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This bat does not look like it will work. You may as well use one method where a fuel is burnt to make carbon dioxide. This attracts the bugs and they fiy into a high electric field that kills them. I am reminded of a product marketed around 1925 and was guaranteed to kill bugs. It was two blocks of wood. You placed the bug on one of the b
this is a charger for bat. and there is a feed back circuit.
:D How does Electric Mosquito Killer bat work, and send us the circuit as well as the part spec...:idea:
Modify an electric fly bat! Kills fly, wont kill you! Try it for your self! Try to hurt yourself first before try to hurt somebody else!
HI You can use LTC4412 IC from linear tech. for ORing internal bat with external battery if power consumption is important - if it is not important you can use 2 diode.. All the best Bobi The microcontroller specialist
latest versions of matlab/simulink have lithium-ion battery models. Mr.Cool
There are many reasons for that. 1. Low battery 2. faulty transformer etc Post the circuit or photo Nandhu
Hello Everyone, This is my first post here…Thanks for allowing me to join your forum… I have an idea for an electronic audio hobby project that I would like to build. It’s kind of a specialized device that doesn’t seem to be available commercially, so I would like to design and build it myself, just for fun, and I’
The absolute minimum voltage on any pin is -0.5V, so I think you should consider Schottky diode, like bat-85, configured as follows: The cathode of the diode is connected to the pin; Its anode is connected to GND .. see attached picture .. IanP :|
Hali, I have reded yet as newst Microchip information: "Featuring a start-up voltage of 0.65 V and an operating voltage down to 0.35 V, the MCP1623/4 regulators reduce the number of batteries needed in a typical design--even enabling designs to be powered from a single Alkaline, NiMh, NiCd, or disposable Lithium battery cell." K.
hi. I need circuit diagram for mobile battery charger, model no. JT-B50500 or JT-USB07, REV. 1.0
In Lead acid battery charger circuit, i m using 10ah battery, load is 2 head light,now i am using charger ckt by LM317 now the battery life is so bad , it's life is only f0r 6 months, buut the battery we are using is same as usd in ups. . .but ups life is 3 years.. .. so rectify the problem. . .
From looking at the lower image, the red/black wires should be "bat" and "bat-", for "battery" and "battery, Negative terminal". I believe P23 corresponds to a pin or via near the IC in the center of the board (under the ball of black potting material). I'm not sure what voltages are present on your speaker/microphone (...)
Hi Joeka It's difficult to see what's going on in your graphs as it looks like they don't all have the same vertical scale. I don't know about the oscillation, but I see a couple of other problems. Firstly the caps are rated at 2.7V each, so for three in series the maximum safe voltage is 8.1V. Putting 12V across them seems to be asking for t
You can open the PV source with a High Side switch instead of using the diodes. Alternatively you can shunt it to a dummy load such as another battery or a water pump or 4 Cree LEDs that can handle the expected power at 14.5~14.6V. Also , I think Solar cells have a characteristic impedance as leaky current sources. We know that maximum Power tra
hare is dis. circuit for 3.6v lion bat. modifi for your need.77074
Hello Everyone I'm very new to this forum, so apologies if posted in wrong section. I wanted a backup for my wifi router (12V * 1A = 12W) during power cuts , which is for two hours in my place Hyderabad, India. So I searched the net and i found THIS[/URL
yes but there is an easy way and a not so easy way the best way i found was to place all the bits in one folder then compile the basic to asm and load the asm to proteus to compile and run the circuit you need to make your project folder inside the proteus folder and also add the pa
for a stream of data? no, not simple. for "On/OFF" or PWM signal, yes simple. the reason is because data needs error correction, CRC sum checks etc. you must have a transmitter/receiver that his high noise rejection to retain good data. data must be 100% received or it is not at all. if PWM signal, not so much a big deal. if you rece
Help, I installed the design kit under ads(windows) , copy to the circuit\MasterModels folder of the design kit, excute errata_dos.bat and prefix_dos.bat , but when I simulate circuit ADS reports error as following: Is my library version incorrect, or I have done wrong operation? Could anybody help me?
A coil of 12Ω resistance is in parallel with a 20Ω resistance. This combination is connected in series with a third coil of 8Ω resistance. if the whole circuit is connected accross a battery having an emf of 30volts and internal resistance of 2Ω. Caculate a) the terminal voltage of the battery and b) the power in the (...)
Hello everyone; I have a 12V and 180Amp Led-Acid battery. Anyone have any idea to charge this battery without using Transformer based charger?. I have a small chargeable light, in this light a Capacitor based charger (only a 100pf-220V Cap and a Bridge Rectifier) used to charge the small 9V battery. Is this (...)
Hi What are you driving the gate of the mosfet with? is the mosfet high side or low? Without seeing the charging circuit etc its difficult to tell but id guess the current draw during charging is greater than when in UPS mode? (particularly if the battery is low) You have to be carefull with the ON resistance and also the intrinsic diode
Hi all, My chip is burned down, it was burned after a long operation during tests. It's a 1A charger IC. I have tested several tens chips, but 2 were damaged. I saw Supply current is current limited by my setting(2A), Vbat current is ~30mA, and then chip was burned down. 1) Could you help me to figure out what're the causes in your experience? 2
berryfan wrote: Enquiry: Re: help!some like oscillating.what's the it? thanks.I have used spectrum analyzer ,and the I see in 980M and 1.8G there can be signal changing between -40--50dbm.I think if it's a oscillation ,it can be one power.not changing so much.what do you think Your situation is clear. You have bat test setup and you are pickin
Hi All, Does anyone know how to troubleshoot Electronic Mosquito Racket ? Because it can not generate the voltage to kill the mosquito anymore. So, how can it generate such a high voltage? And, the Electronic Mosquito Racket requires only 3 dc volts (2 batteries of 1.5 dcV) to work. On the other hand, I discovered one transformer which h
Why you don't use a new DC/DC converter from 48 to 36 volts ? Look for a schematics here, a square wave generator exiting a transistor ( saturated) with a 75% duty cycle, is not very stable bat for another DC/DC converter for lights is enough.
the problem is the soding great 4001 diode you must use a schottky diode like a bat 85 not a silicon rectifier thats too slow and will present slew to the slew ridden opamp redesign around this and post again you can always add two in parallel to get the same current most are 200ma bat85 foward current
Hi, I think you need only a +/-5V supply for the Op= its done! K. Added after 5 minutes: These becouse DAC8831 has self an voltage output between 0V & Vref! With the OpAmp as a buffer only you have it repeated/amplfied, bat if the OpAmp is connected into your circuit (with DACs onchip resistors); control
Dear Jamil sb, here we are purchasing complete pcb with programmed PIC16F72 ic. This type of PCBA is consist of featured as, 1-complete switch over system with Relays etc, to maintain power failure and power restore.which is essential for UPS. 2-oscillator output to drive half bridge FETs. 3-cut off charging when battery reaches its max volts(
Hi, I am trying to interface a tc35i gsm module . As datasheet I connected: 1-5 -> bat+ 6-10 -> GND 18(RXD0) -> max232 (12-R1Out) 19(TXD0) -> max232 (11-T1IN) and IGT to a circuit which trying to turn on the tc35i. But I cant get anything hyper terminal. When I set baud rate on hyper terminal to 115200 I and when I type I see something w
There's a similar post out there about converting a battery powered baby swing to run off a dc power supply but since I'm not sure if it's cool to hijack someone's post I just started a new one. Here's the link to what I'm trying to do: Russelldad's blog: Guest
yes sir goldsmith i've read what you have wrote,, i can only use 24v battery,,,,,
as you know if create a Current source with transistor and put the capacitor as load it only charge until Vc=VEE,doesn't take more voltage. i want to demonstrate the capacitor integral voltage the increase with Current Yes, that happens because no current source (or anything else) is a perfect. You may build a "perfe
Hi, I am looking to Convert a Pulse Train w/ both positive and negative pulses into a suitable form to be used by an FPGA board. I have to also keep track whether the pulse was positive or negative. Any help appreciated! Thanks If you could provide a diagram of what you are trying to capture, we migh
Did inverter work ok before on a car 12~14.2V? Check specific gravity which is an indication of capacity and ESR of each cell. High ESR can cause issues with some inverter designs causing instability during boost pulses. I don't know if it needs a low ESR cap in parallel with battery to reduce VI transition losses from spurious switching, but d
I am trying to understand an aspect of my measurement of a current pulse into a battery. 8020380204 80205 so the oscilloscope ground is at the battery -Ve terminal. The pulse is from a capacitor being dumped. so the negative going Ch B which is the voltage across a resis
Hello! I am searching for 3-pin Schottky diodes. Two diodes connected in series in one SOT package. Diodes i use recently worked okay, but mixer sensing is poor. I searched in internet for rf mixing diodes and found bat15 and some other diodes designed specially for rf mixer usage. But i cant buy them. So i am searching for such diodes in SOT packa