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Hi... I'm doing a project on PIC16f84. I wanna make a digital tachometer using this PIC but i don't know what to do first. Can somebody give me an idea of how to do it? Thanx... I'd be very grateful for ur help. here is it two of them are very intrusting design based avr and pic16f84a hope this will help you
hello all, idon't know much abt avr's.but did small things like led blink etc. now i want to build LED based tachometer for my motrbike. like this why AT90s2313 is bcz i want 3 chips and programmer to burn the can some one help me. (for the input of tachometer i want to
hello all, i found this site while i was searching for some good microcontroller forum.iam trying to make LED based tachometer for my motorcycle. i want to drive 20 LEDS using avr like AT90s2313 or ATTINY2313.why these bcz i already have 2 microcontrollers each. for input signal to the microc
Hi every body ! i have a project with 8051 . I want to design a tachometer . Many people use pic or avr but with me , i'm a newbie so i start learning MC with 89s52 and use assembly for programing . Program button and lcd is so so ! But i have trouble with counter in 8051 . Please show me how to count pulses in 1s -> pulses in 60s
Hello, I'm making a tachometer which communicates with my VW Gol Computer. The only problem I have is that the Enginse "nosie" is getting into my avr power supply (made with a LM7805) and possible the avr I/O pins. How can I filter this noise from the Supply and the I/O Pins. Thanks very much Ezequiel
ATMEGA16 Based Tacho meter Feature -Measures RPM speed without physical connection with Motor/Shaft -Measure RPM Speed upto 90K -No Meachanical Part hence low mntnc -Low cost (Less than Rs 500) -16x2 LCD for