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Hi every body ! i have a project with 8051 . I want to design a tachometer . Many people use pic or avr but with me , i'm a newbie so i start learning MC with 89s52 and use assembly for programing . Program button and lcd is so so ! But i have trouble with counter in 8051 . Please show me how to count pulses in 1s -> pulses in 60s
ATMEGA16 Based Tacho meter Feature -Measures RPM speed without physical connection with Motor/Shaft -Measure RPM Speed upto 90K -No Meachanical Part hence low mntnc -Low cost (Less than Rs 500) -16x2 LCD for
hello all, i found this site while i was searching for some good microcontroller forum.iam trying to make LED based tachometer for my motorcycle. i want to drive 20 LEDS using avr like AT90s2313 or ATTINY2313.why these bcz i already have 2 microcontrollers each. for input signal to the microc
hello all, idon't know much abt avr's.but did small things like led blink etc. now i want to build LED based tachometer for my motrbike. like this why AT90s2313 is bcz i want 3 chips and programmer to burn the can some one help me. (for the input of tachometer i want to