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If you are using individual seven segment display then the pinout is probably like the one shown Interfacing to 7-Segment Displays You can check if it common anode or common cathode with a multimeter in the diode function or a 5v source with a 270 ohm resistor in series, you can also use it t
Hi everybody I am trying to connect a loadcell to a avr microcontroller(atmega32).I connected output of a loadcell to an IA(instrument amplifier AD620) and connect the output of this IC to input of ADC of avr.But the value i can read from this device didn't change very much.I measured output of IA by was very sensitive and changed
Have someone ever designed the DMM with the max134.I am now designing a DMM with the max134,now I want to control the max134 with the avr uprocessor,Can someone providing the information,I am anxiety for it!