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HXP circuit, a chinese ISO&UL licensed PCB manufacturer, can make rigid, flex, rigid-flex, metal boards(ALU and Cu substrate board) We also have rogers material, can do back drilling and gold finger. Prototype and mass production is ok. Our website is If any questions, please contact me at[
Does Altium support the creation of a separate drill table for back-drilled vias? If not, I figure I could use a unique via size and specify the controlled depth drilling info in the fab notes, but I was hoping that Altium supported it directly. Anyone have any tips or suggested methods regarding this? Edit: Just in case, I'm using the latest
It is a process to remove the unused section of plated through holes. This will ensure signal stubs are minimized; Stubs are the source of impedance discontinuities and signal reflections which become more critical as data rates increase. It is preferred method in HS designs. Allegro handles back drilling processes. Regards, M
I think did an article on pcb drilling machine a while back go to and do a search on pcb cnc or some such