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what is back drilling and why is it preffered. thanks
I think did an article on pcb drilling machine a while back go to and do a search on pcb cnc or some such
I want to find out a generlized answer of below mentioned question or just provide the concept or link to solve this problem: Q: Considering earth as a spere, is tunnel is created passing through earths' centre. Now if a stone is just thrown from one end of the tunnel with zero m/s velocity. Will it come back? If yes, what will be the time to com
Hi.. Could any one please help me.i want to know before start the cad what are the rules we have to follow for back plane board. If any one having details about the back plane board documents please share here... :) Thanks Geekay
Why make AC from DC and then back again? Why not just build a new front end for the PCs original PSU? What happens in the PSU is that the AC is rectified and chopped up again to drive the pulse transformer. Rewinding the transformer for 12V will save the unnecessary step and work much more efficient.
A VSAT, for Very Small Aperture Terminal, is a 2-way satellite ground station with a dish antenna that is smaller than 3 meters, as compared to around 10 meters for other types of satellite dishes. VSAT is most commonly used for point of sale transactions including credit cards and RFID applications such as Mobil Speedpass. There are over 100,000 g
I used PCBcart in past and only remark I had was that they drilled through several boards causeing poor drilling tolerance. Otherwise, excellent boards. BTW, I can't seem to open their webpage today. Are they down? Never mind, they are back on.
At 6.4mm then this may have been back drilled 9search this forum - its been discussed recently) hence the slight misalignment. AFAIK you can only drill so far with a thin bit otherwise it breaks.
here,i am using canon lbp2900b laser printer,it works for me about 2 years,result is good. paper,i am using back paper of stickers ,which has non sticky coating.

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