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It is a process to remove the unused section of plated through holes. This will ensure signal stubs are minimized; Stubs are the source of impedance discontinuities and signal reflections which become more critical as data rates increase. It is preferred method in HS designs. Allegro handles back drilling processes. Regards, M
I believe, your back drilled vias will also use an unique padstack, so it may be appropriate to define it as blind vias which also involves separate drill files.
I think did an article on pcb drilling machine a while back go to and do a search on pcb cnc or some such
in principle it will oscillate. From end to end and back. but variations in the gravity field (Earth is not a singular point as in exercises!) will affect this result. the_penetrator? PS: Are you interested in creating a hole in the Earth. Please let us so we can try get transported somewhere else. :wink:
Hi.. Could any one please help me.i want to know before start the cad what are the rules we have to follow for back plane board. If any one having details about the back plane board documents please share here... :) Thanks Geekay
Do somebody how to read back the code programed in a motorola 68HC705 microcontroller?? Thanks in advance.
Also check h**p:// Home of the t*nbo drill Mitsuko
APC back UPS 250i_400i_600i APC back UPS BK300MI,BK500MI
Please help me build one drilling PCB machine use microcontroller ( ex : AT8951 ) include schematic and software. My email : Many thanks ! :)
APC back UPS 250i_400i_600i APC back UPS BK300MI BK500MI APC UPS 500 Stylus COLOR 600 640 660 UPS ONH-600 and please use ''search'' in board because this linkk in here
Hi friends I constructed this machine 1 year ago. Please take a look xx with tt) ----- This web page is designed to present my graduation thesis; printed circuit board drilling machine which was done for Hacettepe University, Electrical and Electronics Engineering Depart
I need some detailed help & matlab source code on Filter back projection. Would you pls share it?
Hello all, I heard a bout snap-back in analog design but do not know exactly what it's about? and how to treat it . Thank you very much. -Tom
Hi to all, I have just finished my design in Layout and back annotated it to capture by creating a swap file from layout after renaming components. But I have a big problem now, all components in capture have wrong value! and part reference. How can I solve this problem ? Please help me. 10x
Hi, this is not the trivail task at all. Having the results of a single back-to-back case is not conclusive enough - you can't get ANY info on S parameters of single balun, as Fatulent already wrote. I can't remember exactly where, but I came accross a method comprising of having diffrent line length between the two baluns in (...)
Hi all, I am simulating a p@tch antenna in CST MWS - 5. All the results are fine.However I am unable to see the back lobe levels. In the back side it is giving a zero field !! . I have included open + add space for zmin boundary condition.Any ideas as to how I can do the back lobe calculation ? Thanks for your time. -Arun
can anybody suggest me some sites for video webcast on back end ic design?
The functional simulation is OK, but ERROR info appeared during back-end simulating, such as: Time: 13043 ps Iteration: 0 Instance: /vfifft_tf/UUT/\mifft/irom3/B5\ # ** Error: d:/Xilinx/verilog/src/simprims/X_RAMB16_S18.v(507): $setup( negedge ADDR &&& EN:12932 ps, posedge CLK:13043 ps, 350 ps ); # Time: 13043 ps Iteration: 0 Insta
:lol: .....I am currently doing the serial communication between my hyperterminal and my PICDEM 2 PLUS board in mplab icd2,so just wonder how can i send the "ok" to my hyperterminal from my board?i tried this code putrsUSART((rom char*)"ok"); or, if you for putrsUSART((rom char *)"ok\r"); ie. Send T Recieve ok. THen the proble
Hi, I want to know how many formats of CNC drilling are awailable. Thanks
Yes, back_end design just includes P&R. The synthesis is included in front_end design. It gives netlist ot back_end engineers.
It is so easy to do that any reputable company will have fall back if the error rate is too high on a connection.
Hello all, Is there a precise definition of where RF front end section ends and where back end starts? I need to write to some stuff in a report and don't seem to find this piece of info in literature. Thanks.
Some time back on this Forum there was a tutorial of Inermediate Xilinx users
Hi, I tried the tool back Annotate in Orcad but cannot back annotate from Allegro. Anyone knows this? Thanks, Ngon.
in IC DESIGN front end means design(RTL/Schematic, SIM(pre/post) back end means APR/LAYOUT
Does anybody have a reference that give some guideline & and rule of thumb for back-end design? Regards
I back annoted my architecture for xilinx virtex device using modelsim and i simulated the flattened hdl and sdf file.The output matched the initial simulation but im getting my output only after nearly 50 clocks.Why is that so?Is that an error?if so what should be done?
now i only have the hex code for the 8051 and how can i convert it back to its source code (op-code) ??? thanks you.....
It is the first time I use Eagle 4.14 and I am trying to cut PCBs (printed circuit boards) I had no problems generating the trace (HPGL) files but when I want to generate the drilling file I have no idea how to do it. I am running an .upl file that Eagle has called: "Mill-outlines" and it has the provision to make the dr
hi can anybody pls suggest me good,basic books for VLSI back -end design. thanks.
who have it A. Amerasckera, M-C. Chang, C. Duvvury and S. Ramaswamy, ?Modeling MOS Snapback and Parasitic Bipolar Action for Circuit-Level-ESD and High-Current simulations?, in Proc 34th IRPS, pp. 318-326, 1996.
How to read back a 9536 cpld if it is readback protected?Is there any way to read jed file from it?
as title how to avoid back slash "\" in dc tks
Hello friend: Let's first set this straight. DC = RTL to Gates mapper (w optimization etc) + STA engine PT = STA (powerful) When you back-annotate SDF/SPEF to PT and still fail timing that means you have to re-synthesize. That is when DC comes into pic, NOT PT. You use the layout data to accurately model the net delays (WLM) and call it
Hi all, When etching back a trace, what are the reasons to do Under etch (lower trace smaller than upper trace), Over etch (upper trace smaller than lower trace) and Correct etch (lower trace and upper trace are of equal width) ? Thanks.
Hi experts, Could u tell me, what kind of topology is suitable in back light deisgn of cell phone using while LED driver ? there are a lot of advistments of IC vendor for this, some vendor said that their PWM solution provide lower noise inject to the batter source, but some vendor insist there solution (PFM) is much efficiency then PWM (but the
I'm from china.I have done a back-end IC design and front-end digital design for one year.Now i want to find a job in china.Any company can provide to me a chance!Thanx in Advance!
Why make AC from DC and then back again? Why not just build a new front end for the PCs original PSU? What happens in the PSU is that the AC is rectified and chopped up again to drive the pulse transformer. Rewinding the transformer for 12V will save the unnecessary step and work much more efficient.
I could not remember how to spell but the pronouciation is like "leaf" a format from the back-end process. Who know that is it? Help... Added after 2 minutes: It is used in back annotated information.... not "LEF"
hi all~ I'm designing 12b 80M pipeline ad and there are lots of problems........ I want a question about B.E. a/d. i use 1.5bit resolution per stage. and B.E. ad is 2bit flash a/d And Can i use 3bit flash or 4bit flash AD in back-end??? If so, what's the drawback?? and if i made a 4bit pipeline,(1stage(1.5bit) + 3bit flash) output wi
Two days back when I put ON my PC a flash occurred at the back of the CPU near the power it the fuse that has burned or anyother??? If it is with fuse can any one specify what type of fuse to be taken? Im using AMD processor.
Hi, is an historical problem of orcad. The backannotate ones do not work. If You want to avoid problems you council not to use this function.
Hi I am conducting a small experiment on my sine wave as my desired voltage is approximately 5V but the output voltage is roughly about 6 Volts so I would like to learn how to control the output voltage back to 5 Voltage via microcontroller. Unfortunately I have no knowledge of implementing control system Any help would be indeed appreicated
Is it possible to translate a bitstream (for fpga programming) back to VHDL code? thanks for advance This is for a research project... can you give me your opinion?
hai every one, i want know the effective design method for flyback transformer and the design conciderations. help me! thanks & regards kamal
The level of back off depends on the crest factor of the modulated signal. Eg: pi/4Dqpsk modulation has a crest factor of 3.3dB (crest factor means peak to average value of the modulated signal envelope). CDMA signal has a crest factor of about 10dB. So if you use a RF power amplifier for CDMA you have to operate at a power 10 dB less than its m
Dear all, If I have enough area for my chip,what is the pros and cons of back-to-back vs. NOT back-to-back standard cell placement? Thanks in advance!
Has anyone managed to build a home CNC drilling Machine? Any building plants to share? I have read most of the cnc machine posts in the forum and found nothing interesting or easy to follow. Please share ..
Hello friends, I had a doubt while studying inverters & converters in Power Electronics. In most of the circuits, (semiconverter, full-wave bridge converter, midpoint converter) the load is assumed to be a RLE load (i.e resistance R, inductance L, & a battery E). Now, it is said that the battery E may be the generated counter EMF of a dc motor.