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Have someone ever designed the DMM with the max134.I am now designing a DMM with the max134,now I want to control the max134 with the avr uprocessor,Can someone providing the information,I am anxiety for it!
Hi everybody I am trying to connect a loadcell to a avr microcontroller(atmega32).I connected output of a loadcell to an IA(instrument amplifier AD620) and connect the output of this IC to input of ADC of avr.But the value i can read from this device didn't change very much.I measured output of IA by was very sensitive and changed
Hi guys, I am going to build a digital multimeter with avr ATmeg32 and it has to be also capable of reading AC voltages to 220 V and AC currents to 1 A. I have the software and hardware needed for the normal digital multimeter, but I dont know what should I do to make it capale of those voltages and currents. I mean is there any IC which (...)
can i use the schematic layout of multimeter as a reference design for designing a voltmeter... You can but it is little difficult to find out which part of it is for the voltmeter section. can anyone help me search the reference design for designing a voltmeter.. Try
If you are using individual seven segment display then the pinout is probably like the one shown Interfacing to 7-Segment Displays You can check if it common anode or common cathode with a multimeter in the diode function or a 5v source with a 270 ohm resistor in series, you can also use it t
The default clock source of a meage0 is the internal RC so there is no need for a crystal. I'm not sure about the error cause because I haven't used ponyprog or a serial programmer, just parallel models and USB. Have you set the serial port correctly and the speed of the port from the PC hardware settings? Also make sure that you make the ISP conn
do a google search on avr frequency meter... for mains isolation use an optocoupler (0 detector circuit...) hope this help, //a
Hello, Actually I am looking for a company that can commit me a project at home(remote). I have equipment like soldering iron,multimeter, oscilloscope. I can design electronic(I use protel99se) and program small microcontroller like pic, avr. If you are interest in some cooperation write me email
i tried to build a SIPROG with this circuit from (avr Programmer used atmega88 with 4Mhz crystal i'm using ponypr
i am building a USBAsp based avr burning kit by using the schematic provided at - USBasp - USB programmer for Atmel avr controllers I am using the latest firmware. I set the fusebits as hfuse=C9 and lfuse=EF (this is defined in the USBAsp makefile) [but some people have mentioned some different fuse
Hi, You need to show the circuit and software you are using.. is it Pic or avr and what language ? You can use one Port but that needs a bit more software control that using two separate ones
I'm trying work with the output of a Symtrik RFT-60 WWVB module ( ). From this datasheet, it's an inverted serial output. Out of pure hobbyist pride, I tried a MAX232 just out of pure thought that even though the input on MAX232 is TTL CMOS 0-5+ (which is surely was exceeding), I thought th
Hi.... I am trying to control an led matrix(5X7) using an 74HC595 latch+shift registers and atmega32. I checked out several codes on the was quite easy. So i tried making up my own code using atmel studio. But the output pins show zero output whatever serial data i send. (The multimeter showed zero volts with GND as reference)