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I was having a look at the "Amplified Ear" project over at ( ) and noticed that 3 of the 4 transistors were bc547 and only one was a bc337. To this effect I have two questions: 1. AFAIK, the bc337 seems to be a better choice in every way over the bc547, so why did the author u
Use bc337 ( to92 ) or BD135/136 ( to126) instead use bc547, they can load 1000mA. ;-) Regards, Manu
Hi , i would like to know about the bc547 AND bc337A difference between two transistors, can i use it alternatively. AWAITING REPLY. thanks & regards dayal
hello ...i just wanted to know that which is the equivalent transistor for bc547?????
To drive piezo-buzzers you can use any general purpose NPN transistors .. Here are some examples: 2N2222 BC107 bc337 bc547 2N3904 2N4401 MPSA42 N100 ZTX450 ... In general, select one with Vce ≥ 30V and Ic ≥ 100mA .. Regards, IanP
I don't check if it's a software problem. But, you use a bc547 transistor, and you don't say anything about what kind of relay you used. BC546/bc547/BC548 transistors gain (hfe) are dependents of how much current drops from collector to emiter. First, base resistor must be lower 1K or less. I recomend that change the transistor to a bc337 is (...)
The BC162 can be replaced with any general purpose NPN transistor: N100, 2N2222, BC107-8-9, bc547-8-9, 2N3904, bc337 - to name just a few .. Regards, IanP
Hi, I need the bc337 transistor H parameters, in special the Hie (input resistance). In the datasheet it is only Hfe.
ok for bc 808 but i can'd find BD136 SMD only pth. can i use BCP54 instead of BD136?? i'd like to find a general guide to convert pth transistor into smd. for example how can i change bc547??
I wish to purchase two transistors namely BC327-40 and bc337-40. I only require five of each. Can you help me?
Hey everyone, i am not able to get a simple thing here. I am trying to drive a relay by atmega32 using a BC 547 transistor. my connections as of now are : Relay Pin 1 (Coil) <------- +12v Relay Pin 2 (Coil) ------> Collector (bc547) From microcontroller -----> Base (bc547)(with 1k resistor in the middle) Emitter (bc547) (...)
hello sir i m using 12 v 1 amp adapter and through bc547 i will get signal then i want to stop my adapter supply going toward my microcontroler kit and this bc 547 alsothen how i can do this. but this bc547 is getting current by battery also then it is no problem but shud not have current from adapter only please helpme
Emitter tied to GND so that's a NPN transistor... bc547 = NPN
General Purpose Amplifier Transistors. 2N4401=NPN replacements: bc337, bc547, replacements: BC327, BC328, ht
Hello sir , I am making an audio pre amplifier for electret mic,in the circuit diagram a bc337 is used,now i want to replace it with a BC147 . So is it possible to replace it ? will it work well as it is or not please tell . . . thanks :)
Could anyone point me in the direction of a suitable discrete transistor amplifier schematic that would be suitable for amplifying the audio signal from an ipod before it goes into the control pin of a 555. Preferably using bc547, BBC548, BC549, BC557, BC558, BC559, C1815, A1015, BC327 or bc337.....all of which I have plenty
bf245 and bc547 SMD equivalents? ?
Hi, For what minimum voltage and current bc547 transistor can turn ON...
am trying to simulate FM transmitter circuit that is using bc547 but I got strange current waveform ! am i missing something? heard that bc547 cant handle the current that mentioned in i
Can I use BC109 or bc547 instead of BC109C transistor. One of members in EDA forum suggested that BC109 can do anything bc547 does. Is that true other way around? any help is much appreciated. thanks. Hi rajesh Welcome to the EDA forum . It depends on your application . for example sometimes we can see that a transistor is used in 1
...the problem is should i swing bc547 between cutoff and saturation to maintain constant current or should i operate it in active region......if i should operate in active region suggest me any compensation technique.... for transistor stability................ It is commonly neglected on employing BC54x transistor
i want to drive a small relay from PLD device. is it good to do it directly if PLD has enought current, or is it better to use transistor or on otthe ULN drivers ?
thermal stress can destroy devices. specialy sedaled in plastic, with no opurtunity to free strech. I cooled down in nitrogen crystal oscillator (11.059MHz) with bc547 but it work well. Sometimes it work, sometimes it not. On satelites they warm up devices with resistor. LNA are made of transistors bonded on ceramic substrates (for low temp
For this frequency range you can use almost any type of trnsistors available nowadays. I think the best parameter to check is Ft. A transistor should behave as an ideal transistor up to frequencies as high as Ft/10. Most of the small signal bipolar transistors available today have Ft better than 300MHz (including the ones for audio applications
Im new in PIC. I'm doing a project using a PIC16F819 microcontroller recently. Can anyone tell me whether any place can found a low cost PIC programmer(self build) and software for my project? Is it a PIC16F84A programmer(self build) can be use to program PICF819? :?: Thank you. Seah You can use a both HVP (Hig
Any one have any circuit or idea on how to make a tv receiver . I want to apply power & RF signal to the circuit and get BASEBAND video output plus the audio. REGARDS
Suppose I want to drive a 0.5A load with my PIC . Somehow the PIC decedes to open a valve ie. Should I use relay or just a n amplifier? How much current can I get from PIC? ( small I guess). D.
For small current relays and cheap circuit I use transistors to drive the relay from the PIC ports. A NPN general transistor (bc547) can be used to drive up to 100mA coils. More than this you can use a darlington transistor or use a MOSFET (drivered by bipolar transistor). Vcc
PNP Transistor - NTE159(US) - BC557 (EU) NPN Transistor - NTE123(US) - bc547(EU)
Hi Here is one idea you can use. Use bc547 transistor! Hope this helps
hai instead of bc547 u can use sl100 transistor to drive the relay
Please help I found at driver for stepper motor that is schematic : I change bipolar transistor TIP122 to mosfet irf830. If I change it, maybe I can delete all of bc337 and r7-
You'll choose Icq in function of your application purpose. Work at low signal ( the variable component should be 10% or less of the continous application ). It depends where you'll use bc547 ( amplifier, mixer, SMPS etc etc )
Hello ! Can enybody help me to find the substitute for PT6068 and PT6067 power BJT ? I've search the web but withowt any resoult. The mentionet BJT's are the power devices from an power amp from KÖRTING dated 1983. From the first look I think that they are darlington transistors (TO247 casing) because on the PCB are only TO92 case transistor
5- is not very important by it can supply the maximum current base. 1- must be chosen so that to deliver max power and current when vin=40 volt and vout =0 and suppose iout =1 amp the trasistor 1 must Ic=5amp and Pt=2.5*40*1=100w such as 2n3055 2- must be drive the base of 1 if beta are 20 for 2n3055 the base current is 1amp/20=50ma so this trans
T2 as part of the current limiting circuit will never conduct much current as if current limit conditions occure the whole T2s current will come from 560kΩ resistor .. so bc547 is just fine .. Regards, IanP
I don't see any problem with programming or debugging with this ICD2 (bc547/557 transistors). Only few resistors and it will work. By the way, 5V for dspic33 and pic24 on MCLR is too much, but why ICD2 doesn't say anything about it ? In datasheet Vih max for MCLR is 3.3V Added after 53 minutes: [quote=po
Q1, Q2=bc547 Q3=BC557
I tried driving 1" Common Cathode 7-Segment displays using PIC16F84A. It turned out that the CC 7Seg is dimmer compared to the Common Anode. I'm using bc547 driver transistors with 1K resistor at the base. Why is it after replacing the CC with CA 7Seg using BC557 with 1K resistor at the base, the CA 7Seg is brighter (the same circuit)?
The picture shows of a 4N35 (photo-transistor side) with its voltage-divider bias configuration. Can the calculation methods to find Vce, Ie, Ic, etc. for a normal voltage-divider bias configured transistor (i.e. bc337) be applied also on a photo-transistor of an opto-isolator as the attached picture?
Dear guys!!! On a 12V DC miniature motor,can I add a zener diode in series on +VE (or maybe -VE) to run at 24V DC without affect its current? Any suggestion?
bc547 is used as temperature sensor.....see the application notes in intersil icl7106.... ull get it at or try any search engine
Get the RC Car with Wireless Remote Control. Remove the Remote Control Cover. You can see the switch connections used for front, back, left, right. Solder wires to the switch output. Now in labview use outport function. If you set 01h you will get first bit 1. With a bc547 or any other simple driver circuit connect first data bit (D0) of Parallel
your question is not clear.I didnt understand properly. do you want to switch on a remote control with the parallel port? putting in another words, is that you want something to be switched on/off(3.5V) using the parallel port-5V. can u clarify? Added after 8 minutes: chk up the datasheets of bc547,SL100
You can also simplify it further, by connecting line 3 (--->>3) directly to RESET and eliminate the bc547 transistor(Q2) and R1&R2. The transistor is just an invertor, and you need configure PonyProg to invert RESET signal. I am using this simplified - only resistors and diodes - circuit since 2004, but only on AVR microcontrollers.
I have a project where I need to make an RF mixer using AWR Microwind. The first thing I noticed is that this tool doesn't include in the given libraries the elements that I need. I have to make a mixer using a BJT transistor. My mixer has to be based on the mixer suggested in the pdf file I uploaded here. So I need to add to my elements libr
Well, For an AM transmitter u can use the logic circuits to make an oscillator, but u also need a crystal. With this signal u can drive IRF630 as a PA, an modulate it on the power line. But this is illegal if you don't have a license!!! 7805 is a power regulator. If you had at least a few small signal transistors (like 2n2222, bc547...), alo
Hello, I have been working on this charger circuit for quite some time this is a constant voltage battery charger . The problem is that i dont know that how does the ckt actually works especially the need of the transisitor bc547 .Whether the working of this transisitor is dependent on the AmpereHour rating of the battery or is it related to the o
you can use a npn transistor like the bc547. Connect the base with a small resistor (~1000 ?) to your output pin, connect the emitor to gnd and the collector to the gnd of the SSR. Connect the v+ of the SSR to +5V or something like that. You can limit the current to the SSR by putting a resitor between +5V and the v+ of the solid state. An other
The LM1117-1.8 has its TO220 equivalent, namely the LM1117T .. If you can't get it, try to use the LM317 (with two external resistors) .. The LMV331 (single cmparator) can be replaced by the LM2903 or LM392/3, both dual comparators, but both can work with similar supply voltages as the LM331 .. If the supply voltage is around 5Vdc you can also