for one sec.u can take the value of timer will be equel to the frequency. take (...)
do a google search on avr frequency meter... for mains isolation use an optocoupler (0 detector circuit...) hope this help, //a
If you have watchdog in your mcu , make active it , and start counting where counter is in memory location In avr watchdog is supplied from different oscillator . You should check watchdog implementation in your mcu for that . When watchdog reset will be happened get the counter value . Using precalculated counter values (...)