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Hello Everyone! This is my first post so, first a quick intro: I am shoe, Im from edinburgh, 23 years old. So, I'm using a MC149CP balanced modulator chip to build myself a ring modulator on breadboard. Since I am an ultimate noobie and haven't done any electronics since technology in 4th year at school I'd appreciate the help with (...)
I know that balanced modulator removes the carrier frequency from the Amplitude modulated input signal. Here's the circuit that I saw but I couldn't understand its working. I know the working of ring modulator so you need not explain me
This circuit is a (balanced) modulator but not AM modulator. AM modulator is very similar but have 750 resistors around the 50k potentiometer. Check the MC1496 datasheet.
A DSB-SC sinal is: φ(t) = f(t) cos ω1t where ω1 is carrier. We want change the frequency of the carrier from ω1 to ω2 (which is known as frequency conversion). Show that the balanced modulator circuit of the picture is needed to do this conversion, injecting f(t).cos ( ω1t ) and A.cos ( ω2 ? (...)
By definition MC1496 is a balanced modulator and the main application is DSB modulation (Double Side Band – suppressed carrier). If is used as an AM modulator to don’t get carrier suppression (and getting instead, a DSB) you need a shift from suppressed carrier, which your circuit already have it (R5, R6, R10, (...)
This is exactly the system that is used for the transmission of a PAL or NTSC colour sub-carrier for TV transmission. One important factor is that the receiver needs a phase reference signal to decode the QAM. In the TV system, during the period when the picture is inactive (line blanking) a reference colour burst is transmitted that phase locks a
The cheapest way would be to use the 4 V signal via a 200 resistor to provide the drive to a four diode balanced modulator and measure the DC output. The trouble is that you will have to calibrate it by putting various lengths of coax in series with the LO to find the relationship between the phase and the DC. Frank
radio IF is 455khz tv IF is 44mhz for ntsc carrier signal is which undergoes changes in amplitude/ phase/ frequency according to the changes in the input modulating signal. it is a high frequency signal which helps to shift the band so as to reduce the antenna size. fundamentally tv signal has horizontal sync, vetical sync, blanking pulses
A balanced modulator or multiplier can be used to double the frequency. Another way is generate a lot of harmonics, and use resonant circuit (or filter) to obtain desired frequency which is integer multiple of the input. S. H.
hello, I consider this phasing ssb exciter schematic (there is an error in the phasing network and in the divider circuit the frequency is not right but let's ignore this) I do not know why this has all four phases connected to the balanced modulat
Does anyone know a good supplier for general purpose hobby radio ICs like mixers, LNAs, modulators, etc.? Maybe a supplier for amateur radio hobbiests? Digikey and others only seem to sell the specialty stuff. Specifically I'm wanting to build a circuit that will downconvert a narrow-band signal from 3MHz - 30MHz to a few tens of kilohertz (say
A balanced modulator has no carrier at the output, this is not what we want with an AM transmitter. The simplest modulator that is suitable for an AM transmission is a high level modulator. This is where the modulator alters the current flowing in the RF power output device. Its disadvantage is that it (...)
Any balanced mixer is in principle the "product" modulator, or, a multiplier. The important point is that one of the signals to be multiplied can fully open and close mixer diodes (called a local or pump signal). For diode mixers, the nominal LO level is +7...+13 dBm, or, around 10 mW. The other signal should be lower in magnitude than the first. A
You are quite correct, a BFO is just an oscillator and subject to it's output being relatively clean, you can use almost any oscillator configuration. It isn't the oscillator itself that makes the BFO, it's the fact that it beats with a fixed frequency signal, typically from the IF stages of a superhetrodyne receiver. In reality, feeding the osci
Hello, I am trying to make a Discrete DSB modulator without transfmormers fpr a single frequency around 9MHz. I have found some interesting schematics on the net. I would like your ideas of how to transform them to use no coils as well. For example on the varicap schematic how should I re