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Hi everybody I am trying to connect a loadcell to a avr microcontroller(atmega32).I connected output of a loadcell to an IA(instrument amplifier AD620) and connect the output of this IC to input of ADC of avr.But the value i can read from this device didn't change very much.I measured output of IA by was very sensitive and changed
Hi guys, I am going to build a digital multimeter with avr ATmeg32 and it has to be also capable of reading AC voltages to 220 V and AC currents to 1 A. I have the software and hardware needed for the normal digital multimeter, but I dont know what should I do to make it capale of those voltages and currents. I mean is there any IC which (...)
can i use the schematic layout of multimeter as a reference design for designing a voltmeter... You can but it is little difficult to find out which part of it is for the voltmeter section. can anyone help me search the reference design for designing a voltmeter.. Try
If you are using individual seven segment display then the pinout is probably like the one shown Interfacing to 7-Segment Displays You can check if it common anode or common cathode with a multimeter in the diode function or a 5v source with a 270 ohm resistor in series, you can also use it t
For people intressted, Atmel is soon releasing an app to handle a TCP/IP stack in an avr AtMega103/104, one socket in ATMega161. UDP,SMTP,HTML etc. Not realyy sure if it will cost money or is free to download. But it looks great. If anyone gets hold of it, let me and the board know, please. MrEd
@bingoboy firmware file for stk500 is included in Atmel avr Studio. Folder /avr studio/stk500 after install. But for programming the atmega 128 u need the addon module stk 501 i think. corect, firmware for STK500 is included in atmel avr studio, but you need bootloader-firmware to program the firmware into your
Try if this links works: Password: @BASCOM-avr-UPDATE@1999#!std_edition In the uploaded file the c***k. Enjoy! :wink: Nasdaq Boom Uploaded file:
Hi ! Link to Download avr Studio v4.0
Hi everybody, looking for SwiftX avr Pro or c*r*a*c*k for a demo version. THANKS
The tutorials of avr ?Thanks.
Does anyone know a good source for a 16 channel datalogger based on an avr ? I'm certain it's been done before, and rather than reinvent the wheel, something like this would give me a good start. I'm thinking of using an AT90S2313-10 with a pair of m@xim m@x186 a/d chips and a 64mbit Atmel serial dataflash for storage. Probably add on a Dall
Hi, I make a simulation of a avr at90s8515, the programm .hex is ok, this run fine... but ICCavr create me a file X.eep that i cannot load from proteus...When the simulation run, data aren't the eeprom data( but FF). I d'ont understand because there is no error message when compiling the simulation whith my file X.eep... Somebody can help me ?
Do you program the avr in assembler language or in c ? I made best experiences with cod*vision avr C. It's cheap and very easy to use. felix1200
Hi, looking for Kanda avr ISP Upgrade software. Thanks !
Has anyone got working avrGCC 3.2 and avr Studio 4.05 together. avr Studio 3.55 works well but v4.05 not. Can anyone help or is it possible to get them work together at all. erickki
Some projects written in C language(Codevision avr) can be found on this site : Hope this help. Fuji
hai, any body have the ds1844 digital pot pgm for avr microcontroller help it send the pg to bye
If you have to use math.h I don't recommend you to use avrgcc, It has many bugs. (sqrt, trig functions, ...) Try IAR compiler. Check this:
Hi, (Nice avatar PadsPCB!) If anyone knows a nice project with avr and CAN, please let me know. greetz, venz.
Hi, does anybody have any experience in using CAN and CANOpen with a Atmel avr (ATMega128). It seems that CANOpen isn't really a simple protocol to use. I want to experiment with CAN but want to look at some other projects first. greetz, venz.
Look through the forum at It was descussed many times.
hi .. i have crc16 routine used on atmega163. this is the slow implementation without lookup table so you do not need so much ram. anyway with 4mhz avr it is much faster than fast method (lookuptable) with x51 at 12mhz. i can send you source if interested ... regards cancel
I agree that avr series is very fast and i use it too but you can use ds80c310 from dallas which is mcs8051 compatible BUT it executes one instruction per 4 clock cycles which means that with a 33MHz crystal you can have 8.5MIPS!!! You can find its manual at I think but i am not sure that t
Evaluationboard & free ISP-Tool for ATMEL avr (+code samples)
All you need to know about the Atmel avr!
hi .. i am using yaap ... see it is very fast and reliable .. works with simple interface .. i am using isp there is lack of support for new mcus but fine for me or i just found this .. try it .. regards cancel
Hi, I'm looking for a solution to connect an off-the-shelf PLC-HMI with Touchscreen, to a Atmel avr microcontroller. The RS232 or RS485 interface is not the problem, but the protocol communication is... If anyone has some experiance with this, please let me know. greetz, venz.
Hello, Does anybody has experience with IAR Compiler for avr? I am having trouble, how to use printf and puts functions. I did set BAUD rate and UART for MEGA8. Functions compiled fine but noting out on serial port? Thanks, :cry:
Does anybody have any experiance with a HMI and MODBUS protocol? I want to interface an EZTouch HMI with an avr microcontroller using the MODBUS protocol (Or any other protocol, as long as it's simple). greetz, venz..
I tested UCOS-II for avr port, it works nice. But do not forget about external memory
MP3 embedd harddisk plyer - sch + source code for avr ATMEGA enjoy bobi
hi, avr based metal dedector.
best forum for that somebody will help you
Hello, i go in search of a avr or othe uC Programmer Soft in Visual Basic (source Code), that can read and write *.bin and *.hex Files from and to Disk. THX Nick
Hi all! Anyone know anything about building your own JTAG-emulator for avr? I found the schematics, but there should be some firmware involved as well... Thanks /Janne
There is a serious bug in avr model in Proteus VSM :!: It seems that the simulator pushes a return address of CALL instruction with bytes in wrong order, which is difficult to trace because of RET instruction also working that way. The problem occures when you want to run e.g. avrX in Proteus VSM env., because of IJMP instructions used in co
You must think at: 1.What kind of application you want to develop (however, SX is for time critical design - it has 75 Mips with nice features you wont find on avr) 2.How would you like to learn: - low level assembler (much easy for SX if you're coming from PIC world) - high level C (avr is much suitable for C than SX, beyond the portabi
Hello, I'm using IAR C Compiler and Imagecraft C Compiler (sometimes). Can anybody explain me how I can use a Software UART with this compilers? Is this possible? Another thing, where I can download libraries for this compilers? Does anybody has a library (for LCD or I2C) and wants to share it? Thanks Eze H
hai, u get the lot of code from bye
Hi there! Here, to find atmel mcu is the greatest problem.Everybody use pic i need to convert avr projects to pic there any dissasembler+converter+cross reference list?? :? Thank you.
I am using BASCOM-avr compiler ver and when a DTMFOut command is executed the program starts from the beggining. I thought that there was something with software-hardware-frame stack but changing the values to maximum possible returned no result Even the MCSElec example doesn't work!!!!! When i used ver everything worked nor
hi,i am a beginner in avr,i want to know if my program is big than 64k bytes,can it work?if can work like 8051,how to do? thanks a lot!
HI, can any one pm me to get fastavr3.05?? :roll:
hi .. i am doing lots of adc measurements with mega103/128 without any problem. HW problems can be: - too big clock rate for ADC .. check register settings and datasheet .. in this case the result can be very inaccurate - problems with power decoupling .. apply abt 100k capacitor as close as possible to chip between gnd and vcc, gnd and avcc and
Good site to begin. erickki
hi, i also programming my avr in C: char* pointer; pointer=&array; ^-adress of the first element of an array it works fine. regards.
avr Studio 4.07 is an upgrade to the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for writing and debugging avr applications in Windows 9x/NT/2000 environments. avr Studio 4.07 supports the new STK5.
Hi all, where can i found the 32-bit ASM math routine for avr MCU. Thanks.
Nice and goog C-Language Function Library for Atmel avr Processors
dose any one have the new bascom avr easytcpip libary file ( tcpip.lbx ). they will send to me. thanks mike