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Hi everybody I wanna plot gm/id as vertical axis & id/w as horizontal axis in cadence spectre. if either of axis be in the variable window i can plot gm/id or id/w vs that. but because of gm/id or id/w are not in the variable window, so i can't plot gm/id vs id/w. so who (...)
Hi everybody I wanna plot gm/id as vertical axis & id/w as horizontal axis in cadence spectre. if either of axis be in the variable window i can plot gm/id or id/w vs that. but because of gm/id or id/w are not in the variable window, so i can't plot gm/id vs id/w. so who (...)
hi it seems that this topic was mentioned before, but there is no answer, i just want to change my x-axis from vgs to vgs-vth, 1- i sweep vgs 2-plot vgs-vth 3-click on x axis to change variable (change to vgs-vth) to test that the axis is changed, plot vgs vs the new variable (vgs-vth) it show (...)
I am designing a voltage control oscillator and I need to do an analysis between the control_voltage and the output_frequency. Right now I am able to plot the control_voltage and the output waveform with respect to the time. I even used the calculator function to plot the frequency of this output waveform. But is there anyway in which I can (...)
Apply a linear ramp to gate in a transient simulation, calculator Q=integral (i(gate)) C=Q*v(gate) plot C with x axis changed to v(gate) Or run a parametric analysis stepping gate and set C=op(cgg)
I think you have to run ac analysis to get frequency as x-axis.
Hi, I need to plot the difference of a curve with its x axis (which by the way is temperature, my DC sweep variable). Is there a way i can do it in cadence 6 calculator.
Dear nanhelal Hi As i understood , you're trying to show , wattage and voltage in an axis ? right ? i'm a bit confused about what you need exactly . if you tell me a bit more explanations perhaps i can help you . Best Wishes Goldsmith
You can plot Id vs. Vds and extrapolate to the crossing point with the horizontal axis. But this is a lost battle - for sub-100nm technologies, ro varies all-over the place. You'll most probably get different lambda values for different Vgs. Not to mention that if well modeled, the ro will vary also with the Vds.
Hi, I have an active inductor. It is required to plot the graph between Transconductance (gm) varying on the horizantal axis and the impedence (Seen from the source of M0). Attached is the schematic of the circuit. Request you to please help me
can you please tell me the x-axis for the plot?
in Viva/Wavescan (but also in ADW) you can change the X axis with the signal that you want. For example you have to save the input signal (the voltage ramp that you put at the ADC input. Then you plot the transient with output codes and the input voltage on the same graph. It must be the same graph. Now from menu (or double click on Xaxis (...)
i hv simulated pll jitter in cadence spectre ......Y-axis OF THE RMS JITTER plot IS IN TERMS calucate the rms jitter @1GHz i hv to mulitiply the value by sqrt of 1 GHz or anything else......pls reply me.... thnx in advance.....
I think 1st just try to plot the gm vs the Id sweep that you might be doing. Check if that is working. Once that works, then plot gm/Id vs Id. That should give the same shape as the one they have in the paper. If that works then in cadence if you plot both gm/Id and Id/(W/L) then on the waveform window you can select (...)
plot your gm/id curve, then plot the id curve and then in your waveform window: axis->x axis->plot vs. ... click on the scroll down an select the id curve. Done! I hope it helps I know that his post is old, but I wanted to get some help desperately. I am using Virtuoso 6.1.5 and want to do exactly what chichi
plot both (vout1-vout2) and (vin1-vin2). Then in waveform windows select Axes -> X axis And thane in the bottom of pop-up windows change plot Vs. to desired X axis (vin1-vin2) or (vout1-vout2)
plot both curves on same window. go to Axses->X axis meny and select secound curve instead of independant variable.
ok, then you can set as x axsis ramp voltage and exactly see at which voltage comparator turns on... in waveform window plot ramp and comparator output and set x axis to ramp instead to independant variable
plot Vout vs. x wavwform. Use AWD calculator. Click "wave" button in calculator window and after that second click on Vout waveform in Waveform window. In calculator you will see something like "wavev12s1i1()" Then in thr calculator window select "Special Functions" -> xval Then multiply it by 0.05 and plot. Next select "axis" -> (...)
From what I see on the horizontal axis you have Vgs, not Vov. Yes, I also found that transistors go into weak inversion for quite negative Vgs-Vth. While this doesn't sound strange to me for shorter channels, I'm kind of surprised that you got the same result for 20um. But then are you sure that the models in 0.18 are correct for L=20u?
Hi, I tried your method, but it seems that it will plot Vs-Vg-Vth against Vgs, it doesn't change the x-axis variable. Am I doing anything wrong? Thanks plot Vgs-Vth vs. Vgs, then click on the x-axis on the waveform window, and in the pop-out window, select the Vgs-Vth as the x-axis instead of the (...)
try to double click around the X(Y) axis or their name (i don't remembered clearly), it works, believe me.
Hi, I am sweeping the input Vgs and would like to plot Vgs-Vt on the x-axis instead of only Vgs. How do I do this in cadence? Thanks
In waveform window select "axis" -> "X axis" menu. There is a "plot vs" button at the bottom of pop-up X axis window. Usualy it set to "Independent variable" but clicking on the button you can change X axis to any plotted waveform. BTW what kind of analysis you are talking about? For AC (...)