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The logic is Marx circuit, voltage multiplier circuit... This can be found in Mosquito Killer bat circuit... If you go for mosquito killer bat and a Flyback Transformer it will cheaper and higher voltage than this.... Refer this
My government put lavacide in storm drains and ponds and now the mosquitoes (and bats that ate them) are gone. The larvacide does not harm birds, bees or animals. Modern technology is wonderful.
It's not clear what are PACK-, bat-, CHG-, and how you want the current pathes to be switched.
hare is dis. circuit for 3.6v lion bat. modifi for your need.77074
So I shall start by saying I am a HUGE novice in all of this. But I do love to tinker. Thanks to an unneeded PC speaker wire that I cut open to access the white/red wiring, I have a very crude way to provide direct recordings of all the various sounds from this toy. It's not
hi. I need circuit diagram for mobile battery charger, model no. JT-B50500 or JT-USB07, REV. 1.0
The absolute minimum voltage on any pin is -0.5V, so I think you should consider Schottky diode, like bat-85, configured as follows: The cathode of the diode is connected to the pin; Its anode is connected to GND .. see attached picture .. IanP :|
Hi, I think you need only a +/-5V supply for the Op= its done! K. Added after 5 minutes: These becouse DAC8831 has self an voltage output between 0V & Vref! With the OpAmp as a buffer only you have it repeated/amplfied, bat if the OpAmp is connected into your circuit (with DACs onchip resistors); control
There are many reasons for that. 1. Low battery 2. faulty transformer etc Post the circuit or photo Nandhu
HI You can use LTC4412 IC from linear tech. for ORing internal bat with external battery if power consumption is important - if it is not important you can use 2 diode.. All the best Bobi The microcontroller specialist
helo all i am designing battery charger using push-pull dc/dc converter, can any body give/suggest links for the microcontroller program. thanks darla
Hello everyone; I have a 12V and 180Amp Led-Acid battery. Anyone have any idea to charge this battery without using Transformer based charger?. I have a small chargeable light, in this light a Capacitor based charger (only a 100pf-220V Cap and a Bridge Rectifier) used to charge the small 9V battery. Is this (...)
Modify an electric fly bat! Kills fly, wont kill you! Try it for your self! Try to hurt yourself first before try to hurt somebody else!
Help, I installed the design kit under ads(windows) , copy to the circuit\MasterModels folder of the design kit, excute errata_dos.bat and prefix_dos.bat , but when I simulate circuit ADS reports error as following: Is my library version incorrect, or I have done wrong operation? Could anybody help me?