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May be this can
how can i acess a steper motor using avr??
Hai all, I had spare CPLD ISR from Cypress,It looks like ISP programmer for avr and AT89SX. contain HC244 and transistor with C and r and connector for parport. Did someone knew had to change it from ISRCPLD became ISP for avr or
Thanx rickie i just want to check the port state after programming the atmega8 avr may be one led on every pin with transistor driver ckt.please also recommend me the crystal value for atmega8 thanx again
As matbob said, the grounds of the two boards must be connected. The minimum cable between the two boards is at least two connections, clock signal and ground. The other issue are the 10K resistors. I would definitely remove the 10K series resistor between to the input pin. The 10K pullup is also probably not needed if the avr pin is configur
Hi, I am doing my first avr exp using a temp sensor LM35 to blink blue green or red led according to the temp of the room. • Connected the leds to PORT B of atmega8L uC and temp sensor to ADC 3 input. • Using internal oscillator 1MHz as clk, internal reference voltage of 2.56 as reference voltage in FREE RUNING MODE. • ADLA
Hi. I need to know the advantages of using Max232 (if any) against simple resistor-transistor level converter for serial port avr programmer. Is max232 able to provide some better level of protection to serial port and avr Mcu compared to to resistor-transistor level converter? Thank you very much
Hi everybody i am new to rf module interfacing (using avr) and am not being able to implement it,Can anyone please suggest some solutions or guide me on how to make it work. Circuit info avr tx to transmitter module(433mhz) receiver module to rx pin i dont know what changes to make and really need a lot of help here, been stuck for days...
Hi Recently I designed a High voltage circuit based on avr microcontroller. I need your opinion or any suggestion or improvements I could add to the presented project. Circuit operation: Microcontroller is responisible for giving appropriate PWM pulse (of known frequency) to the MOSFET transistor. Pwm signal from the uC goes to the op
It is a project of a testing plate for avr. The whole system consists of two sub-systems: uC Programmer and main testing plate. Construction of main testing plate: slot for connecting various adapters
I can't explain why the transistor turns on when the input is set to low. The input current for the transistor should be 1/10 to 1/20 of the collector current to have a low voltage drop on the transistor (saturation) so a 470 ohm to 1K should be fine, the avr output can handle it. Alex ---------- Post added at 12:50 ------
I have a transistor that blew in a stereo amplifier. It is a denon avr 2500 causing the protection mode to engage. I hear this is pretty common. I found the faulty transistor and have no idea on two things 1) how to identify it and 2) how to buy it once i have identified it. Here is a picture that is close to the one that blew. 86
Hi friends Can anyone tell me the avr controller which has capability to invert its uart o/p( uart RX & tx should be ideally low rather than high) i dont want to use transistor logic for that ,since i want to compact my design. i think through the software i can only invert data & not start bit & stop bit
Hi... Im novice to avr mcu and its various programming/prototyping methods. I had installed atmel studio6, managed to get STK500 programmer, and after some attempt succeed in programming simple LED blinking program on mega8515 available on STK500. apart from this i don't know much about programming, about how to use studio6 as a simmulator/d
Hello guys, I recently blocked an atmega328p by setting the wrong fuse, after much googling around i found this Jeff has made an awesome cheap recovering tool and is selling the thi
For people intressted, Atmel is soon releasing an app to handle a TCP/IP stack in an avr AtMega103/104, one socket in ATMega161. UDP,SMTP,HTML etc. Not realyy sure if it will cost money or is free to download. But it looks great. If anyone gets hold of it, let me and the board know, please. MrEd
@bingoboy firmware file for stk500 is included in Atmel avr Studio. Folder /avr studio/stk500 after install. But for programming the atmega 128 u need the addon module stk 501 i think. corect, firmware for STK500 is included in atmel avr studio, but you need bootloader-firmware to program the firmware into your
Try if this links works: Password: @BASCOM-avr-UPDATE@1999#!std_edition In the uploaded file the c***k. Enjoy! :wink: Nasdaq Boom Uploaded file:
Hi ! Link to Download avr Studio v4.0
Hi everybody, looking for SwiftX avr Pro or c*r*a*c*k for a demo version. THANKS
The tutorials of avr ?Thanks.
Does anyone know a good source for a 16 channel datalogger based on an avr ? I'm certain it's been done before, and rather than reinvent the wheel, something like this would give me a good start. I'm thinking of using an AT90S2313-10 with a pair of m@xim m@x186 a/d chips and a 64mbit Atmel serial dataflash for storage. Probably add on a Dall
Hi: How to design a one-transistor Super-Regenerative Receiver? Or where I can find information about this Topics? Great Thnaks hslin000
Hi, I make a simulation of a avr at90s8515, the programm .hex is ok, this run fine... but ICCavr create me a file X.eep that i cannot load from proteus...When the simulation run, data aren't the eeprom data( but FF). I d'ont understand because there is no error message when compiling the simulation whith my file X.eep... Somebody can help me ?
Does anybody know (direct) eqiuvalent for KT914 transistor. many thanks, pool_77
Do you program the avr in assembler language or in c ? I made best experiences with cod*vision avr C. It's cheap and very easy to use. felix1200
Does anyone have a good transistor substitute table. Xorjo
Hi, looking for Kanda avr ISP Upgrade software. Thanks !
Has anyone got working avrGCC 3.2 and avr Studio 4.05 together. avr Studio 3.55 works well but v4.05 not. Can anyone help or is it possible to get them work together at all. erickki
Some projects written in C language(Codevision avr) can be found on this site : Hope this help. Fuji
hai, any body have the ds1844 digital pot pgm for avr microcontroller help it send the pg to bye
Hi all Any one can help me to find datasheet for rf transistor TPV376?? Thanx in advance
If you have to use math.h I don't recommend you to use avrgcc, It has many bugs. (sqrt, trig functions, ...) Try IAR compiler. Check this:
Hi, (Nice avatar PadsPCB!) If anyone knows a nice project with avr and CAN, please let me know. greetz, venz.
Hi, does anybody have any experience in using CAN and CANOpen with a Atmel avr (ATMega128). It seems that CANOpen isn't really a simple protocol to use. I want to experiment with CAN but want to look at some other projects first. greetz, venz.
which tools can i use easy to draw transistor level circuit schematic and can output spice netlist for hspice simulation in linux enviroment? i hope the tools can be easy get, free or cr*ck already.thanks!
Look through the forum at It was descussed many times.
Need datasheet for BFP519 transistor :?:
hi .. i have crc16 routine used on atmega163. this is the slow implementation without lookup table so you do not need so much ram. anyway with 4mhz avr it is much faster than fast method (lookuptable) with x51 at 12mhz. i can send you source if interested ... regards cancel
I agree that avr series is very fast and i use it too but you can use ds80c310 from dallas which is mcs8051 compatible BUT it executes one instruction per 4 clock cycles which means that with a 33MHz crystal you can have 8.5MIPS!!! You can find its manual at I think but i am not sure that t
Evaluationboard & free ISP-Tool for ATMEL avr (+code samples)
All you need to know about the Atmel avr!
hi .. i am using yaap ... see it is very fast and reliable .. works with simple interface .. i am using isp there is lack of support for new mcus but fine for me or i just found this .. try it .. regards cancel
Hi, I'm looking for a solution to connect an off-the-shelf PLC-HMI with Touchscreen, to a Atmel avr microcontroller. The RS232 or RS485 interface is not the problem, but the protocol communication is... If anyone has some experiance with this, please let me know. greetz, venz.
Hello, Does anybody has experience with IAR Compiler for avr? I am having trouble, how to use printf and puts functions. I did set BAUD rate and UART for MEGA8. Functions compiled fine but noting out on serial port? Thanks, :cry:
Of course, you can do that like standalone circuit with or without mcu. Use any of above 3-pin ICs and connect them like on schematic and pass to mcu input pin or to base of some transistor. Example with mcu (12c508 or 12c509) link: You can do this with any mcu (PIC,avr,...) Example with standar
Does anybody have any experiance with a HMI and MODBUS protocol? I want to interface an EZTouch HMI with an avr microcontroller using the MODBUS protocol (Or any other protocol, as long as it's simple). greetz, venz..
I tested UCOS-II for avr port, it works nice. But do not forget about external memory
Hi transistor Level Implementation of CMOS Combinational Logic 1. -> t tnx
MP3 embedd harddisk plyer - sch + source code for avr ATMEGA enjoy bobi